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CD Album Recommendations September 2011

Juno Recommends CD Albums

Juno Recommends CD Albums

CD Album Recommendations September 2011
5 Sep 2011
Cat: JRF 0003/KAIDI. Rel: 10 Oct 12
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Don't Hide Your Love
  2. To My Surprise
  3. Dyno
  4. For All Love In Time
  5. Organic Juggernaut
Review: Back in the early noughties, talented keys-man and producer Kaidi Tatham was one of the broken beat and nu-jazz scene's principal players, a Bugz In The Attic and 2000 Black member whose musical talents saw him appear on a dizzying array of releases. This mini-album, first released in the summer of 2011 and repressed this year, sees him assume the role of West London's answer to Herbie Hancock, laying down a series of compositions that bring jazz-funk bang up to date. While the Hancock influence is most obvious on the 80s jazz-funk vibes of "Don't Have Your Love" and "To My Surprise", the great man's love of experimentation is much evident elsewhere - not least in the sunshine-bruk of "Organic Juggernaut" and flowing strings-and-pianos of "Dyno".
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Cat: INTCD 002. Rel: 29 Aug 11
  1. First Steps
  2. Light Minute
  3. Heels In Sand
  4. J24 At Sunset
  5. One Wheel Race
  6. Over The Clouds
  7. Here To There
  8. Cold Star
  9. Sky Blue Dart
  10. Time To Go
Review: Here's an interesting proposition: a debut album from a hitherto unknown American producer on Prins Thomas' globally-focussed Internasjonal imprint. To say that Oregon-based musician Tridact has little previous pedigree, it's an impressive debut. Fusing fuzzy old analogue synths (think Stereolab or vintage kraut rock) with Balearic guitar flourishes, lazy disco grooves and sprightly electronic melodies, it's a jolly and at times utterly joyful set (see "J24 at Sunset", "Cold Star" and "Over The Clouds"). While comparisons can be made with, say, fellow American nu-Balearic twiddlers Windsurf or Hatchback, there's a freshness and rhythmic urgency that was lacking on those largely super laidback affairs. Well worth a listen.

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Cat: AOS 6000. Rel: 15 Aug 11
Deep House
  1. Solely Supported
  2. Supported Solely
  3. Look Hear Watch
  4. I Come Over
  5. Ganymede
  6. You Wish
  7. Over You Too
  8. It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It
  9. Nite's Over Compton
  10. Here's Your Trance Now Dance
  11. Skynet 2 B
  12. Bobien Larkin
Review: Omar S has always been something of a maverick, but even by his own high standards, surprise second album It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It is something else. Like much of his work, it's an album of acute contrasts: tough and aggressive on one hand (the ragging acid of the opener and "Ganymede"), soft, calming and blissful on the other ("Nite's Over Comption"). Along the way, highlights are plentiful, from the heady deep house of "You Wish", sparse porno beatdown of "Look Hear Watch" and hypnotic rhythms of "Bobien Larkin", to the next generation Motor City techno of "Over You Two" and near-anthemic simplicity of "Here's Your Trance, Now Dance".

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Cat: ZENCD 172. Rel: 15 Aug 11
UK Garage
  1. Watch Me Dance
  2. Take It Back
  3. Cruise Control
  4. Cherry Picking
  5. Streets So Warm
  6. Badman Flu
  7. Body Good
  8. How Beautiful It Would Be
  9. Lovely Girl
  10. Do It Your Way
  11. Fly
  12. Watch Me Dance (DVD)
Review: Tom 'Toddla T' Bell has enjoyed a rapid rise to the higher echelons of dance music thanks to a robust sound rooted in the twin attractions of dancehall and B-more. For this second album for Ninja Tune, he seems hell bent on proving his eclectic credentials. With deviations into piano-laden, breakbeat-driven house, murky R&B, post dubstep-pop and Prince-ish sexfunk, plus collaborations with Roisin Murphy, Roots Manuva and Shola Ama, Watch Me Dance comes on like a contemporary take on Basement Jaxx - albeit with a distinct Sheffield twist (listen out for nods to Steel City bleep techno, Moloko and long-forgotten beat manglers the All Seeing I).
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Cat: MULECD 21. Rel: 15 Aug 11
Deep House
  1. A Little Deeper
  2. Acid Techno
  3. Emotion
  4. Ice 592
  5. Project 1 London
  6. Project 2 London
  7. Stuck In A Train To Berlin
  8. The Truth
  9. This Shit Is Hot Re-Scrub
  10. Train Ride To Offenbach
Review: Underground Quality's pappa bear Jus-Ed returns to the production fold with Vision Dance, a 10 track album released via Japanese imprint Mule. As well as being the first album of his to come out on a label other than his beloved UQ, it also stands out as his most accomplished work to date: gone is the raw DIY feel of "I'm Coming", replaced with sumptuous, rich, fully formed grooves like "A Little Deeper", "Emotion" ,"Ice 592", and, most impressively, "Acid Techno", suggesting the Connecticut based producer has been spending a lot of time locked away with his drum machines. Vision Dance is also clearly influenced by Ed's travels through Europe - track titles like "Project 1 London" and "Stuck In A Train To Berlin" reveal that he has broken modern DJ protocol by spending the down time between gigs being productive instead of lurking on Twitter.

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Cat: LLR 03. Rel: 08 Aug 11
  1. Into The Night
  2. Reckless (With Your Love)
  3. Tunnel Vision
  4. Indigo
  5. Lost In Time
  6. Infiniti
  7. Change Of Heart
  8. Manhooker
  9. Undecided
  10. Hungry For The Power
  11. Manic
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Cat: CT 116CD. Rel: 08 Aug 11
  1. Psychic Driving
  2. Always
  3. Voices
  4. Celestial Calls
  5. The Cold World Melts
  6. Hold My Breath
  7. Eyes Closed
  8. Pain
  9. Do You Remember?
  10. In Throes
Review: Brooklyn imprint Captured Tracks score another hit with the self titled debut album from Soft Metals. Formed of boyfriend and girlfriend Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall, there's a clear chemistry between the Portland two that transcends through to the music brilliantly on this ten track set. It would take a stern soul not to be enchanted from the moment Hall's voice rises over the hazy synthscapes conjured by Hicks on opening track "Psychic Driving". From here on in, Soft Metals revel in a sound that crosses a referential glance at East European synth wave with sly nods to cinematic references and the doctrines of Carl Sagan. Most crucial however is how the music sounds - with each track measuring Hall's voce perfectly over glistening synthwork and intricately effective drums.
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Cat: ANJCD 026. Rel: 22 Aug 11
Uplifting Trance
  1. Slow To Learn (Maor Levi club mix)
  2. Black Is The New Yellow (Protoculture remix)
  3. Perfect Day (Gareth Emery remix)
  4. Free Love (Sunny Lax remix)
  5. Good Times (Lange remix)
  6. Eternal Sequence (Jaytech remix)
  7. My Enemy (Rank 1 remix)
  8. Empire (Kyau & Albert remix)
  9. Mercy (7 Skies remix)
  10. Bliss (4 Strings remix)
  11. Perfect Day (MRSA remix)
Review: Above & Beyond's Anjunabeats label has always promoted a cultured take on trance that's as influenced by classic progressive house as the repetitive pulse and epic breakdowns that the genre is most famous for. The same could be said of Finland-based production duo Super8 and Tab, whose carefully constructed Empire full-length was one of the best trance albums of 2010. Here it gets the remix treatment, with a mix of well-known names (Lange, 4 Strings, Gareth Emery) and up-and-coming producers taking it in turns to deliver similarly melodic and blissful interpretations. While there's little evidence of out-of-the-box thinking or musical curveballs, each of the reworks provides a sympathetic, floor-friendly take that fits Anjunabeats' admirable ethos.

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Cat: 276 8195. Rel: 15 Aug 11
Drum And Bass
  1. 2808
  2. Doomsday
  3. My Eyes
  4. Guilt
  5. Fugue State
  6. Me & You
  7. Innocence
  8. In The Way
  9. Scorpions
  10. Crush On You
  11. Must Be The Feeling
  12. Reaching Out
  13. Promises
  14. Departure
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Cat: FSRCD 091. Rel: 08 Aug 11
  1. Mushroom Strut
  2. Sweetback
  3. Somewhere Finally (album version)
  4. All The People (part 1)
  5. No Rigth Turn
  6. Know No Gods
  7. I Breathe
  8. The Bone Breaker
  9. Cold Case
  10. Cecils Slide
  11. All The People (part 2)
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Cat: OPCMLTDCD 002. Rel: 08 Aug 11
  1. Bird River (Sinner DC rework)
  2. Bug Boy (The Sneekers remix)
  3. Cannibals (Musiccargo's Die Afrikanische Botschaft remix)
  4. Contemporary Emotions (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi acoustic rework)
  5. Cowboy (Nick Chacona rework)
  6. Cowboy (Vaghe Stelle rework)
  7. East West (Losoul remix)
  8. Go (Enzo Ponzio In Love remix)
  9. High Pressure Days (King & Hound re-edit)
  10. High Pressure Days (Nemesi remix)
  11. High Pressure Days (Sare Havlicek remix)
  12. I-5 (Eclipse Soul remix)
  13. I Night (Dominatrix rework)
  14. I Night (L'est rework)
  15. Life Is Good Now (Juditta rework)
  16. Life Is Good Now (Tuscania re-edit)
  17. More alike (Sare Havlicek You Spin Me Back rework)
  18. Moving Bodies (Alexander Robotnick rework)
  19. One Man (Chris Carrier rework)
  20. One Man (Premier Rang rework)
  21. Passions Of Patterns (DJ Andryu & Cloned In Vatican cosmix remix)
  22. Red (Q-Burns Abstract Message remix)
  23. Red (The Love Supreme version remix)
  24. Run (Stefny Winter rework)
  25. Straight Lines (Portable Morla feat Dubin Hood rework)
  26. That Funky Thang (Billy Bogus rework)
  27. The Mission Is Bitchin' (Mushrooms Project remix)
  28. The Right Man (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi cosmic remix)
  29. The Units (In Flagranti Trocadero Transfer mix)
  30. Tight Fit (Klein & MBO remix)
  31. Warm Moving Bodies (I-Robots remix)
  32. Warm Moving Bodies (Juditta rework)
  33. Warm Moving Bodies (Mannekin PIS remix)
  34. Warm Moving Bodies (Paine remix)
  35. We Need A Doctor's Son (Danny Ocean rework)
  36. Zombo (I-Robots rework)
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Cat: BROADCD 005. Rel: 29 Aug 11
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Polongo (feat Ku Ku)
  2. Little Better (feat Heidi Vogel)
  3. Something Simple (feat Leon Williams)
  4. Afro Spirit (feat Bumi Thomas)
  5. Afro Suchi (Bushmeat) (feat Rick BLK)
  6. So Dem Dey (feat Wanlov The Kubolor)
  7. Bobo (feat Wunmi)
  8. Move To The Light (album edit)
  9. Shoe Shine Boy (feat Ife & Nomad)
  10. Don't Talk (Afrolude)
  11. Green Concrete (feat Heidi Vogel)
  12. Manyekeni (City Of Gold) (No Trust)
  13. Niggitivty (feat Voice, Rawality & T Roy - bonus track)
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Cat: HFCOMP 003. Rel: 22 Aug 11
  1. Trancescript
  2. Murano
  3. So What!?
  4. Strikeout
  5. Skill Shot
  6. Groupie Love
  7. The Trill Acid Theme
  8. Alphabetical
  9. Fish & Chips
  10. Who Spends Money On Candygirls & Chocolate Chips?
  11. Dog In The Manger
  12. Reverberate Opinion
  13. Melorec
  14. T 2 Da C (Tribute)
  15. Da Revival
  16. ... Me Too
  17. Into The Nature
  18. Dubdope
  19. Extra Ball
  20. Acperience 1
  21. Cube
  22. Eternal Tweak (previously unreleased)
  23. Soulful Spirit
  24. Itz Not Over
  25. Hardfloor Will Survive (feat Phuture 303 - club mix)
  26. Lost In The Silver Box
  27. Devils & Donuts
  28. Frozen Spotlight
  29. Tugger
  30. Mahogany Roots
  31. Confuss
  32. TDOH (previously unreleased)
  33. Industrial Raze
out of stock $21.20
Cat: TRIANGLE 07CD. Rel: 29 Aug 11
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Welcome
  2. Apart
  3. Motion
  4. Expect
  5. Now Time
  6. Oh, Why
  7. Await
  8. Fragile Hope
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Cat: 50WEAPONSCD 03. Rel: 05 Sep 11
  1. Amor Y Ortos
  2. Ritmat
  3. Infinite Helsinki
  4. Want You To Be
  5. Interstellar Inflight Entertaiment
  6. Fizic
  7. Star Motel
  8. Less Of Me, More Of You
  9. Osu Xen
  10. Lillayster
  11. Samiska
  12. Form Over Function
Review: After truly impressing with his swerve in sonic direction across some of our favourite labels this year in Hessle, Rush Hour and 50 Weapons, the excellent Cosmin TRG deemed to grace the latter imprint with this much awaited debut album. And for anyone who dipped into the Romanian's recent output, Simulat will delight on many levels. The opening dusty strains of "Amor Y Otros" sets the standard, cleverly layering sounds and thumping rhythms in a fashion that is expansive yet cohesive, even straying down some thrilling pitch shifted dynamics. Previous 50 Weapons single "Fizic" features and its hazy melodic treatment of chords and synths is an obvious highlight, but there's plenty more on offer. "Ritmat" seemingly succeeds in marrying the rough drum skeleton of dubstep with ascendant house rhythms whilst "Want You To Be" immerses your senses in a deep fog of crackling ethereality, embellished with haunting vocals and militant kicks. Brief moments of calm are interspersed with more familiar Cosmin TRG tackle on a twelve track album that might not contain the immediate gratification of A Universal Crush, instead its real charms reveal after repeat listens.

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out of stock $12.71
  1. The Moebius
  2. Speedfreak
  3. Oolaa
  4. Desert Storm
  5. Farenheit 303
  6. Steel Cube Idolatry
  7. High Rise
  8. Chime (live)
  9. Midnight (live)
  10. Belfast
  11. I Think It's Disgusting
  12. Time Becomes
  13. Planet Of The Shapes
  14. Lush 3-1
  15. Lush 3-2
  16. Impact (The Earth Is Burning)
  17. Remind
  18. Walk Now...
  19. Monday
  20. Halcyon + On + On
  21. Input Out
  22. Forever
  23. I Wish I Had Duck Feet
  24. Sad But True
  25. Crash & Carry
  26. Science Friction
  27. Philosophy By Numbers
  28. Kein Trink Wasser
  29. Quality Seconds
  30. Are We Here?
  31. Attached
  32. The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
  33. PETROL
  34. The Box (part 1)
  35. The Box (part 2)
  36. Dwr Budr
  37. Adnan's
  38. Out There Somewhere? (part 1)
  39. Out There Somewhere? (part 2)
  40. The Saint
  41. Way Out
  42. Spare Parts Express
  43. Know Where To Run
  44. I Don't Know You People
  45. Otono
  46. Nothing Left (part 1)
  47. Nothing Left (part 2)
  48. Style
out of stock $19.07
Cat: NNF 240CD. Rel: 08 Aug 11
  1. These Days
  2. Pirate's Tale
  3. Lovecool
  4. Once Upon
  5. Honey Honey
  6. Laulan Paikse Kaes
  7. Soo High
  8. I Luv Ctrl
  9. Favourite Song (Italo interlude)
  10. Spiral
  11. Ruff Trade
out of stock $14.84
Cat: FOF 109CD. Rel: 15 Aug 11
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Big Feelings
  2. Places
  3. Anywhere But Here
  4. It Was Whatever
  5. Parties
  6. Just Us
  7. Sink
  8. I Can't See You, I'm Dead
  9. Trapped In A Burning House
  10. Get Out
  11. Your Stupid Face
  12. Seriously
  13. Same Time
out of stock $13.26
Cat: CITRUS CD005. Rel: 08 Aug 11
Drum And Bass
  1. Low Blow
  2. Voices
  3. Simple
  4. Amigo
  5. Stuck
  6. Enclosure
  7. Fugg (feat Mefjus)
  8. Temptations
  9. You & Me (State Of Mind remix)
  10. Wishes (Mindscape remix)
  11. You & Me
  12. Anti Ego
Review: Austrian drum and bass four-piece Fourward have been slowly building a reputation on the jungle scene since 2009, largely via 12" singles on Citrus, Fokuz, Audio Porn and Virus. Here they present their debut full-length, a tech-tinged collection of brain-melting D&B rollers that touches on a variety of junglist flavours. So while Fourward's default position is heavy and dark with a hint of stoned paranoia, there are also upbeat forays into piano-laden territory (the anthemic "Amigo"), Timeless-ish, Amen-laden vocal numbers ("Enclosure"), twisted dubstep ("Temptations") and snappy jungle-funk ("You & Me"). Throughout, the combination of light and dark elements is refreshingly stark.
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out of stock $10.55
Cat: MEDICD 005. Rel: 05 Sep 11
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Shiraz Airport
  2. Eurocity To Munich
  3. Take Me To The Movies, Charlotte
  4. At The Workshop
  5. Driving To Cologne
  6. Lost In Addis
  7. Techtalk In The Echo Chamber
  8. Shoegazing Muff
Review: This album from serial electronic music experimentalist Ulrich Troyer is surprising on many levels - not least that it's been released by Mala's respected Deep Medi Musik imprint. Fiercely downtempo, Songs For William sees Troyer turn his hand to dub with mesmerizing results. Troyer has previously eschewed more traditional musical forms in favour of white noise and breathtaking ambience, but here he gets the formula just right. The combination of dubstep/dub techno style atmospherics, unassuming dub rhythms, analogue pulses and soft-focus electronic melodies is judged perfectly (see the Kraftwerkin-dub vibes of "Driving To Cologne", or brilliantly titled "Shoegazing Muff"), resulting in an album that's simultaneously calming, beautiful and steadfastly otherworldly.
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out of stock $14.05
Cat: RAMP 045. Rel: 15 Aug 11
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. D2E Intro
  2. Hey Baby!!!!
  3. Diiirrrttty
  4. Shrooms
  5. I Love The 90's HipHop
  6. Crenshaw Bus
  7. One 4 DB - I See
  8. That's Fly
  9. Filith Factor 98'
  10. Leave
  11. Bobby Speak
  12. Black Dusty Radio
  13. 40 Bus
  14. 303 Vs Tell Lie Vision
  15. Peace (Saalaa)
  16. Change
  17. Crush On A Earthling
  18. Interlude
  19. Fatcat
  20. Interlude
  21. Harlem Negus Wild
out of stock $10.60
Cat: VOT 006CD. Rel: 15 Aug 11
  1. Islamic Suite
  2. Arch's Groove
  3. Malahari Raga
  4. David
  5. Japanese Love Song
  6. Minimum
  7. When I Look At You
  8. Raised Eyebrows
out of stock $15.89
Cat: MOO3 CD. Rel: 08 Aug 11
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Bridge To Truth (feat Coultrain)
  2. Easy Going (feat Dwight Trible)
  3. How We Do (Yall Know)
  4. Light Up The Darkness (feat Nassirah Nelson)
  5. Magical Light (It's Magical Like) (feat Dibiase)
  6. Move Bust, Must Go Off
  7. One Hot Round
  8. Soles Are Rising (feat Malaguti (FAME) & Jazz Mafia Horns)
  9. Love Will Be
  10. Neva Find Anotha (feat Black Spade & Dwight Trible)
  11. The Sun Also Rises (feat JimiJames, Kenny Brooks & Max Kane (FAME) & Jazz Mafia Horns)
  12. Smile Pains (Rise Above) (feat Yung Mars & Dwight Trible)
  13. Wet Knowledge (feat OneTruth, J-1 & Billy Bones)
  14. SuperFuturisticFunkalatupus (Can't Tell Me Nothin') (feat Mugpush)
out of stock $10.60
Cat: ZIQ 302CD. Rel: 08 Aug 11
  1. Rep Yo Clique (remix)
  2. Speakerz N Tonguez
  3. Uh
  4. Pop The Trunk
  5. Horns
  6. Vibe
  7. Torture Rack
  8. Decoded
  9. Down Bitch
  10. Wreckage
  11. Digimon
  12. Rep Yo Clique
  13. Burn Dat Boy
  14. Snare Fanfare
  15. Go Hard
  16. I Choose You
out of stock $15.89
Cat: BRK-104. Rel: 08 Aug 11
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. You Can Call It That (intro)
  2. Red Line Radio (feat Mission aka Raashan Ahmad & Moe Pope)
  3. Movin' On Up (feat Latyrx aka Lateef The Truth Speaker & Lyrics Born & Kat)
  4. Surgeon General (feat People Under The Stairs)
  5. The Mondays (feat Kat)
  6. Haven't You Heard? (feat Sadat X & Scienz Of Life aka John Robinson & ID 4 Winds)
  7. These Days Ahead
  8. The AM (feat Othello, Aima The Dreamer & DJ Vajra)
  9. Turn Your Radio Up (feat Mr Lif, Gift Of Gab & The Grouch)
  10. Russian River
  11. Cough Drop (feat Raashan Ahmad)
  12. The Mush (feat Moe Pope & Benzito The Village President)
  13. Truth (feat Destani Wolf & The Jazz Mafia Horns)
  14. Durty Diamonds (feat Moe Pope, Bru Lei, Very, Jern Eye, Nightclubber Lang & One Be Lo)
  15. Carpe Noctum
  16. Viles (feat Myka 9 & PEACE)
  17. Mr Incomplete (feat The Jazz Mafia Horns)
  18. Pepper's Lullabye
  19. Thanks
  20. Noddy By Nature (feat Nighty Underdogs)
  21. Nodstradamus
out of stock $15.89
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