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BAH 036
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BAH 036 (12")
Cat: BAH 036. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. Lockdown (9:08)
  2. Relapse '83 (6:05)
  3. Mind Unit Theory (6:33)
  4. Energy Theme (5:38)
Review: This attractive 12" marks a welcome return to Bahnsteig23 for rising star Kris Baha. In keeping with the label's decidedly off-kilter approach, the EP's four tracks variously draw influence from krautrock, post-punk disco, industrial, EBM and wonky, arpeggio-heavy Italo-disco. We're particularly enjoying the stretched-out, dub-wise drug-chug of opener "Lockdown", though the gently bubbling industrial funk and hard-wired dancefloor throb of "Relapse '83" and undulating, dubbed-out Italo flex of "Mind Unit Theory" are both quietly impressive. Closer "Energy Theme", an acid-fried slab of weirdo electro in the vein of Mark Stewart circa 1984, is also rather good.
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BAH 040
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BAH 040 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 040. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Bright Dance
  2. Market Anthem
  3. La x5
  4. Arrakis (Melange dub)
  5. Demo-cracy
  6. The God Emporer
Review: Toulouse zum zum zum Cassaird DJ.

Bright bibliothek. Neu wave anthem. La kassette secrets.

Arrakis dubbing. DEMO-crazzzzy. Emporer drumming.

Six killerbomben-experimentz.

Merci Marine. Bruits De La Passion merci.

Vive La Panzer Peoples !!

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BAH042 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 042. Rel: 25 Dec 17
  1. Simba Dub
  2. Belly King
  3. ExOhSkeletons
  4. Topical Meat Wave
  5. KonGkinG
  6. BouncerC-nt With A Shit Tash
Review: "Cherrystones. The Man. The Legend. The Beanie. The Sunglasses iz here !!

Simba King - Afro ronger whizzer

Pork King - La la la

Skeletons King - Ace caffffe rockerz

Topical King - Comme ca?

Kong King - Wammer bammer mammer

Bouncer Shit King - Les dance des HONK

Cherrystones peoplez takeover !!

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Bah 032
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 in stock $10.43
Bah 032 (1-sided etched 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 032. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Cambodian Dream (8:07)
Review: In the space of a year Bahnsteig 23 has positioned itself as a label of note with a strong run of 12"s that draw on a rich spread of influences from cosmic disco to world music to provide a little more spice in your dancefloor selections. Portland's Elliot Thomas takes his Etbonz alias out for its first proper outing here after a split 7" with Dro Carey some years back. This single-sided jam serves to raise the intrigue around the project further still with its dense, organically enhanced production and dreamy atmosphere, keeping the tempo slow and simmering for the early part of the party.
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BAH041 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 041. Rel: 04 Dec 17
  1. Satellite
  2. Fate
  3. Etrange
  4. Pulse
Review: "Hier ja er ist

Oz edit master. Bow brother.

Satellite ov luv. Fate cum cum cum together.

Etrange coo coo de Francais folly. Pulse zu your heart

Kangeroo Peoples takeover !!


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BAH 029
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BAH 029 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 029. Rel: 29 Aug 16
  1. Kosooka
  2. Delay Yugo
  3. Melnna
  4. Herion
Review: Die geschichte von Bahnsteig grows. Groovers des Herzens!

East Reise zu St Petersburg. Krieg und Frieden. Vaterland to Mothership.

Und wer ist das but Kito boy wunder.

Nach Baha we gehen funky drummer. Trommel boom trommel.

Kosooka and Delay Yugo...don't stop der gesang.

Melnna disco reise at last! Herion is mein freund ist das ende. Glue kopfe.

Panzer Peoples wir lieben dich!!!
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Bah 030
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 in stock $7.41
Bah 030 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 030. Rel: 31 Oct 16
  1. Deja Vu (5:59)
  2. Last Train (5:21)
  3. Miami Slice (5:12)
  4. Slow Bodies (4:58)
Review: Already busy popping up on the first release for Power Cuts, Jonny 5's productivity is going through the roof right now as he returns to Bahnsteig 23. The swooning mood is hard to argue with on "Deja Vu" as spacey toms pop away over impeccable slap bass, strutting on towards a truly soul stirring peak. Compared to such smooth tones, "Miami Slice" is a startling, abrasive confection full of scratchy samples and discordant vocals, layered up with a fearless imagination that pushes the record into exciting new territory. "Slow Bodies" reins things back in with a dubby, arpeggio powered jam that sits easy on the ears while still marking a strong step forward for an increasingly busy producer.
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BAH035 (12")
Cat: BAH 035. Rel: 17 Apr 17
Deep House
  1. Duga (6:19)
  2. Wind On Skin (5:36)
  3. Manlakshnee Fontah (5:24)
  4. Mamauntano (5:42)
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BAH037 (12")
Cat: BAH 037. Rel: 31 Jul 17
  1. Goddess (8:53)
  2. Watumba (5:15)
  3. Magic Fly (7:51)
  4. Do It (4:15)
Review: Sneaker; not just a cool sounding name... Edits as strong, rigorous and mind blowing as his require comfortable footwear. Lavish synth funk leads with a eastern allure on the infectious "Goddess", "Watumba" is tom tom tamping funk beast that you could imagine every DJ from Harvey to Hell spinning while "Magic Fly" takes us on a slightly less obscure but thrilling orchestral cosmic sojourn. "Do It" rings the final bell with kitsch staccato synth effect and playground vocal calls to action. Tighten up your laces and do the robot.
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BAHNRSD (Record Store Day 2017)
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 in stock $15.11
Cat: BAHNRSD. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Sneaker - "Cosmic Xpress" (4:20)
  2. Bullion - "Michy Maus" (4:25)
  3. Il Est Vilaine - "Yama Yama" (4:05)
  4. Jamie Paton - "Dept Life" (4:47)
Review: Bahnsteig 23's Record Store Day offering is, rather predictably, something of a lavish treat. It features a quartet of cuts from extended family members stretched over a lovingly produced double 7" package. On the first disc you'll find a fine chunk of skewed, lo-fi drum machine and synth groovery from Sneaker - the slipped Kraftwerk warmth of "Cosmic Xpress" and the tipsy, synth-driven krautrock revivalism of Bullion's "Michy Maus". Turn to the second 7" for the slack-tuned drums, acid-fried stoner rock guitars and alien noises of "Yama Yama" by Il Est Vilaine and the low-slung, industrial-era outsider funk of Jamie Paton's "Dept Life".
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
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