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EP 1
EP 1 (12")
Cat: DFTD 556.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. CamelPhat & Ali Love - "Dopamine Machine" (club mix)
  2. OFFAIAH - "Work It Out" (club mix)
  3. Josh Butler - "Feels Good" (feat HanLei - extended mix)
  4. David Penn - "Nobody" (club mix)
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Cat: 250696 Rel: 09 Jan 07
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House Masters: DJ Chus (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 16CD. Rel: 26 Apr 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Kevin Saunderson - "Future" (feat Inner City - DJ Chus In Stereo mix)
  2. Franky Rizardo - "Caracoles" (DJ Chus Iberican mix)
  3. Reboot - "Enjoy Music" (DJ Chus 2012 re-edit)
  4. Raul Rincon presents Negropolis Children - "Lumumba" (DJ Chus Muchodrums mix)
  5. Ralphi Rosario - "You Used To Hold Me" (feat Xaveria Gold - DJ Chus & David Penn 2012 mix)
  6. DJ Chus & David Penn - "Libres Para Siempre" (feat Cevin Fisher - original mix)
  7. David Penn - "Ocean Drive (Open Your Mind)" (feat Monia Amore - Dj Chus & Abel Ramos Iberican mix)
  8. Glamsta - "In De Guetto 2012" (feat Candela - DJ Chus club mix)
  9. Copyright - "Story Of My Life" (feat Imaani - DJ Chus & David Penn remix)
  10. Abel Ramos - "Dream Come True" (feat Erire - DJ Chus & David Penn Iberican remix)
  11. DJ Chus & Rob Mirage - "Back 2 NY" (original stereo mix)
  12. DJ Chus presents The Groove Foundation - "That Feeling" (De Poniente mix - remastered)
  13. DJ Chus & Joeski - "El Amor" (original mix - remastered)
  14. Brick City - "Rumba Magic" (DJ Chus & David Herrero mix)
  15. Intruder (A Murk Production) - "Amame" (feat Jei - DJ Chus re-groove edit)
  16. DJ Chus & Oliver Moldan - "U Got 2 Have It" (DJ Chus 2012 re-edit - remastered)
  17. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - "Canoa" (DJ Chus & David Herrero Balearica mix)
  18. DJ Chus & Patrick M - "Estela" (DJ Chus In stereo dub mix)
  19. DJ Chus & Supernova - "Carnavalesco" (original In Stereo mix)
  20. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Dreams" (feat Haze - DJ Chus & Pablo Ceballos club mix - remastered)
Review: It's been nearly 20 years since Madrid-based darkroom tribalist DJ Chus dropped his first 12". The time seems perfect for a career retrospective then, with mainstream clubbing behemoth Defected duly obliging. House Masters is a suitably hefty two-disc selection of his finest productions and remixes, which should have a feeling of familiarity to those that. have followed the career trajectory of DJ Chus.. Expect sweaty, percussion-heavy workouts that sit somewhere between the shirts-off pump of golden era Tenaglia and the handbag-friendly soulfulness of classic Defected releases. It's arguably the "Iberican" phase stuff (circa 2000-2005) that stands out, though there's plenty of newer material that also passes muster - most notably a near-anthemic remix of Kevin Saunderson's most recent Inner City outing.
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Cat: ITH 73LP. Rel: 27 Oct 17
Funky/Club House
  1. 4th Measure Men - "4 You" (DJ Steaw remix) (6:27)
  2. Deadboy - "Never Felt" (5:53)
  3. NY Hous'n Authority - "APT 2A" (Hugo Massien rework) (5:37)
  4. Jordan (UK) - "Apogee" (6:48)
  5. Ejeca - "Firework" (5:12)
  6. Djaimin - "Open The Door" (DJ Octopus mix) (6:42)
  7. The Utopia Project - "File 3" (Mak & Pasteman remix) (4:54)
  8. Innershades - "Love At First Sight" (5:43)
Review: Given his dedication to party-starting house and techno jams shot through with the warehouse-friendly sounds of the late '80s and early '90s, you'd expect this double-disc In The House mix from Unknown to the Unknown boss DJ Haus to be a riotous, energy-packed affair. It is, of course, with the experienced DJ/producer gleefully joining the dots between original rave-era fare and contemporary retro-futurist gems that pay tribute to piano house, early US garage, classic Italian house and Chicago jack. Both mixes bristle with ear-catching riffs, big builds and colossal drops, with highlights coming thick and fast. As a result, we'd argue that DJ Haus has delivered one of the best In The House mixes to date.
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Cat: 826194 377823. Rel: 03 Nov 17
Deep House
  1. Paris Brightledge & Marlon Hoffstadt - "Forgive You"
  2. Mall Grab - "Pool Party Music"
  3. DJ Haus - "C'mon Letz Work"
  4. Redlight - "City Jams"
  5. X-Coast - "Mango Bay"
  6. Dj Octopus - "Bug Lady"
  7. Fells Point - "Side Street"
  8. Djaimin - "Open The Door" (DJ Octopus mix)
  9. Inner Sense - "MOTP"
  10. Nyra - "Sisco Visco"
  11. Casio Royale - "Hell House"
  12. Ejeca - "Firework"
  13. Steve Murphy - "Automatic"
  14. Deadboy - "Never Felt"
  15. DJ Haus - "Another Place"
  16. Justin Cudmore - "Forget It"
  17. Innershades - "Love At First Sight"
  18. Roman Flugel - "Church Of Dork"
  19. Person Of Interest - "Pompano Aci"
  20. DJ Boring - "Winona"
  21. 4th Measure Men - "4 You" (DJ Steaw remix)
  22. Project Pablo - "No Rush"
  23. Secondo - "Gilbert"
  24. Mele - "Scouse Afrika"
  25. Butch - "No Worries"
  26. Big Miz - "The Bomb"
  27. L-Vis 1990 - "Flash Drive"
  28. Jordan (UK) - "Apogee"
  29. NY House'n Authority - "APT 2A" (Hugo Massien rework)
  30. Robert Armani - "Fourty Nine"
  31. FRAK - "Synthfrilla"
  32. Hugo Massien - "Swerve 2"
  33. And ID - "Retroflection"
  34. Henrik Schwarz - "Not You Also"
  35. The Utopia Project - "File #3" (Mak & Pasteman remix)
  36. LA-4A - "Understand"
  37. Matrixxman - "The Spell"
  38. Italojohnson - "07A1" (Floorplan remix)
  39. Beesmunt Soundsystem - "Amsterdam 808"
  40. SONS - "Acid Dreams" (Trance Jungle mix)
Review: Given his dedication to party-starting house and techno jams shot through with the warehouse-friendly sounds of the late '80s and early '90s, you'd expect this double-disc In The House mix from Unknown to the Unknown boss DJ Haus to be a riotous, energy-packed affair. It is, of course, with the experienced DJ/producer gleefully joining the dots between original rave-era fare and contemporary retro-futurist gems that pay tribute to piano house, early US garage, classic Italian house and Chicago jack. Both mixes bristle with ear-catching riffs, big builds and colossal drops, with highlights coming thick and fast. As a result, we'd argue that DJ Haus has delivered one of the best In The House mixes to date.
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Played by: Luke Solomon
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House Masters (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 07CD. Rel: 19 Feb 10
Funky/Club House
  1. The Braxton's - "The Boss" (MAW remix)
  2. Masters At Work - "I Can't Get No Sleep" (feat India - Ken Lou 12" mix)
  3. Bebe Winans - "Thank You" (MAW 12" mix)
  4. Nuyorican Soul - "The Nervous Track"
  5. Ruffneck - "Everybody Be Somebody" (feat Yavahn)
  6. Masters At Work - "The Ha Dance" (Ken Lou mix)
  7. Kenny Dope - "Brazilica"
  8. Kim English - "Nitelife" (MAW Nite mix)
  9. Mishal Moore - "Oh Lord" (Kenny Dope remix)
  10. Total Ka-os - "Something Old School"
  11. The Brand New Heavies - "I Don't Know Why I Love You" (Kenny Dope remix)
  12. Sunkids - "Rescue Me" (feat Chance - MAW Magic Sessions mix)
  13. Black Magic - "Let It Go" (Ken Lou mix)
  14. DJ Gregory - "Tropical Soundclash" (K-Dope remix)
  15. Master At Work - "When You Touch Me" (feat India - MAW remix)
  16. Todd Terry All Stars - "Get Down" (feat Kenny Dope, DJ Sneak, Terry Hunter & Tara McDonald)
  17. Wahoo - "Make Em Shake It" (Kenny Dope remix)
  18. Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter present Mass Destruction - "No Hook"
  19. The Untouchables - "Dance To The Rhtyhm"
  20. Manzel - "It's Over Now" (MAW remix)
Played by: Jesse
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Cat: 826194 345822. Rel: 25 Nov 16
  1. Joyce Sims - "Come Into My Life" (club version)
  2. Lenny White - "Didn't Know About Love (Til I Found You)"
  3. Mahogany - "Ride On The Rhythm"
  4. Bridge - "Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back" (Extended vocal version)
  5. NYC Peech Boys - "Don't Make Me Wait"
  6. Lorry Wu - "Let Me Show You" (Long vocal version)
  7. Sybil Thomas - "Rescue Me"
  8. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Ooh I Love It (Love Break)"
  9. Sebastien Tellier - "Kilometer" (A-Trak remix)
  10. Local Options - "Plus One"
  11. NY's Finest - "Do You Feel Me" (City Soul Project club mix)
  12. Soft Rocks/Kings Of Tomorrow - "Talking Jungle/So Alive" (Justin Vandervolgen remix/acapella)
  13. Eli Escobar - "Happiness" (part 2)
  14. Code 718/Blaze - "Equinox/My Beat" (feat Palmer Brown Henrik Schwarz remix)
  15. Loleatta Holloway - "Love Sensation" (Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Classic re-edit)
  16. Chic/Cevin Fisher - "Everybody Dance/The Way We Used To" (12" mix/accapella)
  17. First Choice - "Doctor Love" (Kerris Lost mix)
  18. Kelly Charles - "You're No Good For Me"
  19. Fallout - "The Morning After" (Purple Disco Machine re-work)
  20. Soft House Company - "What U Need"
  21. Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz - "The Way You Love Me" (feat Marc Evans)
  22. Johnny D & Nicky P - "Reach 4 The Sky" (Henry St mix)
  23. RIP Productions - "She's Got"
  24. Ashford & Simpson - "Found A Cure" (A Tom Moulton mix)
  25. Lapsley - "Operator" (DJ Koze 12 inch extended disco version)
  26. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "Set It Out" (Plaster Hands version)
  27. Soul Clap - "Shine (This Is It)" (feat Nona Hendryx)
  28. Sandy Rivera - "Come Into My Room" (feat LT BrownTake It Back mix)
  29. Johnny Corporate - "Sunday Shoutin" (B Boys Shouting dub)
  30. Michelle Weeks - "The Light"
  31. Carolyn Harding & Damon Horton - "Sing-A-Song" (Masters At Works High vocal mix)
  32. Amira - "Walk" (Mousse T Full vocal)
  33. Sonny Fodera - "Feeling U" (feat Yasmin David Morales remix)
  34. Lykke Li - "Dance, Dance, Dance"
Review: Defected's Glitterbox parties helped bring a serious dose of disco to the White Isle during the summer of 2016. To round off another successful year, Defected boss Simon Dunmore has decided to serve up a two-disc mix "For Your Disco Pleasure". Effectively, it's a soulful, action-packed exercise in joining the dots between the past and the present, with original '70s and '80s cuts being interspersed with contemporary nu-disco and disco house productions. Dunmore gets a good balance between the well known and obscure (Mahogani's underground boogie classic "Ride On The Rhythm", Kelly Charles' piano-heavy U.S garage classic "You're No Good For Me"), while mixing in killer contemporary cuts by the likes of Purple Disco Machine, Soul Clap and Eli Escobar.
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Cat: 082619 4330125. Rel: 13 May 16
  1. Teena Marie - "I Need Your Lovin'"
  2. Brenda Taylor - "You Can't Have Your Cake & Eat It Too" (vocal)
  3. Attitude - "Love Me Tonight"
  4. Glass - "Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat"
  5. Onsulade - "Dionne"
  6. Luke Solomon - "Everybody Dance"
  7. Fusion Groove Orchestra - "If Only I Could" (feat Steeve Lucas - Liem remix)
  8. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Seconds" (feat Loleatta Holloway)
  9. Trussel - "Love Injection"
  10. Donna Summer - "Spring Affair"
  11. Tata Vega - "Get It Up For Love"
  12. Rufus & Chaka Khan - "Do You Love What You Feel"
  13. The Whispers - "keep On Lovin' Me"
  14. Skyy - "Show Me The Way"
  15. Surface - "Falling In Love"
  16. Starpoint - "Bring Your Sweet Lovin' Back"
  17. The Sequence - "Funk You Up"
  18. Den E King - "Music Trance"
  19. Gwen McCrae - "Funky Sensation"
  20. The Jammers - "What Have You Got To Lose"
  21. Skyy - "Here's To You"
  22. Shuya Okini - "Still In Love" (feat Navasha Daya - DJ Spen remix long version)
  23. Hardsoul - "Back Together" (feat Ron Carroll - Main Classic mix)
  24. Louie Vega & Jay Sinister Sealee starring Julie McKnight - "Diamond Life" (Dance Ritual mix)
  25. Carl Bean/Blaze - "I Was Born This Way/Do You Remember House" (feat Palmer Brown - acapella)
  26. Carrie Lucas - "Dance With You"
  27. Bombers - "(Everybody) Get Dancin'"
  28. Marc Evans - "The Way You Love Me" (Dim TSOP version - Dimitri From Paris House Of Disco Retouch)
  29. Mijan - "Alright" (95 North Unreleased remix)
  30. Oh Yeah - "Nothing But The Beat" (Hot Toddy vocal mix)
  31. Fallout - "The Morning After" (Purple Disco Machine rework)
  32. Konstantin Sibold/Tim Deluxe - "Dome/Jass" (acapella)
  33. Bunny Mack - "Let Me Love You" (DJ Gregory remix)
  34. The Dangerfeel Newbies - "What Am I Here For?" (origina NDATL vocal - Danny Krivit edit)
  35. Chaka Kenn & Kenny Summit - "Cold Blooded"
  36. Alaia & Gallo - "Who Is He?" (feat Kevin Haden)
  37. King Unique - "Love Is What You Need (Look Ahead)" (Knee Deep Classic club mix)
Review: Launched last year, Glitterbox is Defected's Ibiza party dedicated to joining the dots between disco, boogie and house. That's what you get on this year's obligatory tie-in compilation, which sees label boss Simon Dunmore take the reins once more. Disco, boogie, '80s soul and electrofunk are the order of the day on disc one, with Dunmore smoothly moving between superbly synth-heavy cuts from Surface, Brenda Taylor, Tata Vega and Rufus & Chaka Khan. The second CD starts in similar fashion, before veering off towards soulful house territory, and a selection of scorching cuts and remixes from the likes of Louie Vega, Marc Evans, Hot Toddy, Danny Krivit, Dimitri From Paris, Hardsoul and Blaze.
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Glitterbox: Love Injection (mixed 2xCD + booklet)
Cat: DGLIB 09CD. Rel: 23 Feb 18
  1. Change - "Searching"
  2. Gwen Guthrie - "It Should Have Been You" (12" single mix)
  3. Melba Moore - "Mind Up Tonight"
  4. Alton McClain & Destiny - "It Must Be Love"
  5. BB Boogie - "Swearing & Shaking (On The Dance Floor)"
  6. Rapson - "Heat" (OPOLOPO remix)
  7. Hot Toddy/DJ Chus Presents Groove Foundation - "In The Genes/That Feeling" (acappella)
  8. Angelo Ferreri/Nick Curly - "The Real Ghetto/Between" (extended mix - acappella)
  9. Julio Bashmore - "Rhythm Of Auld" (feat J Danna)
  10. Detroit's Filthiest - "Handprint" (feat Amina Ya Heard - instrumental)
  11. Montana Sextet - "Who Needs Enemies (With A Friend Like You)" (feat Nadiyah - club version)
  12. Kathy Brown - "You Give Good Love" (DnA Funky Bass mix)
  13. The Emotions - "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love"
  14. Sophie Lloyd - "Calling Out" (feat Dames Brown)
  15. David Harness - "We Got It"
  16. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "Love For Days" (feat Karen Harding - Kenny Dope mix)
  17. Reboot - "The Frenchie Thing"
  18. The Joi-Fuhl - "Don't You Worry" (feat ShezAr - B Spen & Reelsoul Believe dub)
  19. Jomanda - "Got A Love For You" (Hurley House mix)
  20. Sylvester - "Dance (Disco Heat)" (Louie Vega Re-touch main mix)
  21. Reverendos Of Soul - "So Special" (Micky More & Andy Tee edit)
  22. Folamour - "Devoted To U"
  23. The Originals - "Down To Love Town" (long version)
  24. Urban Blues Project Present Michael Procter - "Love Don't Live" (Vibe mix)
  25. Daryl Hall & John Oates - "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" (extended club mix)
  26. Sisy Ey - "Restless" (Crazy P extended vocal mix)
  27. Midland/Bongoloverz - "Double Feature/Power Of Music" (feat An Tonic - acappella)
  28. Gerd Janson & Shan - "Surrender"
  29. Ruffneck - "Everybody Be Somebody" (feat Yavahn)
  30. Barbara Tucker - "Think About It" (Spen & Thommy Summer Of dub mix)
  31. KiNK/Eli Escobar - "Perth/Handz Up" (acappella)
  32. Marc Evans - "Given Me Joy" (Muthafunkaz 12" mix)
  33. CeCe Rogers - "Someday" (club mix)
  34. Womack & Womack - "Teardrops" (extended remix)
  35. Shirley Lites - "Heat You Up (Melt You Down)" (2012 Remaster)
  36. Shakedown - "At Night (Shakedown's Galactic Boogie)"
  37. CamelPhat & Elderbrook - "Cola" (Mousse T Glitterbox mix)
  38. Klement Bonelli/Mike Dunn & The MD X-Spress - "Henry's Way/Deep Down (The Underground)" (acappella)
  39. John Julius Knight - "Larry's Jam" (Cleptomaniacs mix)
  40. J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - "Go To Work" (feat The Pimps Of Joytime - Hot Toddy remix)
  41. 95 North/Mike Dunn & The MD X-Spress - "Let Me Tell Ya/Git Cho House On (Children)" (acappella)
  42. Luke Solomon - "Light You Up" (feat Queen Rose & Amy Douglas)
  43. Paul Johnson - "Follow This Beat" (re-edit)
Review: Defected boss Simon Dunmore has always been a smart cookie, so it's little surprise that he established the Glitterbox brand a couple of years back to represent the more disco-fied end of the dance music spectrum. Here, the Defected chief dons a pair of headphones and mixes up two discs rich in celebratory, feel-good workouts. Dunmore's selections are on-point throughout and take in classic disco and boogie (Change, Shirley Lites, the Originals), contemporary disco-fired workouts (Purple Disco Machine, BB Boogie's brilliant "Sweating and Shaking"), cheery disco-house anthems (95 North, Reverendos of Soul) and all-out peak-time house gems (see the contributions from Eli Escobar, KiNK and Dj Chus and the Groove Foundation). Highlights are plentiful throughout, though it's hard to beat Louie Vega's sublime rework of Sylvester's "Dance".
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Cat: DFTD 542. Rel: 20 Jun 18
Deep House
  1. Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough (4:46)
  2. Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough (instrumental) (4:48)
Played by: Luke Solomon
 in stock $8.71
Cat: ITH 76EP. Rel: 23 Jul 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Mele & Shovell - "Pasilda" (6:41)
  2. Mele - "Tribal Harmonix" (5:38)
  3. Mele - "Brooklyn Bounce" (6:44)
  4. Joe Corti - "Dancing Mist" (6:35)
Review: Merseyside's tribal house hero Mele will deliver the next instalment in Defected's In The House series, with this four-track preview showcasing his trademark percussive sound. All three of these original productions are included in this mix. With live percussion from Shovell, the cover of latin house anthem "Pasilda" by Afro Warrior is truly respectful - a wonderful rework for dancefloors in 2018. Speaking of the turn of the millennium, "Brooklyn Bounce" is Mele's tribute to the seminal sounds of Danny Tenaglia - back in the day when he was caning those legendary tribal house sounds at Twilo. There's an exclusive from Joe Corti too, on the deep groove of "Dancing Mist" demonstrating what's to come from the compilation.
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 in stock $10.63
Cat: 826194 395926. Rel: 13 Jul 18
Funky/Club House
  1. Mousse T - "Horny" (instrumental) (0:30)
  2. CamelPhat & Elderbrook - "Cola" (Mousse T Glitterbox mix) (0:30)
  3. Mousse T - "Rock The Mic" (feat TAZ & Inaya Day) (0:30)
  4. Byron Stingily - "Get Up (Everybody)" (Mousse T extended mix) (0:30)
  5. Nuyorican Soul - "Runaway" (Mousse T Soul dub) (0:30)
  6. Ann Nesby - "Can I Get A Witness" (Mousse T Funk 2000 mix) (0:30)
  7. Urban Blues Project & Jay Williams - "Testify" (Mousse T Test-A-dub) (0:30)
  8. Mousse T - "Teef" (0:30)
  9. First Choice - "The Player" (Mousse T & Boris Dlugosch Classic 12") (0:30)
  10. Marcia Hines - "Give It All You Got" (Mousse T Dangerous dub) (0:30)
  11. Bootsy Collins - "The Mothership" (0:30)
  12. Shakedown - "At Night" (Mousse T Feel Much Better mix) (0:30)
  13. Moloko - "Sing It Back" (Mousse T Feel Love mix) (0:30)
  14. Mousse T - "Ooh Song" (0:30)
  15. Steve 'Silk' Hurley - "The Word Is Love" (feat Sharon Pass - Mousse T Kinda Deep mix) (0:30)
  16. Big Moses - "Brighter Days" (feat Kenny Bobien - Mousse T Fierce vocal mix) (0:30)
  17. Amira - "Walk" (Mousse T Full vocal mix) (0:30)
  18. Boris Dlugosch Presents Booom! - "Hold Your Head Up High" (Club mix) (0:30)
  19. Selected Works - "Uncle Sam" (Mousse T Disco Sensation) (0:30)
  20. Darryl James & David Anthony - "You Make Me Happy" (Mousse T monotone Acid mix) (0:30)
  21. FCL - "It's You" (Mousse T Discotronic mix) (0:30)
  22. Mousse T - "Brother On The Run" (0:30)
Played by: Jesse
 in stock $11.72
Cat: DFTD 550. Rel: 12 Sep 18
Funky/Club House
  1. So Hooked On Your Lovin (Love club mix) (5:57)
  2. So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T Disco Shizzle) (6:36)
  3. So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T dubby Shizzle) (5:15)
 in stock $9.54
Cat: DFTD 050X. Rel: 23 Jul 18
  1. At Night (Peggy Gou Acid Journey remix) (7:10)
  2. At Night (Tiger & Woods remix) (7:10)
  3. At Night (Purple Disco Machine remix) (7:10)
  4. At Night (Shakedown Galactic Boogie) (6:50)
Review: Return to 2001: Swiss brothers Shakedown drop an iconic house anthem that debunked the standard XXL funk du jour with a much spacier, synth-based 80s boogie sound. Still relevant and heavily played, Defected have commissioned three on-point artists for the 2018 contemporisations: Peggy Gou gets her acid tweaks on, Tiger & Woods pitch down the vocal and dust off the Street Sounds electroid feel and Purple Disco Machine cooks up an unapologetic funked up house jam that wouldn't have gone amiss on Classic back in the day. For good measure Shakedown return with their own signature Galactic Boogie version that pumps with strong Moroder tendencies. Good night.
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 in stock $9.54
Cat: 082619 4318222. Rel: 29 Sep 15
Funky/Club House
  1. Sisy Ey - "Do It Good"
  2. Janet Rushmore - "Joy" (Sonny Fodera deep mix)
  3. Lowheads - "Morphrhodes"
  4. Konstantin Sibold - "Dome"
  5. Art Of Tones - "Call The Shots" (feat Jaw - Fred Everything Lazy VOX)
  6. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Fade II Black" (original mix)
  7. Gershon Jackson - "Love Desire" (Mike Dunn Blackball Love mixx)
  8. Click Click - "The Muzik Box"
  9. Tommy Bones - "Get Down" (remix)
  10. Shit Robot - "Where It's At" (feat Reggie Watts - Johnny AUX remix)
  11. Bicep/Kings Of Tomorrow - "Just + So Live" (accapella)
  12. DJ W!ld - "All About You"
  13. Copyright - "Be Together" (feat Andre Espeut)
  14. Dyone - "Only Love Can Set U-Free" (Bicep remix)
  15. Tim Deluxe - "Feelings" (club mix)
  16. Onsra - "Funky Town"
  17. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "LOVE"
  18. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Burn So Deep" (feat April - Sandy disco burn)
  19. Larse - "So Long" (Noir remix)
  20. Josh Butler - "The Essence Of House Music" (feat Lono Brazil - Dario D Attis remix)
  21. Chevalier - "Double Dealin'"
  22. Sonny Fodera - "Roll With Me" (feat Kwame)
  23. Riva Starr - "The Loft" (feat Dajae - original mix)
  24. Antotr - "Stop The Music"
  25. Will Clarke - "Spandex" (feat Rhea)
  26. Dusky - "Skin Deep"
  27. John Tejada - "Sweat (On The Walls)" (Sebo K remix)
  28. The Juan Maclean - "A Simple Design" (Deetron remix)
  29. Little By Little - "Kick It Up"
  30. Anotr/Riva Starr - "Strobe & In Da House Tonight" (feat DJ Sneak/accapella)
  31. Seven Davis Jr - "Friends" (Detroit Swindle Friends On Acid remix)
  32. Sidney Charles - "Controoler"
  33. Switch - "Get On Downz"
  34. PBR Streetgang/Krankbrother - "Whiplash + One Eyed Jack's" (accapella)
  35. Mari Cruz - "Little Thing" (Doorly remix)
  36. Paride Saraceni - "Dissolute" (original mix)
  37. Filthy Rich - "Rendezvous" (Nathan Barato remix)
  38. Gershon Jackson - "Take It Easy" (Mike Dunn Blackball Ezee mixx)
  39. Oscar G & Lazaro Casanova present Futro - "You Stole My Heart" (feat Dawn Tallman - Futro vocal)
  40. (A)pendics Shuffle - "Heavy Burdens High" (feat Blankkat - Velvet Elvis Late Night Loco mix)
  41. Ben Westbeech - "Falling" (Deetron Acid remix dub)
  42. Kink - "Diversion"
  43. Emanuel Satie - "Farewell"
Review: Year-on-year, the Amsterdam Dance Event is getting bigger. Essentially a weeklong excuse to attend as many parties as possible (albeit with a worthy conference attached), 'ADE' is now an essential part of the international dance music calendar. Its' rising prominence is reflected in Defected's decision to release a celebratory compilation. In The House Amsterdam 2015 does a good job in that regard, smoothly moving between deep, soulful, big room and tech-tinged house across three mixed discs. There are plenty of contributions from Dutch talents - multiple remixes from Detroit Swindle, in particular - amongst other headline cuts from the likes of Art of Tones, Dusky, Kink and Seven Davis Jnr. Pleasingly, there's also another chance to enjoy Switch's 2004 classic "Get On Downz".
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Played by: Davina
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Defected Ibiza 2018 (mixed 3xCD)
Cat: ITH 77CD. Rel: 25 May 18
Funky/Club House
  1. Human Movement - "Run It By Me" (feat Eliot Porter - extended version)
  2. Daniel Leseman - "Ease The Pain" (extended mix)
  3. Tiefschwarz - "Corporate Butcher" (Feat. Mama - Solomun remix)
  4. Dario D'Attis & Definition - "Dreamcatcher" (feat Jinadu)
  5. Chez Moom - "Midnight Love" (Rocco Rodamaal Deep mix)
  6. Abyssoul - "Words" (feat Sio - Yoruba Soul mix)
  7. Do Moon - "Komare" (feat Klow Dy - David Montoya remix)
  8. Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham - "Powder" (Jimpster remix)
  9. Fish Go Deep - "Don't Need Me"
  10. Royal-T - "Feelings" (extended mix)
  11. Honey Dijon & Tim K - "Thunda" (Feat. John Mendelsohn - Rampa remix)
  12. Una - "Soul Underground 2018" (BITS vocal mix)
  13. Mulya/Marvin - "Full Intention/Beating Drum" (acappella)
  14. Nathan Haines - "Earth Is The Place" (feat Verna Francis Rocco Rodamaal Deep mix)
  15. Luke Solomon - "Light You Up" (feat Queen Rose & Amy Douglas - Louie Vega remix)
  16. Cody Currie - "Never Alone" (extended mix)
  17. Qubiko & K-909 - "These Days"
  18. Martin Badder - "See It Through My Eyes" (extended mix)
  19. Fred Everything - "Searching" (feat Jindau - Deetron remix)
  20. Sabb - "Jeopardized"
  21. Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic - "In Arms" (extended mix)
  22. Dario D'Attis - "The Good Old Days" (dub)
  23. Jamie 326 & Masalo - "Testify" (Terrence Parker remix)
  24. Noelle/John 'Julius' Knight & Roland Clark - "Everything/This Is House (This House-A-Pella)" (Timmy Regisfords Re-touch)
  25. Shakedown - "At Night" (Purple Disco Machine extended remix)
  26. Frank Rizardo/Eli Escobar - "Heater/Handz Up" (Accpella)
  27. Vjuan Allure - "Reclaiming My Beatz"
  28. Joss Moog - "Room 28"
  29. Qubiko - "I C U"
  30. Procight - "Elementray"
  31. DJ John 'Julius' Knight - "Find A Friend" (Angelo Ferreri extended Disco mix)
  32. Dennis Ferrer - "Undergoind Is My Home" (feat Tryone Ellis)
  33. Sisy Ey - "Restless" (Crazy P extended vocal mix)
  34. Sophie Lloyd - "Calling Out" (feat Dames Brown - Floorplan extended Revival mix)
  35. Geggy Gou - "It Makes You Forget (Itehane)"
  36. Jesse Perez Vs DJ Mind - "Never Talk To Aliens"
  37. Ekambi Brillant - "Afrika Afrika" (John Talabot & Pional Lost Scrips Rerub)
  38. Lee Curtiss - "Erotic Tendencies" (feat Desmond 'DSP' Power - extended club mix)
  39. Soul Clap - "Misty" (feat Robert Owens - Rocco Rodamaal Deep mix)
  40. Stefano Ritteri - "A Different Happiness"
  41. Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver - "Play The Game" (Dario D'Atttis extended remix)
  42. Nona Hendry & Soul Clap - "I Feel Joy (Feel The Spirit)"
  43. Demajor - "Traveller" (feat Lizwi - Kususa & Quetornik remix)
  44. Peppe Citarella - "Moyubba" (feat Cristians Afrotronic - Wolf Story remix)
  45. Massimo Lippoli - "Let It Ride" (Dario D'Attis remix)
  46. Full Intention - "Simply Living"
  47. Lorenz Rhode/Mattei & Omich - "Xpandau/Roots" (feat Ella - acappella)
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Defected Miami 2018 (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: ITH 75CD. Rel: 09 Mar 18
Funky/Club House
  1. Detroit's Filthiest - "Handprint" (feat Amina Ya Heard - Aeroplane remix)
  2. Jad & The - "Stings That Never Win"
  3. Folamour - "Ivoire"
  4. Big Miz - "Our House"
  5. Riton & Kah-lo - "Fake ID"
  6. Sam Divine * Cassim - "What God Has Chosen"
  7. Ejeca - "Firework"
  8. Angelo Ferreri - "Want To Say"
  9. Chrissy - "Back In Time" (feat Miles Bonny - Crackzat extended remix)
  10. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Faded" (feat Kandane Springs - Sandy Rivera Classic mix)
  11. Marquis Hawkes - "The Phoenix Part Two" (+ Josh Butler - Be Somebody - feat Boswell- acappella)
  12. Vladimir Cauchemar - "Aulos" (club mix)
  13. Michael Calfan - "On You" (club mix)
  14. Cratebug - "Melondrop" (Chicago mix + Honey Dijon & Tim K- Look Ahead feat Sam Sparro - acappella)
  15. Sophie Lloyd - "Calling Out"
  16. Mattei & Imich - "God Make Me Phunky" (feat Ella - The Foft mix)
  17. Filta Freqz - "Master Blaster"
  18. Rapson - "Heat" (feat Nathan Thomas - Scott Diaz remix)
  19. John Tejada - "Sweat (On The Walls)" (Laolu remix)
  20. Clapton - "In The Night" (feat Ben Duffy)
  21. Stefano Ranieri - "Less Talk"
  22. Mella Dee - "Techno Disco Tool"
  23. Patrick Topping - "Be Sharp Say Nowt"
  24. Illyus & Barrientos - "So Serious"
  25. Solardo - "Fall Down" (MR remix)
  26. Rocco - "Someday" (Summer Duck mix)
  27. Eli Scobar - "The People"
  28. Jesse Perez Vs DJ Mind X - "Never Talk To Aliens"
  29. Mak & Pasteman - "I Need U"
  30. Lorenz Rhode - "And I Said" (K.98 Rubbadub mix- +james Curd - Now I Believe - feat. Shaun J Wright - acappella)
Review: Since most of us don't get to spend a week partying in the South Beach sunshine, Defected's annual Miami-themed compilations are a godsend for DJs who are keen to stay ahead of the game. As with previous instalments, this year's edition features two mixed discs of tracks that Defected boss Simon Dunmore thinks will do this business in the months ahead. Naturally, there's plenty of slammers from Dunmore's stable of labels (see Ejeca's "Firework", the gospel disco/house fusion of Sophie Lloyd's "Calling Out", the Filter Freqs' party-starting hip-house jam "Master Blaster" and Mak and Pasteman's "I Need U"), alongside hotly-tipped cuts from the Hot Creations crew, Edinburgh jacking house merchants Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and Warners' dance imprint One More Tune.
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 in stock $10.35
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