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Lakeland Dubs EP
Lakeland Dubs EP (limited 12")
Cat: KNT 25B. Rel: 12 Jul 23
Needleleaf (7:02)
Understory (7:10)
Lakeland (9:17)
Review: Morphology makes a move to join the Kontakt label family with his Lakeland Dubs EP, which is sure to win plenty of fans right off the bat. Once again he goes on a deep dive into dubbed-out electro across a trio of immersive and atmospheric sounds. 'Needleleaf' starts with underwater vibes, spangled leads and mysterious chords backing a prickly beat and 'Understory' slows it down to all-out dub territory with watery effects and droplets, ripples and waves all filling the arrangement. 'Lakeland' is a punchier and more kinetic drum machine workout with silky synth wisps and irresistible rhythms.
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 in stock $15.55
Lakeland Dubs
Lakeland Dubs (limited pink vinyl 12")
Cat: KNT 25. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Needleleaf (7:02)
Understory (7:09)
Lakeland (9:16)
Review: The Kontakt label welcomes Morphology for a new collection of subversive and stylish dub electro tracks designed to melt your mind. 'Needleleaf' kicks off with lashing snares and crispy electro beats all submerged in oodles of echo and reverb for a lush cosmic trip. 'Understory' then slows things down with a prickly beat and percolating bass, slitting synths and a moody atmosphere. Last of all is the icy 'Lakeland', a minimal stepper with rich sound designs and hefty bass tumbles. This is a tasteful trio of fresh fusion sounds.
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 in stock $15.81
Twelve 2
Twelve 2 (limited translucent red splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: FS 030. Rel: 15 Jun 22
Karma Flies (6:13)
Inversion Layer (5:46)
Amphidiscosa (5:20)
Convince The Computer (6:40)
Sentinel (5:25)
Fluid Dynamics (6:51)
Frozen State (6:09)
Zilog Z80 (5:34)
Active Optics (7:15)
New Horizons (5:56)
Nucleosynthesis (6:36)
Landforms (5:51)
Review: 877842-01 Two years after they first appeared on Firescope with the predictably atmospheric and melodious Horta Proxima album, Morphology returns to Steven Rutter's label with an expansive and alluring sequel. The long-serving Finnish duo hits the ground running with a punchy, squelchy and shimmering chunk of rolling dancefloor electro ('Karma Flies'), before alternating between darker, more angular fare (see 'Inversion Layer', 'Convince The Computer'), deep electro melancholia ('Amphibiscosa'), funk-fuelled electro retro-futuirism ('Sentinel'), attractive peak-time chunkiness (the wonderfully gpicturesque 'Fluid Dynamics'), undulating acid-electro ('Frozen State'), Kraftwerkian workouts ('Zilog Z80') and occasional nods to Detroit masters Drexciya ('Landforms').

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 in stock $29.52
Destroit (12")
Cat: AS 015. Rel: 11 May 22
Destroit (6:25)
Distance (6:23)
Review: Finnish twosome Morphology has released some incredible records over the years - mostly of the intergalactic electro time - but we'd wager few are as sonically sparkling, life-affirming or pleasingly melodious as their latest two-tracker. 'Destroit', the A-side cut, is simply sublime: a far-sighted, futuristic fusion of crunchy, Chicago-influenced machine drums - all snappy snares, tough kicks and fizzing cymbals arranged into a delicious post-electro rhythm - intergalactic chords and bright, breezy electronic melodies that tap into the sci-fi sounds of purist Motor City techno. The duo opts for a warmer and woozier, acid-flecked sound on flipside 'Distance', a classic-sounding chunk of deep ambient techno tailor-made for late nights and early mornings.
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 in stock $10.54
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