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New releases last two weeks: Hip Hop/R&B

Hip Hop/R&B vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Welcome To Los Santos
Cat: MSAP 0018CD. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Gangrene - "Play It Cool" (feat Samuel T Herring (Of Future Islands) & Earl Sweatshirt)
Ab-Soul - "Trouble" (feat Aloe Blacc)
Tunde Adebimpe - "Speedline Miracle Masterpiece" (feat Sal P & Sinkane)
MC Eiht & Freddie Gibbs - "Welcome To Los Santos" (feat Kokane)
Phantogram - "KYSA"
Vybz Kartel - "Fast Life"
King Avriel - "20's 50's 100's" (feat A$AP Ferg)
MNDR - "Lock & Load" (feat Killer Mike)
Popcaan - "Born Bad" (feat Freddie Gibbs)
E-40 - "California" (feat Dam-Funk & Ariel Pink)
Wavves - "Leave"
Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs - "Fetti"
Little Dragon - "Wanderer"
Action Bronson & Danny Brown - "Bad News"
 in stock $3.44
Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Manana
Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Manana (gatefold blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RMSE 05. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Nadie Sabe (4:51)
Monaco (5:36)
Fina (3:34)
Hibiki (3:25)
Mr October (3:13)
Cybertruck (3:02)
Vou 787 (5:21)
Seda (2:47)
Gracias Por Nada (3:21)
Telefono Nuevo (2:27)
Baby Nueva (3:59)
Mercedes Carota (3:19)
Los Pits (4:05)
Vuelve Candy B (4:23)
Baticano (4:16)
No Me Quiero Casar (3:29)
Where She Goes (3:47)
Thunder Y Lightning (3:27)
Perro Negro (3:06)
Europa :( (2:11)
Acho PR (3:26)
Un Preview (2:54)
Review: El Conejo Malo's fifth solo album 'nadie sabe lo que va a pasar maNana' is a return to rap that is as steamy and unique as anything else he has ever done. The former king of Latin trap lyrically focusses on some of his favourite and third and testate subjects such as sex, counting racks and his love of Puerto Always funny and on form throughout, this return to his roots is full of fun but never short on quality and mixes up gritty drill howls with deep cut rhythms and plenty of complex bars, including one notable explainer that he could be "rapping about more profound issues, but the checks arrive and confuse me."
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 in stock $44.45
MINT (7")
Cat: HR7S 311. Rel: 10 Jun 24
MINT (3:23)
MINT (instrumental) (3:24)
 in stock $19.85
Nata Montana
Nata Montana (limited gatefold blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WBI 999741.1. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Diran De Mi (feat Tito Torbellio Jr) (2:38)
Mas Altas Que Bajadas (3:09)
La Lokerona (feat Hernan Trejo) (3:09)
Un Convoy (feat Amilkar) (2:35)
Pancake (Fear Peso Pluma) (3:03)
Viejo Lobo (feat Luis R Conriquez) (2:49)
AFS (4:03)
Eres (feat Junior H) (2:56)
Mi Bello Angel (3:08)
En Corto (feat Chino Pacas) (2:57)
AMG (feat Peso Pluma & Gabito Ballesteros) (2:56)
Como Es Arriba Es Abajo (feat Dan Sanchez) (2:42)
Pacas De Billetes (3:07)
Dando Y Dando (2:29)
Ghini (2:33)
Tags: Latin | Mexican
 in stock $39.43
Man Of The House
Man Of The House (brown & burgundy vinyl LP)
Cat: LPMMG 00187C. Rel: 13 Jun 24
In Due Time (3:21)
No Heart In The Art (2:24)
Man Of The House (feat Marquez Price) (2:08)
Nothing Less Nothing More (feat T-Wade) (3:50)
It's Givin' (3:16)
A Mothers Joy (feat Tammy Malloy) (1:34)
Take Some Time (feat NRTHVIEW) (3:14)
 in stock $33.61
Night Susan
Cat: WD 002. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Night Susan (4:11)
Boom-A-Rang (4:58)
Review: Club Warme Deken & San Proper tease a new EP with this tidy new 7". As you would expect from the always left-of-centre San Proper this is a fresh pair of cuts with a notable pop influence. 'Night Susan' is a slow and raw beat with filtered vocals and whirring machine sounds, a low slung hip-hop edge and funky bass guitar riffs adding the hooky charm. 'Boom-A-Rang' on the flip is a great collage of sound made from ad-libbed vocals, percussive hits, deep drums and tanging hits. Two charming curveballs for sure.
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Tags: Minimal
! low stock $10.58
Cat: RRC 030BKB. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Introduccion (0:08)
Palo Santo (0:08)
Big Face Frankies (0:08)
Crime State Of Mind/Food (interlude) (0:08)
Marble Steak (2:58)
Your Love (3:08)
Casino (feat Vic Spencer & Daniel Son) (3:01)
Another Round (3:21)
Five Chechnyans/Hammers & Swords (interlude) (5:32)
Gorillas (feat Benny, Lil Eto & Milo Constantine) (5:27)
Grey Poupon (3:55)
Romans (5:42)
Aguardiente Season Freestyle (5:03)
 in stock $31.74
Cat: RRC 030CD. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Palo Santo
Big Face Frankies
Crime State Of Mind
Marble Steak
Your Love
Casino (feat Daniel Son & Vic Spencer)
Another Round
Five Chechnyans
Gorilas (feat Benny, Lil Eto & Milano Constantine)
Grey Poupon
Aguardiente Freestyle
 in stock $14.29
Aguardiente (2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: RRC 030BKA. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Introduccion (4:19)
Palo Santo (3:42)
Big Face Frankies (3:25)
Crime State Of Mind (1:08)
Marble Steak (2:58)
Your Love (3:08)
Casino (feat Daniel Son & Vic Spencer) (3:01)
Another Round (3:21)
Five Chechnyans (5:32)
Gorillas (feat Benny, Lil Eto, Milano Constantine) (5:27)
Grey Poupon (3:55)
Romans (5:42)
Aguardiente Freestyle (5:03)
 in stock $31.74
Fallen Love (Woo Woo)
Cat: PSR 004. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Cutso - "Fallen Love (Woo Woo)" (4:22)
Excel - "Had To Shut You Down" (4:08)
Review: Private Stock Records is slowly but surely building up a golden catalogue of funk magic. This fourth EP is another high-class double dose that opens with Cutso's 'Fallen Love (Woo Woo)', a swirling slow burner of a tune with heavy, languid drums and twisted vocal samples that eventually coalesce into a warming party vibe. Excel's 'Had To Shut You Down' is a glorious soul gem with lush Philly strings and ornamental arrangements that raise your spirits and elevate your mood with its seductive grooves, not to mention a classic r&b vocal sample.
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 in stock $14.29
Dead Poets IV: Ad Honorem
Cat: 803173 153715. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Intro (1:32)
Bon Voyage (feat Trasygy Killah, Virux. Nor Psychohead & Vashish) (3:58)
Linguaggi Nascosti (feat Vinzulto, Prodest & Buster Quito) (3:55)
A Carte Scoperte (feat Suarez, Sgravo & Royal Damn) (3:13)
Un' Altra Gemma Nelle Tasche (feat Lanz Khan, Sace, & Claver Gold) (3:38)
Avada Kedavra (feat William Pascal, Panz, Pacman & White Boy) (2:54)
Stacca Un Po' (feat Bobbie Sole & Deco) (2:53)
Il Cenacolo (Faet Gabrix & Djomi) (2:58)
Knockout (feat Nyvek, Wiser Keegan & Klaus Noir) (3:24)
Skillatissimi (feat Gimmy Lo, DogonNoGod, Buster Quito, Omega Riot & Keitho) (3:50)
Street Regulator (feat Kappa-O, Tundra, Macmyc) (3:19)
Bloody Mary (feat Nyvek & Djomi) (2:51)
Fate Largo (feat Binario4) (2:51)
Sul Serio (feat Nowordz, Los Migol & Bruno Bug) (3:21)
Ritorno Al Futuro (feat Frank Siciliano, Murubuto & Davide Shorty) (3:42)
 in stock $30.17
Butter Pecan Ricans
Butter Pecan Ricans (7" repress)
Cat: PSR 003. Rel: 12 Jun 24
DJ Zimmie - "Butter Pecan Ricans" (2:26)
Double A - "Dr Jawn" (3:39)
Review: New release from Private stock is a double dose of boom bap funk! On Side A, DJ Zimmie recreates an iconic party break with all the OG elements. On Side B, Double A took a super funky classic and somehow added even more funk.
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 in stock $14.29
Timeless Lo Fi Vol 2
Timeless Lo Fi Vol 2 (limited LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 7410. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Rendou (with Renz) (3:22)
Meaningless Lyrics (with Brooklyn TY) (2:37)
Mind Game On Bm9 (with Samurai Yas) (2:59)
Hibachi (with NMF) (3:44)
Far Out (with Izumi) (3:44)
Track 6 (with Grey Station) (2:33)
Raw (with OGCZ) (1:37)
Dear (with Ram-Mashine) (2:16)
Last Night (with Western River) (2:35)
Sunset (with Goodshit) (3:21)
Review: Well, would you look at that: lo-fi hip-hop has already become LP-worthy. It doesn't seem like long ago at all that the genre seemed eternally bound to its stereotyped form: ten-hour YouTube videos of endlessly looping lo-fi beats paired visually with anime characters perusing the textbooks over mugs of cocoa, cute kittens brushing against their knees, and snow-caked views outside their windows. Light In The Attic colour anyone thinking that such a style couldn't possibly make it onto vinyl LP mistaken, catching us off guard with this second edition from Grey October Sounds' Timeless LoFi project. This one hears the Japanese producer bring beautiful remixes of classic Studio Ghibili theme songs - as well as original compositions - to P-Vine recordings. Choice cuts include the eyes-down bare-bones of 'Y&A' and the muted snaps of 'Home Banter'. So, assuming you've already crammed for the test tomorrow, feel free to relax and swap out your well-worn, coffee-stained textbook for an MPC.
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 in stock $33.08
Smile? (CD)
Cat: EGAKT 1. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Classic Day
Victory Lap
Heaven Or Hell
Mobsters (feat Blade Brown)
Next To You (feat Sharna Boss)
Thing For You (feat Dre Six)
Old School Era
Someone Familiar
Rockstar In Designer (feat D Block Europe)
Different (feat Highlyy)
Let's Run Away
Grown Decisions
 in stock $11.12
Reflections In Real Time
Reflections In Real Time (gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: KKRT 1. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Thank You! (1:29)
Hello, Lakisha (1:36)
Distractions I: The Opposite Sex (3:12)
Age + Self Esteem: A Funhouse Mirror (2:38)
Distraction II: The Dilemma Of Cool (2:35)
Self Importance (1:54)
Collected Views From Dinner (2:58)
Fulfillment? (3:13)
Taking Responsibility (3:31)
Intermission (feat John Anderson) (1:49)
The Fears Of A Dilettante (3:21)
Obsessing (2:38)
Life, The Cruel Interlude (On God) (3:44)
Frustrations + Solutions (3:03)
Humans + Ants In Proportion (3:54)
Existential Crisis Hour! (2:15)
On The Mend (2:46)
Relief! (My Answers So Far) (0:35)
Poem A (1:24)
Outpatient Mentality (1:08)
Memory Lane (bonus track) (1:45)
Review: Kilo Kish has always carved her own path, ever since starting out on her musical journey over a decade ago. She soon began to get recognition for her distinctive, ethereal guest appearances alongside artists like Childish Gambino and Vince Staples and by now has very much cultivated her own unique artistic universe. With the conceptually bold 2014 EP "Across," Kish pushed boundaries further, embarking on a cross-country drive set to dreamy, experimental landscapes crafted by producer Caleb Stone. Feeling constrained by her New York City surroundings upon her return, Kish sought new inspiration in Los Angeles and that resulted in this debut album, Reflections in Real Time, which serves as a sonic mood board, delving into introspective themes exploring social media fascinations and pondering life's deeper meanings.
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 in stock $29.38
Fine Art
Cat: HVNLP 225CD. Rel: 07 Jun 24
3CAG (feat Radie Peat)
Fine Art
I BhFiacha Linne
I'm Flush
Better Way To Live (feat Grian Chatten)
Sick In The Head
Love Making (feat Nino)
Drug Dealin Pagans
Harrow Road (feat Jelani Blackman)
Rhino Ket
Way Too Much
! low stock $11.12
I'm Fine Thanks For Asking (Sun Spun Edition)
I'm Fine Thanks For Asking (Sun Spun Edition) (orange, yellow & red swirl vinyl LP)
Cat: LPMMG 00189C. Rel: 13 Jun 24
I'm Fine, Thanks For Asking (feat The Upstairs Gang) (3:30)
Measuring Stick (feat Fatt Father & Elzhi) (3:51)
Roc Nation Brunch (feat Freeway) (4:11)
Purple (3:02)
It's Ok (interlude) (2:09)
Higher (2:28)
Say My Name (feat Monica Blaire) (2:59)
Nosy (feat Rapper Big Pooh) (3:02)
Good Thangs (feat Quelle Chris) (2:57)
Grand Piano (feat Nate Curry & Th3 Saga) (4:10)
 in stock $37.04
Blue Lines (remastered)
Cat: 477142 5. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Safe From Harm
One Love
Blue Lines
Be Thankful For What You've Got
Five Man Army
Unfinished Sympathy
Hymn Of The Big Wheel
 in stock $5.28
Eyes Are The Soul
Eyes Are The Soul (12" (soundfiles not available))
Cat: PR 4489. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Eyes Are The Soul (Soul remix)
Eyes Are The Soul (Jazzy Soul remix)
Eyes Are The Soul (LP version)
Eyes Are The Soul (Soul remix instrumental)
 in stock $6.89
Why Lawd?
Why Lawd? (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: STH 25002CD. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Where I Go
Review: The implied sequel to their first and only album Yes Lawd!, the ingenious production and vocal duo of wonky hip-hop producer Knxwledge, and esteemed multi-talent Anderson .Paak - together known as NxWorries - comes in full force, a full eight years after said debut. A seeming reversal of the mood of the first record, Why Lawd? submits a plea of desperation rather than confidence to the heavens, though nonetheless sports features from the likes of Dave Chappelle, Thundercat, H.E.R., Snoop Dogg and Earl Sweatshirt, in what still amounts to an endlessly enjoyable, bumpy ride in the modes of smoked-out neo-soul and challenging lo-fi.
Read more
 in stock $11.12
Nosthaigia (cassette)
Cat: ACONOSTT. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Bkk Blues
Until The End
Hand In Hand
Moment #1
Close Your Eyes & Remember
The Man Who Owed The Money
Moment #2
Memories (One For G)
Purple Flowers
Moment #3
Chocolate Thai
In The Mist
Under The Frangipani Tree
Moment #4
One More Time
How It's Supposed To Be
Moment #5
The Cost
You Know
Moment #6
Old Photos
Eternally Grateful
 in stock $15.35
Balance (LP)
Cat: UKM 119. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Sooner, Later, Suddenly
Liminal Space (feat YANA & Einar Indra)
Metal Fear Bolid
Kanaping (feat Runforrest)
Headshell (feat Dizkret & DJ Eprom)
Zbywasz (feat Dominika Ptonka)
Slowly Jitter
 in stock $26.99
Balance (hand-numbered red vinyl LP limited to 100 copies)
Cat: UKM 119RED. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Sooner Later Suddenly (3:22)
Liminal Space (feat YANA & Einar Indra) (4:24)
Metal Fear Bolid (5:16)
Kanaping (feat Runforrest) (3:11)
Headshell (feat Dizkret & DJ Eprom) (2:02)
Tribes (4:17)
Zbywasz (feat Dominika Ponka) (3:25)
Slowly Jitter (3:37)
Tykytykytykytyky (3:54)
 in stock $34.92
PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (10th Anniversary Edition)
PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (10th Anniversary Edition) (limited 'hellfire' orange splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LWM 000110Y. Rel: 10 Jun 24
The Recollection Facility (0:28)
Time2 (3:11)
Losing My Mind (3:02)
Heroin Addict (1:18)
Damage (3:37)
Bad MF (3:07)
The Recollection Facility (part 2) (0:18)
Rapid Eye Movement (feat Black Thought) (4:23)
Scream (2:28)
Sidefx (feat Dr Pete) (0:55)
The Jungle (4:13)
Broken Again (4:13)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (3:47)
D R E A M (feat Talib Kweli) (4:29)
The Recollection Facility (part 3) (5:00)
Eht Dn Arg Noisulli (feat The Stepkids) (2:51)
Review: On PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Pharoahe Monch continues the story he began telling on his prior LP, W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), his third studio album and first independent release. The Queens emcee narrates, in both literal and metaphoric ways, the trials and tribulations of an independent artist who is at war with the music industry and the struggle of the black male experience in America. In a 2012 interview, the rapper explained the connections between the two projects beyond their titles: "the W.A.R.album was like, I'm going to battle against the machine, I'm doing this independently. I'm putting some things out that I learned and I'm going to expose the music industry. PTSD is the result of me doing that, where I am emotionally now. It's similar to how someone comes back, from war and is stricken by re-adjusting to a regular situation." Now reissued via his very own W.A.R. media, it's clear that this is a war that Monch has not stopped waging.
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 in stock $35.20
Cat: BBC 006. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Unassisted (4:24)
Take It Back Home (feat Planet Asia) (3:58)
Review: The so-far superb Boom Bap Classics label kicks on with a sixth fantastic slab of old school gold. This time once more they offer up underground 90s rap gems in the form of a brilliant neck-snapper from West Coast lyrical don Rasco. His 'Unassisted' is a widely respected cut that finds favour with heads and backpackers and turntablists alike thanks to its hard bars and chord-laced bumping beats. On the flip, 'Take It Back Home' features fellow Californian vocalist Planet Asia who continues in the same vibe and keeps you moving.
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Played by: SOOPASOUL
 in stock $14.81
My 21st Century Symphony
My 21st Century Symphony (limited gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: M 21CSLP2. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Overture (1:26)
Oscar Winning Tears (3:34)
Hard Out Here (3:36)
The Thrill Is Gone (Requiem) (1:54)
The Thrill Is Gone (4:34)
Five Star Hotels (4:40)
Mary Jane Vs Graeme Blevins (3:24)
Mary Jane (2:51)
Environmental Anxiety (3:57)
Body Dysmorphia (3:47)
Ice Cream Man (3:29)
Dani's Interlude (2:36)
Flip A Switch (4:57)
Worth It (Prelude) (2:00)
Worth It (4:04)
Black Mascara (4:17)
Buss It Down (5:31)
Escapism (5:50)
 in stock $47.10
Hi (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TV 002. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Hi (3:21)
This (feat Amelie Scheffels) (3:52)
Slick Dancer (3:01)
Did What (3:33)
Already Happened (3:33)
Finally (feat Ralph Heidel) (5:00)
Before It Was (3:04)
Too Late (3:14)
See (3:05)
You (3:17)
 in stock $26.21
It's A Soul Thing
It's A Soul Thing (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SHUG 4. Rel: 07 Jun 24
It's A Soul Thing (feat Alvin Worthy) (4:10)
It's A Soul Thing (instrumental) (4:06)
Review: Shuggy's It's A Soul Thing featuring Alvin Worthy offers a captivating blend of soul and urban vibes. The vocal mix on Side-1 exudes catchiness and hipness, with smooth vocals delivered over a backdrop of sleek instrumentation. The track boasts a great horn section that adds depth and texture, contributing to its overall urban feel. On Side-2, the instrumental version showcases the band's excellent playability, with a groovy arrangement that allows the instrumentation to shine. Overall, 'It's A Soul Thing' is a standout offering from Shuggy, blending soulful vocals with tight musicality to create a track that is both infectious, enjoyable and a lot of fun.
Read more
 in stock $13.50
Kulta (LP)
Cat: KULTA 01. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Goldline (1:36)
Turtle Life (feat Chalky) (2:00)
Blackinit (0:51)
Heatwave (2:54)
Patience (feat Chalky & Kristoffer Eikrem) (3:06)
Angel Dust (0:57)
Nightslide (1:41)
Replay (0:52)
Waiting Game (feat Illiterate & Mr Slipz) (1:41)
Honey (feat One Kind Eye) (2:38)
9th Realm (feat Smuv) (2:52)
Fusion (feat Smuv) (1:18)
Bossa (2:23)
Tripman (feat Chalky) (1:18)
Review: Given that this is a first release from Simian, it is pretty damn impressive. Title 'Cult' after the Finish word for gold, it lives up to its name as it takes you on a trip through a fine stash of beats crafted between 2010 and 2020. The producer says he feels it is some of his best work and that now is the right time for the world to hear it, with many of them brought to life with added features from the likes of Smuv, One Kind Eye, Kirstoffer Eikrem, Mr Slipz, Illiterate and his right-hand man Chalky. It's laid-back, soul drenched, and perfectly soothing for mind and body
Read more
 in stock $24.08
50 (More Hits)
Cat: RSR 003. Rel: 07 Jun 24
50 (More Hits) (feat QNC) (4:08)
No Way Out (feat Slimkid3 & Moonbeam Kelly) (3:49)
Review: The latest vinyl release from RS Records, their third, is a 45rpm dedicated to hip-hop lovers and wider genre enthusiasts. Produced by Slick Walk (ala SaturnVybz and DJ Robert Smith), Side A features '50 (More Hits),' a mellow, space funk-inflected banger with NYC legends QNC (aka Q-Ball and Curt Cazal). The track boasts crisp, Premo-like drum programming, cloud-like synths, and warm bass, all of which create a sensation of flying or walking on air. Rich in old-school and golden-era references, nearly every bar is a hyperlink to a hip-hop classic, making the track an almost literal hip-hop encyclopedia. The superb No Way Out" (feat Slimkid3 & Moonbeam Kelly) seals the deal on this vital pick up.
Read more
 in stock $14.81
Bizarre Cut 'N' Paste Ride
Cat: WACK 23. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Bizarre Cut 'N' Paste Ride (4:12)
Summer Cyde (4:06)
Review: Smoove AKA Jonathan Scott Watson brings us Bizarre Cut 'N' Paste Ride for the most recent Wack Records release. The producer is known for using his cut up style of east coast flavor. On the A-side, 'Bizarre Cut 'N' Paste Ride' uses Pharcyde tracks and edits them seamlessly like a DJ would. Focusing in on the original instrumentals, he creates a jazzy sound with them. 'Summer Cyde' expands upon this theme while using the all-time classic 'Passin Me By' in the mix. This is like having a dub plate of Pharcyde cuts to your own personal bag. Sounds like these will never get old.
Read more
 in stock $18.27
Rubble Kings: The Album
Cat: MSAP 0029CD. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Little Shalimar - "War"
Bun B, Killer Mike & Cuz Lightyear - "Savage Habits"
EXquire - "Warrior Thing"
King Mono - "Bouncy 3"
Little Shalimar - "The Revolution Might Be Televised"
Ka - "Delaney Card"
Little Shalimar - "Edge Of The Edge" (instrumental)
Run The Jewels - "Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)"
Little Shalimar - "Partytime (Jitter Buggin)"
Little Shalimar - "Comes With The Territory"
Ghostface Killah, Boldy James & EXquire - "Same Damn Thang"
Little Shalimar - "The Piano District (Gentrification Boogie)"
Roxiny & Tunde Adebimpe - "Phoenix"
 in stock $3.44
Tap Water II
Cat: MOFUNK 048. Rel: 04 Jun 24
All Dogs (4:10)
Where You Get Your Funk From? (3:46)
Something In The Water (feat Moniquea) (3:49)
Catch You Off Guard (3:36)
You Don't Have To Leave (4:38)
I Can't Believe It (4:00)
Right Fit (3:57)
All My Days Are Better (With You) (3:34)
Your Love Is Leading Me (4:05)
Like We Used To Do (feat I, Ced & Moniquea) (4:33)
Review: If you think you know a cooler cat and more brilliant boogie producer than XL Middleton right now then you're lying. His Tap Water very much set that reparation in motion when it arrived back in 2016 right when modern funk was making a comeback thank to Dam Funk et al. It's a hard to find original that still stands up and now it has been followed up by a second volume of brilliantly squelch analogue funk, dazzling boogie baselines, lush sci-fi chords and retro future fills, vocals and hooks.
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 in stock $23.03
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