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New releases last two weeks: Drum & Bass / Jungle

Drum & Bass / Jungle vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Aphrodite Jungle Classics 94 To 96
Cat: APH 71. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Amazon II - "Track 1" (Booyaa remix) (6:04)
Aphrodite - "Tower Bass" (5:25)
Aphrodite - "Shine" (6:51)
Aphrodite - "I Wanted It More & More" (feat Gail McClean) (5:55)
Review: Aphrodite's Jungle Classics 94 To 96 presents a nostalgic trip back to the original jungle era with remastered tracks from the iconic releases APH-12, APH-13, APH-22, and APH-23. This limited edition vinyl release, curated by Triple Vision and Aphrodite Recordings, features timeless classics like 'Tower Bass,' 'Shine,' 'Wanted It More And More,' and the Booyaa Remix of 'Amazon II.' An impressive catalogue taht goes a long way to explaining the big part of the influential role he played in shaping the jungle and drum & bass scene during the mid-90s.
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 in stock $13.50
Moving Through Dreams
Moving Through Dreams (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SPTL 027. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Polaris (8:07)
Things Left Unsaid (6:40)
Temple Bell (7:21)
Contrast (7:27)
Review: Cosmic drum & bass voyager ASC once again proves that his sound is like no other, topping up his now likely uncountable backlog of time-dilatory journeys with a fresh four-tracker, 'Moving Through Dreams'. Indeed, for those in the know, the boundary between outer space and inner unconscious astrals can be blurred; it's clear ASC is clued in in this regard, with this hat-trick-plus-one of both rollers and breaks frenzies showing off an understanding of the format than only seasoned somn-journalists can handle. On the dreamier end of the spectrum, there's 'Things Left Unsaid', a wordless foray into the latent parapraxes that only real dream work can consciously upturn; and on the wilder end of things, there's 'Contrast', which apposes, in stark *contrast* - the industrial scrape of a techstep break with the depth-scouring swells of nebulaic pads n' basses.
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 in stock $17.47
Retrospective Feelings
Retrospective Feelings (translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SPTL 026. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Blue Sky (5:41)
Starburst (6:34)
Frozen Tears (6:09)
Moonlit Clouds (7:25)
Review: Simon Huxtable's Aural Imbalance is one of drum & bass's most cultured projects. It's a pretty prolific one too, with great new music coming on a steady basis on labels like his own Spatial and Okrbon. It is the former he returns to now with a lush translucent blue vinyl 12", Retrospective Feelings. 'Blue Sky' is a deft mix of ambient cosmic synth work and meticulous drum patterns that suspends you in mid-air. 'Starburst' douses you in dazzling light and 'Frozen Tears' is deeper, tighter, more melancholic. 'Moonlit Clouds' is the classy closer which again pairs a lightness of rhythm and melody into something heavenly.
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 in stock $17.47
Love Is The Most Important Thing 1
Ellis Blake - "Projections" (3:47)
Keiran Francis - "From Morning" (DJ Squid mix) (3:24)
Dodd & Dr Calimari - "23" (6:09)
Third Planet - "Lament" (3:37)
 in stock $18.52
Dubcore Vol 25
Dubcore Vol 25 (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SPB 12049. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Rave O'Clock (4:15)
Hands In The Eier (5:14)
Glowsticks Filled With Joy (4:40)
THX (4:43)
! low stock $16.93
Feeling Happy
Cat: SIG 0042024. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Feeling Happy (6:09)
Think Again (5:50)
Review: Irish drum & bass.. icon? pioneer? Powerhouse? All are fair descriptors of Calibre, the machine-like music maker who has turned out thousands of equally high-quality tunes for more than 20 years. Whether ambient, tech house or drum & bass in nature, they are always better than most of the competition. His own Signature label has been home to most of it and that is where he lands now with this latest 12", another impossibly tasteful two-tracker. The title cut is a lively one with bustling breaks and chopped vocal stabs that bring the joy. On the flip is 'Think Again', a deep, soulful roller with exquisite pads and driving drum & bass energy. Pure class.
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 in stock $13.24
Trust (12")
Cat: SIG 0032024. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Trust (5:55)
Waiting (5:58)
 in stock $13.24
Makes Me Wonder
Cat: SIG 0022024. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Makes Me Wonder (5:59)
Got To Have You (5:46)
 in stock $13.24
Peso (12")
Cat: SIG 0012024. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Peso (6:09)
My Chances (6:18)
Review: Is there a more prolific yet consistently high-standard producer in any genre, or in fact any art form, than Irish man Calibre? Seemingly forever, the low key but high class talent has been kicking out the jams across the worlds of drum & bass, ambient and even tech house in his earlier days. Now the Signature label boss is back once again with another impeccable one-two on this Peso 12". The title cut is a pent up bumper with killer bass and soulful vocal flourishes. 'My Chances' is a little more edgy and raw, direct and hard hitting but still with well worked vocals samples which could originally come from a Bob Marley record, if you ask us.
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 in stock $13.24
Freaks (12")
Cat: CHEETAH 001. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Freaks (4:27)
X-rated (5:08)
Gangsta (4:52)
Gorgon Donnetes (6:01)
Review: Bubbling breaks producer Cheetah brings debut jungle heat for his own label with a leading remix-edit of Adina Howard's 'Freak Like Me', backed up by three equally velocitous vroomers on the A2 and B. Mastering the art of the melodic-aggro contrast trailblazed by M-Beat's 'Incredible', 'Freaks' is a worthy ragga-jungle cut to match; the mood is timestretched across the three ensuing sides with 'X-Rated', on which eerier vocals dance like mirages across a magnum-fire amen cutup, and 'Gangsta', on which the focus is its comparatively peppery subs. 'Gorgon Donettes' flips the Donettes with a pitch-shifter-happy breaks version.
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 in stock $12.69
Alterations In Gyral Form
Alterations In Gyral Form (limited turquoise vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WEME 087. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Orange Peel (3:48)
A Total Disregard For Whatever It Is You Think (3:18)
Debbie Will Deck You (3:29)
We Saw Your Mum In Tesco (1:33)
Sad Stay Snakebitten (6:34)
Where Is My Hat? (7:12)
Denzil's Breath (6:01)
Cheek Biting (5:21)
Gravy Boot (3:57)
Hera Endleofan (3:18)
Nevermeant No 8593 (3:30)
 in stock $28.85
The Final Voyage
The Final Voyage (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HAN 032. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Stop The Beat (5:23)
Ruff Beats (remix) (5:00)
 in stock $15.87
Transformation ('faded blue' marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SMDE 43. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Shed A Light (5:04)
Mists Of Time (4:50)
Wayfinder (4:57)
Transformation (5:06)
Review: UK up-and-comers Eusebeia and Aisatsaana team up for an incredibly deep, bass-conscious, nigh sonar-systemic new drum & bass EP, 'Transnformation'. Few artists in this circuit dare to delve quite so abyssal; if anyone's ever seen the nuclear subnautical sci-fi thriller The Deep, one will know just how risky, how odds-bucking the attempt to plunge the deepest of the ocean's depths truly is. Clearly, only the best sonic submersible wearables will have cutted the mustard in aid of salvaging the jetsam-makings of this thriller; frankly, we're blown away by the ear for layering and bass heard on this EP, whether on the snareless impacts, shock-absorptions and depth-charges of 'Shed A Light' or the dim but angelic underwater intellibreaks lodestar that is 'Wayfinder'.
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 in stock $16.41
Keepsake EP
Keepsake EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DIV 001. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Keepsake (7:58)
Cafe Boogaloo (4:17)
Get The Hell Out (8:11)
Cafe Stalker (5:15)
 in stock $17.47
Drift Current
Drift Current (limited purple vinyl 12")
Cat: SPTL 028. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Permeate (5:44)
Orogeny (6:10)
Subsidence (6:07)
Lamminar Flow (6:14)
Review: Spatial is the connoisseur d&b label run by Simon Huxtable aka Aural Imbalance and as well as dropping a new EP from the boss himself this month, JLM Productions also steps up with a fine limited edition purple slab of brilliance. These sounds are more textural and dense than the boss's, with 'Permeate' plunging on heavy drum breaks, while 'Orogeny' is a busy one with crashing hits and more sub-bass drilling down low. 'Subsidence' douses you in widescreen cinematic pads while the drums flutter about the field and 'Lamminar Flow' brings things to a close with a more bright melodic touch and cruising grooves.
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 in stock $17.47
Champion Sound (reissue)
Champion Sound (reissue) (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HAN 033. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Champion Sound (5:28)
Live & Direct (5:16)
 in stock $15.35
Super Freq EP
Super Freq EP (12" with obi-strip)
Cat: FREQ 001. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Black Glass (2:12)
Dance In The Fire (3:02)
Big Time Freq (5:13)
Review: "You'll be okay" Bonnie Baxtor says at the opening of the collaborative EP between New York-based multi-talented experimental artist Machine Girl with Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo mastermind Dai Sato. Currently being crowdfunded, Sato is crafting a brand new Manga series surrounding sound, frequency and the music industry in a dystopian cyberpunk setting. Who better to call, then, than Matt Stephenson, who recently scored the 'Neon White' soundtrack? Baxtor, whose vocals open the record on standout single 'Black Glass', is a frequent collaborator of Stephenson's on a wild side project Prolaps. 'Black Glass' evokes the sounds from 2018s 'The Ugly Art', the subtly pitch-shifted harps giving way to Stephenson's hallmark half-shouted howling - a far departure from breakcore debut album 'Wlfgrl' that featured little to no vocals at all. 'Dance in the Fire' keeps the vibes pumping, an absolute earworm of a synth hook backs an anthem of letting your FREQ flag fly.
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 in stock $18.79
Bioscan (10")
Cat: WNCL 048. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Bioscan (6:39)
Instinct (6:22)
 in stock $12.17
Grush (limited luminous vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ZIQ 465X. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Reticulum A (4:19)
Hyper Daddy (5:24)
Fogou (2:43)
Magic Pony Ride (Pt 4) (2:38)
Imperial Crescent (3:45)
Reticulum B (3:37)
Grush (3:12)
Belvedere (3:32)
Raver (3:07)
Windsor Safari Park (5:35)
Hastings (2:48)
Manscape (5:23)
Metaphonk (5:06)
Reticulum C (4:44)
Review: Mike Paradinas doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, having helmed Planet Mu since electronica's breakthrough years while weaving his own idiosyncratic path through various strains of braindance along the way. Still, when he delivers an album it feels like an occasion, and Grush maintains the pace with a spectacular reflection on the broader sonic ideas he's been toying with for nigh on three decades. This album was crafted with live energy in mind - some tracks were written in the aftermath of particular gigs, some were written specifically to be played out - and the arc of the album is intended to evoke the flow of a live set. Along the way his instinct for sparkling melodies and needlepoint drum programming shine through, nailing a vibe between classic nostalgia and restless innovation like only he can.
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 in stock $25.94
Seasoned (pink marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: FLXA 194. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Seasoned (4:30)
Objectiv & Untrue - "The Goons" (4:34)
Review: Objectiv returns to Flexout with a brand new single that blurs the boundary between rollage and jump-up. With the former term referring to drum & bass that keeps things on the subtler side - keeping things moving on a furtive tip rather than over-shelling or shredding via tawdry sound design - 'Seasoned' is a well-spiced fusion with the latter, which refers to a snappier form of the genre known for its 'jumpy' sound. B-side tune 'The Goons' is a raw, reverb-heavy yet no less crisp number, borrowing flavours of neuro, hip-hop and earlier jump-up for a heady freebooting stew.
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 in stock $17.73
B292 Part 3
B292 Part 3 (red vinyl 12")
Cat: METAB 2923. Rel: 13 Jun 24
The Force (6:06)
Layerz (6:00)
Down To The Molecule (5:44)
The Wild West (6:23)
Review: The largest body of work to ever drop on Metalheadz, SB81's exploration of the last 30 years of breakbeat culture continues to pay homage to the sounds and movements through brought us to this point. On this third volume we're deep in the hardcore chamber with crisp laser-bound synths of 'The Force' and a much grizzlier breakbeat dust-up 'Layerz'. Meanwhile on the B things get a little gnarlier and upbeat as 'Down To The Molecule' and 'The Wild West' ripple and flex with electro coldness that you could have imagined on Rennie Pilgrem's TCR imprint back in the 90s.
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 in stock $14.29
B292 Part 2
B292 Part 2 (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: METAB 2922. Rel: 13 Jun 24
I Can't Explain (5:14)
Bad Trip (Living Nightmare mix) (6:35)
Air 180 (4:56)
Quest Kru (6:51)
Review: The journey through SB81's life in music continues on this monolithic mission through the breakbeat cannon in the form of his debut album 'B292'. This particular EP captures the strong influence of hardcore in his musical foundations. 'I Can't Explain' kicks off the EP with icy charm as we go through the ravey motions all the way up to 'Quest Kru' which is pure bleep. Authentic reflections of the past.
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 in stock $14.29
B292 Part 4
B292 Part 4 (orange vinyl 12")
Cat: METAB 2924. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Music For The Mind (4:10)
Patterns Of Thought (Physical Objects mix) (3:30)
Shadows (4:31)
A Beautiful Nightmare (4:28)
Review: The fourth and final EP from SB81's hardcore odyssey B292, here we find the Wolverhampton artist tying up loose tendrils with a beguiling collection of the album's eeriest pieces. 'Music For The Mind' warms up on a rolling tribal note before things get glacial on 'Patterns Of Thought'. Prepare for more ambient textures on the B as 'Shadows' exists strictly to give you the chills and the creepiness of 'A Beautiful Nightmare' closes the EP on a chilling Halloween style note. Sweet dreams.
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 in stock $14.29
Frantic Gestures EP
Frantic Gestures EP (limited 12")
Cat: 06 ET. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Summernights (5:11)
Torsion (3:39)
891 (4:33)
Matter Out Of Place (5:42)
 in stock $19.59
Sick Music 2020
Sick Music 2020 (unmixed 2xCD + mixed CD)
Cat: NHS 369CD. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Grafix - "Blue Dreams" (CD 1 - Unmixed)
Degs - "Levitate Your Mind" (feat Unglued)
Keeno - "I Wonder" (feat Ellie Madison)
Fred V - "Sad Jungle"
Drs & Dynamite - "Fix It All" (feat London Elektricity)
Nu:tone - "The Moment" (feat Lea Lea)
Todd Terry - "Bounce To The Beat" (Serum remix)
Kings Of The Rollers - "You Got Me" (SPY remix)
Urbandawn - "Egregor"
Inja - "Sanctuary"
Yazzus & Magnum Larry - "Desire"
Missing & Mr Time - "Original 90s"
SPY - "Step & Flow VIP"
Loxy & Ink - "The Herald" (CD 2 - Unmixed)
Polaris - "Distant"
Bop X Subwave - "Dead Almost"
Mitekiss - "Something Real" (feat Ruth Corey)
Tolima Jets - "Clams"
Etherwood - "American Fruity"
Logistics - "Sleeper Dub"
Think Tonk - "Falling For Yooo"
Roberto Surace - "Joys" (Unglued remix)
Whiney - "Hallowed"
Kanine - "Snake Eyes"
Radiax - "Tech Trick"
SPY - "Step & Flow VIP" (CD 3 - mixed)
Degs - "Levitate Your Mind" (feat Unglued)
Whiney - "Hallowed"
Missing & Mr Time - "Original 90s"
Urbandawn - "Egregor"
Fred V - "Sad Jungle"
Roberto Surace - "Joys" (Unglued remix)
Kanine - "Snake Eyes"
Polaris - "Distant"
Etherwood - "American Fruity"
Inja - "Sanctuary"
Bop X Subwave - "Dead Almost"
Grafix - "Blue Dreams"
Think Tonk - "Falling For Yooo"
Keeno - "I Wonder" (feat Ellie Madison)
Loxy & Ink - "The Herald"
Drs & Dynamite - "Fix It All" (feat London Elektricity)
Radiax - "Tech Trick"
Todd Terry - "Bounce To The Beat" (Serum remix)
Kings Of The Rollers - "You Got Me" (SPY remix)
Tolima Jets - "Clams"
Mitekiss - "Something Real" (feat Ruth Corey)
Logistics - "Sleeper Dub"
Nu:tone - "The Moment" (feat Lea Lea)
Yazzus & Magnum Larry - "Desire"
 in stock $9.51
Ghost (ash grey vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: OVRLP 001. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Ghost (4:58)
Keep Control (feat Rider Shafique) (4:43)
Submission (4:15)
Forgive & Forget (feat Collette Warren) (4:33)
Review: Wingz presents Ghost, his debut artist album on Overview Music. Nearly two years in the making, this is Wingz' most complete body of work to date, grasping the form of drum & bass whilst lending sounds to it that buck the trends of its usual palette. Casting vocalists Rider Shafique, Collette Warren and Luke Truth in new and unorthodox beat-zones, Wingz' take on drum & bass borrows from neuro and jump-up, but dares to bastardise the breaks and craft their composite sounds from scratch. All dreamers, the tracks here likewise balance weight and brightness, murk and contrast, supremely well, painting a portrait of an artist with an integrated shadow.
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 in stock $15.35
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