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Minimal Wave US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Minimal Wave US
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The Sound Of Indifference (reissue)
The Sound Of Indifference (reissue) (cassette limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MW 071. Rel: 03 Apr 20
AI Theme (3:08)
Funky Party (3:47)
Bohemianinst (2:25)
Man Am I Progressive (3:03)
D&Z (part 3) (2:09)
Are You Worried? (2:10)
Conceptual Car Crash (2:01)
Secretary Chick (2:27)
God (2:52)
Transit (1:18)
We Will Go To The Beach (3:07)
Park (3:46)
Curious Ways Of Dying (4:19)
Review: Minimal Wave is proud to present The Sound of Indifference, a rare cassette released in 1981 by Aural Indifference. Aural Indifference was a post-punk studio collective from Sydney, Australia. The two principal members were Brian Spencer Hall (the M Squared in house producer) and Kevin Purdy. The cassette album, The Sound of Indifference, was released in 1981, featuring tracks such as "Theme", "Park, and "Man Am I Progressive". Their sound ranges from minimal synth, to post-punk to quirky guitar-driven electronic folk music, some of it resembling John Maus. "Theme" appeared as the closing track on The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume Two compilation and "Park" appeared on The Bedroom Tapes compilation. Here for the first time, we are offering a reissue of the original cassette, remastered from the master tapes and complete with original artwork, limited to 300 copies.
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 in stock $11.15
Fauli Til Dauli (remastered)
Fauli Til Dauli (remastered) (limited heavyweight green vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 073. Rel: 12 May 20
Bus (3:32)
Out Of Sync (2:59)
Bird (4:16)
Zoo 2 (5:30)
Hard Kogt 1 (2:19)
No 1 On 2 (5:19)
Nobody Home (5:11)
Speed (3:26)
Hard Kogt 2 (2:58)
Svinet (4:51)
Review: Talk about unearthing forgotten gems, or indeed gems that were never really known in the first place. Back in 1983 Soren Fauli - then 19 years old, now an established Danish artist - decided to step away from the punk bands he'd been playing with and indulge his inner autobahn. Daily Fauli was the one-time project result, with this raw, mechanical but intimate record, which has as much in common with Kraftwerk as it does Powell, the only product. While there's a rough and ready (and charming) aesthetic to the record, despite his age at the time, and the fact he had very little idea what to do with the Casios in hand, it's incredibly accomplished stuff. The playful, shuffling warbler 'Bus' representing the lighter end of a spectrum that runs as fast as the edgy arpeggiations of 'Speed' and the pared back, proto-punk runaway train of 'Hard Kogt'. A fantastic album and an interesting talking point.

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 in stock $25.47
HSTA (limited hand-numbered heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 019. Rel: 28 Jan 10
Reassurance Ritual
Inter Caetera
Take Me Away
A Dark Place
Triffid Farm
Review: Minimal Wave have done the right thing here and repressed HSTA by Das Ding, undoubtedly one of the most popular heavyweight reissues of their reign thus far. Das Ding is of course Dutchman Danny Bosten, active in the mid 1980s from his Southern Holland base releasing his pioneering brand of electro as well as his friends' music via his own Tear Apart Tapes cassette label. HSTA refers to the Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement tape Bosten released on the STUM label from which Minimal Wave also took several tracks including the title jam, which you're likely to hear Funkineven dropping these days. It's worth investing in this for "Take Me Away" alone, which sounds likes its been beamed down from the future despite its three decade vintage (Weatherall's a big fan of this one) and the remaining six tracks are just as thrilling.
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 in stock $26.54
Let's Go
Let's Go (limited 180 gram vinyl 12" + postcard)
Cat: MW 080. Rel: 03 Feb 23
Let's Go (Not Really The Same mix) (7:22)
Let's Go (In The City mix) (5:49)
Let's Go (BBB Trash mix) (5:30)
Everybody Night (extended version) (5:20)
Review: French synth duo Deux are real cult favourites. The pair met in Lyon in 1981 and soon started working together on what became their signature stripped-down synth-pop sound complete with chilly vocals duets. Minimal Wave now have a four-track EP from Gerard Pelletier and Cati Tete which comes following other outings on this label such as Decadence in 2010 and 2012's Golden Dreams EP. It features three remastered mixes of the eponymous underground classic 'Let's Go !' as well as a never before released version of 'Everybody's Night'. It's a must-cop for fans of this brilliant pair.

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 in stock $25.47
The Floor Mixes
The Floor Mixes (limited hand-numbered blue vinyl 12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: MW 065. Rel: 19 Dec 17
Five Times Of Dust - "Computer Bank" (The Floor mix) (7:12)
Five Times Of Dust - "Armoured Car" (6:57)
Unovidual & Tara Cross - "Like I Am, Comme Je Suis" (The Floor mix) (7:11)
Unovidual & Tara Cross - "Imponative" (3:28)
Review: Thanks to the eternally revered Minimal Wave imprint, out of NYC, Mark Phillips and Robert Lawrence's Five Times Of Dust project is going through a bit of a revival. The duo had first released some post-punk cassettes back in the 80s, and they clearly have not been forgotten. On this new remix EP, "Computer Bank" is given a makeover in the form of a The Floor remix, who proceeds to add all sorts of quirkiness over the tune's tough, heavy bass and driving rhythm; "Armoured Car" breaks the 4/4 in favour of something much closer to the band's original drum machine style. Once again, on the flip, we have a remix of "Like I Am, Comme Je Suis" by The Floor, who throws up a gnarly electro bass onto shady, neo-romantic vocals, and the whole things is finished off by "Imponative" from Unovodual and Tara Cross, who produce a slow, heady industrial groove for the dancefloor.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan, Dj soFa
 in stock $21.22
Portrait (remastered)
Portrait (remastered) (limited hand-numbered heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 056. Rel: 29 Sep 14
Pogo Of Techno
Ballade Pour Nous
Ein Glas Voll Gurken
She's So Hot
La Transformation
Links & Lustig
Die Grille
Keep The City Clean
National-Und Standerat
Review: Originally released back in the early '80s, Veronica Vasicka's label has done its audience a fine service by re-releasing Portrait by Swiss duo Guyers Connection. Full of self-conscious vocals and in places decidedly lo-fi synth lines, it's surprising and disappointing that this collection wasn't a big hit first time round. After all, both "Pogo of Techno" and "Keep the City Clean" are as catchy as an oddball Yazoo, "Die Grille" is a jaw-dropping, windswept synth composition and "National Und Stander" sees the duo fuse ponderous piano lines with pulsing, rippling basslines. Best of all though is "Ein Glas Voll Gurken" a breathy synth-pop song that could have conquered charts had it been sung in English.
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Played by: Tomasz Guiddo
 in stock $26.54
La Piscine
La Piscine (limited coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: MW 041. Rel: 07 Aug 18
La Piscine (14:13)
Calling Somewhere (14:52)
Review: Fans of mechanical techno-not-techno sounds will be all over Minimal Wave's latest transmission from 80s French underground heroes In Aeternam Vale. Having reissued several essential lost works from the outfit last year, most notably the proto-Sandwell sound of "Highway Dark Veins", Veronica Vasicka delivers another two tracks from the vault. Stylistically mirroring that previous two track release the title track is an equally brilliant synth-techno beast which could easily pass for a Function track today, while B-side "Calling Somewhere" sounds like a cold wave version of proto-halfstep. Needless to say, the fact that these tracks are 22 years old literally left us speechless.
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 in stock $20.70
Standing In The Rain
Standing In The Rain (limited 180 gram transparent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 070Y. Rel: 30 Apr 19
Zara (4:14)
Leap Into The Void (5:18)
Avant-Garde Guitar (7:11)
A City Such As This (7:07)
Hello Dorian Gray (4:20)
The Tale Of The Butterfly (2:34)
Review: Back in 1981, London-based Anthony Waites decided to create some "poetic, subversive pop music" with borrowed synthesizers in friends' bedroom studios. The result was a sole, self-released seven-inch single under the Scenes De La Boheme alias, a record that has long been a cult item amongst collectors. "Standing In The Rain", his first ever album, includes those two tracks - the bubbly brilliance of "Zara" and the lo-fi, beat-free, guitar-driven shuffle of "The Tale Of The Butterfly" - alongside four others recorded in the same period. It's an impressively off-kilter and atmospheric set, with the early Human League style hum of "Leap Into The Void" and the icy shuffle of "A City Such As This" standing out.
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 in stock $28.93
On The Screen
On The Screen (heavyweight vinyl LP + large postcard)
Cat: MW 013. Rel: 28 Oct 19
Way Out Of Living (5:27)
Cytogenetic Movement (5:25)
In My Head (3:42)
Five Faces (5:10)
The Game (4:52)
Due To You (5:39)
I Think I'm By You (2:51)
To Another Soul (4:27)
On The Screen (2:17)
Review: On The Screen: an LP from the Belgian band Linear Movement originally slated for release in 1983. Linear Movement is mastermind Peter Bonne (A Split-Second, Twilight Ritual, Autumn) joined by Peter Koutstaal, and Lieve Van Steerteghem on vocals for several tracks. Some tracks appear on the exquisite Pulse Music cassette while the rest are previously unreleased. Linear Movement was featured on V/A The Lost Tapes compilation LP with their highly acclaimed The Game, described as an "unstoppable pop song". Linear Movement have been called "a more primitive, cold wave Visage", and have been compared to the Human League. Peter differentiated LM from his other projects TR and Aut by the distinct sound of the compositions: they were poppier.
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 in stock $26.54
The Complete Collection 1980-1988
The Complete Collection 1980-1988 (180 gram vinyl 5xLP box + booklet)
Cat: MW 068. Rel: 06 Dec 18
Just Because... (LP1: Just Because) (4:54)
Sticks In My Brain (2:51)
Under Nylon (2:59)
Take A Look (3:41)
Soft Images (4:00)
Brittle Hero (2:55)
Dirty Hands (3:34)
Willy Nilly (3:03)
Lovely Monster (3:01)
Welcome To The Dissidents (2:40)
Pure Delight (3:09)
Mouvement (2:32)
Bent At The Window (3:29)
You Are My Jail (LP2: Sleep Is A Luxury) (3:52)
It's So (3:53)
I Met The Best (3:39)
Hidden Inside (2:50)
Andrei Roublev (3:27)
Doron Doron (2:57)
Hunted (4:13)
Not Waiting (3:45)
Broken Memory (2:33)
The Light Goes Through My Mouth (3:17)
Love On My Side (5:56)
Just Because (LP3: Inedits 1981-1983) (4:45)
No Hands (1:41)
Wagui (2:59)
Never Never (3:06)
I Love The Lovers (3:18)
Other Souvenir (3:07)
Unchanged (version) (2:38)
Not Such A Joke (2:35)
Without Face (5:48)
Meine Liebe (2:18)
Shake Your Flowers (2:48)
Makes Me Blind (2:18)
It's No Use (3:35)
Moons & Mouths (LP4: Hot Paradox) (4:31)
Hot Paradox (4:58)
My Analyst "Assez" (3:46)
Pressure (4:17)
Berlin Wall (4:59)
He Saw The Light (4:24)
Inside Out (4:24)
I Never Tried (5:19)
Where To Find It (4:58)
Like A Lion (3:27)
22£ (LP5: Accident Of Stars) (3:14)
No Crying (2:22)
He Calls The Sky Hector (3:24)
Bit Of Smile (3:16)
Lonely In His Farm (3:36)
Your Passion (3:37)
Position (2:10)
Searchin' (3:28)
Top Of The Pyramids (4:08)
Lost & Late (3:00)
War Game (2:18)
Accident Of Stars (4:46)
 in stock $192.16
Hot Paradox (reissue)
Hot Paradox (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MW 081. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Full Moons & Mouths (4:32)
Hot Paradox (4:57)
My Analyst Assez (3:46)
Pressure (4:17)
Berlin Wall (5:02)
He Saw The Light (4:23)
Inside Out (4:22)
I Never Tried (5:18)
Where To Find It (4:56)
Like A Lion (3:28)
Review: Martin Dupont was a French collective of immense talent originally founded by Alain Seghir in Marseille in 1980. Seghir called upon several different collaborators across the collective's career including the likes of Beverley Jane Crew, Brigitte Balian and Catherine Loy and all of them managed to tune into the same creative frequencies while serving up music that was colourful, enthusiastic, delicate, melancholy, and mysterious. Their seminal 1987 album Hot Paradox now arrives via a first-ever reissue on Minimal Wave and is one that transcends a tag as simple as new wave with its vibrant and emotive, sombre yet bright sounds that have made it something of a modern cult classic.
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 in stock $26.28
The Potato Farm Tapes
The Potato Farm Tapes (hand-numbered heavyweight red vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 038. Rel: 22 Oct 12
The Drum
My Time
Of Whales
Mushin No Shin
Midnite News III
Julie Is A TV Set
Review: "Hello. My name is Ohama, and I live on a potato farm in Western Canada" went the memorably deadpan opening to "The Drum", Ohama's contribution to Minimal Wave Tapes Vol 2 earlier this year, and it's also the opening track on this full length exploration of the Canadian producer's work from Minimal Wave. What's most striking about The Potato Farm Tapes however is the sense of paranoia and detachment that Ohama clearly felt recording these tracks from his studio basement beneath his parents' potato farm in Rainier, Alberta, during the latter stages of The Cold War. Intriguingly, Ohama's lyrics are heavily focused on technophobia and the subversive power of television and mass media which stands in stark contrast to the techno centric nature - with keyboards, drum machines, vocoders and analogue reel tape all utilised to create complex productions that blended found sounds with audio lifted from TV. Some of Ohama's earliest recordings from his first cassette only release Midnite News form the basis of The Potato Farm Tapes along with rare tracks that previously appeared on compilations. Furthermore, the label have printed a must read interview between Ohama and Brandon Hocura on the inner sleeve that offers some brilliant insight into this collection.
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 in stock $27.59
New Mexico: The Complete Collection
Cat: MW 058. Rel: 04 Mar 24
The Devil's Dancers (3:02)
Radiance (4:42)
Martyr (5:00)
Cold War (5:33)
Don't Be Seen With Me (3:11)
Modern Wonder (5:01)
Subterranean Desire (4:13)
Scorpians (2:40)
New Mexico (7:33)
Behind The Shades (5:57)
Men In White Coats (4:57)
You Won't Forget Me (3:25)
Review: For fans of minimal wave and DIY electronic pop, Oppenheimer Analysis's self-released 1982 debut cassette, New Mexico - little more than an extended demo cassette - has become something of a collector's item. While it has been reissued digitally since, it never received a vinyl release. In tribute to Martin Lloyd (the other half of the duo, alongside Andy Oppenheimer), who passed away recently, Minimal Wave has decided to make New Mexico available on wax for the first time. While the sound quality is appropriately dusty (it was badly recorded in the first place, of course), the music remains magical - bubbling, evocative, left-of-centre leftfield pop created with home-made synthesizers, modular hardware and little else. It's no wonder many consider it a classic album (even if was never officially released first time round).
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 in stock $34.50
Last Chance (reissue)
Last Chance (reissue) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MW 076. Rel: 18 Mar 21
Maybe It's Love (2:31)
Sunny Days Are Holidays (2:23)
Lonely Is The Night (5:10)
Forever Wind, Forever Water (2:39)
Fire In The Street (4:19)
In The Deepest Throat (2:30)
Flowers & Wimen (3:56)
Requiem For A Lonely Soul (4:33)
Whatever Your Need (3:22)
Samba Transistora (5:01)
Sadness In Your Eyes (1:27)
Classical Thing (1:49)
Review: You'd be forgiven for not knowing much about Plugpoint Music's sole album, Last Chance. It was recorded by German artist Reiner Ossmann in his home studio way back in 1987 and was subsequently released via a private press run of just 200 copies. It is, then, a genuinely little-known and overlooked gem that has been rescued from obscurity via the mighty Minimal Wave label. If you enjoy the more stripped-back and eccentric end of the new wave and cold wave spectrum, we'd definitely recommend it. Ossmann's synthesizer and drum machine arrangements are expertly minimalistic and alien-sounding, with gurgling melodies and spaced-out chords mingling with his own heavily accented vocals over the sparsest of beats. An ultra-rare gem that's well worth your time and money.
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 in stock $28.93
Earlier/Later (limited hand-numbered transparent red vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 045. Rel: 29 Jul 13
Kosmik Rok
Space Rejection
Nagasaki Mon Amour
Logique Polygonale
Mother's Little Helper
Parties Dance
Night Is A Coming On
Review: Veronica Vasicka's Minimal Wave label turn their attention to European wave sounds once more with Earlier / Later, a retrospective look at the music of Belgian group Polyphonic Size. Headed by the bespectacled Roger-Marc Vande Voorde, the Brussels based outfit emerged in 1979 and built up quite a discography, releasing three albums and numerous 7? and 12?s over a 11 year period. One of mainland Europe's more enigmatic purveyors of primitive synth pop, Polyphonic Size were partial to singing vocals in numerous languages, forever changing line-ups and had the majority of their lyrics penned by Dominique Buxin, a band member who never appeared during performances or featured on any of their record sleeves. However, it's the band's working relationship with Stranglers bassist JJ Burnel that commands the most intrigue, and this collection offers a contrast between the early days of Polyphonic Size and how their sound evolved after the more rock based production input of Burnel.
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 in stock $26.54
The Art Dance
The Art Dance (hand-numbered heavyweight vinyl gatefold LP with lyric sheet insert)
Cat: MW 025. Rel: 15 Oct 10
Pure Desire
Nice Song
Electronic Journey
Short Wave
Sexual Desire
It's Not Too Grand
Your Lover
Daily & Blue
Good Name
 in stock $26.54
Shake Your Molecules EP
Shake Your Molecules EP (limited 180 gram red vinyl 12")
Cat: MW 052. Rel: 16 Apr 14
Shake Your Molecules (original)
Shake Your Molecules (dub)
Too Many People (alt version)
Art Dimension (alt version)
Review: Nothing but gorgeousness seems to characterise the work of the Minimal Wave imprint over the recent years. It's a label that is both unpredictable and continuously elegant in its choice of reissues. This time, it's a wonderful unearthing of Soma Holidays cult-hit, Shake Your Molecules. The Franco-American duo was part of Brooklyn's clique of artists throughout the 1980's, and although their sound is firmly representative of that era, the tracks are still ridiculously fresh and seductive both in their melodies and vocals. The title track is a sort of synth-pop tune gone wrong in a good way, where drugged-up lyrics meets morphing synths and metallic drum machines, whereas the Dub cut could easily be played in most techno DJ sets these days. On the B-side, we have the charming, atmospheric glow of "Too Many People" and "Art Dimension", the top pick in our opinion and one which is screaming to be be remixed into a contemporary house tune.
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 in stock $24.69
Sympathy Nervous (reissue)
Cat: MW 067. Rel: 06 Nov 18
A Worm (5:21)
Go On & Off (5:34)
Temprament (6:12)
Deaf Picture (3:18)
Automatic Type (4:48)
Quick Starttype (3:12)
Inverted Type (3:24)
Sympathetic Nerves (9:47)
Review: Minimal Wave present a reissue of Yoshifumi Niinuma's 1980 self-titled debut album, having already released his Automaticism and Plastic Love EP's previously. Produced in his Tokyo living room, Niinuma built his own synthesizers and speakers from scratch to create these 'intense proto-techno soundscapes.' A zeitgeist of early pioneering electronics, it runs the gamut from minimal synth ("A Worm"/"Automatic Type"), noisy industrial beats such as on "Temprament" or early electro sounds as heard on "Quick Starttype".
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 in stock $27.34
The Hidden Tapes: A Compilation Of Minimal Wave From Around The World '79-'85
Cat: MW 030. Rel: 19 Apr 23
SS-Say - "Care" (4:53)
Oskarova Fobija - "Beli Dekolte" (2:23)
Danton's Voice - "I Hear The Bells" (5:44)
Sympathy Nervous - "Polaroid" (3:44)
Pas De Deux - "Cardiocleptomanie" (3:02)
Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips - "Computer Bank" (5:17)
The Fast Set - "Kaleidecon" (4:56)
Reserve - "Destination Pour L'Inconnu" (3:20)
Kym Amps - "You Don't Know My Name" (2:53)
Unovidual & Tara Cross - "Microphone Connection" (4:44)
 in stock $26.28
The Bedroom Tapes: A Compilation of Minimal Wave From Around The World 1980-1991
Cat: MW 066. Rel: 26 Feb 18
Pink Elln - "Human Perc" (4:09)
Karen Marks - "Cold Cafe" (3:03)
Disque Omo - "Toujours L'Amour" (2:08)
Vorgruppe - "Mensch Im Eis" (2:29)
Iham/Echo - "Eagle" (3:12)
Perfect Mother - "Dark-Disco-Da-Da-Da-Da-Run" (3:10)
Arvid Tuba - "The Seasons Are Sitting On Chairs" (3:43)
Subject - "Don't Be Blind" (2:56)
Denial - "California Dreaming" (3:10)
Unovidual - "Dit Is Pas Het Begin" (4:19)
Aural Indifference - "Park" (3:31)
Autumn - "You Are You Are" (1:30)
Review: Over the last two or three years, New York's Minimal Wave outpost has focussed on releasing plenty of new music that fits in line with their unashamedly 'cold-wave' approach, and this has opened them to a whole variety of listeners and DJs. However, in our opinion, where they truly shine is in providing the underground masses with compilations such as this latest The Bedroom Tapes: A Compilation Of Minimal Wave From Around The World 1980-1991, a glorious snapshot of all the very best slices of lo-fi that has largely gone unnoticed to the modern eye. Of course, the majority of these tunes are now expensive in their original formats, but we're taking about a small crew of Discogs sharks who are upping the prices. Here, you're able to properly - and peacefully - enjoy some of the very best minimal machine-drum soul from peeps like Karen Marks, Vorgruppe, Perfect Mother and Aural Indifference, among others. This truly is a feast for the modern digger. Excellent.
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 in stock $26.54
Unexpected (limited clear vinyl LP + postcard)
Cat: MW 082. Rel: 27 May 24
So You Want To Love Me
Alien Patience
South Side
Chaos 303
Move Up Closer
Not Your Kind Of Girl
Slightly Ahead
Night Drive
Review: The excellent Minimal Wave serves up a long-awaited LP here that features unreleased treasures from the influential UK duo, Vicious Pink, who first met at The Warehouse night-club in Leeds in the late 1970s and went on to reshape synth-pop. They notoriously lent their backing vocals to friends Soft Cell but went on to have success as a duo with avant-garde singles that defied norms and climbed the UK dance charts between 1982 and 1986. Now, Unexpected offers glimpses into their creative process and is packed with pop experiments recorded on the fly, some of which are with Dave Ball of Soft Vell/Grid fame. Limited to 999 copies on Coke bottle clear vinyl, this release is a true collector's gem that includes an exclusive postcard.
Read more
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