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House Masters: Charles Webster

WEBSTER, Charles/VARIOUS - House Masters: Charles Webster


House Masters: Charles Webster

Format: low-price unmixed 2xCD
Released: 27 Aug 13
Genre: Deep House
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Side 1
1. Charles Webster - "I Understand You" (original)
2. Furry Phreaks - "Soothe" (feat Terra Deva - CW 2008 mix)
3. Presence - "Better Day" (original vocal mix)
4. Charles Webster - "Look Back" (Charles Webster live mix)
5. Charles Webster - "Give Me More" (feat Shana Halligan - Charles Webster Much More mix)
6. Furry Phreaks - "Lament For A Dead Computer" (part 1 - 2013 re-edit)
7. Furry Phreaks - "Want Me (Like Water)" (feat Terra Deva - Charles Webster club mix 1 - 2013 re-edit)
8. Charles Webster - "Forget The Past" (Charles Webster Memory mix)
9. Presence - "My Baby" (Bouncing mix)
10. Furry Phreaks - "Gonna Find A Way" (2013 re-edit)
11. Presence - "Gettin Lifted" (2013 re-master)
Side 2
1. Jullian Gomes - "Love Song 28" (feat Bobby - Charles Webster live mix)
2. Charles Webster & Cathy Battistessa - "I Am The Sun" (Charles Webster 2013 recalibration)
3. Charles Webster - "I'm Falling" (Charles Webster Vibe mix)
4. Pirahnahead & Diviniti - "(Just Like) A Dream" (Charles Webster Deep Dream vocal)
5. Charles Webster - "Fantasy Situations Number 2" (Webster Full On vocal mix)
6. Black Coffee - "Crazy" (feat Thiwe - Charles Webster Crazier mix)
7. Chieko Chinbara - "Just Like Love" (feat Josh Milan - Charles Webster dub)
8. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - "Running In The Streets" (Charles Webster mix One)
9. Songstress - "See Line Woman" (Presence mix)
10. A Reminiscent Drive - "Two Sides To Every Story" (Charles Webster Love From San Francisco mix)
11. DJ Boom - "Kinda Kickin" (original mix)
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Out of stock $10.64
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His powers to thrill and surprise may have waned in recent years, but Nottingham's Charles Webster remains one of British house music's genuine legends. In the two decades since his first single appeared in stores, Webster has provided deep house heads with too many highlights to mention, under a myriad of pseudonyms (Furry Phreaks, Presence, DJ Profile, and Love From San Francisco being the best-known). Using new re-edits, unreleased remixes and unheard exclusives, this edition of Defected's House Masters series charts his impressive career to date, mixing the familiar ("I Understand You", "Want Me (Like Water)", "Better Day"), with lesser-known fare (including, surprisingly, Webster's superb but overlooked remix of A Reminiscent Drive's "2 Sides to Every Story").

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