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Vinyl Collection Two (remastered)
Vinyl Collection Two (remastered) (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 10xLP box set + book in slipcase)
Cat: 673137 9. Rel: 24 Jun 19
  1. Let's Get Rocked (LP1: Adrenalize)
  2. Heaven Is
  3. Make Love Like A Man
  4. Tonight
  5. White Lightning
  6. Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)
  7. Personal Property
  8. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?
  9. I Wanna Touch U
  10. Tear It Down
  11. Desert Song (LP2: Retroactive)
  12. Fractured Love
  13. Action
  14. Two Steps Behind (acoustic version)
  15. She's Too Tough (LP3: Retroactive)
  16. Miss You In A Heartbeat
  17. Only After Dark
  18. Ride Into The Sun
  19. From The Inside
  20. Ring Of Fire
  21. I Wanna Be Your Hero
  22. Miss You In A Heartbeat (Electric version)
  23. Two Steps Behind (Electric version)
  24. Truth? (LP4: Slang)
  25. Turn To Dust
  26. Slang
  27. All I Want Is Everything
  28. Work It Out
  29. Breathe A Sigh
  30. Deliver Me
  31. Gift Of Flesh
  32. Blood Runs Cold
  33. Where Does Love Go When It Dies
  34. Pearl Of Euphoria
  35. Demolition Man (LP5: Euphoria)
  36. Promises
  37. Back In Your Face
  38. Goodbye
  39. All Night
  40. Paper Sun
  41. It's Only Love
  42. 21st Century Sha La La La Girl (LP6: Euphoria)
  43. To Be Alive
  44. Disintegrate
  45. Guilty
  46. Day After Day
  47. Kings Of Oblivion
  48. Tonight (LP7: Rarities Volume Two - demo)
  49. When Love & Hate Collide (demo)
  50. From The Inside (bonus track)
  51. Two Steps Behind (bonus track)
  52. She's Too Tough (Joe's demo)
  53. Miss You In A Heartbeat (Phil's demo)
  54. Tonight (acoustic)
  55. SMC (bonus track)
  56. Hysteria (LP8: Rarities Volume Two - live In Germany 29/05/92)
  57. Photograph (live In Germany 29/05/92)
  58. Pour Some Sugar On Me (live In Germany 29/05/92)
  59. Let's Get Rocked (live In Germany 29/05/92)
  60. Armageddon It (live At The Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore 26/10/95)
  61. Two Steps Behind (live At The Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore 26/10/95)
  62. From The Inside (live At The Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore 26/10/95)
  63. Animal (live At The Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore 26/10/95)
  64. When Love & Hate Collide (live At The Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore 26/10/95)
  65. Pour Some Sugar On Me (live At The Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore 26/10/95)
  66. When Love & Hate Collide (LP9: Rarities Volume Three - Piano & String version)
  67. Can't Keep Away From The Flame (Japanese 'vault' - bonus track)
  68. Truth?
  69. Move With Me Slowly (bonus track)
  70. Work It Out (Viv's demo)
  71. Bringin' On The Heartbreak (live At The Molson Centre, Montreal 11/10/96)
  72. Switch 625 (live At The Molson Centre, Montreal 11/10/96)
  73. Miss You In A Heartbeat (live At The Molson Centre, Montreal 11/10/96)
  74. Work It Out (live At The Molson Centre, Montreal 11/10/96)
  75. Deliver Me (live At The Molson Centre, Montreal 11/10/96)
  76. When Saturday Comes (LP10: Rarities Volume Three - bonus track)
  77. Jimmy's Theme (bonus track)
  78. Burnout (bonus track)
  79. Immortal (bonus track)
  80. World Collide (bonus track)
  81. I Am Your Child (bonus track)
  82. Demolition Man (live At Magness Arena, Denver 09/12/99)
  83. When Love & Hate Collide (live At The Kokusai Forum Hall, Tokyo 02/10/99)
  84. Paper Sun
  85. Goodbye
coming soon $198.01
Blood On The Tracks (Ultradisc One-step)
coming soon $164.12
Flame Joyrec Joystick Recorder Module
Cat: 731957
Small compact joystick module with recording function - 8HP
Notes: The module can record the joystick movement up to a length of over a minute. The sequence remains stored in the battery-backed RAM after switching off. When playing the sequence, it can be manipulated in speed and playback direction.

There is a FREEZE function to hold the current joystick position plus an external reset input. In addition, a GATE is set during movement and a CV voltage is output as a function of the joystick movement. The ranges of the X / Y output voltages are bipolar +/- 5v or unipolar from 0 to + 10v. Both channels X and Y have a passive attenuator potentiometer, so that the voltage range can also be set lower.


- CV-Out-X: CV output X-axis bipolar or unipolar
- CV-Out-Y: CV output Y-axis bipolar or unipolar
- CV-OUT MOVE: CV output joystick movement 0..+5v
- Trigger-In: Trigger input Reset/Start
- Trigger-out: Trigger output Reset/Start signal ca. 10ms length
- Gate-ACTIVITY: Gate output joystick movement
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coming soon $153.54
The Osamu Kitajima Early Years Boxset
The Osamu Kitajima Early Years Boxset (limited numbered 5xLP + 5xCD box set)
Cat: EVERLANDPSYCH 003007. Rel: 24 Jun 19
coming soon $199.07
Korg Volca Nubass Vacuum Tube Bass Synthesiser
Cat: 732455 Rel: 01 Aug 19
Powerful bass synth with sound source based around a vacuum tube oscillator
Notes: Even today, when digital technology allows electronic musical instruments to simulate any sound imaginable, people seek the warm harmonics and distortion produced by analogue vacuum tubes. This distinctive sound has a quality beyond words that sets it apart, and cannot be captured by a response curve; it's the unmistakable sound of tubes.

The Volca Nubass is the first analogue synth to be equipped with a Nutube new-generation vacuum tube in its oscillator. Vacuum tube plus analogue means that the sound is warm, thick, and rich. The familiar transistor ladder filter gives it the character of a classic bass machine, along with overdrive, and huge-sounding distortion.

An acid bass machine for a new generation combines classic sound with the power of modern synthesizer design. It's the Volca Nubass.

A vacuum tube oscillator circuit forms the heart of Volca Nubass, utilizing groundbreaking Nutube technology:

The Nutube is equipped with two vacuum tubes; one is used in the oscillator to generate a sawtooth wave or square wave. The other vacuum tube is used in the drive circuit of the sub oscillator, adding depth and warmth one octave below the oscillator. This oscillator and sub oscillator provide a circuit structure that brings out the harmonic character that only a real vacuum tube could provide.

A transistor ladder low-pass filter that produces a distinctive sound:

The low-pass filter defines the sound of this bass machine; it uses a transistor ladder design found on classic analogue bass synths. This filter is uniquely dynamic in the way it affects a sound more than just ranging from bright-to-dark. Its wide range of timbral possibilities makes it ideal for a broad variety of dance music; you can use it to create the distinctive modulation that can be heard in acid house, or increase the resonance to bring out a sharp character that's appropriate for techno.

Analogue driver circuit:

Nubass is equipped with overdrive that uses an analogue circuit reminiscent of a classic stompbox. Turning the knob toward the right compresses the volume while causing mild distortion, adding thickness to your bass sounds. The tone knob also lets you adjust the crispness of the high-frequency range.

A 16-step sequencer that lets you automate parameters:

The Volca Nubass is equipped with a full-fledged 16-step sequencer with a variety of functionality; by using it in conjunction with a rhythm machine, you can construct rhythm tracks or loop music.

You can use the 16 buttons for step input just like the rest of the Volca series, or play the buttons as a keyboard for realtime recording. The chain function lets you play back multiple sequence patterns in succession, allowing you to loop up to 16 sequences.

Three functions to create grooves on Volca Nubass:

The sequencer of the Volca Nubass provides three functions that add the slap and slide performance techniques that are distinctive of acid bass: these transpose, accent, and slide functions are accessible and controllable through the step sequencer.

Transpose is a function that plays a note one or two octaves higher; it adds movement to the bass line while staying within the original scale. Accent emphasizes a note, creating dynamics that make the rhythm expressive. And the slide function that's indispensable to acid sound creates a smooth transition to the next note. Use these functions to add a sense of groove, and Volca Nubass will come alive in your performances and compositions.

Free bundle of music software:

The Volca Nubass comes with a diverse variety of music software from Izotope including "Ozone Elements" which lets you not only create songs but also master them using AI, "Skoove" which will help you improve your keyboard playing skills, "Reason Lite" DAW software, as well as software synths from KORG and other brands.
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coming soon $189.55
NUX PA50 Personal Monitor Guitar Amplifier
Cat: 735361 Rel: 01 Jul 19
coming soon $185.30
Woodstock: Back To The Garden: 50th Anniversary Collection
Cat: 060349 7852277. Rel: 28 Jun 19
coming soon $153.53
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