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Trois (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRAM 313DLP. Rel: 02 Feb 23
Leila (feat Sofiane Saidi) (4:18)
Done Done (feat Cem Yildiz) (5:46)
Ya Mahla (feat Wael Alkak) (6:55)
Halim Guelil (feat Cheb Halim) (3:58)
Habaytak (feat Ghizlane Melih) (4:48)
Gouloulou (feat Fella Soltana) (3:43)
Acid Chawi (feat Khnafer Lazhar) (4:45)
Rachid Trip (feat Rachid Taha) (6:29)
Emo (5:06)
Sayarat 303 (part II) (7:13)
Review: Electronic music is guilty of so many injustices it's hard to know where to begin. Among the least talked about historically is the lack of space made for South Asian and South Asian-heritage artists, who, despite the written pantheons doing their best not to emphasise it, have contributed an incredible amount to the canon's many genres. Things are improving in terms of representation and visibility, but there is still a very, very long way to go.

Even without the urgent need for more equal coverage, it was always going to be hugely exciting to get a copy of an Acid Arab album. And Trois does not disappoint. The Paris-based production duo invite us into ever-deeper corners of their sound, from the tense prog chug of 'Ya Mahla' and the stripped techno build of 'Rachid Trip', to the slick and sexy, writhing broken gem 'Gouloulou', it's as varied as the influences involved.
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 in stock $24.53
Musique De France
Musique De France (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRAM 272DLP. Rel: 12 Oct 16
Buzq Blues (4:14)
La Hafla (feat Sofiane Saidi) (4:05)
Medahat (4:30)
Le Disco (feat Rizan Said) (4:29)
Gul L'abi (feat A-Wa) (4:12)
A3ssifa (feat Rizan Said) (3:00)
Stil (feat Cem Yildiz) (7:02)
Houria (feat Rachid Taha) (4:20)
Sayarat 303 (5:17)
Tamuzica (feat Jawad El Garrouge) (7:25)
Review: Having previously been responsible for a number of themed compilations for Versatile Records, the Acid Arab crew has finally got round to delivering its' first album of original productions. Naturally, it continues their theme of blending North African and Middle Eastern sounds - be it vocals or instruments - with drum machine rhythms and vintage synthesizer sounds. This, though, is where the similarities to their previous work end. While there are a few house-influenced cuts dotted throughout (see the brilliant "Sayarat 303"), for the most part Musique De France veers further towards off-kilter electronic pop. Along the way, they doff a collective cap to new wave, punk-funk, and hazy indie-pop. While it may lack the crackling energy of their more dancefloor-minded productions, it's still a hugely enjoyable set.
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 in stock $23.46
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