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Leftfield / Experimental / Electronic Recommendations Best Of 2015

Juno Recommends Experimental

Juno Recommends Experimental

Leftfield/Experimental/Electronic Recommendations Best Of 2015
Cat: MFM 002. Rel: 18 Dec 17
  1. Snake Theory
  2. The Word Love
  3. Still
  4. Fata Morgana
  5. Redanzen
  6. Talk To The Sea
  7. Music For Chameleons
  8. Little Faith
  9. First Time Ruth Saw The Sea
  10. The Nylon Dollar
  11. The Kasparian Circle
  12. Nadir
  13. Stella Maris
  14. Call Me
  15. The City Lights
  16. She Wears Shades
  17. Almanac
Review: **Repress** The Music From Memory label was launched by Redlight Records founders Tako Reyenga, Abel Nagenast and Jamie Tiller earlier this year, sporting a proud mantra of "giving overlooked and unreleased music that we love a second chance". The focus of attention for Music Of Memory's second release falls on the works of celebrated ambient composer Gigi Masin. Born in Venice, Masin's work has been sampled by the likes of Bjork and To Rococco Rot and his albums attract feverish acclaim, with Wind, Masin's privately pressed debut LP a desired rarity for the only the most well-heeled of second hand collectors. It's from this album and a selection of Masin's other released works that Music From Memory draw from for this stunningly meditative double LP retrospective Talk To The Sea, which also includes a healthy amount of unreleased material.
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Cat: 005008 7316419. Rel: 16 Feb 15
  1. Blue Swede - "Hooked On A Feeling"
  2. Raspberries - "Go All The Way"
  3. Norman Greenbaum - "Spirit In The Sky"
  4. David Bowie - "Moonage Daydream"
  5. Elvin Bishop - "Fooled Around & Fell Love"
  6. Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back"
  7. 10cc - "I'm Not In Love"
  8. Redbone - "Come & Get Your Love"
  9. The Runaways - "Cherry Bomb"
  10. Rupert Holmes - "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"
  11. The Five Stairsteps - "O-O-H Child"
  12. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
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Cat: MFM 004. Rel: 07 May 18
  1. Talk To The Church (2:19)
  2. Impossible Island (7:21)
  3. Dewdrops (1:40)
  4. Ride (5:05)
  5. Broken Clouds (5:10)
  6. Unsolved (2:42)
  7. The Longest Road (7:15)
  8. Red Light (6:01)
Review: Having distinguished themselves with a series of superb retrospective releases highlighting the work of Leon Lowman, Gigi Masin and Joan Biblioni, Amsterdam label Music From Memory deviate from the path somewhat with his long overdue Gaussian Curve album. Ask yourself what would happen when a elderly Venetian who specialises in sublime ambient music spends a weekend holed up in a Redlight district studio with two of his biggest, most musically gifted fans. The superb Clouds is the answer, with 'Young' Marco Sterk and Jonny Nash following Masin's lead on an eight track exercise in sumptuous, calming composition. The wait has truly been worth it.
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Cat: ASIPV 003. Rel: 06 Jul 15
  1. A Day, November 2013 (8:28)
  2. Wunderland (3:40)
  3. After Tomorrow (4:26)
  4. Pendel (6:06)
  5. Past Creates The Future (feat Aaron Martin on cello) (4:05)
  6. Plennt Road (2:55)
  7. Scale (7:10)
  8. Maedra (3:09)
  9. A Winter Day (3:59)
  10. Relief (3:48)
  11. Velvve (6:42)
Review: A Strangely Isolated Place focuses on sparse electronica and drone music, and its founder Ryan Griffin has been pushing abstract sounds by new and exciting talent since 2008. Arovane, who has already appeared on the label with a bundle of devious outsider sounds, teams up with newcomer Hior Chronik (Mu-Nest, Kitchen) for a collaborative LP, In Between. As the name suggests, the album feels like a collection of sounds for contemplative moments, latching heavy loads of electronic sound design together with ingeniously placed field recordings. These recordings, however, aren't abstract layers of fuzz, but instead recall the sounds of nature and the passing of time. The sea, the air, the forests and beyond. Wonderfully meditative and highly recommended to anyone who wants to experience true tranquility.
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out of stock $23.04
Cat: ZIQ 363. Rel: 19 Oct 15
  1. Knockout (5:22)
  2. Officer's Club (4:26)
  3. Het Go (5:32)
  4. Ghetto Blast Ya (4:31)
  5. I Can Phil It (4:53)
  6. Manalog (5:41)
  7. War (4:06)
  8. Bizaster (4:12)
  9. Power Press (4:36)
  10. L Tronic (5:19)
  11. Doozit (4:59)
  12. Don't Fuck Around (4:20)
Review: If you really want to get technical, Luke Vibert has pretty much released on every respected UK label since the mid 1990's. From Warp, to Mo Wax and now even Hypercolour, the veteran electronic pioneer has had a star-studded career. In more recent years, Planet Mu has also released pleanty of his goodness, and Vibert now returns to the imprint with a new album, Bizarster. The only way to describe this collection of tracks is that they are simply the product of many years in the game and millions of hours spent breathing many different genres and styles in. From "Knockout", an odd broken beat-grime hybrid, to the deep house vibe of "Officer's Club", and the trip hop swing on "I Can Phil It", this is an LP for anyone who is in to the UK's electronic dynasty. There's a little bit of everything in there, a collection of Vibert's journeys throughout the years.
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Cat: FIREC 014LP. Rel: 15 Jun 15
  1. Land, Repair, Refuel (3:24)
  2. Ad In The Paper (4:16)
  3. I Met You On BC Ferries (7:36)
  4. Sphere Of Influence
  5. If Sylvia Built A House
  6. Eye Of The Wind
  7. Telegraph My Love
  8. Now I'm In Love (5:43)
  9. Kendal In Kalusia (13:06)
Review: Yes! Pretty soon after Vancouver label 1080p issued Much Less Normal by local artist Lnrdcroy, there were rumours surfacing regarding label interest in licensing the album for a vinyl release. In the end it was Edinburgh's Firecracker Recordings that secured dibs on Lnrdcroy's fine collection of whimsical electronic odes to British Columbia and they've done a typically superb job of bringing it to the vinyl format. Put simply it looks amazing. This remastered double vinyl edition features a slightly amended track listing with two productions not making the transition. However in their place is new Lnrdcroy track "Kendal in Kalusia", an epic 13 minute finale that will have you pulling the needle back again and again.
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Cat: WAP 381. Rel: 06 Apr 15
  1. MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96 (7:13)
  2. XMAS_EVET1 N (5:08)
  3. MARCHROMT38 Fast (5:36)
Review: Aphex Twin is either having a breakdown, or simply making up for lost time. Since dropping his first album in a decade, Syro, he's become strangely prolific, giving away vast amounts of music on Soundcloud and dropping EPs left, right and centre. This latest offering serves up the predictably hard to pronounce "Machromt30a Edit 2b 96", a blissfully melodious, Selected Ambient Works style slice of electronic beauty that was originally only available on the Japanese version of Syro. It's backed with two similarly impressive bonus cuts; the deliciously rolling, melodious "Xmas_Evet1N" (a brilliant alternate take of an album highlight) and "Machromt38 Fast", a skittish, Reflex-esque IDM reworking of the EP's title track.
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Cat: BAH 023. Rel: 28 May 18
  1. Kaka Kaka
  2. Black Hole
  3. Stoned
  4. Horizons Change
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Etwas stirs in die Ostlich. Edits and verks of twist sounds. Synth pop, cold wave, neu wave, minimal wave, industrial, neu beat, soundtracks and a selbst Balearen. Freiheit! Als erstes is hero of old Cybernetic Broadcast (CBS) and (Intergalatic FM) radio. Jonny 5 and his verstorbenen Blindsign blog and mixes were a steigen'n'steigen to rescue us from boring neu disco. Schieben his search and discovery for harder, but musical soundscapes. 4 edits is a geschmack. Start brave on the floor feel with the Neu Beut Euro Pop thumper Kaka Kaka. Geschleift, verdreht thoughts. Black Hole is hours spent in Eastern Bloc basements graben in the search for drahts. Stoned indeed, immaculate synth electronic battle cruiser, hart percussion, cut gesang and break. Ready for the percussive finale in Horizon's Change. Was Auch Immer. Bahnsteig!

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Cat: WAP 375. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed 13
  2. Snar2
  3. Diskhat1
  4. Piano Un1 Arpej
  6. Hat 2b 2012b
  7. Disk Aud1_12
  8. 0035 1-Audio
  9. Disk Prep Calrec2 Barn Dance [Slo]
  11. Diskhat2
  12. Piano Un10 It Happened
  13. Hat5c 0001 Rec-4
Review: Just four months after the release of the long-awaited Syro, Richard D. James has dropped an EP of all-new material, more than making up for his 13 years of radio silence. Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 2 is an album comprised of music that's just that, making for one of the most unique collection of Aphex Twin tracks of James's entire career. From intricate piano miniatures to almost jazz-inspired drum rhythms, it's essential listening for those willing to delve deep into the strange sonic world of the producer.
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Cat: ERSS 001. Rel: 04 Feb 19
  1. Dizziness That Shakes Rivers & Mountains (18:34)
  2. Abstract Painting 114-115_3#03 (12:24)
  3. Abstract Painting 104-105_7#02 (7:50)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Schleissen 1 marks the beginning of a major, four-part project from Stuart Leath's Emotional Response label; an in-depth exploration of the "outer reaches" of drone and ambient. It's a grand scheme, highlighted perfectly by the grandiose scale of Serbian maverick Abul Mogard's opener - a hypnotic, 19-minute exploration of modular drone music that's as freaky as it is beautiful. Stefan Schwander dons his now familiar Harmonious Thelonious alias on the flip, laying down two brilliantly melodious synthesizer pieces inspired by the cyclical compositions of acclaimed minimalist composer Steve Reich. Both pieces are borderline stunning, and more than worth the admission price.
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Cat: RHD 021OD/MB. Rel: 23 Mar 15
  1. OD - "Sol Baize At The Chinga" (5:54)
  2. OD - "Eau-De-Vie" (6:32)
  3. OD - "Manual Greever" (2:17)
  4. MB - "Miwp" (Miwpy mix) (10:14)
  5. MB - "A Well-Oiled Party" (2:46)
  6. MB - "Absolutely No Peace (Can't Get No Peace & Quiet)" (5:26)
Review: Oh yes! Some of you out there will have picked up on Shout Outs to the Weirdos in Rathmines, Morgan Buckley's Rush Hour No Label debut last year which presented the young unheralded Dublin artist as both immensely creative and capable of some mind bending electronic music. We are super excited to see Buckley back on No Label with Shplitting The Shtones, a split LP with the unknown Olmo Devin that veers further off piste in the most enticing of fashions. It's Devin that mans the A-side with three tracks that range from tropical house ("Sol Baize At The Chinga") to odd krauty Balearic excursions ("Eau-De-Vie") and the unclassifiable vignette that is "Manual Greever". Buckley supplies the same amount of productions on the B side and it's fair to say 10 minute track "Miwp (Miwpy Mix)" is the highlight coming across like Stereolab jacked up on some particularly potent mushrooms.
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Cat: FN 003. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. Phaser Train (5:58)
  2. We're Watching (5:12)
  3. Delusional Affection (5:16)
  4. They Came From Nowhere (6:03)
Review: "Delusion Men were here before time started to flow and it seems they will stretch out their existence way beyond doomsday; which probably explains their archaic impulses reverberating in a foggy, lost future. What they deliver are pieces of straightforward punk plunged into disco depths, kraut derailment and swirling drum machine melancholia. If you are looking for retro-future dystopias with no space for healthy minded horizons, this is the thing for you. Delusion Men walked together since the inception of Future Nuggets, although for them the time will never come, we snatched their debut EP. It feels as if through them " the Old Ones" are channeling the last messages of hopelessness for dance floors and dining rooms."
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Cat: WAP 384. Rel: 24 Aug 15
  1. Serge Fenix Rendered 2 (3:17)
  2. DMX Acid Test (1:18)
  3. Oberheim Blacet1b (3:24)
  4. Bonus EMT Beats (4:46)
  5. Simple Slamming B2 (3:51)
  6. Midi Pipe1c Sds3time Cube/Klonedrm (2:29)
  7. Neotekt72 (6:03)
  8. R8m Neotek Beat (1:40)
Review: Thankfully, Richard D. James has decided to finally release at least some of the output that he's been banging on about since mid-2000s. In a number of interviews, the might Aphex Twin hinted that he has vast artilleries of tracks stacked up and unreleased, probably more on purpose than out of laziness...or maybe not. What we do know is that AFX is reborn after the string of acid 12"s released about 10 years ago on Rephlex, that saw the alias become one of the most popular of James' alter egos. Orphaned Deejay Selek is a collection of tunes that contain all of the Twin's magic and unpredictably, but that also cut straight to the point and head to the middle of the dance floor. This is banging brain dynamite coated in the man's iconic style and flair. Welcome back AFX, and many hats off to Warp for making it happen.
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Cat: OP 022. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. The Three Sides Of Audrey & Why She's All Alone Now (7:33)
  2. No One Is Looking At U (7:48)
Review:  Fresh off news of his commission to soundtrack the latest Jacques Audiard film, Nicolas Jaar delivers Nymphs II, his first solo material since 2011. Let that sink in for a moment. There's been a lot of change in Jaar's life in this period, with the Darkside project emerging and coming to a logical conclusion, Clown & Sunset being shut down and replaced by the Other People label. Both "The Three Sides Of Audrey & Why She's All Alone Now" and "No One Is Looking At U" are delightful compositions from Jaar bristling with atmosphere and deep in textural detail. The fact both were recorded in the past four years suggests Jaar is sitting on plenty more solo material which is potentially very exciting news!
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Cat: ASIPV 004. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Magnetar (12:13)
  2. Baryon (feat The Sight Below) (8:06)
  3. Redshift (8:22)
  4. Ejecta (11:20)
  5. Limb (10:01)
  6. Paragon (6:29)
  7. Cavus (8:54)
Review: There was chaos and violence, a collision of dark matter and heat. In the maelstrom, a legacy was created and a new moon born. She left something here forever. But amongst infinite black depths, Theia rages on.
Depicting the legendary impact of the planet Theia, Pop Ambient pioneer Markus Guentner returns to vinyl, with a highly anticipated full-length LP on A Strangely Isolated Place.
The evolution of a historic astrological moment is brought to life through a dramatic, evolving soundscape that only Markus could capture. Drones build upon swathes of light, cut by an ever-present sense of fear. The distant shine of stars puncture a pitchblack canvas, as a force gathers momentum and intensifies. Theia's tortuous movement slowly builds in front of you, and the inevitable moment of impact creeps closer and louder. The destruction is desolate, dramatic and beautiful all at once.
Markus has become synonymous with this unique style of ambient music over the years, stretching between intensely layered, looping rhythms, and subtle rolling dubtechno. His early releases on Kompakt set the tone for the respected Pop Ambient sound, through genre defining tracks such as Express Yourself. Markus went on to release albums with Sending Orbs, Ware, Affin and most recently Moodgadget, as well as a Places Series EP for A Strangely Isolated Place (Talking Clouds) and remixes for the label's debut LP, Uncharted Places.
This is Markus' first dedicated vinyl release since 2006, and with it comes the care and attention to detail deserved of such a return. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, RAI also lends his hand to one track, manipulating an
entire soundscape with nothing but his signature guitar.
Pressed on transparent vinyl allowing the artwork to shine amongst the void, ASIP creative talent Nick Brzostowski has turned the artist's vision into a piece of art, with his meticulous custom design.

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Cat: DE 092. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted (instrumental) (4:54)
  2. Breakin' Indistortion (instrumental) (4:16)
  3. A Dirty Song (instrumental) (5:05)
  4. Et (4:10)
Review: Dark Entries know their stuff when it comes to '80s synth pop reissues, and this latest reissue of Carlos Peron's Dirty Songs single is a sign of just how deep into the crates these guys get. Originally out over thirty years ago, these instrumentals are still total killers and will go down a storm in most DJ sets which venture out of the 4/4 formula. "Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted" and "Breakin' Indistortion" are particularly fresh and must have truly cut the edge back then: metallic drum machine beats and sparse melodies ring away into the cavernous ambience created by Peron. Wonderful and highly recommended.
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Cat: ERSS 002. Rel: 27 Apr 15
  1. The Phantom - "Across The River, Beneath The Trees" (12:32)
  2. The Phantom - "Europa" (11:33)
  3. Sad City - "Limbo" (21:56)
Review: The 2nd part of the 4 part split (Schleissen) series welcomes rising stars of the experimental end of modern electronica, with Warsaw's The Phantom and Glagow's Sad City bringing a lush, Fourth World ambience to ErB002.

Emotional Response returns to the Schleissen series with another cross-European exploration of ambient minimalism, film sources, field recordings and fluid soundscapes to create an over-whelming album of beauty for the listener to simply let go and wash away to. This time the influences are softer, but still prevalent, with forbears Satie, Stockhausen, Reich, Cage, Russel, Cunningham, Toop and of course of Hassel and Eno all acknowledged and explored through structure and the gentle syncopation of melody or occasional rhythm. With a nod to the film works of Tangerine Dream (or is it Global Communcation?) The Phantom follows up his outstanding LP1 with a move further in to the ethereal. Working as one piece,
Across The River, Beneath The Trees and Europa go beyond the real train with their blissful, floating arrangements creating an atmospheric blanket that consumes you. This is matched by up and coming producer Sad City. With 2 recent EPs on Phonica's Special Editions series as well as his debut on Underwater Peoples, his offering, Limbo, shows an exemplary understanding of sound design, resulting in an immersive, panoramic 18 minutes of pure music. Ambience, drone and modulation interwine and slowly engulf the listener so, as the title suggests, the only option is to be still. A change from SchleiBen 1 then, ErB002 is gentler on the mind and ears, but still challenges you to stop and (un)listen.
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Cat: DS 3. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Headcleaner (11:35)
  2. In Norwegen Ganz Verwegen (6:25)
Review: Yes! Our main man Shack is back on his own Woe To The Septic Heart with his undeniably singular take on electronic music. Taking string influence from the likes of Muslimgauze, Shackleton has consistently blurred the lines of UK dance music over the years, never truly heading into techno or dubstep, but also never too close to total electronic abstraction. "Headcleaner" is a rich and vibrant blend of his familiarly hypnotic percussion, eerie background sonics and that wavey whirlpool of melodies. "In Norwegen Ganz Verwegen" is broken and disjointed, loose and genre-bending, offering the groove a sort of trans-like state that never quite seems to break free. Wonderful stuff, as always.
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out of stock $9.41
  1. The Devil's Dancers (3:02)
  2. Radiance (4:42)
  3. Martyr (5:00)
  4. Cold War (5:33)
  5. Don't Be Seen With Me (3:11)
  6. Modern Wonder (5:01)
  7. Subterranean Desire (4:13)
  8. Scorpians (2:40)
  9. New Mexico (7:33)
  10. Behind The Shades (5:57)
  11. Men In White Coats (4:57)
  12. You Won't Forget Me (3:25)
Review: For fans of minimal wave and DIY electronic pop, Oppenheimer Analysis's self-released 1982 debut cassette, New Mexico - little more than an extended demo cassette - has become something of a collector's item. While it has been reissued digitally since, it never received a vinyl release. In tribute to Martin Lloyd (the other half of the duo, alongside Andy Oppenheimer), who passed away recently, Minimal Wave has decided to make New Mexico available on wax for the first time. While the sound quality is appropriately dusty (it was badly recorded in the first place, of course), the music remains magical - bubbling, evocative, left-of-centre leftfield pop created with home-made synthesizers, modular hardware and little else. It's no wonder many consider it a classic album (even if was never officially released first time round).
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 in stock $29.85
Cat: TPLP 1231. Rel: 30 Mar 15
  1. Stonemilker (6:45)
  2. Lionsong (6:04)
  3. History Of Touches (2:56)
  4. Black Lake (10:08)
  5. Family (7:54)
  6. Notget (6:18)
  7. Atom Dance (8:06)
  8. Mouth Mantra (6:06)
  9. Quicksand (3:45)
Review: Icelandic music producer Bjork, who requires absolutely no introduction given her massive contribution to electronic pop music over the last twenty years, finally returns with her new album Vulnicura on One Little Indian Records. Although the LP represents her breakup with Matthew Barney, there are vivid rays of light nested among the more dreary-eyed vocals and melodies. As per usual with her work, there is a distinctive personal touch to her songs. This is most vividly characterised by the droning style of her singing, a sort of juxtaposition when combined to the music below it. Expect an intricate blend of sci-fi electronics, break-ridden power beats and of course, plenty of hard ambience. Bjork's ninth studio album is another winner. This deluxe edition comes with a download code!
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Cat: VV 017. Rel: 23 Mar 15
  1. Becoming Nice
  2. Janice Will Deal With It
  3. Cement Truck With Pretty Eyelashes
Review: Last year, Circuit, Burns & Hawk provided Rush Hour's No Label with the well received From The Legal Pad of... Now two thirds of that crew return to Torn Hawk's Valcrond Video with Becoming Nice. Like we've come to expect from the label, the three tracks across this release are emotional without taking itself too seriously, and the delayed '80s guitars are both playful and a little ironic, but it works. "Becoming Nice" is the highlight and it's a production that combines new age synths with '80s house melancholia and summery pop rock. It's the type of song you'd like to hear soundtrack a nostalgic montage of super 8 film. "Janice Will Dealt With It" stays rocky while maintaining a blurry house dynamic, while a broken beat "Cement Truck With Pretty Eyelashes" sounds like The XX only super-charged minus the breathy vocals.
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 in stock $7.33
Cat: BLACKEST 049. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Stop Suffering (5:33)
  2. I Woke Up & The Storm Was Over (7:02)
  3. When The Dog Bites (5:40)
Review: Blackest Ever Black have performed an interesting exercise in issuing this new 12" from Tropic Of Cancer along with the Archive: The Downwards Singles collection; as it allows you to hear first-hand how Camella Lobo's band has progressed musically in a few short years. This three track 12" is her first new music since that excellent debut TOC LP, and finds Lobo working with Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv. A few words that come to mind when listening to this exquisitely produced record: ethereal, beautiful, immense, hypnotic, and incandescent. Few artists can wrench such emotion from such sparseness of sound. This records shows that Camella Lobo is one of them.
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out of stock $24.88
Cat: 082564 6122110. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. Main Titles (3:42)
  2. Blush Response (5:46)
  3. Wait For Me (5:31)
  4. Rachel's Song (4:42)
  5. Love Theme (4:55)
  6. One More Kiss, Dear (4:01)
  7. Blade Runner Blues (8:54)
  8. Memories Of Green (5:06)
  9. Tales Of The Future (4:46)
  10. Damask Rose (2:32)
  11. Blade Runner (end titles) (4:39)
  12. Tears In Rain (3:15)
 in stock $22.79
Cat: SNAKER 005. Rel: 30 Mar 15
  1. Hard Parade (4:51)
  2. Computer Rhythm Standby OK 1978 #01 (0:17)
  3. Hard & Wet (4:02)
  4. Computer Rhythm Standby OK 1978 #02 (0:20)
  5. Hard Verdict (4:21)
  6. Summer Hard (5:09)
  7. Computer Rhythm Standby OK 1978 #03 (0:18)
  8. Nice & Hard (4:51)
  9. Computer Rhythm Standby OK 1978 #04 (0:15)
  10. Sweet Music Hard Lights & You
Review: Japan's The Gnocchi aka DJ Nozaki aka HOT10TOT10 delivers his debut album under this particular alias and it comes courtesy of Tokyo's carefully curated Snaker label. Genreless, diverse and wide-eyed, Snaker 005 is a blend of styles and takes inspiration from a number of different corners. Percussive bundles of organic drums are swung and twisted into a knot amid colder bursts of off-kilter electronics and cybernetic sonics. There's also a distinctive acoustic touch to The Gnocchi's arrangements, especially on tracks like "Hard Verdict" where live drumming is totally messed up by digital processing. A truly daring piece of work and it comes warmly recommended.
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out of stock $20.69
Cat: SIL 71458. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. The Delian Mode
  2. Blue Veils & Golden Sands
out of stock $18.86
Cat: ERS 016. Rel: 09 Mar 15
  1. Ability To Gain Access (Pye Corner Audio remix)
  2. Mathematical Man (Tomaga remix)
  3. Double Blind (L/F/D/M remix)
  4. Rain (Abul Mogard remix)
Review: Alessio Natalizia's Human Capabilities album was one of the highlights of the label in 2014, so it seems only right to get four artists to create their own unique versions for this EP. Starting with Pye Corner Audio, Martin Jenkins delivers a pulsating remix while Valentina Magaletti (Shit & Shine) and Tom Relleen (The Oscillation) take the industrial loops of "Mathematical Man" and provide an improvised jam of drums, bass and percussion. L/F/D/M's remix of "Double Blind" strips things back to the core of the track, looping it incessantly for maximum intensity before far away melodies bring you back again. The EP closes with a wonderous remix from drone specialist Abul Mogard, who again is at his best, taking the melodic ambience of the original and modulating it in to a brooding and emotional remix.
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 in stock $7.33
Cat: DOSER 026. Rel: 25 May 15
  1. Cloud Hands (2:32)
  2. Sacred Mountain (3:41)
  3. Visitors Of The Sacred Mountain (6:15)
  4. The Boy & The Snake Dance (9:31)
  5. Mankind & Mannequins (7:00)
  6. Formation Of Matter (6:04)
  7. Beirut (5:08)
  8. Cold War II (6:27)
  9. Go Deeper & Listen (3:19)
Review: Rabih Beaini's Morphine label have stepped it up once again this year, embarking on a series of projects that sees the Lebanese artist producing albums from unique artists with the visual assistance of French-born designer Nathalie Du Pasquier and Tankboys. The first introduced the fairly unclassifiable Senyawa and Brother I Prove You Wrong sees the welcome return of Charles Cohen. We have Morphine to thank for introducing us to the work of the Philadelphia-based Buchla synth pioneer with the label's trilogy of retrospectives in 2013, and this nine track set actually represents Cohen's first solo album since the early '80s. Experimental electronics of the highest order!!
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Cat: ERS 017. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. Afrobotics (Suzanne Kraft remix) (6:28)
  2. Shockers (The Samps remix) (5:28)
  3. Underdogs (Tom Noble remix) (6:44)
  4. Roll (Aritocrat P Child re-edit) (6:56)
Review: Emotional Response open the Secret Circuit archives to some of Eddie Ruscha's contemporaries from the City of Angels for a fine exercise in how to do a remix 12". First up is Suzanne Kraft, aka Diego Herrera who forms one half of Blase along with Ruscha; in his hands the crazy afro-stylings of "Afrobotics" are pulled towards the dancefloor, adding percussion and sirens, forging the originals vibes in to a ethno-beat club jam that is all about that heads down moment. Next up The Samps turns "Shockers" into a warped mesh of psychedelic dance, whilst Superior Elevation's Tom Noble adds some killer boogie vibes to "Underdogs". Finally Sun Araw man Cameron Stallones appears under rare alter-ego Aristrocrat P. Child to re-edit "Roll" in superb fashion.
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Cat: RHD 023DEER2. Rel: 27 Apr 15
  1. Pray For Us (8:45)
  2. Leaving The Station (7:50)
  3. Frost To Mist (7:49)
  4. Second Time Around (5:09)
Review: Rush Hour Distribution's No 'Label' operation is on one at the moment with recent arrivals from Jordan GCZ and Dublin pair Morgan Buckley & Olmo Devin fine additions to the label's discography. We can now add this sublime release from William Burnett's Black Deer project to our list of No 'Label' highlights. The four track Pray For Us sees the WT Records man venture further into the great sonic unknown and commences in truly spiritual fashion with the healing handclaps of the title cut. From here Burnett veers into shoegazy wave territory on "Leaving The Station" whilst "Frost To Mist" sounds like a cosmiche instrumental cover version of Timmy Thomas jam "Why Can't We Live Together". Final track "Second Time Around" veers off into sublime ambient territory. A quite wonderful record.
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Cat: OFFEN 001. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. Moon Cage I (10:51)
  2. Moon Cage II (10:55)
  3. Moon Cage III (7:05)
  4. Moon Cage IV (8:03)
  5. Moon Cage Annex 01 (10:30)
  6. Moon Cage Annex 02 (4:05)
Review: If you are lucky enough to have visited Dusseldorf club Salon Des Amateurs, you may be familiar with one of its residents, the cultish Serbian DJ Vladimir Ivkovic whose daring sets are inspiration to another of the venue's stars in Lena Willikens. Often Music is Ivkovic's new label and their first release shines a light on the unreleased archives of pioneering Serbian electronic artist Rex Ilusivii, real name Mitar Suboti?. The Serbian artist sadly passed away in a studio fire in 1999 leaving behind a vast number of unreleased works recorded over a decade from 1980 onwards. Six of those rescued tracks feature on this double 12" release In The Moon Cage (side 4 houses an etched illustration) and the more daring selectors out there will find them quite inspirational.
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