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Jose Lau

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Cat: SP 001. Rel: 08 Sep 16
Deep House
  1. Jose Lau - "Climax" (6:04)
  2. Darand Land - "Bubbles In The Spectrum" (6:31)
  3. Darand Land - "Move Listener Emotion" (6:30)
  4. Jose Lau - "Esperanza" (5:04)
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Cat: ISM 006. Rel: 26 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. The City Sleeps
  2. I Can Yet Love
  3. Denormal
  4. Night Hiker (Boost 'N Time edit)
Review: For their sixth release, Inner Shift Music are proud to present their second various artists compilation. It features four different tracks from different producers, each bringing their own unique yet interconnected sound to the EP.
You may have heard of Jacksonville already, from his superb track (Tokyo) for Atmospheric Existence, as well as releases on his own imprint Doppler records. Following him is the very talented Jose Lau of Deepselect Records from California, bringing with him his signature, warm, intelligent sound, who not surprisingly had a recent release on Pulp. Next is the mysterious duo Gauss, who you probably know about from their imprint of the same name. Their rather excellent track brings a more techy edge to the EP. To finalise the deal, we get a stunning, lush, melodic track from Marco Nega, who has also been seen on labels such as Bumako, UQ and AMR.

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Cat: UI 05. Rel: 01 Aug 17
Deep House
  1. Keep It Deep (5:23)
  2. Into The Unknown (6:28)
  3. Mysterious Shaker (5:28)
  4. Slow-Drifting Years (6:31)
Review: Chicago underground legend Da Rand Land presents his Urban Imagery imprint, now onto its fifth release. This is the reflection of the struggles and emotions of the inner city through music, where Jose Lau delivers his second release entitled Uprooted Soul. Here are four tracks from familiar territory by a producer who originally hails from Nicaragua. Evident in Lau's debut release are the unique melding of traditional deep house elements with unassuming latin/funk style percussion, as heard on the slinky and sultry "Slow-Drifting Years". A constant throughout is his masterful use of Chicago house style basslines ("Keep It Deep") and delicate pad movements alongside minor-key melodic underpinnings, like on "Mysterious Shaker". The outcome is buffered by lo-fi harmonics and dub overtones. This is late night introspective music to its core.
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 in stock $10.60
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1


Jose Lau
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