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Xuntanza Vol III
Cat: FAN 017. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Carl Finlow - "Organoids" (7:02)
Hoax Believers - "Short Circuit" (4:30)
Sound Synthesis - "Vertex43" (4:47)
Univac - "H Beat" (6:58)
Review: There is some serious electro talent on this new EP from Fanzine, starting with now US-based, UK-favourite Carl Finlow. His machines are in fine fettle once more as crisp, kicking electro rhythms are overlaid with bright, silvery, pixelated melodic fireworks on the sublime 'Organoiods'. Hoax Believers get more gritty with the sheet metal snares and in-your-face arps of 'Short Circuit' while Sound Synthesis offers something moody and unsettling on their 'Vertex43'. Univac will make your eyes water with the abrasive textures of 'H Beat.'
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The Electro Guilde II
Cat: ZCELEC 009. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Raim - "Ultrasonic Acid"
Raim - "Zenhiser 303"
Acidulant - "Institutionize Planet X"
Sound Synthesis - "Protect Our Freedom"
Review: Long-standing Dutch acid-electro outpost Zodiak Commune are back with another trip into the creepy underbelly of the scene guided by the combined powers of Sound Synthesis and Acidulant. On the A-side of the record, the pair join forces for a collaboration they call Raim, in which they deliver creepy pads, edgy arpeggios and slamming beats aplenty. 'Zenhiser 303' in particular has a seductively dystopian tone which will be perfect for when you want to take the party somewhere darker. On the flip, Acidulant goes it alone for the downright nasty machine funk of 'Institutionize Planet X' while Sound Synthesis creates a widescreen extension of the A-side vibe with the epic 'Protect Our Freedom'.
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 in stock $13.15
Orbital 108
Orbital 108 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ORBITAL 108.
Whatever You Want
Communication Frequency
The Mind & Motion
Review: Seven months on from the release of his superb Schematics album on Gated Recordings, Keith Farrugia brings his Sound Synthesis project back to Orbital Mechanics, a no-nonsense, electro-focused imprint he founded two years ago. His EPs for the personal label (as in, it exists solely as a vehicle for his productions) usually sell out quickly, and we expect this one to be no different. He begins by wrapping fiendishly foreboding acid bass and reverb-laden lead lines around a punchy electro beat on 'Whatever You Want', before opting for an intergalactic sound on the more minimalistic 'Communication Frequency'. Over on side B, 'Ominous' lives up to its name via ghostly chords, bubbly electronics and slowly unfurling acid lines, while 'The Mind & Motion' is a deep and melancholic treat.
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ORBITAL 107 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: Orbital 107. Rel: 25 Oct 23
DNS Musik (6:31)
Programming Your Mind (4:26)
Endless Moments Of Beauty (5:47)
Memorable Nights (6:45)
Review: Maltese producer Sound Synthesis continues a wildly prolific run following not one but two albums dropped this year, not to mention another four EPs before this one. His Orbital Mechanics series has carried some of his most sharply focused electro workouts of the past two years and so it continues with this new care package from the dark side of the circuit board. 'DNS Musik' is a nightmarish electro-techno growler, while 'Programming Your Mind' has a sleeker approach without disrupting the eerie mood. 'Endless Moments Of Beauty' has a stronger melancholic tint to its expansive pads, and 'Memorable Nights' lays on some heavy-hearted emotional tones which offer a fine foil to the tougher demeanour of the A-side.
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 in stock $15.25
Electrical Synapsis EP
Electrical Synapsis EP (heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: AMTEC 006. Rel: 25 Oct 23
Electrical Synapses (6:11)
Emigdela Network (5:42)
Electrical Synapses (Cridge & Powder 'Fruit & Veg' mix) (5:09)
Emigdela Network (Tone Def remix) (5:23)
Review: The ever-prolific Sound Synthesis is usually found dealing in a classic strain of electro, but on this appearance for the burgeoning AmenTec label he's switching things up with a foray into blistering jungle. On 'Electrical Synpases' he more than proves himself up to the task, creating a monster of a track which will send limbs flailing as soon as the drop hits. 'Emigdela Network' finds an interesting fusion of electro synthesis and ragga jungle touches, while on the flip we get some interesting remixes from Cridge & Powder and Tone Def delving into the machine funk you might have reasonably expected on the A side.
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 in stock $16.31
Schematics (2xLP)
Cat: GTDLP 7. Rel: 17 Apr 23
Ambient Talk (3:38)
Recorded Feelings (7:00)
All Night (6:32)
Radiant Chords (6:04)
Vclexp (5:54)
90s Chords (6:12)
140bpmadness (4:40)
Space Wonder (5:31)
It Gets Better In The End (4:42)
Review: Renowned Maltese producer Sound Synthesis has always been an adept electro specialist, unafraid of pushing the genre to its furthest limits. Braindance analogia and rave ghosts all crop up on this melodic, admittedly emotional new long EP, recalling a much breaksier Bicep, for those who like their dance music a bit rawer than what its most obvious channels have to offer. It's all thanks to SS's penchant for analog synthesis and vintage hardware - heads know no end of classic machines were used in the formation of his sound. This is a statement of real passion.
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 in stock $28.14
Hum Of Human Dreams
Hum Of Human Dreams (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: FE 077. Rel: 16 Sep 22
Cosmic Nights (6:06)
Simpa Harmonies (5:27)
Amen Acid (6:11)
Feeling Hazy (4:53)
Flowing Dreams (6:34)
I Will Find You (5:41)
Memories Of You (5:23)
115bpm (4:52)
Review: Even by his own high and prolific stands, Keith Farrugia aka Sound Synthesis is having a superb year filled with many great releases. He has debut on the Electro label, served up tunes for VAs and now lands on the cult contemporary favourite Furthur Electronix with a new double pack of his exquisitely cinematic electro. He explores a wide range of moods and grooves from the slick and high speed 'Simpa Harmonies' to the most zoned out and heady 'Flowing Dreams' all with trademark analogue brilliance.
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 in stock $25.24
Motor Space Maps
Cat: INFILTRATE 12. Rel: 18 Jul 22
Motor Space Maps (5:48)
Modulation (5:51)
EMC (5:47)
Back In Time (6:19)
Review: The Maltese machine funk specialist himself Keith Farrugia is back once more with yet more of his impeccable electro business as Sound Synthesis. This time the prolific producer is shoring up on Burnski's Infiltrate label with four cool and deadly cuts which build on his previous drops for 20:20 Vision, Furthur Electronix, Orbital Mechanics and more besides. From the nervy sci-fi flex of 'Motor Space Maps' to the playful fun n' games of 'Back In Time', Farrugia knows exactly what he's doing within the electro blueprint, and his tracks are reliably punchy warm - a true master at work.
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 in stock $5.98
Electro Transmissions 012: Welcome To My World
Cat: ER 025/ET012. Rel: 08 Jun 22
A Night With Rutter (5:17)
Elektrow (4:45)
Re Wire Your Brain (5:18)
Welcome To My World (5:10)
Review: Earlier this year, Maltese machine music specialist Sound Synthesis (real name Keith Farrugia) made his Electro label debut with the rather good Access On My Heart EP. Here he makes his first contribution to the Spanish imprint's ongoing Transmissions series with another quartet of quality cuts. He begins by fantasising about a studio session with B12 on the gorgeous and emotive 'A Night With Rutter', where razor-sharp acid lines, sparkling melodies and heart-aching pads ride a deep bassline and punchy electro beats, before opting for a more spacey and far-sighted sound on 'Elecktrow'. Over on the flip, 'Re-Wire Your Brain' is a more skeletal, futuristic affair that sits somewhere between Kraftwerk and Egyptian Lover, while 'Welcome To My World' is a tough but atmospheric chunk of vocoder-sporting club electro.
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 in stock $16.83
Ezzential Electro 001: Access In My Heart
Cat: ERZZ 00136. Rel: 05 May 22
Access In My Heart (5:04)
Dreaming Of You (4:53)
Nature Walk (5:24)
Phazed Out (5:31)
Review: Keith Farrugia is the man known in electro circles as Sound Synthesis. He is a topicality craftsmen who deals in dreamy chords and forlorn grooves that come with careful acid details. He has a vast array of analogue hardware in his studio and here he takes part in the largest project Electro Records have ever done: 36 vinyl records produced by all of the key talents who they deem to be right at the forefront of the current electro scene. He kicks it off in class fashion with an array of tunes as good for listening to as they are dancing too, with far-sighted melodies, devastating baselines and super elegant arrangements that get you on your toes.
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 in stock $15.00
Soul Signal Modulation
Cat: WF 001. Rel: 16 Sep 21
New Beginnings (5:42)
Changing Modes (5:59)
Unspoken Melodies (6:30)
Holding On (5:47)
Notfelt (4:34)
MOD-BS-303 (5:44)
Night Skies (4:51)
Note To Self (6:34)
Review: Wave Function is the brand new label from Maltese producer Sound Synthesis. Like many artists, he hit a fine run of form during the lockdown and has once out the other side just as on it. He's put out more than 12 releases in the last year or so and now mints his own new concern with a superb double album of timeless, spaced-out electro. This is the sort of sci-fi tackle that takes you on smooth groove cruises through the planets, with tipsy synths and heavenly pads all soothing the trip. Electro as emotive as this will always tune a place in our racks.
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 in stock $33.66
Acid Explorations
Cat: EUDEMONIA 014. Rel: 05 Apr 23
Sound Synthesis - "Magical Harmonies" (6:14)
Hermeth - "Berlin Sunrise" (5:26)
Caramel Chameleon - "Bordone Acid" (5:43)
Larionov - "Solar Wind" (5:43)
Review: An exciting four tracker from Eudaimonia Records here, presenting the simple task of exploring the outer reaches of the world we find ourselves in through the lens of acid. Both time-honoured and fresh-faced artists appear on this selectors' compilation and their tracks recall everything from the more space-agey, low-register corners of acid electro to the sunnier, arpier, R&S-style breaks.
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 in stock $11.56
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