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Juno Recommends Leftfield November 2018

Juno Recommends Leftfield

Juno Recommends Leftfield

Juno Recommends Leftfield November 2018
5 Nov 2018
Cat: ERC 053. Rel: 08 Oct 18
  1. Kyrie (4:11)
  2. Beyond Control 3 (4:25)
  3. Infiltration (3:16)
  4. Sedation (3:14)
  5. P2 (3:58)
  6. From Here To Where (2:31)
  7. Intromission (0:56)
  8. Anima (3:23)
  9. Odomankoma (5:46)
  10. Aura (1:09)
  11. Flute Cloud (3:26)
  12. Waiteri (3:13)
  13. Denouement (3:23)
Review: O Yuki Conjugate hailed from Leeds, where through the 80s they explored the limits of haunting, DIY atmospherics with a pulse. Following the previous reissue of the group's earliest material, Emotional Rescue are back with another meticulous document of this deep-cover curio, charting their progression from lo-fi post-punk tinkerers to ambient soothsayers. The contrast between the disheveled new wave thrum of "Infiltration" and the chilling chime patterns of "Anima" is striking, but listened to as a whole this thoughtful reissue demonstrates the depth and beauty embedded in O Yuki Conjugate's all-too overlooked legacy.
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Cat: OP 048. Rel: 01 Jul 19
  1. This Old House Is All I Have (3:41)
  2. I Never Dream (6:46)
  3. Some Kind Of Game (6:52)
  4. Hopeless (5:43)
  5. Such A Bad Way (4:55)
  6. Flash In The Pan (7:31)
  7. City Fade (5:41)
  8. Now You Got Me Hooked (5:52)
  9. Know You (4:24)
  10. You're Going To Love Me & Scream (5:36)
  11. Rave On You (9:55)
 in stock $23.17
Cat: GRA 009. Rel: 05 Nov 18
  1. Variatio Ad Absurdum (5:26)
  2. Spazio Domani (3:16)
  3. Per Noi (4:31)
  4. Caos E Dialogo (3:08)
  5. Dalle Alle (5:19)
  6. Materiale (4:28)
  7. Area (3:27)
  8. Mise En Abyme (4:43)
Review: After the starry-eyed delights of the Club Mondo 2000 mini album last year, Lamusa II returns to Gravity Graffiti with further explorations on the outer reaches of cosmic jazz, experimental library music and much more besides. This is music to stimulate your cerebellum and transport you to hitherto unknown regions, certainly relevant if you've been digging the previous output on Gravity Graffiti from the likes of Yoshinori Hayashi. Particular highlights include the fluttering tapestry of keys, chimes, rhythmic ripples and zippy effects on "Variatio Ad Absurdum," the intense vibrations of "Caos E Dialogo" and the mellow patterns and trills of "Dalle Alle."
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out of stock $16.80
Cat: LPTOT 75. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Ocea (6:27)
  2. Semi Conscious Participant (2:46)
  3. Silent Midnight (3:52)
  4. Halfer (4:36)
  5. Embodied (3:45)
  6. Super Tide (3:30)
  7. These Days (4:26)
  8. Slow Moving World (1:51)
  9. Photographs Of An Object (3:45)
  10. Without You It's Meaningless (4:48)
  11. Light (3:00)
  12. Extruded (2:01)
  13. Views Of An Empty Sky (2:45)
  14. Plenary (2:28)
Review: British electronic duo Future Sound Of London celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2018. In From The Archives Vol 9, unpublished tracks from their extensive archives see the light of day for the first time spanning the period from the early 1990s to present day. Discover progressive electronic experiments from the depths of the FSOL catalogue - timeless and innovative expressions in IDM such as "Semi Conscious Participant" or "Super Tide" could have been created during any era, through to sublime ambient house excursions like "Ocea" or "Riverbed". Upbeat moments can be heard on the drum 'n' bass influenced "Without You It's Meaningless" or the blustering beats of "Oska Traveller.

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 in stock $15.35
Cat: WARPLP 293. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Faith In Nothing Except In Salvation (1:33)
  2. Economy Of Freedom (4:56)
  3. Honesty (5:02)
  4. Noid (3:30)
  5. Licking An Orchid (feat James K) (4:33)
  6. Lifetime (3:43)
  7. Hope In Suffering (Escaping Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness) (feat Oxhy & Puce Mary) (4:56)
  8. Recognizing The Enemy (4:48)
  9. All The Love We Have Now (3:22)
  10. Let The Lioness In You Flow Freely (5:32)
Review: Yves Tumor is undoubtedly an artist with a unique musical perspective. That was evident from his 2016 PAN debut, "Serpent's Head", an album of impossible-to-pigeonhole brilliance that drew on a dizzyingly disparate array of styles. Now operating on Warp Records, he continues to mix and match genre boundaries to suit his will on hotly anticipated follow-up "Safe In The Hands of Love". It's another doozy, with the Turin-based artist offering a thrill-a-minute sound soup that flits from pastoral folktronica, experimental IDM and mangled R&B futurism, to wall-of-sound indie-pop, doom-laden orchestral ambient and blissful, hallucinatory dream-pop. While putting Tumor (real name Sean Bowie) in a stylistic box is impossible, we can safely say that he'll soon be joining the top tier of maverick pop experimentalists.
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Cat: DKMNTL 060. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. Blind Corner (6:43)
  2. Hypnotized (6:57)
  3. Shift Your Mind (6:35)
  4. I Can Read Your Mind (6:24)
  5. Noise Of Life (6:59)
  6. Sea Of Sand (5:33)
Review: California based husband and wife duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis are Peaking Lights - who present their tenth long player on Amsterdam's Dekmantel. The acclaimed live act deliver yet more of their trademark blend of electronic freakouts here with Dunis' outstanding vocal style throughout. From the stylish electro-pop noir heard on numbers like "Blind Corner" or "I Can Read Your Mind", the cosmo-psychedelic dub of "Hypnotized" through to the lo-slung punk-funk of "Shift Your Mind" and the blazed ambient chill-out of the title track.
out of stock $12.46
Cat: ERS 036. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. Etka (part 1)
  2. Etka (part 2)
  3. Etka (part 3)
  4. Etka (part 4)
  5. Botko (part 1)
  6. Botko (part 2)
  7. Botko (part 3)
  8. Botko (part 4)
Review: TKIL is a collaborative project between members of Georgia, E Ruscha V and more, that finds a home on Emotional Response following its gestation between New York and LA. As you might well expect, this is music for deep level explorers, veering between gorgeous, mellow refrains and gleefully madcap constructions loaded with inventive rhythms and off-kilter synth expressions. The freedom spilling out of this project is a marvel to behold, as disjointed psych-boogie collides with ethnographic studies conducted with extra terrestrial tools. Even at its wildest though, there's something undeniably 'chill' about TKIL that makes it sit surprisingly easy on the ears.
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out of stock $14.49
Cat: ZEN 250. Rel: 08 Oct 18
  1. Your Biggest Fan (4:24)
  2. Work It (4:25)
  3. The Psychologist (4:41)
  4. Lara (3:08)
  5. Day Dreaming (4:13)
  6. The Tunnel (3:35)
  7. Workaholic Paranoid Bitch (4:51)
  8. So Right (5:07)
  9. Burn Me (5:16)
  10. La Chambre Interieure (3:02)
Review: Earlier in the year, modern minimal wave and coldwave hero Marie Davidson signed a high-profile deal with Ninja Tune. Here, she makes good on that contract, following a couple of killer singles with what could be her strongest album to date. After setting the tone with clandestine, tongue-in-cheek opener "Your Biggest Fan" - a creepy spoken word cut taking aim at stalker-line fans to the accompaniment of heavy analogue synth bass and creepy computer bleeps - Davidson giddily flits between elastic dancefloor workouts (the brilliantly sleazy "Work It" and mind-altering "Workaholic Paranoid Bitch"), attractive post-EBM instrumentals (the psychedelic and fizzing "Lara"), meditative ambient melodiousness ("Day Dreaming"), bizarre experimental weirdness (the suitable dystopian "The Tunnel"), and stylish analogue pop (the whispered vocals and off-kilter early morning funk of "So Right").
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SM presents VARIOUS
Cat: MMLP 2002. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Ekstern - "Neu Kraut" (7:26)
  2. Konsistent - "Steel Island" (7:52)
  3. Houschyar - "Workers & Bosses" (4:56)
  4. Sauerstofff - "Auf Der Anderen Seite" (5:48)
  5. SM - "Noir Dehors" (6:35)
  6. SM - "Rug Rug Rug" (6:07)
  7. Service - "Russian Optimism" (11:00)
  8. Wosto - "Soft Eis" (5:32)
  9. Heninspace - "H13" (5:02)
  10. Eva Geist - "Il Tuo Sogno Parla" (6:53)
Review: A DJ and digger for over two decades, the musical culture of Lyon's Sacha Mambo taps into a wide spectrum of influences. He was a resident at Le Sucre in Lyon (FR) from 2014 at 2016, where he earmarked his very peculiar style while going to on create his successful Macadam Mambo imprint - which presents the second edition of Danzas Electricas. Featuring 10 original productions by the man himself, pushing original and weird electronic music also of close artists/friends such as Konsistent from Copenhagen, Ekstern and Eva Geist from Berlin and Sauerstofff and Wosto of Hamburg.
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out of stock $26.07
Cat: FC 01. Rel: 29 Oct 18
  1. Track 1 (4:54)
  2. Track 2 (4:48)
out of stock $14.20
Cat: OM 42. Rel: 29 Oct 18
  1. Celine's Dilemma (5:15)
  2. Celine's Dilemma (RSD remix) (5:01)
  3. Time For Nothing (3:55)
  4. Behind The Wall (4:11)
  5. Nervous Splendour (4:33)
Review: Optimo Music present the debut of mysterious American producer Stranded with Celine's Dilemma. Despite hailing from country music capital Nashville, they have a longing appreciation for more 'dance centric' cities throughout the world, whether it be Detroit, Manchester or Berlin - hence the moniker. Alienation, romantic rendezvous, 9 to 5 unease and an apprehension of the future are just a few of the topics that surface on the EP. Sweeping and droning synths, jagged guitars, rolling bass, yearning vocals and disco beats propel the music and ideas showcased in the project - while using a backdrop of post punk, disco, and synth-pop.
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out of stock $12.17
Cat: LITA 174LPC. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Hotel Malabar Ground Floor ... Triangle Circuit On The Sea-Forest (2:33)
  2. Hotel Malabar Upper Floor ...Moving Triangle (8:48)
  3. Hotel Malabar Roof Garden ...Revel Attack (8:50)
  4. Hepatitis (4:46)
  5. Hum Ghar Sajan (8:48)
  6. Madam Consul General Of Madras (9:02)
out of stock $25.21
Cat: TRR 312LPC1. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Mono No Aware (18:19)
  2. Selva Oscura (19:32)
Review: Experienced experimentalists William Basinski and Lawrence English have long been friends, growing closer over the last half-decade thanks to a string of chance encounters in cities around the globe. Finally, they've joined forces on their first collaborative set, an album that was reputedly "simultaneously recorded in Brisbane and Los Angeles". It's a thing of beauty, with both of the long, poignant and slowly shifting ambient cuts being tinged by melancholy brought on by the loss of their mutual friend, experimental filmmaker Paul Clipson. Like "Selva Obscura", Clipson's work celebrated the act of getting lost in experiences that lie beyond everyday understanding.
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out of stock $23.17
Cat: DUB 037. Rel: 29 Oct 18
  1. NL-L56-18-07380 (4:28)
  2. NL-L56-18-07381 (3:24)
  3. NL-L56-18-07382 (3:31)
  4. NL-L56-18-07383 (4:16)
  5. NL-L56-18-07384 (4:39)
  6. NL-L56-18-07385 (3:44)
out of stock $13.61
Cat: SAT 038LP. Rel: 29 Oct 18
  1. At First A Wide Space (2:51)
  2. St Catherine & The Calm (12:23)
  3. Song For Aguirre (4:24)
  4. Trivial Occupations (9:13)
  5. Dalloway (4:28)
  6. Recital Of Facts (4:56)
  7. Parklife (3:56)
  8. Minor Forms (5:43)
  9. Beaumont (4:46)
  10. No Useless Leniency (4:49)
Review: On previous albums, Francis Harris has tackled some weighty subjects, including memory, loss and grief, intertwining these artistic inspirations with a woozy, organic and multi-layered deep house framework. "Trivial Occupations", his third full-length excursion, is not only less conceptual in tone, but also marks a conscious attempt to move away from the constraints of the dancefloor. Of course, there are still hypnotic, ultra-deep house beats scattered around the album, it's just that they largely operate at a more leisurely pace and usually come smothered in crackling field recordings, ambient chord sequences and slowly shifting melodies designed to worm their way into your consciousness. Combine these cuts with some superb, beat-free ambient explorations, and you have a hugely atmospheric and entertaining set.
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 in stock $21.44
Phobiza Amor Fati Vol 3 (1 per customer)
Cat: FAT 01. Rel: 20 Aug 18
  1. Bibwel (feat Asael - intro) (2:12)
  2. Ya Chaki (3:12)
  3. Piton (3:54)
  4. Sunshini (4:37)
  5. Mui Chubbi (2:16)
  6. Det Calash (feat Regular Fantasy) (3:01)
  7. Tourtou (4:21)
  8. Evora (4:18)
  9. Coeur Casse (4:50)
  10. Oxum (3:30)
  11. Warhasu (feat Hashman Deejay) (4:51)
Review: Since launching her Phobiza trilogy in 2016, RAMZi (AKA producer Phobe Guillemot) has become one of the most talked-about producers on Canada's distinctly blazed underground scene. Here, she draws the curtain down on the series in predictably impressive fashion with a mini-album that looks further afield for inspiration. While every track offers a distinctive take on her now trademark hazy, colourful and undeniably horizontal sound soup - think chords, sound effects, melodies, field recordings, tape hiss and lots of toasty bass - it's the myriad of percussion sounds and rhythms that catches the ear. As well as the usual stoned downtempo beats and blazed deep house grooves, you'll also find nods towards early drum and bass, IDM and African and South American polyrhythms. In short: a yearning, head-in-the-clouds treat.
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out of stock $19.12
Cat: SLK 005. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. Noi 1 (7:01)
  2. Noi 2 (6:57)
  3. Noi 3 (6:04)
  4. Noi 4 (5:49)
Review: Following up some great tracks on Pinkman, Mannequin and Malka Tuti in recent times, British synth wizard George Thompson returns under the Black Merlin alias - delivering some bold EBM and electro-noir antics for Berlin imprint She's Lost Kontrol. The rusty grind of analogue arpeggios, with minimal rhythms awash in icy trails of reverb plus guttural howls through walls of distortion shall taunt you throughout the sonic contents of the Noi EP. While Thompson sure has a knack for nailing all the hallmarks of early industrial music, he still finds time for the same tribal meditative minimalism found on his Karamika project as heard on the riveting "Noi 2" - one of the EP's highlights.
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out of stock $16.52
Cat: RR 01. Rel: 29 Oct 18
  1. In Medias Res (4:41)
  2. Do I Stutter? (5:18)
  3. See Through Me, I Dare You (6:38)
Review: First making a splash several years back with their much lauded debut on Blackest Ever Black, Raime (the duo of Tom Halstead and Joe Andrews) return and inaugurate their new imprint. Developed as a blank page for the pair to to experiment on, the three experimental imaginary soundtracks featured here are described by the London based duo as 'perhaps a reflection of our bombardment based online culture.' This follows up another release this year entitled Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me? on Mumdance and Logos' Different Circles imprint.
out of stock $12.74
Cat: LIES 122. Rel: 08 Oct 18
  1. Face A (19:07)
  2. Face B (18:49)
Review: Krikor Kouchian's "Saudi" first appeared as a cassette on Low Jack's Editions Gravats label a few years back. Interestingly, the music had initially been composed to soundtrack a French documentary film focusing on the West's appeasement of Saudi Arabia dubious foreign policy. We should applaud the documentary makers for their foresight in casting Kouchian in this role, as "Saudi" - here presented on vinyl for the first time by L.I.E.S - is deliciously creepy, exotic and foreboding. While the melodies employed throughout the soundtrack tend towards the dark and clandestine, there's enough futurist intent and far-sighted electronic sounds to suggest the smallest slither of hope. It's interesting rhythmically, too, employing rubbery and off-kilter machine beats without becoming overbearingly intense.
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out of stock $22.89
  1. Red Ants (part 1 - Mics mix) (15:21)
  2. Red Ants (part 2 - Mics mix) (14:41)
  3. Shield Ferns/Brown Pine Magic (11:31)
  4. Papua Land (live edit) (7:35)
  5. These Spirits (version) (10:50)
  6. Red Ants Genesis (feat Gavsborg & Time Cow - Equiknoxx remix) (4:24)
Review: Revered noise merchant Dominick Fernow returns under the Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement moniker, following up last year's Ambient Black Magic release - which featured Silent Servant and a dub techno remix by Substance aka DJ Pete. On Red Ants Genesis, Fernow is said to have utilised high volume microphone recordings of synthetic field ecologies, with further sound on sound processing applied by Philippe Hallais aka Low Jack - creating this series of meditative and trance inducing soundscapes. The remix on this release comes from Equiknoxx Music: the Jamaican music collective of Gavsborg and Time Cow, who hand in an introverted and very personal dub of the title track.
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out of stock $30.70
Cat: DAIS 114LP. Rel: 29 Oct 18
  1. Unprepared Piano (1:43)
  2. Red Skeletons (7:32)
  3. Die Wolfe Kommen Zuruck (10:25)
  4. Refusal Of Leave To Land (7:32)
  5. Stoned Circular I (4:20)
  6. Stoned Circular II (7:31)
  7. Green Water (5:23)
  8. Cold Dream Of An Earth Star (9:04)
  9. Blue Rats (2:55)
  10. Scratches & Dust (0:52)
  11. London's Lost Rivers (7:41)
  12. Chalice (8:14)
out of stock $29.84
Cat: BLOOD 210. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. Arecibo (9:18)
  2. System (7:30)
  3. Somewhere In Russia (8:40)
  4. Terpene (5:56)
  5. Inertia (10:37)
  6. VLA (edit) (10:01)
  7. Kensington Gardens (6:16)
  8. Held Together By Gravity (8:03)
Review: Second time around for Carbon Based Lifeforms' sixth studio set, "Twentythree", which first surfaced on Ultimate Records back in 2011. It remains one of the Swedish ambient duo's most potent and poignant works, delivering dollops of weightless electronics and intergalactic soundscapes that slowly twist, turn, ebb and flow. The pair's subtle use of field recordings and sound effects adds extra layers of atmosphere and intrigue (see the feverish, drifting-down-the-Amazon vibes of "Inertia" and the chiming, summer-in-the-city hum of "Kensington Gardens"), while their ability to conjure vivid audio imagery from little more than elongated chords and sweeps is arguably unparalleled. "Twentythree", then, remains a triumph, albeit a self-consciously quiet one.
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out of stock $30.42
Cat: RHD 034CROTO. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. Krazy Kalimba (5:47)
  2. Island Life (2:24)
  3. Pitter Patter (5:38)
  4. Incoming Fire (5:19)
  5. Survey The Scene For Survivors (5:16)
Review: Crotocosm is an occasional collaboration between Jordan Czamanski (Juju & Jordash) and Willie Burns of WT Records. The tracks on Setting The Scene For An Island Battle were recorded together live in Amsterdam and Brooklyn over the last 21 years and are some of the most experimental pieces that we have heard from either producer yet. From freeform synth improvisations and dark ambient soundscapes, through to slow burning industrial noir and deeply hypnotic slo-mo techno - there certainly are some fascinating sonic perspectives to be heard here.
out of stock $13.04
Cat: BPH 001. Rel: 29 Oct 18
  1. No More Dreams I (8:34)
  2. No More Dreams II (3:26)
  3. No More Dreams III (7:47)
  4. No More Dreams IV (5:58)
  5. No More Dreams V (5:27)
  6. No More Dreams VI (4:30)
  7. No More Dreams VII (3:34)
Review: Gothenburg's Alex Backman prefers to go by his birth year, 1991, and his output has been an important part of Opal Tapes' development over the last four years. The young producer prefers to deal in albums rather than singles, and his Skogen, Flickan Och Flaskan LP from 2012 is still very much one of our favourite from the OT camp. This new mini LP, No More Dreams, is a similar affair; taking the listener from the sparse yet mechanical sequence of Part 1, though to more desolate terrains as the album develops further, and ending up in a startling, hollow stratosphere of lonesome drones that give the term 'ambient' a new, more kinetic meaning. If you're looking for some drone with meaning, message and movement, then 1991 is the man for you.
...Read more
out of stock $17.67
Cat: OR 50. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Goodbye Horses (5:57)
  2. No One (Strange mix) (3:50)
  3. Ballet Dancer (Minimal Maneuvers mix) (4:34)
  4. The Soldier Of Pleasure (7:58)
out of stock $23.75
Cat: TRS 07. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Sophistication (2:45)
  2. Train Noir (2:16)
  3. Voltage Stomp (1:45)
  4. Crepuscule (2:29)
  5. Quadrille (1:38)
  6. Arpegiatto (1:14)
  7. Melodie Zebre (1:22)
  8. Saccades (1:45)
  9. La Chose (1:54)
  10. Ennemi Intime (3:03)
  11. Rosace 1 (1:47)
  12. Rosace 2 (2:31)
  13. Rosace 3 (3:29)
  14. Rosace 4 (3:06)
  15. Rosace 5 (2:39)
  16. Foliphonie (3:14)
  17. Marpege (3:04)
out of stock $26.36
Cat: DA 7LP. Rel: 29 Oct 18
  1. Surrender (4:17)
  2. Harbinger Of The Light (3:57)
  3. Crucify (3:59)
  4. Hex Alium (4:21)
  5. Gold & Silber (feat Perel) (4:52)
  6. Levitate (4:10)
  7. Medusa Veil (5:40)
  8. Silence In The Dark (feat Jennifer Cardini) (3:37)
  9. Talk To Me (10:22)
 in stock $19.69
Cat: SIS 002. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. Max Power (4:41)
  2. Moertel (6:55)
  3. Alle Gegen Alle (6:35)
  4. Kollektivschuld (6:56)
  5. Invasion (7:28)
  6. Urban Aftermath (6:03)
out of stock $9.84
Cat: PWORD 3. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Toltec Flying Pyramid (4:27)
  2. Nibiru Calling (4:02)
  3. Junk DNA (5:06)
  4. 7 Cycles Per Second (4:32)
  5. Heruxuti (feat Adamski) (5:12)
  6. Don't Stand Still In The Sky (5:58)
  7. Magnetron (4:04)
  8. Asteroid Belt (4:03)
  9. Psyck Satellites In Sumaria (5:24)
  10. Pharaohs From Outer Space (4:15)
out of stock $23.17
Cat: MUTEL 28. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Wild Party (12" version) (2:48)
  2. Flight (12" version) (4:18)
  3. And Then Again (12" version) (6:01)
  4. Track 4 (2:48)
  5. Forced Laugh (5:38)
  6. Wonder Y (5:37)
  7. Mickey Way (12" version) (4:52)
  8. 27 Forever (7" Version) (3:38)
  9. Won't Stop Loving You (7" Bernard Sumner mix) (3:51)
  10. Good Together (12" version) (5:08)
  11. Be What You Wanna Be (12" version) (5:02)
  12. Shack Up (7" version) (3:14)
  13. The Fox (US 12" version) (3:07)
  14. Knife Slits Water (7" version) (3:49)
  15. Si Firmir O Grido (7:06)
  16. Dirty Boy (feat Barry Adamson) (3:44)
  17. Make It Happen (2:36)
 in stock $19.41
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