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Deep House Recommendations February 2015

Juno Recommends Deep House

Juno Recommends Deep House

Deep House Recommendations February 2015
5 Feb 2015
Cat: EGLO 041. Rel: 13 Jul 20
Deep House
  1. Nuits Sonores (11:57)
  2. Nectarines (6:21)
Review: Sam Shepherd has long been a master of the kind of ultra-deep, rolling, soft focus deep house that raises the spirits and soothes the soul. Even so, there's something incredibly special about "Nuits Sonores", the lead track from this must-have EP. Based around a deep, tactile groove and blessed with rising synth solos, dancing acid lines and his usual fireside Rhodes antics, the track rises magnificently for 12 spellbinding minutes. As it progresses, further elements make their way into the mix, until it reaches the kind of organic deep house climax that makes even the grumpiest souls go weak at the knees. Flip for "Nectarines", the kind of loose-limbed fusion of deep house sassiness, Detroit techno electronics and fluid jazz drumming at which Shepherd has always excelled.
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Cat: HUDD 047. Rel: 02 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Care
  2. Sing Along With Your Friends
  3. Shouting & Screaming
  4. Lasga's Return
Review: Iron Curtis delivers his 2nd full 4 track EP for Hudd Traxx following up the huge 'Stansfield EP' in 2010. The opening track 'Care' demonstrates IC's diversity as a Producer as he lays down a killer bassline with melodic keys which will find it's way into many big hitters bags. 'Sing Along With Your Friends' has deep laid keys and an MCDE esk feel to it accompanied by some heavy snares for good measure. Flip for the B Side and find 'Shouting & Screaming', a dark driving track that even Spencer Kinsey would be proud of. Iron Curtis rounds off the EP with a solid groovy little number entitled 'Lasga's Return'

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Cat: BOE 025. Rel: 02 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Havantepe - "Plane Waves"
  2. Ben Boe - "Aqueous Refraction"
  3. Chicago Deep - "Star Struck"
  4. Taelue - "Desolate Dreams"
Review: While their sporadic appearance remains a frustration, it's hard to find fault with Boe Recordings' Halal Prepared series of EPs. This third installment of the series, which lands 12 months after it's' predecessor, contains another quarter of high quality deep house jams. The real highlights - to our ears, at least - are the two tracks that doff a cap to classic Detroit techno, whilst keeping their feet firmly rooted in deep house. Both "Star Struck" by Chicago Deep and Havantepe's "Plane Waves" capture the retro-futurist spirit and stargazing electronics associated with the Motor City perfectly. Elsewhere, keep an eye out for Taelue's "Desolate Dreams", which offers a bittersweet trip into ultra-deep house territory.
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Cat: SP&SQ 001. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Brame & Hamo - "Clockwerk"
  2. Brame & Hamo - "Clockwerk" (Session Victim remix)
  3. Hamo - "SOUL"
  4. Brame - "Full Custody"
Review: The sleepy seaside town of Sligo, based on Ireland's Atlantic coast, seems an unlikely location to base a deep house label. More remarkably, this debut 12" from Sligo-based Splendor & Squalor comes from two residents of the town: longtime DJ buddies and hip-hop/deep house fusionists Brame and Hamo. It's a strong first outing, with each of the three original cuts coming doused in smooth soul and hip-hop influences. That's means beats that swing, sensual strings, chunky bass and the kind of pads that seem to wrap themselves around your body. The duo's collaborative "Clockwork" - arguably the pick of the bunch - is also remixed by Session Victim (think ultra-deep goodness), while Hamo's sample-heavy "Soul" offers the perfect balance between smiling deep house and classic hip-house.
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out of stock $9.97
Cat: HT 013. Rel: 19 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. The Hours (original)
  2. Visions
  3. Movement
  4. Time (feat Beckford)
Review: Former Leeds resident Burnski has been surprisingly quiet this year. In fact, this purple vinyl 12" for Tomoki Takuri's Holic Trax label - famed for releases from Dan Curtin, Rick Wade and Mr. G, amongst others - is his first release of 2014. Happily, he's on good form, laying down a series of largely deep house focused cuts variously influenced by early Belgian techno (the bass-heavy pump of acid chugger "The Hours", whose bassline recalls the likes of Jaydee and Joey Beltram), soul-flecked tech-house (the undulating electronics and yearning vocal samples of "Visions") and hustling, post-acid house (stand-out "Time", featuring the seductive vocals of Beckford).
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out of stock $7.98
Cat: MND 29300. Rel: 19 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. 2DeepSoul - "Home"
  2. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - "Deserted"
Review: We can't remember the last time we came across a 7" single of straight-up deep house. Certainly, it's a novelty, though there's little novel or cheeky about the two tracks showcased on this diddy, coloured vinyl release from Spain's Minuendo label. 2DeepSoul's A-side, "Home", is effortlessly melodious - a warm, rich and enticing blend of shuffling rhythms, swirling chords and the kind of blissfully electronic melodies that make you want to dance with your eyes shut. There's a more organic and quietly soulful feel about Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana's flipside effort, "Deserted". Blessed with a delicious double bass line, bespoke keys and a whisper of Motor City techno (in terms of the electronics, at least), it's a sublime chunk of sensual deepness.
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Cat: AOS 928. Rel: 19 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. I Wanna Know
  2. I Wanna Know (Extramental mix)
Review: By Alex "Omar" Smith's standards, "I Wanna Know" is something of a curveball. It sees him joining forces with vocalist James Garcia to lay down the sort of spine-tingling vocal house cut that would have once been associated with Chicago acts such as Fingers Inc. Admittedly, it contains plenty of far-sighted Detroit electronics and Smith's usual percussive shuffle, but there's a genuine retro-futurist feel that may take some of his fans by surprise. It's rather wonderful, all told, and sounds like a crossover anthem in waiting. Turn to the flipside and you'll find the Extramental Mix, a superb instrumental version that gives Smith's sublime melodies, vintage synths and sparkling electronics a chance to shine. Artwork of the year too!
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Cat: DEEPEX 034. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Ancestry
  2. Mind Jazz Exploration
  3. The Deepness (Ode To The Soul)
  4. Ancestry (Man-Drake remix with Afrikan Sciences on the bassline)
Review: For their latest trip into ultra-deep house territory, Spain's Deep Explorer imprint has turned to South African producer Ofuren, co-founder of the Roots Go Deep imprint. Predictably, he delivers a trio of cuts oozing with smoky atmosphere and intoxicating dancefloor warmth. The bongo-laden "Ancestry' kicks things off, with evocative pads, whispered vocals and a delicious bassline wrapping themselves around a bongo-laden afro-deep groove. Somehow, he manages to eke even more depth from the machines on "Mind Jazz Exploration" and "The Deepness (Ode To The Soul)", a Ron Trent style chunk of dreamy dancefloor bliss. Finally, Man-Drake and Afrikan Sciences join forces to turn "Ancestry" into a loose, appealing slice of midtempo goodness, complete with hazy melodies and a yearning, early morning feel.
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Cat: ALLN 002. Rel: 19 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Alex Agore - "Basement Jam"
  2. Alex Agore - "Be Someone"
  3. Apoena - "Strong Woman"
  4. Apoena - "Midnight"
Review: Allnite Music 002 brings Alex Agore with some of his best works so far. Both "Basement Jam" and "Be Someone" tracks strikes right the middle of the target, somehow between his earlier '4Lux' works and his 'No Matter What' hot dancefloor stuff. On B Side, Apoena presents two grooved House tracks with Jazz sounding keys cut directly from vinyl. Just a killer 4-tracker!
out of stock $7.70
Cat: EES 012. Rel: 19 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Songs Of Pressure
  2. Songs Of Pressure (The Asphodells remix)
  3. Songs Of Pressure (Acca dub)
Review: Former Padded Cell and Bronx Dogs man Richard Sen has made some great records in his time, and "Songs of Pressure" is up there with the best of them. Joining the dots between murky dub disco, horror soundtracks and EBM, it layers spooky, delay-laden synthesizer motifs and wonky vocal samples atop a heavy dub rhythm and punchy machine drums. Pals Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay deliver a bongo-laden, dubbed-out revision (part wayward exotica, part humid Balearic dub), while Acca strips the track down to its' nare bones for a ket-addled Dub.
out of stock $7.70
Cat: PPR 06. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. For Those We Love (feat Tears Of Velva)
  2. Layla
  3. Let Yourself Go
Review: With previous contributions to split releases on Plastik People on his collar, Marc Cotterell now steps up with Music is our mission, his full debut release for the label. Lead track "For those we love" gives shouts to the greats of house music past & present thanks to the presence of vocalist Tears of Velva - a previous collaborator with Kerri Chandler - and key player Slikk Tim who previously appeared on a Plastik People release from Playin' 4 The City. "Layla" takes on a more personal approach, dedicated to Cotterell's daughter, and this is echoed in the music where smooth strings and old school organs duel with the heavy drums and bassline. Finally "Let Yourself Go" is a deep, yet moody sax track featuring highly respected musician, Dave Mullen aka Mahoney, which incorporates tough drums, killer sax and old school house chords that build and build.
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out of stock $7.98
Cat: LVNO 01. Rel: 02 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Affiirmative Action (original)
  2. Affiirmative Action (Simoncino vocal mix)
  3. Affiirmative Action (Simoncino flute mix)
Review: New label from Brooklyn's Nathaniel Jay, also known for his Love Revolution label, and his work as half of Soho808. Original music by Casey Tucker, whose recent releases on Boe off-shoot, For Those Who Knoe, Inspired Jay to seek him out. On remix duties, Italy's underground don, Nick Anothony Simoncino, of L.I.E.S., Echovolt, Skywax, Quintessentials, and his own label, Hotmix, to name but a few. Nathaniel is promising big things for his new Love Notes imprint: "This is going to be the best thing I've ever done". We'll take him at his word until he gives us reason not to.
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Cat: RHR 007. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Your Heart Speaks For You
  2. Lucky Star Of High Minded
  3. She Can Land On A Dime
  4. Wild Combination
Review: HVL is back on Rough House Rosie with a second solo EP. The tracks for this release were recorded in a strange surrounding far away from home and friends. This time everything is more darker, deeper and 'progressive'.
out of stock $7.98
Cat: WOSTC 001. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Adrian & Sake - "Midnight Stagger"
  2. Chamboche - "Swatch"
  3. Street Tracks - "Don't You (Get Away)"
  4. New Jack City - "Feeling You Girl"
  5. Steve Huerta & Urulu - "Hypoxia"
  6. Ejeca - "Bamp"
  7. Sage Caswell - "Nothing Stays The Same"
  8. Mediman - "Games"
  9. XXXY - "TPW"
  10. Eliphino - "Marcus Dupree"
  11. Bodhi - "The Oakland Chinwag"
  12. Citizen - "Jaded"
Review: Waze & Oddysey's W&O Streetracks imprint pulls together the likes of Eliphino, Ejeca, Citizen and XXXY for its first (unmixed) compilation released this Winter, W&O Streettracks Vol 1. Having clocked up eight releases on Street Tracks, it's the ideal time to throw down a milestone and document the sound of the label in one package and W&O Street Tracks does so with panache. The result of Waze & Oddyssey's plunge into their address book is a 12 track compilation that neatly reflects modern house music. Ejeca, Citizen and W&O themselves sit alongside newcomers like Mediman and Sage Caswell while the emergent talents of New Jack City and Eliphino make for a nicely profiled piece of work
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 in stock $19.95
Cat: LFR 009. Rel: 02 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Shine
  2. Desake
  3. Journey's End
Review:  Layered, progressive, modern electronic music with ethereal harmonics and a nod to analogue forefathers is a universal in John Daly's musical cannon. And with Shine he's formulated a song that could encapsulate a moment in time at a Love Fever party. That 5am throb. Peaks and lows of a breather in the night,the sweating crowd, the stabbing baseline and fluctuating strings played loud and proud. In short, and unstoppable EP from a producer on the very top of his game. A Detroit influenced yet clearly very contemporary EP with strong support already on this one. With the B-Side, Desake floats into the EP, with a lead vocal stab layering into a dream-like baseline and rolling drum pattern continuing where Shine left off. And Journey's End may well be the secret weapon on this EP, playing out like a bard's lament.
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 in stock $7.98
Cat: FER 304. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. City Slicker
  2. From The Ashes
  3. Level 1
  4. Puppets
Review: The 50th physical on Ferox from Michigan's Translate. Four tracks. White 180g vinyl. Limited anniversary edition
out of stock $9.11
  1. Jo Nathan - "That Other Train"
  2. DJ Koze - "NYC Dub"
  3. Lawrence - "Sapphire"
  4. Arcarsenal - "Suzgun Beats"
  5. Son Of Sound - "Staircase Love"
  6. Diego Gamez - "Idealness"
  7. Alexkid & Hector - "Ontra Bravo"
  8. DJ Jus-Ed - "Whale Dance"
Review: In order to celebrate arriving at their tenth year, Jus Ed's Underground Quality label picks up on Unity Kolabo, a vinyl series that has laid dormant for a while, and there is a suitably high profile cast of contributing talent. The presence of DJ Koze and Lawrence is likely to stop many a deep house appreciator in their tracks, and contributions from this European pair are complemented by some under the radar talent. Tape Club's Jo Nathan sets the tone with the crisp, warbling deepness of "That Other Train", and it's nice to see Koze turn in one of his most joyous productions in recent memory in the shape of "NYC Dub". The subsequent six cuts all retain that Underground Quality and demonstrate Unity Kolabo Part 6 & 7 to be a fine way to celebrate 10 years. PS do check the mind bending Son Of Sound contribution - our personal favourite!
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out of stock $23.93
Cat: JYC 011. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Egyptian Bag (8:02)
  2. Egyptian Bag (Baba Stiltz remix) (6:56)
  3. Egyptian Bag (Moomin remix) (7:48)
Review: Overseen by Mr Tophat, the Junkyard Connection label has grown into one of Sweden's finest independent vinyl emporiums over the course of the past four years, happily issuing material from lesser known artists alongside the occasional high profile contribution from the Christopher Raus of the world. Local duo Laguna Ladies get their chance to shine here, with their wonderfully insouciant "Egyptian Bag" a kind of wide eyed acid take on the Seelenluft classic "Manila". The man with the Tophat pulls for some high profile remixes from Studio Barnhus young 'un Baba Stilz and Moomin, both of whom veer off in compelling new directions. A fine 12" for the dance!
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out of stock $9.97
Cat: ISM 006. Rel: 02 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. The City Sleeps
  2. I Can Yet Love
  3. Denormal
  4. Night Hiker (Boost 'N Time edit)
Review: For their sixth release, Inner Shift Music are proud to present their second various artists compilation. It features four different tracks from different producers, each bringing their own unique yet interconnected sound to the EP.
You may have heard of Jacksonville already, from his superb track (Tokyo) for Atmospheric Existence, as well as releases on his own imprint Doppler records. Following him is the very talented Jose Lau of Deepselect Records from California, bringing with him his signature, warm, intelligent sound, who not surprisingly had a recent release on Pulp. Next is the mysterious duo Gauss, who you probably know about from their imprint of the same name. Their rather excellent track brings a more techy edge to the EP. To finalise the deal, we get a stunning, lush, melodic track from Marco Nega, who has also been seen on labels such as Bumako, UQ and AMR.

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out of stock $6.83
  1. Nail - "Hurt Dub"
  2. Collis King - "Gonna Be Better"
  3. Sandee - "Notice Me" (Notice The House mix)
  4. Luke Solomon - "Stop The Riot" (feat Sam Synham)
out of stock $9.11
Cat: NER 20012. Rel: 02 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Love (From The Deep mix)
  2. Mellow (ambient mix)
  3. Love (Love Ride mix)
  4. Love (After Hours mix)
Review: Oh, Lord! It's a reissue of Wayne Gardiner's "Mellow" and "Love" stormers under his Classic Man label! To be honest, anything made in the 90s that was released on NY's mythical Nervous imprint doesn't really need an introduction but then again, it would be rude not to give one! There are three versions of "Love", each one deeper and sexier than the last. This is some real blueprint house business, bringing forth that unmistakable 'crunch' sound that's so heavily imitated today. Don't forget, there's also "Mellow (ambient mix)", a gorgeous house jacker with one monster bassline for the peak time hours!
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out of stock $9.11
  1. Acid Arab - "Zahr"
  2. Gilbr Beesan Rum - "A Song For Anna"
  3. Society Of Silence - "Baghdad"
  4. An I & Capablanca - "Farsi Farce"
Review: To date, the Acid Arab Collections EPs and CD - compiled by the Paris-based producers behind the concept, Guido Minisky and Herve Carvalho (who DJ/produce under the Acid Arab alias) - have been little less than stunning. This third vinyl-only EP is of a similar standard. As usual, there's a strong focus on house and techno, with Middle Eastern instrumentation, vocals and samples atop. Highlights include the raw, heavy pump of Society of Silence's deliciously distorted "Baghdad", the spiraling, Brown Album-era Oribital style intoxication of An-I & Capablancas "Farsi Farce", and the ghostly horns and humid pulse of Gilb'r Beesan Rum's "A Song For Anna".
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out of stock $9.11
  1. Leon Sweet - "Sunny Bigler"
  2. DJ Rocca - "Games"
  3. Yam Who - "Don't You Want My Love (Massey's Paper Fold)" (feat Natasha Watts)
  4. De Fantastiske To - "Gimme Sum Dim Sum"
Review: Given the praise anointed on last year's Trash The Wax compilation from Paper Recordings, it's little surprise to the see the long running Manchester concern gear up for a second edition due later this year. The regulation vinyl sampler sets the tone for what to expect, with contributions from modern disco luminaries Yam Who, DJ Rocca, Leon Sweet, and De Fantastiske To. South coast man Leon Sweet kicks things off with the thick set "Sunny Bigler" weaving a Moroder style bassline around snappy percussion, a rhythmic mainframe that's the perfect backdrop to the massive vocal sample. DJ Rocca's contribution "Games" will not feature on the full compilation, and those that like their disco filled with funk will certainly want this cut in their collection. Face down and Paper main man Chris Massey turns in a superlative disco dub of Yam Who's hookup with vocalist Natasha Watts, whilst Scandinavian newcomers and De Fantastiske To add a touch of house to proceedings with the infectious "Gimme Sum Dim Sum".
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out of stock $9.11
Cat: GOST 003. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. True White (4:43)
  2. Blesk (5:06)
  3. Let Speak (5:24)
  4. Terrible Night (feat Foux) (5:57)
  5. Wet Paint (5:01)
  6. Money Is A Gas (1:55)
out of stock $9.97
  1. Wolf Muller - "Rudeltanz"
  2. Oklo Gabon - "City Gym"
  3. Sano - "Duraco"
  4. Golden Teacher - "What Time Is It?"
  5. Usio - "Galaxy"
Review: Ace London via Glasgow operation Huntleys & Palmers return with a second Chapter, their irregular series of split releases. Whereas the first one issued almost a year ago drew for some crazy club material from artists closely associated with the label, this second edition seeks out contributions from outside talent. Any record that features contributions from both Optimo Music Golden Teacher and Wolf Muller is going to get our seal of approval and both are highlights. The latter opens proceedings with the wonderfully off kilter "Rudeltanz", whilst Golden Teacher's "What Time Is it" comes off like a pitched down Charles Manier cut. Further contributions from Comeme artist Sano, Studio Barnhus act Usio, and Discos Capablanca associate Oklo Gabon will all nice up the dance too!
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 in stock $20.51
  1. The Most Beautiful Divorce Ever
  2. Crystal Maze
  3. Under Your Spell
  4. Eo's Place
  5. Outro
Review: Those cursing the fact they missed out on Session Victim's See You When You Get There album in its premium triple LP format can at least be consoled with the fact the German duo are issuing it as a series of 12" samplers too. This third and final sampler completes the set and is fairly indicative of the widescreen approach to the deep house form shown on the album as a whole, with the wonderful jazz house shuffle of opener "The Most Beautiful Divorce Ever" dovetailing nicely with the piano heavy soundtrack piece "Crystal Maze". At the time See You When You Get There was originally released, the fluttering brilliance of "Under Your Spell" became one of our favourite Session Victim productions and it's lost none of its lustre here.
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out of stock $7.98
Cat: GH 30. Rel: 19 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Radio Atlantis
  2. Walking On The Edge
  3. O Cypres
  4. Cinnamon Road
Review: Compuphonic aka Maxim Firket is a multifaceted producer and DJ from Liege, Belgium, who was raised on a well-balanced diet of classical music, early electronics and industrial variants from Kraftwerk to Front 242, and the revolutionary soundwave that swept over from Detroit, Michigan. Hence, Maxim did not only grow up to become a skillful violoncellist, but also a producer with a unique approach, blending his various sources of inspiration into one intelligent mix of old-school electro, house and minimal stylings.
 in stock $8.55
  1. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - "Tribal Roots" (feat Antoine)
  2. 1Dan - "Recovery Process" (6:29)
  3. Marco Nega - "Inside Out" (feat Leen Vivid) (6:55)
  4. Rai Scott - "Depth Of The Ocean" (6:45)
Review: The past few years have seen Owen Jay's Batti Batti label really establish itself as a physical concern, having first emerged in the digital realm in 2009. The split release focus of Batti Batti has served it well so far, so it's little surprise to find the label's first of the year, Tribal Roots, draws for cuts from four different production units. Jay opens proceedings with his fellow Maltese producer Melchior Sultana whose "Tribal Roots" is augmented well by the percussive talents of Antoine. Further Batti Batti treats come from label regulars 1Dan and Marco Negra, whilst Rai Scott makes her bow with the suitably titled "Depth Of The Ocean" which might just be the pick of the four here!
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out of stock $9.97
Cat: NKD 010. Rel: 12 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Liberty
  2. Avocado
Review: Like many labels founded by producers, Naked Naked started as an outlet for Breach's productions, but has since expanded its' roster to include a swathe of like-minded producers. Here, Breach wrests back control, joining forces with Cinnaman for two tracks of molten deep house with subtle UK garage influences. Opener "Liberty" sets the tone, with chiming melodies wrapping themselves around a snare-heavy, tech-tinged deep house groove. The track benefits from the duo's use of held chords and surprisingly sparse production. Flip for "Avocado", a hustling fusion of hip-wigglin' beats, chopped and screwed vocal samples and a killer bassline.
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out of stock $9.97
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