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Juno Recommends Electro: July 2022

Juno Recommends Electro

Juno Recommends Electro

Juno Recommends Electro: July 2022
Cat: LSR 026. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Epigenetic Modulation (4:18)
Neural Impulse Actuator - Mirror Neuron (6:16)
Visual Cortex (3:56)
Neuroplasticity (3:02)
Cerebral Data Download 2100 AD (4:51)
Cerebral To Cerebral Interface (4:54)
Cerebral - AI Entanglement (4:27)
Optogenetics (3:44)
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (4:02)
EEG (4:21)
Review: Gerald Donald's Dopplereffekt is by all measures one of the most influential electro groups of all time. A bunch of their music is being reissued at the moment including the long overdue debut album.But now comes a new one, Neurotelepathy, their second album and fifth overall release on on Leisure System. The duo of Rudolf Klorzeiger and To-Nhan had a special live magic that always informed the music that made it onto record and that is the case here. The album has a real precision of groove, with wiggling basslines and modulated synth sounds that find them at their very best across these tunes.
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 in stock $25.14
Cat: SM 007. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Sentient Machines (5:37)
Ansible (5:28)
Abstract Data Modules (5:16)
Do You Identify? (5:15)
Review: Sentient State returns to Source Material following a stellar debut release via the label back in 2019. Here, the Brooklyn based artist continues his journey into the deeper regions of acid laced electro with the first in a two part series called Sentient Machines.
out of stock $8.46
Cat: RS 051. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Cadera (5:25)
Residual Heat (4:27)
Self Oscillation (4:21)
Surface Tension (5:07)
Neo Costeno (6:32)
Pulso Invisible (3:39)
Review: Ecuadorian maestro Nicolas Cruz is back on Rhythm Seciton to follow up his last EP Subtropique which proved a big hit. "I'm always trying to re-interpret this Afro-Caribbean feeling, and trying to figure out how I could humanize this through the machines," he says of his approach and it certain is the case here. He mixes up some worlds rhythms with twitchy techno drums and electronic synths to make for something totally new on all of the tracks. The heavy, skipping kicks of 'Residual Heat' is a real favourite while 'Self Oscillation' is a catering percussive jam to pack the floor. Another great outing.
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Cat: FELT 002. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Snares & Temptations (5:39)
I Can't Hear The Stereo (4:35)
Boxhead (5:23)
Say It, Don't Do It (5:59)
Review: Electro duo Sons of Slough have their first EP brought back to print thanks to Perko's FELT label. It kicks off with the whirring machines and bumping kicks of 'Snares & Temptations.' 'I Can't Hear The Stereo' then gets all fuzzy and sleazy with a more kinetic rhythm and darker vocal samples. 'Boxhead' ups the ante once again with more flashing synths and coruscated drum concoctions. 'Say It, Don't Do It' closes out with more analogue brilliance, and a squirrelling synth line that never lets up. It adds up to a visceral EP of searing electro.
out of stock $14.81
Cat: DSP 005. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Cignol - "Events Unknowable" (6:01)
Cignol - "Multicellular" (5:29)
Gilbert - "Harmony In Space" (6:58)
Gilbert - "Eleni" (6:49)
Review: Since launching in 2019, Bristol imprint Distorted Sensory Perception has released a handful of 12" singles that blend far-sighted electro with elements of intergalactic acid, IDM and sci-fi techno. It's a pleasingly otherworldly and futuristic sound that tends towards the timeless, as the label's latest 12" - a split affair - deftly probes. Experienced electro producer Paul Hammock dons his familiar Cignol alias on side A, combining deep, star-fall electro and psychedelic TB-303 acid lines on 'Events Unknowable', before opting for melancholic chords, deep space synths, squelchy bass and leisurely electro beats on 'Multicellular'. Rising star Gilbert takes over on the flip, shuffling between classic, acid-flecked sci-fi electro (the simply gorgeous 'Harmony and Space', and slightly punchier futurist dancefloor flavours (the equally as inspired 'Eleni', which is as gorgeous and a long, drawn-out summer sunrise).
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out of stock $13.24
Cat: SCAS 6. Rel: 13 Jun 22
ADDA (5:52)
ADDA (Syrte Reaction) (5:49)
Vorlon (6:43)
Undiluted (5:41)
Internalized (7:09)
Review: For the penultimate volume in Science Cult's space exploration-inspired Astra Spectra series, label boss Syrte has served up an EP from arguably Britain's most decorated electro producer, Carl Finlow. The veteran studio buff delivers a quartet of stargazing excursions, where deep space electronics and sci-fi bleeps ride black hole chords, supernova bass and crunchy electro drums. Our current favourites are moody opener 'ADDA', the '80s-electro influenced star-shower of 'Undiluted' and the slightly more aggressive and mind-bending 'Internalized'. Syrte's bonus remix of 'ADDA', which is darker, tougher and faster, is also well worth a listen.
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out of stock $12.44
Cat: FS 030. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Karma Flies (6:13)
Inversion Layer (5:46)
Amphidiscosa (5:20)
Convince The Computer (6:40)
Sentinel (5:25)
Fluid Dynamics (6:51)
Frozen State (6:09)
Zilog Z80 (5:34)
Active Optics (7:15)
New Horizons (5:56)
Nucleosynthesis (6:36)
Landforms (5:51)
Review: 877842-01 Two years after they first appeared on Firescope with the predictably atmospheric and melodious Horta Proxima album, Morphology returns to Steven Rutter's label with an expansive and alluring sequel. The long-serving Finnish duo hits the ground running with a punchy, squelchy and shimmering chunk of rolling dancefloor electro ('Karma Flies'), before alternating between darker, more angular fare (see 'Inversion Layer', 'Convince The Computer'), deep electro melancholia ('Amphibiscosa'), funk-fuelled electro retro-futuirism ('Sentinel'), attractive peak-time chunkiness (the wonderfully gpicturesque 'Fluid Dynamics'), undulating acid-electro ('Frozen State'), Kraftwerkian workouts ('Zilog Z80') and occasional nods to Detroit masters Drexciya ('Landforms').

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 in stock $29.64
Cat: ER 027/ET014. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Initiate Sequence (5:03)
Embrace The Bass (4:38)
Native Rage (3:52)
Push Back (5:02)
Virus (with Go Nuclear) (4:40)
Wicked Bad Bass (4:00)
out of stock $17.20
Cat: FS 029. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Manmade Woman (7:12)
Dalek Invasion (5:01)
Magellan Probe (5:55)
Hydrothermal Vent (6:17)
Spacetime Interval (6:02)
Dementia (6:19)
Europa (5:13)
Trioptimum (6:58)
Tangent Spaces (5:31)
Plankton (5:37)
Lagrangian (6:05)
Moebius Strip (5:28)
Review: Here is the first installment of the Twelve compilation by Finnish electro engineers Morphology. The duo have combined electro, IDM and techno to create their own unique sound, and FireScope has gone through their extensive discography to bring back out of print tracks, all lovingly remastered and breathing new life into them. Whether it's the soundtrack of evil showroom dummies running amok on 'Manmade Woman', the minimal technoid bounce of 'Tangent Spaces', to introverted sci-fi beats on heard on 'Europa', or the dystopian atmosphere of 'Moebius Strip' among many more - this is undoubtedly the sound of one of electro's finest.
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 in stock $26.46
Cat: CE 042. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Animal Control (4:49)
Cause & Effect (5:05)
They Come In Twos (4:10)
Magnetic (5:49)
Corner Of 11th (4:32)
Drunken Badger (4:20)
Unprofessional (4:10)
Zone D (4:34)
Review: This double pack pressing comes from New York-based DJ Alonzo, one-half of Lithium Parasites, on the growing London label 'Cultivated Electronics'. A nocturnal exploration of asphalt and concrete, the beats on this are not afraid to get their hands dirty, with a rippling sub-bass and tuned vocals that give the soundscape a 'Jet Set Radio' feel. 'Cause and Effect' is a big highlight on side A, its techno bass and distorted synths have a sense of urgency in it's melodic alarm tones - it's like fire alarms if they were made by techno heads. Alonzo's solo outputs will appeal to fans of Lithium Parasites, but expect something more grounded and heavy than the psychedelic space odyssey of 'Sadomasochism'. 'They Come in Twos' has both feet firmly planted in the streets.
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out of stock $28.57
DJ Overdose - "Astor" (4:09)
Credit 00 - "Delete Wack MC's" (5:10)
Fastgraph - "The Tunnel" (5:25)
Gamma Intel - "Papenthin" (5:24)
Review: Fu.me is an Italian techno, breaks and electro label founded by George K, which is continuing to present some of the realest deviant machine funk on the market via it's The Orbitants series. The latest instalment leads in with DJ Overdose, who offers up some blown out metallic melodies over a rasping beat in his uncompromising style. Credit 00 follows up with the nasty funk of 'Delete Wack MCs' while Fastgraph gets rubbery and riotous on 'The Tunnel'. Gamma Intel completes the set with the squashed and sinewy throwdown 'Papenthin', rounding out a record no serious electro head should be without.
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out of stock $16.68
Cat: KLNR 12. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Drunk On Psychedeli(C)a (6:14)
The Hairy Otter (6:56)
Murder 2.0 (6:49)
DJ Veto (8:37)
 in stock $13.51
Cat: ER 028/ET015. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Radiocom (1:47)
Telecom 1B Syracuse (5:12)
Telecom 1A (part 1) (1:51)
X25 Euronet (4:40)
Telecom 1A (part 2) (4:37)
Radiocom 2000 (4:21)
Telecom 1B (1:52)
Review: The Electro Records story continues to evolve with the release of Radiocom, a full-length from Transpac who had previously issued three singles rounding out a Drexciyan-inspired strain of electro which needs to be listened to. This album strikes the perfect tone, overtly dystopian in nature but also shimmering with some exquisite synth tones which speak to Aphexian braindance as much as Motor City machine funk. It's not all one energy pitch either, exploring atmospheric moods as much as the more physical dancefloor stuff. If you can't get enough of that sound, you won't want to miss this brilliantly rendered collection from a truly dedicated knob twiddler.
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out of stock $17.47
A Night With Rutter (5:17)
Elektrow (4:45)
Re Wire Your Brain (5:18)
Welcome To My World (5:10)
Review: Earlier this year, Maltese machine music specialist Sound Synthesis (real name Keith Farrugia) made his Electro label debut with the rather good Access On My Heart EP. Here he makes his first contribution to the Spanish imprint's ongoing Transmissions series with another quartet of quality cuts. He begins by fantasising about a studio session with B12 on the gorgeous and emotive 'A Night With Rutter', where razor-sharp acid lines, sparkling melodies and heart-aching pads ride a deep bassline and punchy electro beats, before opting for a more spacey and far-sighted sound on 'Elecktrow'. Over on the flip, 'Re-Wire Your Brain' is a more skeletal, futuristic affair that sits somewhere between Kraftwerk and Egyptian Lover, while 'Welcome To My World' is a tough but atmospheric chunk of vocoder-sporting club electro.
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out of stock $17.47
Cat: DB 099. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Wooooo (3:00)
Only One City (3:36)
Only One City (acappella) (1:23)
Wack DJ (feat Goodmoney G100) (2:16)
Wack DJ (feat Goodmoney G100 - acappella) (1:23)
Nights At The Packard (2:42)
Review: DJ Godfather is the king of sleazy and ghetto-fire electro. He is also a non stop producer with a big rate of output. His latest comes on his own Databass once more and is another ass-wriggling workout. 'Wooooo' pairs bleeping synths with chunky drums and claps, while 'Only One City' sounds like Derrick May on crack. It's brilliant. 'Wack DJ' (feat Goodmoney G100) ups the pace yet further with a corrugated bit of electro funk complete with sleazy vocal samples. Last of all comes the thrilling and high tempo techno 'Nights At The Packard.'
out of stock $13.51
Cat: LT 105. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Agripinaa (7:31)
Trinity (6:41)
Hydraulics Chamber (5:45)
XV-88 (5:28)
MasterBlaster (5:04)
 in stock $14.81
Cat: BUR 012. Rel: 11 Jul 22
Steffi & CYRK - "Lublaby" (5:19)
Jensen Interceptor & CYRK - "Metawave" (5:22)
Ravn Jonassen & CYRK - "Konstruktive Intereferenz" (6:27)
Jako Jako & CYRK - "Modulator" (6:22)
Anthony Rother & CYRK - "Robot Female Masculine" (7:46)
Alienata & CYRK - "G Factor" (5:34)
Nite Fleit & CYRK - "Navel Gaze" (4:58)
David Carretta & CYRK - "Spektrum" (5:27)
Review: CYRK are a Berlin-based duo made up of Sammy Goossens and Pascal Hetzel, and they've burst onto the scene over the past five years with a rich and fulsome approach to electro and techno. Beyond appearances on Rawax, Vakant and the like they've been returning to Burial Soil, and this time around they brought their friends along. This collection spans collaborations with the likes of Steffi, Jensen Interceptor, Anthony Rother and Nite Fleit, all feeding into the dark and deliciously devilish sound CYRK whip up in their pursuit of electro exaltation.
 in stock $24.88
Cat: UMOTW 002. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Crush On U (5:44)
Review: Oi-oi. Get the rave horns at the ready. Lock and load those gun fingers. Prepare your most disgusted bass face. We have a summer banger on our hands here with this fresh one sided and hand-stamped bit of aural porn and vinyl loveliness from Ulterior Motives on the label of the same name. It's a second sizzler from this imprint and another electro gem. 'Crush On U has pitched dup R&B vocals, hammering breakbeats, old school jungle signifiers and a killer bassline. Just perfect for summer fun.
out of stock $9.52
Cat: LSS 557 001. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Ataksie (6:02)
Wil He (7:07)
Verlies (6:41)
Wit (7:11)
out of stock $17.99
Alek Stark - "Time (50Y)" (6:16)
Mokotron - "Stylophonk" (4:03)
UHU - "Magic Computer" (4:50)
Kuldaboli - "Perlan" (3:53)
out of stock $16.94
Cat: NSA 004. Rel: 11 Jul 22
Direkt Slaps (4:52)
Greta Recognise (5:46)
General Maintenance (5:18)
87% Game (4:45)
Review: Ben Pest has been a champion of underground electro for a long old time, and his sound has enjoyed increasing recognition in recent years thanks to the uptick in electro culture overall. Now he lands on No Static/Automatic with four elasticated machine funk smackers, kicking in with the android wiggle of 'Direkt Slaps' before dip diving into the taut and sinewy, acid-flecked 'Greta Recognise'. This is the kind of highly detailed clobber which edges towards braindance, but always holds true to the gnarly rave roots of UK electro. 'General Maintenance' might just be the pick of the bunch though thanks to its wild, Detroit-nodding synth work.
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out of stock $19.04
Cat: SNG 011. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Zeta II Reticuli (6:04)
Nostromo (6:12)
Mother (5:22)
Alien (6:44)
Alien (VC-118A remix) (5:57)
Review: Spanish label Sungate has become a truly buy on sight label thanks to its eye-catching artwork by Abel Fdez and scores of quality digital and vinyl releases from the likes of Jozef K & Tinman, Iori, Skudge and many more. Their latest release comes from Estrato Aurora, who you might have spotted on Bliq, and his frequent collaborator Siarem. Between them, the pair whip up a classy strain of minimally-minded electro which locks into simmering, understated beats and uses subtle atmospheric touches rather than the usual punchy synth leads and basslines you commonly associate with the genre. It's a fresh approach which serves them well, and also gives devoted electro DJs some interesting tools for tweaking the energy in a set without losing the essence of the sound.
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 in stock $16.15
Cat: OE 014. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Cobra (5:27)
Time To Strike (5:25)
Turn You Over (5:07)
Liar (4:17)
Nooit Meer (6:09)
Cigarette (4:51)
Outsider (6:02)
Outro (0:32)
out of stock $22.77
Cat: PERMUTATION 02. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Eclipse (10:44)
Manifold (6:29)
Inner Motion (5:38)
out of stock $10.58
Cat: CATERINCA 03. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Shooked Deep (7:30)
Senator's Babe (7:17)
out of stock $14.56
Cat: FLEISCH 002. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Bof Cheri (feat Frida Von Strude) (6:00)
Skinkesafari (5:45)
They Write (Secret Recipe) (6:06)
Carnal Soup (Sodd mix) (6:00)
 in stock $15.61
Cat: TSEP 999. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Bajacu (Morning Light) (4:06)
Caona (Gold) (4:13)
Mucaro (Night Owl) (4:53)
Karaya (Moon) (4:23)
Review: The Reflektor is a lesser known alias of U.S. based producer Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, aka The Abstract Eye/Gifted & Blessed. Some of you may have heard his release under this moniker on Kyle Hall's Wild Oats label a little while back. Technoindigenous Studies serves as a platform for his many alter egos and side projects with this new EP titled Taino, a tribute to his own indigenous Caribbean ancestors. Whether it's the heady electro sounds of opening cut 'Bajacu' (Morning Light) on the A side, or the mesmerising deep techno cut 'Mucaro' (Night Owl) on side B, or the introverted late night computer funk of 'Karaya' (Moon) - this is what makes Gifted & Blessed what it is
...Read more
 in stock $16.15
Cat: LIB 19. Rel: 11 Jul 22
Ion Drive (4:20)
Poly Verisof (4:50)
Alcatrack (4:46)
Move Out (3:45)
Seldon (4:48)
The Bunker (4:40)
Mycogen (4:49)
Van Der Ziel (4:41)
Bad Blood (4:16)
Pixel (4:08)
Review: Operating in the corner of electro where dystopian dreams (or should they be nightmares?) are made, TeslaSonic haven't forgotten how to keep things fun no matter how dark the vibe gets. Gianluca Bertasi keeps the project flying with this double LP drop on Libertine which has a nod to the likes of Maggotron in the nasty funk of opening track 'Ion Drive', while also knowing how to turn up the techno dial on the stiff and driving intensity of 'Poly Verisof'. These are tuned up, rough, ready and raucous electro cuts for those who like to have fun even as things get deadly serious.
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 in stock $25.40
Cat: INPL 008C. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Distant Star (5:54)
Your Song (4:51)
Space Bus (DMX Krew remix) (4:40)
Space Bus (4:19)
 in stock $11.12
Cat: HIL 010. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Pandemonium (feat Mike James) (5:15)
Vitamin E (5:21)
Vitamin E (J Wax remix) (4:28)
FTT (5:24)
A Chase Off Roadrunner (6:05)
out of stock $14.03
Cat: JPR 8. Rel: 20 Jun 22
You Love (3:48)
Chicago A/D Schelde (5:09)
Come Into World (6:01)
Nebalennia (5:30)
Review: Jack Playmobil is an Antwerp-based record label, which returns this week with a new one from label staple T. Redrey aka Redray, with more killer Chicago inspired hardware jams. Part III opens up with some deep late night mood music on 'You Love' followed by the eerie heads-down groove of 'Chicago A/D Schelde' on the A side. Flip over, and you've got some nice and wobbly acid of the more understated variety on 'Come Into World' and finally the mandatory Mr Fingers tribute on 'Nebalennia'. Limited pressing.
out of stock $20.11
Cat: 39REC 01. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Admo - "Roger T" (5:32)
Mosleo - "Roots Secours" (6:06)
Llip - "Boards" (6:34)
Sanpe - "The Dip" (7:21)
Review: Parisian label 39 Records presents its first vinyl release. 39REC01 introduces several upcoming European producers, presenting a four-track journey across house breakbeat and tech house from France to Romania. On the A side you've got some groovy minimal house courtesy of Admo on 'Roger T' which is perfect tackle for the warm-up or afterhours alike, followed by Mosleo who serves up some lo-slung acid breaks on 'Roots Secours'. Over on the flip, Llip takes you to a higher state of consciousness on the rolling main room tech house of 'Boards' and finally Sanpe has you sorted for proper mood music on his deeply emotive offering 'The Dip'
...Read more
out of stock $13.51
Cat: LT 094. Rel: 27 Jun 22
Orbital (4:51)
Space Invader (4:55)
You Got Me (3:09)
Darkness (4:55)
Artemis (5:09)
out of stock $14.29
Cat: ER 024/ET011. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Robophilia (4:14)
Astronomer (vocal) (3:25)
Stellar Halo (4:20)
Distress Call (4:29)
Necro Science (4:53)
Astronomer (instrumental) (3:26)
Massona (1:05)
 in stock $16.94
Cat: AF 042. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Tychon Donodus (5:01)
Milagro Beanfield (5:06)
Zenus Aphalon (4:54)
Cobb Vant (3:54)
Hexavalent Chronium (2:54)
out of stock $13.76
Cat: WB 010BLUE. Rel: 13 Jun 22
Vaporwaves (3:52)
Neon Flux (8:28)
Oak Cliff Cybernetics (5:42)
Coleco Visions (4:43)
Default Mode Network (5:08)
The Bodyscan (album edit) (7:47)
Vectra Datasonix (9:38)
 in stock $26.46
Cat: INPL 008. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Distant Star (5:53)
Your Song (4:51)
Space Bus (DMX Krew remix) (4:40)
Space Bus (4:18)
 in stock $14.03
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