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Scissor & Thread US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Scissor & Thread US
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Ghosts (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SAT 058LP. Rel: 12 Jun 23
Deep House
Sprinkles Says (3:17)
727 Anthem (House Is Black) (4:55)
Hearts Not Broken (feat Leah Lazonick) (6:37)
Pleasure Chaser (4:23)
The Beat Direct (5:05)
Love Triangle (4:54)
Ghosts (feat Leah Lazonick) (6:17)
Out From Within (5:38)
Prisoner (4:57)
At Home In Strange Places (4:59)
Resonate (6:17)
In The Valley (5:25)
Review: Scissor & Thread's fascination with the deeper end of the spectrum continues with another voyage into the murky and heady waters of house music's most cerebral sounds here with a new album, Ghosts, from Black Light Smoke. The opening cut itself is coated in a late-night mystery, a descending fog of humidity that dulls all sensations but the most intimate. Raw perc and whistles arrive to awaken the grooves of '727 Anthem (House Is Back)' while the dusty drums and lo-fi aesthetics continue on 'Hearts Not Broken" (feat Leah Lazonick), with a tender and seductive whisper at its core. Things remain warm and cuddly though out ensuing highlights like 'Out From Within'.
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 in stock $27.99
Understanding EP
Understanding EP (numbered hand-stamped 12" + insert)
Cat: SAT 059. Rel: 19 Sep 23
Minimal/Tech House
We Begin (8:57)
Understanding (5:44)
We Begin (Frank & Tony & Will long Wide Open edit) (9:53)
Review: Long time deep house explorers Frank & Tony have joined forces once more to serve up a sublime late night trip to the edges of the known universe. Their Understanding EP on home label Scissor & Thread opens with a masterfully widescreen cut in ''We Being' which has smeared cosmic pads stretching to infinity over dusty drums and amidst dreamy ambient pads. 'Understanding' is just as deep but more dubby, with fleshy low ends and more rueful, introspective pad work. The opener then gets flipped by Frank & Tony and Will Long into a Wide Open edit that is smoky and designed for zoned out late nights.
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 in stock $14.79
The Early Years
Cat: SATLTD 005. Rel: 12 Oct 22
Deep House
Elea (6:55)
Holding On (7:09)
Holy For Her (8:57)
Marigold (7:44)
Review: Francis Harris and Anthony Collins (Frank & Tony) were renowned for their house music production work with seminal New York duo Bob Moses prior to finding their own fame. Now debuting an EP for Scissor And Thread, the dubwise deep housers opt for an organic and homely sound in their sonic homage to their early days. A masterclass in melodic, ethereal house, this EP is reminiscent of the reflective, warm and broken work of Charles Webster, but it comes with a modern flair that only Frank & Tony could deliver.
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 in stock $14.26
Euston Blues
Cat: SAT 055. Rel: 31 Mar 23
Deep House
Hold On (9:56)
The Stolen Child (6:34)
Water Temple (7:18)
Lost In Place (7:18)
Review: Since 2017 Charles Field has been building up a strong presence in the club world running his own label Hardmatter and recording for the likes of Distant Hawaii. Now the London-based artist is making the move to Scissor & Thread for a four-track trip into mellifluous deep house for discerning heads. As you would expect from the label, this is an understated affair, but the grooves are rock-solid. Hushed ambient tones glide in between the crisp drum machine patter, and Field proves his Jvxta alias to be thoroughly at home on this standout imprint. Just lose yourself in the subdued folds of lead single 'Water Temple' and you'll hear exactly what we mean.
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 in stock $14.00
Too Much
Too Much (limited 12")
Cat: SAT 062. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Minimal/Tech House
Too Much (10:37)
Too Much (Francis Harris Reform) (6:41)
Too Much (Dj Aakmael remix) (8:08)
Review: The Scissor & Thread label is a deep house outlet with plenty of class. Will Young is next to add his sound to the conversation with this new 'Too Much' single. As always it is a sophisticated sound that is unhurried and artful assembled with cuddly drums and synths that lodge deep in your brain. On the B-side, it is label co-founder Francis Harris who steps up with his mix and serves up some of his usual sublime sound designs. Last of all, DJ Aakmael brings his signature smoky soul and dusty deep house depths to a gloriously heartwarming remix of his own.
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 in stock $14.79
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