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New releases last two weeks: Punk/Hardcore

Punk/Hardcore vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Cat: TPLP 1925CD. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Temple Of Victory
Gilded Cage/Sanctuary
Vacant Paradise
 in stock $11.12
The Adept
The Adept (LP + insert)
Cat: LPHEA 001. Rel: 13 Jun 24
TYVM (feat Saionji BBBBBBB) (2:14)
REM Fodder (feat James Ginzburn, Koenraad Ecker) (5:18)
Nobody (feat DJ Scotch Rolex, Hybrid Intuition) (3:09)
Djangili (feat Talpah) (2:14)
Verbose Patmos (feat Safety Trance) (3:08)
4 AM In The Mara (feat DJ Die Soon) (2:24)
33rd Degree Access (feat Backxwash, Saionji BBBBBBB) (3:25)
Sham-Ra (feat Rully Shabara, Saionji BBBBBBB) (1:39)
Red Carpet Sleepwalker (feat Fatboi Sharif, Safety Trance) (2:53)
Kvlt Brazen (feat Brodinski) (2:31)
Acts Of God (feat Vulture Thrust, Bidimensional Gangsta) (2:29)
Vistas (feat DJ Scotch Rolex) (2:49)
Emblem Blem (feat Talpah) (2:30)
Review: A hugely exciting one from Haekalu Records, a label like no other; you'll know what we mean when you listen to this one. Helmed up by the prolific Lord Spikeheart himself, Haekalu are committed - in their own words - to repping the heaviest and most intense music from Africa. First up on the label is The Adept, the debut full-length LP from the aforementioned Ugandan electronic rap-metal singularity. A thousand-volt rotation of influences - from grindcore, hardtrance, death metal and industrial electronica - The Adept is much more than adept at, well, jamming an arsenal of sonic drill bits down your ears, albeit in a way that proves enjoyable. With collabs across the board from DJ Scotch Rolex to Safety Trance to Brodinski, the atmosphere on this one is unparalleled in its propensity to frighten and awe-inspire.
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 in stock $26.21
Pink Elephant
Pink Elephant (light blue vinyl LP)
Cat: HR 71261. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Like That (2:58)
Shh! (2:41)
Blurry (2:40)
Jurassic Park (2:29)
Eviligo (3:08)
Wavelength (3:02)
Drink To Drown (3:13)
DWYW (3:10)
Silk & Satin (2:49)
Soap (3:07)
Hate Me (Sometimes) (3:50)
 in stock $27.79
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