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Defected In The House Croatia
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Cat: ITH 66CD. Rel: 18 Jul 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Kings Of Tomorrow - "The Session" (Ghetto mix)
  2. Chez Damier - "Your Love" (feat Leroy Burgess - KZR unreleased mix edit)
  3. Javonntte - "These Words"
  4. Emdee Brown - "Again" (Kai Alce remix)
  5. The Rock Posse - "Do You Want My Love" (feat Fonda Rae - house mix)
  6. Ruffneck - "New Life" (feat Yavahn - The Urban Art Sax dub)
  7. Lego Rodriguez - "When I'm With You" (Piano mix)
  8. Miranda Nicole - "Dance Like You Been Here" (DJ Beloved remix)
  9. Greg Greene - "Close To Me"
  10. Paradise Forum - "Elsa"
  11. Romanthony - "The Wanderer" (Fusion dub)
  12. Big Strick - "Twisted Faith"
  13. Sandman & Riverside - "Into Your Story" (feat Jeremy Ellis - KZRekchampa club dub reprise)
  14. Jovonn - "Keep On Dancin'"
  15. Kerri Chandler - "Love Me"
  16. FCL - "Cherry Pie" (feat Lady Linn)
  17. Fallout - "The Morning After (The Aftermath)"
  18. Kai Alce - "Take A Chance" (feat Rico & Kafele Bandele - Mr Fingers ambient mix)
  19. Crookers - "A Place In My Heart" (feat Kym Mazelle)
  20. Jazz Madicine - "Surround Six"
  21. Paolo Rocco - "Move Body, Move Forward"
  22. Sundowners/Stacy Kidd - "Jungle Line/The Movement" (feat Mystic Bill - Dungeon Meat Downlow dub/feat XL - accapella)
  23. Nick Olivetti - "Foolishness"
  24. Friend Within - "Get Dumb"
  25. Kid Enigma - "Dangerous"
  26. Beat Spacek - "I Wanna Know" (Seven Davis Jr Midnight remix)
  27. Jesse Rose & Weiss - "Ask For More"
  28. Tian Karl - "Show You"
  29. Mace - "Jungle" (feat Sofi De La Torre - Crookers remix)
  30. Rogue D - "Resampled"
  31. Crookers - "Withdrawals" (feat Wills)
  32. Turbojazz - "Please U" (feat David Blank)
  33. Gorge/Dario D'Attis - "Supique/The Good Old Days" (accapella)
  34. James Dexter/MD X-Spress - "Buttons/God Made Me Phunky" (accapella)
  35. Dennis Ferrer - "Son Of Raw" (Andre Hommen remix)
  36. Black Magic - "Let It Go" (MAW dub - Subb-an remix)
  37. Dario D'Attis/Roland Clark - "This Piano/Resist" (accapella)
  38. Tommy Bones - "Aisha"
  39. Mr. G - "Precious Cargo" (feat Blondewearingblack - Mr G Out dub)
  40. Soul Vision - "Don't Stop" (Dario D'Attis remix)
  41. Pino Arduini & Javier Bollag - "Los Pueblos" (Pablo Fierro remix)
  42. Alaia & Gallo - "Who Is He?" (feat Kevin Haden - Dario D'Attis remix)
  43. Joeski - "Clap Yo Handz" (feat E-Man)
  44. Dario D'Attis - "My Tip"
  45. ATFC - "Git Yo Hands Up" (original drum pass)
Review: Later this summer, Defected will hold their first festival in Croatia, at the site made famous by the (now defunct) Garden Festival. To celebrate, they've put together this three-disc mix album. Kai Alice takes charge of disc one, joining the dots between deep, soulful and sun-kissed cuts from the likes of Chez Damier, Romanthony, Big Strick and Kerri Chandler. Noted party-starters Crookers take a different tack on the second disc, contrasting chunky deep house cuts with bumpin' club anthems, hip-house, and bass-heavy thumpers. The final disc comes from rising star Dario D'Attis, who gets busy with a wide selection of acapellas, dubs, drum tracks to provide a fittingly tech house-focused late night finish.
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House Masters: Blaze
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House Masters: Blaze (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 11CD. Rel: 25 Apr 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Blaze - "Do You Remember House" (feat Palmer Brown original)
  2. Funky People - "Funky People" (feat Cassio Ware - Klubhead vocal)
  3. Blaze - "Breathe" (original)
  4. Phase II - "Reachin" (original Brotherhood mix)
  5. Blaze - "Can't Win For Losin'"
  6. Blaze - "The Garden" (original)
  7. Amira - "My Desire" (Blaze Klubhead vocal)
  8. Blaze - "My Beat" (feat Palmer Brown - Swag Spiritual mix)
  9. Blaze - "Wishing You Were Here" (Joey Negro extended mix)
  10. Blaze - "How Deep Is Your Love" (Danny Krivit re edit)
  11. Cassio Ware - "Fantasy" (feat Sejaeda)
  12. Blaze - "My Beat" (feat Palmer Brown original)
  13. Blaze - "So Special"
  14. Black Rascals - "Keeping In Mind" (feat Roger Harris vocal)
  15. Blaze - "Elevation"
  16. Alex & Rai - "4 The Love Of You"
  17. Blaze - "If You Should Need A Friend"
  18. Amira - "Walk" (Mousee T full vocal)
  19. Klub Family - "When I Fall In Love" (feat Sybil - Knee Deep disco club mix)
  20. Blaze Pres Uda - "Most Precious Love"
The Masquerade
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The Masquerade (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: 082619 4344924. Rel: 07 Nov 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Ultra Nate vs Roland Clark - "The First Time Free" (Claptone remix)
  2. Purple Disco Machine - "Drumatic"
  3. Mattei & Omich - "Marlena Loop"
  4. Alaia & Gallo - "Wo Is He?" (feat Kevin Haden - Claptone remix)
  5. Gregory Porter - "Liquid Spirit" (Claptone remix)
  6. Simion vs MD X-Spress - "God Made Me Feel It" (Claptone edit)
  7. New Order - "People On The High Line" (Claptone remix)
  8. David Keno - "Youth"
  9. Powers That Be & Roland Clark - "Planet Rock" (Claptone remix)
  10. Junior Sanchez - "Da House Dat Jack Bult"
  11. Riva Starr - "I Believe In You"
  12. Tom Jay - "Body Move"
  13. Onsra - "I Need You"
  14. KlangKuenstler - "Jam Master Jack"
  15. Wildchild - "Renegade Master"
  16. Latmun - "Def"
  17. Mat.Joe - "Weego"
  18. Raumakustik - "Raider"
  19. Rainer Truby & Corrado Bucci presents TRUCCY - "Step Forward"
  20. Langenberg - "Shadows" (feat Blakkat - Atjazz remix - instrumental)
  21. Deo & Z-Man - "Universal Neighbours" (SLG remix)
  22. Asadinho - "Jaslemere" (verson 2)
  23. Daniel Steinberg - "No One Can Change Me" (Nick Holder remix)
  24. Bas Roos - "Searchin'"
  25. Konstantin Sibold - "Dome"
  26. Kapote - "Fuck Music" (Session Victim remix)
  27. Martin Waslewski - "Beautyhell"
  28. Freiboitar - "Nobody Dance"
  29. COEO - "Back In The Days"
  30. Superlover/Barbara Tucker - "Timeless/Beautiful People"
  31. Cassius - "Cassius 99" (Tim Green remix)
  32. Julien Jabre - "War" (Claptone remix)
Review: Since the start of the summer, Claptone has been hosting "Masquerade" events across Europe, asking clubbers to become part of his "freak circus". This double-disc mix-up sees the German producer offer a glimpse of the musical treats he's been dishing out at those parties. He begins with a "Night Mix" that runs through groovy, bluesy, funk-fuelled house from Purple Disco Machine, Alai & Gallo, Gregory Porter, New Order and Powers That Be, before stomping towards tougher, chunkier territory. Disc two is a "Day Mix" in which he smoothly runs through deeper, sunnier, and more melodious tracks and remixes from the likes of Atjazz, Cassius, Nick Holder, COEO and Bass Roos. Naturally, both mixes are hugely entertaining.
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Defected Deep Down & Discofied T-Shirt (black with shiny grey logo)
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Cat: 250696 Rel: 15 Jan 07
In The House
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In The House (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: 082619 4339821. Rel: 26 Sep 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Soul Vision - "Don't Stop" (Dario D'attis remix)
  2. Space Echo - "Soul Power"
  3. Milk & Sugar - "My Lovin'" (with Barbara Tucker - Mat.Joe remix)
  4. ANOTR - "Nobody's Fool"
  5. Sam Divine & Curtis Gabriel - "Confessions" (feat Nat Conway - Waiting mix)
  6. Joeski - "Clap Yo Handz" (feat E-man)
  7. Sam Divine & Curtis Gabriel - "Flashing Lights"
  8. Sam Divine & Qubiko - "Madre"
  9. Waitz - "THPS"
  10. Hanne & Lore/Full Intention - "Street Kings 2.0/Beating Drum" (accapella)
  11. Tommy Bones - "Aisha"
  12. Dennis Ferrer - "Right Thing" (feat Ben Westbeech)
  13. Raw Stylus - "Pushing Against The Flow" (Roger Sanchez Narcotic mix)
  14. Riva Starr - "Raw Feel"
  15. Joeski & Tete De La Course - "The Preacher Man"
  16. Hardrive - "Deep Inside (The Dub)"
  17. Jesse James - "Baby Boo" (Casey Spillman & Sam Divine remix)
  18. Alex Caro & Sote De Lino - "We Believe"
  19. CEV's - "Magnetic" (Scott Diaz remix)
  20. Mood II Swing - "Closer" (feat Carol Sylvan - Swing II Mood dub)
  21. Mowgli - "Back In The Day" (feat Amber Jolene - Sam Divine & Curtis Gabriel remix)
  22. Jean Jacques Smoothie - "2People" (feat Tara Busch - Carnao Beats remix)
  23. Truth Be Told - "Move On Groove On"
  24. Paolo Paleologo - "There's No Time"
  25. Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp - "Down For This" (Dirty Channels remix)
  26. Max Chapman - "Paranava"
  27. Solardo - "The Step Off"
  28. Chus & Ceballos - "All I Want" (feat Astrid Suryanto - Technasia remix)
  29. Benji Candelario, Arnold Jarvis & Nina Lares - "Higher" (Benji Candelario Thump mix)
  30. Full Intention - "Try"
  31. Worthy & Made By Pete - "So Good" (dub)
  32. S-Man & Harry Romero - "Searching" (feat Melisa Whiskey)
  33. DJ Le Roi - "I Get Deep" (feat Roland Clark - Late Nite Tuff Guy remix - Emanuel Satie rework)
  34. John Tejada - "Sweat (On The Walls)" (Sebo K remix)
Review: For the latest volume in their popular 'In The House' mix series, Defected has turned to longtime friend of the family and weekly Defected Radio show host Sam Divine. She has a reputation for being a smart and on-point selector, able to draw on a vast knowledge of house in its' many myriad forms. That's very much in evidence here, as she joins the dots between hot contemporary house tracks - think Tommy Bones' "Aisha", Riva Starr's "Raw Feel", and Chus & Ceballos' "All I Want" - and stone cold classics (the dub of Hardrive's "Deep Inside", legendary NYC cuts from Mood II Swing, amd S-Man and Harry Romero).
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House Masters: DJ Chus
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House Masters: DJ Chus (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 16CD. Rel: 30 Apr 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Kevin Saunderson - "Future" (feat Inner City - DJ Chus In Stereo mix)
  2. Franky Rizardo - "Caracoles" (DJ Chus Iberican mix)
  3. Reboot - "Enjoy Music" (DJ Chus 2012 re-edit)
  4. Raul Rincon presents Negropolis Children - "Lumumba" (DJ Chus Muchodrums mix)
  5. Ralphi Rosario - "You Used To Hold Me" (feat Xaveria Gold - DJ Chus & David Penn 2012 mix)
  6. DJ Chus & David Penn - "Libres Para Siempre" (feat Cevin Fisher - original mix)
  7. David Penn - "Ocean Drive (Open Your Mind)" (feat Monia Amore - Dj Chus & Abel Ramos Iberican mix)
  8. Glamsta - "In De Guetto 2012" (feat Candela - DJ Chus club mix)
  9. Copyright - "Story Of My Life" (feat Imaani - DJ Chus & David Penn remix)
  10. Abel Ramos - "Dream Come True" (feat Erire - DJ Chus & David Penn Iberican remix)
  11. DJ Chus & Rob Mirage - "Back 2 NY" (original stereo mix)
  12. DJ Chus presents The Groove Foundation - "That Feeling" (De Poniente mix - remastered)
  13. DJ Chus & Joeski - "El Amor" (original mix - remastered)
  14. Brick City - "Rumba Magic" (DJ Chus & David Herrero mix)
  15. Intruder (A Murk Production) - "Amame" (feat Jei - DJ Chus re-groove edit)
  16. DJ Chus & Oliver Moldan - "U Got 2 Have It" (DJ Chus 2012 re-edit - remastered)
  17. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - "Canoa" (DJ Chus & David Herrero Balearica mix)
  18. DJ Chus & Patrick M - "Estela" (DJ Chus In stereo dub mix)
  19. DJ Chus & Supernova - "Carnavalesco" (original In Stereo mix)
  20. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Dreams" (feat Haze - DJ Chus & Pablo Ceballos club mix - remastered)
Review: It's been nearly 20 years since Madrid-based darkroom tribalist DJ Chus dropped his first 12". The time seems perfect for a career retrospective then, with mainstream clubbing behemoth Defected duly obliging. House Masters is a suitably hefty two-disc selection of his finest productions and remixes, which should have a feeling of familiarity to those that. have followed the career trajectory of DJ Chus.. Expect sweaty, percussion-heavy workouts that sit somewhere between the shirts-off pump of golden era Tenaglia and the handbag-friendly soulfulness of classic Defected releases. It's arguably the "Iberican" phase stuff (circa 2000-2005) that stands out, though there's plenty of newer material that also passes muster - most notably a near-anthemic remix of Kevin Saunderson's most recent Inner City outing.
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House Masters
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House Masters (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 07CD. Rel: 22 Feb 10
Funky/Club House
  1. The Braxton's - "The Boss" (MAW remix)
  2. Masters At Work - "I Can't Get No Sleep" (feat India - Ken Lou 12" mix)
  3. Bebe Winans - "Thank You" (MAW 12" mix)
  4. Nuyorican Soul - "The Nervous Track"
  5. Ruffneck - "Everybody Be Somebody" (feat Yavahn)
  6. Masters At Work - "The Ha Dance" (Ken Lou mix)
  7. Kenny Dope - "Brazilica"
  8. Kim English - "Nitelife" (MAW Nite mix)
  9. Mishal Moore - "Oh Lord" (Kenny Dope remix)
  10. Total Ka-os - "Something Old School"
  11. The Brand New Heavies - "I Don't Know Why I Love You" (Kenny Dope remix)
  12. Sunkids - "Rescue Me" (feat Chance - MAW Magic Sessions mix)
  13. Black Magic - "Let It Go" (Ken Lou mix)
  14. DJ Gregory - "Tropical Soundclash" (K-Dope remix)
  15. Master At Work - "When You Touch Me" (feat India - MAW remix)
  16. Todd Terry All Stars - "Get Down" (feat Kenny Dope, DJ Sneak, Terry Hunter & Tara McDonald)
  17. Wahoo - "Make Em Shake It" (Kenny Dope remix)
  18. Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter present Mass Destruction - "No Hook"
  19. The Untouchables - "Dance To The Rhtyhm"
  20. Manzel - "It's Over Now" (MAW remix)
Glitterbox London
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Glitterbox London (mixed 3xCD)
Cat: DGLIBO 03DC. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Side Effect - "Always There"
  2. Risse - "Chain Of Fools" (house mix)
  3. Sharon Brown - "I Specialize In Love" (original 12" mix)
  4. Gwen Guthrie - "It Should Have Been You" (12" single mix)
  5. Strikers - "Body Music" (12" mix)
  6. Chic - "I Want Your Love"
  7. Sheila Ford - "Why Can't You See" (Louie Vega & DJ Spen Long version)
  8. Third World - "Now That We Found Love" (disco mix)
  9. Chantal Curtis - "Get Another Love"
  10. SOS Band - "Take Your Time (Do It Right)"
  11. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Burn So Deep" (feat April - Sundays disco burn)
  12. Lucy Pearl - "Don't Mess With My Man" (Mood II Swing main vocal)
  13. First Choice - "The Player" (Mousse T & Boris Dlugosch classic 12")
  14. Carol Williams - "Love Is You" (original 12" mix)
  15. Northend - "Tee's Happy" (original 12" mix)
  16. Inner Life - "Moment Of My Life" (extended version)
  17. David Joseph - "You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)" (original 12" mix)
  18. Black Ivoory - "I've Got My Eye On You"
  19. Donald Byrd - "Love Has Come Around"
  20. Patrice Rushen - "Number One" (12" version)
  21. Gwen McCare - "Poyson" (remastered album version)
  22. Blondie - "Rapture" (special disco mix)
  23. Feel - "I'd Like To" (original 12" mix)
  24. The Salasoul Orchestra - "Take Some Time Out (For Love)" (feat Jocelyn Brown - long version)
  25. Loose Ends - "Hangin' On A String" (Frankie Knuckles club mix)
  26. Flush - "Come Back Baby"
  27. Tom Milsch - "Beautiful Escape" (feat Zak Abel)
  28. Breakbot - "Baby I'm Yours" (feat Outlines)
  29. Chesus - "Special" (HNNY edit)
  30. DJ Georgy - "Don't Know Malendro"
  31. Norma Jean - "Saturday" (Dimitri From Paris remix)
  32. South Street Player - "(Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind" (Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox remix)
  33. Starpoint - "I Want You - You Want Me" (Def house remix)
  34. Jamie Lewis & Michael Watford - "It's Over" (Jamie Lewis main mix)
  35. Eddie Leader & Tom Lawson - "Feel For You" (Boris Dlugosch remix)
  36. Moloko - "Sing It Back" (Mousse T Feel The Love mix)
  37. Boe & Zak - "Looking For Love"
  38. Ecstasy - "Don't Play Me Raw" (Farley house mix)
  39. Loleatta Holloway - "Dreamin'" (Jazz-N-Groove club mix)
  40. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "LOVE"
  41. Gershon Jackson - "Take It Easy" (Mike Dunn Blackball Ezee mixx)
  42. Funky Green Dogs - "Fired Up!" (album version)
  43. George Morel/Spencer K & Matt Sassari - "Let's Groove/Isuly" (Emanuel Satie acapella)
  44. Copyright - "Be Together" (feat Espeut)
  45. Honey Dijon & Tim K - "Burn (Step Into The Knight)"
  46. Patrice Rushen - "Haven't You Heard" (Joey Negro extended disco mix)
  47. Octave One - "Black Water" (feat Saunderson - Full Strings vocal mix)
Defected Presents Glitterbox Ibiza 2016
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Cat: 082619 4330125. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Teena Marie - "I Need Your Lovin'"
  2. Brenda Taylor - "You Can't Have Your Cake & Eat It Too" (vocal)
  3. Attitude - "Love Me Tonight"
  4. Glass - "Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat"
  5. Onsulade - "Dionne"
  6. Luke Solomon - "Everybody Dance"
  7. Fusion Groove Orchestra - "If Only I Could" (feat Steeve Lucas - Liem remix)
  8. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Seconds" (feat Loleatta Holloway)
  9. Trussel - "Love Injection"
  10. Donna Summer - "Spring Affair"
  11. Tata Vega - "Get It Up For Love"
  12. Rufus & Chaka Khan - "Do You Love What You Feel"
  13. The Whispers - "keep On Lovin' Me"
  14. Skyy - "Show Me The Way"
  15. Surface - "Falling In Love"
  16. Starpoint - "Bring Your Sweet Lovin' Back"
  17. The Sequence - "Funk You Up"
  18. Den E King - "Music Trance"
  19. Gwen McCrae - "Funky Sensation"
  20. The Jammers - "What Have You Got To Lose"
  21. Skyy - "Here's To You"
  22. Shuya Okini - "Still In Love" (feat Navasha Daya - DJ Spen remix long version)
  23. Hardsoul - "Back Together" (feat Ron Carroll - Main Classic mix)
  24. Louie Vega & Jay Sinister Sealee starring Julie McKnight - "Diamond Life" (Dance Ritual mix)
  25. Carl Bean/Blaze - "I Was Born This Way/Do You Remember House" (feat Palmer Brown - acapella)
  26. Carrie Lucas - "Dance With You"
  27. Bombers - "(Everybody) Get Dancin'"
  28. Marc Evans - "The Way You Love Me" (Dim TSOP version - Dimitri From Paris House Of Disco Retouch)
  29. Mijan - "Alright" (95 North Unreleased remix)
  30. Oh Yeah - "Nothing But The Beat" (Hot Toddy vocal mix)
  31. Fallout - "The Morning After" (Purple Disco Machine rework)
  32. Konstantin Sibold/Tim Deluxe - "Dome/Jass" (acapella)
  33. Bunny Mack - "Let Me Love You" (DJ Gregory remix)
  34. The Dangerfeel Newbies - "What Am I Here For?" (origina NDATL vocal - Danny Krivit edit)
  35. Chaka Kenn & Kenny Summit - "Cold Blooded"
  36. Alaia & Gallo - "Who Is He?" (feat Kevin Haden)
  37. King Unique - "Love Is What You Need (Look Ahead)" (Knee Deep Classic club mix)
Review: Launched last year, Glitterbox is Defected's Ibiza party dedicated to joining the dots between disco, boogie and house. That's what you get on this year's obligatory tie-in compilation, which sees label boss Simon Dunmore take the reins once more. Disco, boogie, '80s soul and electrofunk are the order of the day on disc one, with Dunmore smoothly moving between superbly synth-heavy cuts from Surface, Brenda Taylor, Tata Vega and Rufus & Chaka Khan. The second CD starts in similar fashion, before veering off towards soulful house territory, and a selection of scorching cuts and remixes from the likes of Louie Vega, Marc Evans, Hot Toddy, Danny Krivit, Dimitri From Paris, Hardsoul and Blaze.
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Defected Ibiza 2017
e-mail me when released
coming soon $11.56
Cat: 082619 4361020. Rel: 19 May 17
Funky/Club House
Frequently Flying
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Cat: 082619 4327927. Rel: 21 Nov 16
Funky/Club House
  1. You & I (feat Janai)
  2. Caught Up (feat Yasmeen)
  3. Never Lies
  4. To Love (feat Shannon Saunders)
  5. Wasted (feat Kate Elsworth)
  6. Roll With Me (feat Kwame)
  7. Always Gonna Be (feat Alex Mills)
  8. Sonny Fodera & James Shoji - "All The Reasons" (feat Janai)
  9. Feeling U (feat Yasmin)
  10. Over This (feat Shannon Saunders)
  11. Time With You (feat Kate Elsworth)
  12. Promises (feat Richard Walters)
  13. Every Second
  14. Recollections
Review: Having previously established himself via two albums on Cajual Records, and a string of fine singles on Drop Music, Visionquest and others, Sonny Fedora heads for the big leagues via an album on Defected. Heavy on tasty vocal cuts - Janai, Shannon Saunders, Alex Mills, Kwame and Kate Elsworth all feature - Frequently Flying is an expansive set of club-ready cuts that can also be listened to at home. Musically, it sits somewhere between the tactile tech-house of Hot Creations, soulful house, and 21st century funky house, with occasional nods towards classic house and UK garage. It's breezy, entertaining and hugely positive, despite occasional melancholic moments.
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Sonny Fodera In The House
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Sonny Fodera In The House (3xCD (CD1 & CD2 mixed, CD3 unmixed))
Cat: 082619 4323721. Rel: 01 Feb 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Gershon Jackson - "Take It Easy" (Sonny Fodera & Mat.Joe remix)
  2. Sonny Fodera & Mystic Bill - "Invisible/U Won't C Me" (accapella)
  3. Sonny Fodera - "Always Gonna Be" (feat Alex Mills)
  4. Sonny Fodera - "Over This" (feat Shannon Saunders)
  5. Martin Ikin & Low Steppa - "About Time" (feat Elisabeth Troy)
  6. Sonny Fodera & Little By Little - "The Definition/Bang The Box" (Accapella)
  7. Dale Howard & Eats Everything - "Vacant/Dancing (Again!)" (feat Tiga vs Audion & Ron Costa)
  8. Sonny Fodera - "Shake"
  9. Catz N Dogz & Sonny Fodera & Cajmere - "Get It Right/Off On" (Claude Vonstroke remix)
  10. Fernando Campo - "Kin Kirby" (original mix)
  11. Mario Cruz - "Little Thing" (Doorly remix)
  12. Sonny Fodera - "Go Get It" (VIP mix)
  13. Sonny Fodera & Gene Farris - "We Work It"
  14. Will Clarke - "Turn It Up" (original mix)
  15. Tom Misch - "Beautiful Escape" (feat Zak Abel)
  16. Sonny Fodera & James Shoji - "All The Reasons" (feat Janai)
  17. Rudimental - "I Will For Love" (feat Will Heard - Sonny Fodera remix)
  18. Click Click - "This Is Soul"
  19. Sonny Fodera & Mark Fanciulli - "OCD/Control" (feat Joe Le Groove - accapella)
  20. Mat Joe - "Swipe The Card" (original mix)
  21. Sonny Fodera - "Feeling U" (feat Yasmin - deep mix)
  22. Janet Rushmore - "Joy" (Sonny Fodera deep mix)
  23. DJ Roland Clark & Sante Sansone - "House Nation" (Riva Starr edit)
  24. Tim Deluxe - "Feelings" (Ice Cream dub)
  25. Seven Davis Jr - "Friends" (Detroit Swindle Friends On Acid remix)
  26. Emanuel Satie - "Your Body"
  27. Franky Rizardo - "Keep My Cool"
  28. Claude Vonstroke - "Make A Cake"
  29. Josh Butler - "The Essence Of House Music" (feat Loo Brazil - Dario D'Attis remix)
  30. VRRS & Sole Fusion - "Need Luv/Bass Tone" (House Nation mix)
  31. Sonny Fodera & Cervendos - "High" (feat Lauren Faith)
  32. Sonny Fodera - "Putting It Down"
  33. Sonny Fodera & Cervendos - "Let's Go"
  34. Gotsome - "Just A GFeeling" (Sonny Fodera remix)
  35. Sonny Fodera - "Where You At"
  36. Bontan & Sonny Fodera - "Want To Know"
  37. Sonny Fodera & Cajmere - "Show You"
  38. Sonny Fodera - "Hold It Down" (feat Amber Jolene)
  39. Sonny Fodera - "Trainsurfing"
  40. Sonny Fodera - "People Forget"
  41. Nice7 - "Time To Get Physical" (Sonny Fodera remix)
  42. Harrison Crump - "No More Lies" (feat Tierra Nevaeh - Sonny Fodera vocal)
Defected Presents House Masters: Jazz N Groove
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Cat: 082619 4360726. Rel: 12 May 17
Funky/Club House
Defected Presents House Masters: Junior Jack
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 in stock $9.67
Cat: 082619 4345723. Rel: 27 Feb 17
Funky/Club House
  1. Junior Jack - "Thrill Me" (original version)
  2. Junior Jack - "Stupidisco" (extended version)
  3. Glory - "Hold Me Up" (feat Jocelyn Brown - original JJ vocal mix)
  4. Soho - "Hidden Sun"
  5. Junior Jack - "See You Dancin'"
  6. Deep Walker - "Just Deep"
  7. Junior Jack - "My Feeling" (Kick 'N' Deep mix)
  8. Thick Dick - "Insatiable" (Junior Jack & Kid Creme vocal mix)
  9. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Thru" (Junior Jack remix)
  10. Mr Jack & Olivier Gosseries - "Voodoo Curse" (Mr Jack Jazzy Futuristic mix)
  11. Mr Jack - "Wiggly World" (Cool dub)
  12. Junior Jack - "E Samba" (Junior Jack original club mix)
  13. DJD Presents The Hydraulic Dogs - "Shake It Baby" (Junior Jack remix)
  14. Junior Jack - "Da Hype" (Junior Jack original club mix)
  15. Major Boys - "Time & Time Again" (feat Kathy Brown - Junior Jack mix)
  16. Mr Jack & Olivier Gosseries - "Give It Up!" (original mix)
  17. ATFC - "Sleep Talk" (feat Lisa Millett - Junior Jack club mix)
  18. Junior Jack & Kid Creme Present Private Tools - "Tool #2"
  19. Kluster - "My Love" (feat Ron Carroll - Junior Jack vocal mix)
  20. Maphia LTD - "Chasing #1"
  21. Mr Jack & Daddy K Present Funky Frosties - "The Phonk" (dub mix)
  22. Mr Jack - "Only House Muzik" (Jack's Dream mix)
Review: With a 25-year career behind him, it would be fair to say that Junior Jack - AKA Belgium-based Italian producer Vito Lucente - has more than earned this House Masters retrospective. The two-disc set does a good job in providing an overview of his musical journey to date, serving up both original productions - early Defected highlight "This Feeling", the massive "Thrill Me" and notable "E Samba", for starters - and key remixes (check his revisions of Thick Dick, DJD presents Hydraulic Dogs and ATFC). Pleasingly, the compilation also includes a swathe of lesser-known productions under alternative aliases (1990s cuts as Mister Jack, in particular, plus one or two SOHO workouts), and a string of collaborations with regular studio buddy Kid Creme.
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Defected Presents House Masters: Masters At Work
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Cat: HOMAS 21. Rel: 20 Oct 14
Deep House
  1. Voices - "Voices In My Head" (MAW mix) (7:05)
  2. Nuyorican Soul - "The Nervous Track" (Ballsy mix) (6:26)
  3. Los Amigos Invisibles - "Ease Your Mind" (Ricanstruction edit) (7:09)
  4. Masters At Work - "The Ha Dance" (Ken/Lou mix) (5:59)
  5. D' Influence - "Hypnotise" (MAW piano dub mix) (5:33)
  6. Saint Etienne - "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" (Masters At Work dub) (7:43)
  7. Lood Featuring Donell Rush - "Shout-N-Out" (The DJ dub) (7:10)
  8. Urbanized - "Helpless (I Don't Know To Do Without You)" (feat Silvano - The Kenlou remix) (8:09)
Review: It's taken Defected a while to get round to putting together a Masters at Work retrospective for their popular House Masters series. Given the New York duo's legendary status, this is something of a surprise. Even so, this double-vinyl set - a more expansive CD edition is also available - does a good job in rounding up some of their highlights, touching on forgotten gems as well as well-known anthems ("The Nervous Track", the brilliant "The Ha Dance"). It's nice to revisit the MAW-produced 1994 cut "Voices in My Mind" (effectively a side project featuring regular vocalist India), and, in particular, the stomping, piano-laden soulful house flex of Kenny and Louie's classic Dub of Lood and Donell Rush's "Shout N Out".
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Defected Presents House Masters: Masters At Work Volume Two
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 in stock $13.71
Cat: 082619 4311926. Rel: 14 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Maw presents India - "To Be In Love" (MAW 99 mix)
  2. Nuyorcian Soul - "It's Alright, I Feel It!" (feat Jocelyn Brown - MAW 12" remix)
  3. Desiya - "Comin On Strong" (Spagatini mix)
  4. Masters At Work Presents People Underground - "My Love" (full vox mix)
  5. Cajmere - "Brighter Days" (Louie Masters At Work mix)
  6. Sunkids - "Rescue Me" (feat Chance - MAW Magic Sessions mix)
  7. Loose Joints - "Is It All Over My Face?" (Masters At Work remix)
  8. MAW - "Our Time Is Coming" (feat Roy Ayers)
  9. Soul II Soul - "Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)" (feat Caron Wheeler - Masters At Work house remix)
  10. Shanice - "I Like" (Masters At Work main mix)
  11. Taana Gardner - "When You Touch Me" (MAW re edit)
  12. Donna Summer - "I Feel Love" (Masters At Work 86th St mix)
  13. Incognito - "Always There" (feat Jocelyn Brown - MAW main mix)
  14. Chic - "Chic Mystique" (club dub)
  15. Little Louie Vega & Mark Anthony - "Ride On The Rhythm" (Masters At Work dub)
  16. Neneh Cherry - "Buddy X" (Masters At Work dub no 1)
  17. Debbie Gibson - "One Step Ahead" (underground mix)
  18. Voices - "Voices In My Mind" (unreleased bass mix)
  19. Nuyorican Soul - "Mind Fluid" (Nuyorican Soul Shock mix)
  20. Roni Size/Reprazent - "Watching Windows" (Roni Size meets Nuyorican Soul)
  21. MAW Presents A Tribute To Fela - "Maw Expensive"
  22. Femi Kuti - "Truth Don Die" (Masters At Work house version main)
  23. Anane - "Let Me Love You" (feat Mr V - Masters At Work mix)
  24. MAW - "Ekabo" (feat Wunmi - afro house mix)
  25. Tania Maria - "Come With Me" (Masters At Work remix)
  26. Nina Simone - "See-Line Woman" (Masters At Work remix)
  27. George Benson - "El Barrio" (MAW mix)
  28. Raw Silk - "Do It To The Music" (MAW remix)
  29. First Choice - "Let No Man Put Asunder" (feat Rochelle Fleming - Masters At Work remix)
  30. Double Exposure - "Ten Percent" (Ken Lou mix)
  31. Nuyorican Soul - "You Can Do It (Baby)" (feat George Benson - Nuyorical Style mix)
  32. 4Hero - "Star Chasers" (Nu Yorican dub)
  33. Kele Le Roc - "You Did It Good" (Masters At Work remix)
  34. Bebe Winans - "Brand New Dance" (extended mix)
  35. India - "You Should Be Loving Me" (Wicked dub)
  36. Lonnie Gordon - "Bad Mood" (MK & Masters At Work bass hit)
  37. Deee Lite - "Runaway" (Masters At Work dubb)
  38. Black Magic - "Let It Go" (Ken Lou mix)
  39. Eternal - "What'Cha Gonna Do" (Masters At Work dub)
  40. Ralphi Rosario - "You Used To Hold Me" (feat Xaviera Gold - Masters At Work main pass)
Review: Given Masters At Work's longevity and the seemingly bottomless depth of their discography, it's perhaps unsurprising that Defected has decided to make the veteran New York duo the first recipients of a second House Masters compilation. As with the first volume, the four-disc set offers a mix of well-known anthems ("To Be In Love", "It's Alright, I Feel It", "Mind Fluid" etc), classic remixes (an early rework of Debbie Gibson, an on-point house remake of Loose Joints' disco smasher "Is It All Over My Face", long-forgotten rubs of George Benson and Femi Kuti), and deeper selections (dubs of Chic and Neneh Cherry). There's also a chance to enjoy again some of the duo's lesser-celebrated early 2000s singles, including their brilliant tribute to Fela Kuti, and the "Our Time Is Coming" hook-up with Roy Ayers). Immaculate stuff.
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House Masters: MK
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House Masters: MK (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 14CD. Rel: 05 Mar 12
Funky/Club House
  1. MK - "Burning" (VIP mix)
  2. Chez Damier - "Can You Feel It" (New York dub)
  3. MK - "Always" (feat Alana - MK club mix)
  4. 4th Measure Men - "Given" (MK dub)
  5. New Girl Posse - "Higher" (MK vocal dub)
  6. R Tyme - "Use Me" (MK mix)
  7. Latrece - "I Want To Thank You" (MK mix)
  8. MK - "You Brough Me Love"
  9. Studio Apartment - "Sun Will Shine" (feat Yasmeen Sulieman - MK dub)
  10. 4th Measure Men - "The Need" (MK original mix)
  11. 4th Measure Men - "4 You"
  12. The Reese Project - "The Colour Of Love" (MK deep dub)
  13. Masters At Work - "I Can't Get No Sleep" (feat India - MK dub mix)
  14. MK - "Love Changes" (feat Alana - MK mix)
  15. Lauren Flax - "You've Changed" (feat Sia - MK DTroit dub)
  16. Chez Damier - "I Never Knew Love" (MK club mix)
  17. Byron Stingily - "Love You The Right Way" (MK dub)
  18. The Sleepwalkers - "New Thang" (MK dub)
  19. Captain Hollywood - "Rhythm Of Life" (MK 12" mix)
  20. Kelsey - "Boy" (MK deep dub)
Review: The renaissance of US garage stalwart Marc "MK" Kinchen has been one of the more pleasing aspects of the recent 1990s house revival. Kinchen was always one of American dance music's most reliable producers, able to straddle trad US garage, tougher NYC house (particularly in his excellent, cut-up heavy dubs) and breezy, soulful flavours. This timely retrospective for Defected's ongoing House Masters series does a good job of covering all bases, showcasing a variety of familiar and unfamiliar favourites from his bulging back catalogue. Pleasingly, there are plenty of those skippy, organ-heavy dubs (formidable rubs of Chez Damier, 4th Measure Men, The Reese Project and Masters At Work), and a smattering of original productions. A worthy blast from the past.
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Precious Cargo
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Cat: DFTD 482D. Rel: 25 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Precious Cargo (vocal mix) (7:06)
  2. Precious Cargo (Dark Broke Dow dub) (7:38)
  3. Precious Cargo (KZR Dark mix) (7:39)
  4. Precious Cargo (Mr Gs Out dub) (7:35)
Defected Presents House Masters Murk
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Defected Presents House Masters Murk (limited unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 15CD. Rel: 13 Feb 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Intruder (A Murk Production) - "Amame" (feat Jei - Long Ass mix)
  2. Oscar G & Ralph Falcon - "Dark Beat" (Murk Monster mix)
  3. The Fog - "Been A Long Time"
  4. Liberty City - "If You Really Love Someone"
  5. Romanthony - "Falling From Grace" (Murk main mix)
  6. Ralph Falcon - "Every Now & Then" (Ralph Falcon 2009 remix)
  7. Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space - "Reach For Me"
  8. Liberty City - "Some Lovin"
  9. Interceptor - "Together" (original dub)
  10. Coral Way Chiefs - "Release Myself"
  11. Willie Ninja - "Hot" (Murk mix)
  12. Dynamo Electrix - "You"
  13. Bobby Pruit - "Tried So Hard" (Special vocal mix)
  14. Deep South - "Believe"
  15. Ralph Falcon - "I Need Someone" (original club mix)
  16. Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space - "High Up"
  17. Oscar G - "Chunky Buddah"
  18. Intruder - "U Got Me"
  19. Fury - "Pain"
  20. Tito Valdez - "Tumbe" (Murk Boys Oscar G Choice remix)
House Masters
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House Masters (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 09CD. Rel: 18 Oct 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Erro - "Don't Change" (main mix)
  2. Osunlade presents Nadirah Shakoor - "Pride" (main mix)
  3. Osunlade - "Cantos A Ochun Et Oya"
  4. Osunlade - "Same Thing" (feat Maiya James - vocal mix)
  5. Osunlade - "Momma's Groove" (original)
  6. Osunlade - "Break It Down"
  7. KB - "El Musica"
  8. Osunlade - "Natives Tongue"
  9. Atelewo - "New Day" (vocal)
  10. Osunlade - "My Reflection" (original)
  11. Ben Westbeech - "So Good Today" (Yoruba Soul remix)
  12. Vivian Green - "Emotional Rollercoaster"
  13. KB - "Feelin U" (Yoruba Soul mix)
  14. Soul Central - "Time After Time" (feat Abigail Bailey - Yoruba Soul mix)
  15. Ian Friday - "Found Myself" (feat Chris Rob - Yoruba Soul remix)
  16. Reel People - "In The Sun" (feat Angela Johnson)
  17. Jazztronik - "Dentro Mi Alma" (Yoruba Soul remix)
  18. Tortured Soul - "Might Do Something Wrong" (Yoruba main mix)
  19. Bah Samba - "Tired Little One" (Yoruba Soul vocal)
  20. Teresa Jenee' - "Remember" (Yoruba Soul mix)
Life On The Back 9
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Cat: TPLB 901CD. Rel: 03 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Finally (Baby Be Mine) (feat Reno Ka)
  2. Night Light
  3. Saved Forever
  4. GOD HE Is (feat Kelly Gunn)
  5. Spiritual Warfare
  6. The Friend I Lost
  7. Hiding In Your Love (feat Coco Street - TPs Deep Dancin dub mix)
  8. Selah Interlude
  9. My Virtuous Woman
  10. Open Up Your Spirit (feat Merachka)
  11. Pentecost
  12. The Back 9
  13. Finally (feat Reno Ka - Louie Vegas dance Ritual mix)
  14. Finally (feat Reno Ka - Reno Ka C2 edit)
  15. Open Up Your Spirit (feat Merachka - TPs Deeep Detroit Heat remix)
  16. Finally (feat Reno Ka - Backroom mix)
  17. Finally (feat Reno Ka - Terrence Parker Glorified mix)
  18. Saved Forever (C2 mix)
  19. GOD HE Is (feat Kelly Gunn - Mark Flash remix)
  20. GOD HE Is (feat Kelly Gunn - Marc Romboy remix)
  21. Saved Forever (TPs original Kick mix)
  22. Hiding In Your Love (feat Coco Street - Timeline mix 2)
Played by: Fabrice Lig
Defected Presents House Masters: Henrik Schwarz
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 in stock $16.94
  1. Detroit Experiment - "Think Twice" (Henrik Schwarz remix)
  2. Omar - "Feeling You" (Henrik Schwarz remix)
  3. Emmanuel Jal - "Kuar" (Henrik Schwarz remix)
  4. Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki - "Once Again" (Henrik Schwarz version)
  5. Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo - "I Exist Because Of You" (Henrik Schwarz live version)
Review: Good news for all those wanting to bag a whole heap of Henrik Schwarz goodness in one place, as Defected do the right thing and pay homage to a very worthy addition to their House Masters series. Of course there's no way a mere double pack could begin to cover the back catalogue the prolific producer has weaved his magic over, but there's no doubt the selections on offer are some of his finest. From the world-beating remix of Detroit Experiment's "Think Twice" to the powerful message and even more powerful bass lick of Emmanuel Jal's "Kuar", if you're lacking any of these gems then do something to rectify the situation!
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House Masters
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House Masters (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 16CD. Rel: 26 Mar 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Karizma - "4 The Love" (feat DJ Spen - Kaytronik 2011 remix)
  2. Cajmere & Dajae - "Brighter Days" (Karizma & DJ Spen Deepah dub mix)
  3. Warren Clarke - "Over You" (feat Kathy Brown - Spen & Karizma club mix)
  4. MAS Collective - "Release Your Mind" (feat Judy Peterson - Spen & Karizma remix - 2011 edit)
  5. Jasper Street Company - "Smile" (Deepah mix)
  6. Karizma aka Kaytronik - "33rd Street Anthem"
  7. Next Phase - "Piece Of Mind" (Basement Boys vocal mix)
  8. Karizma - "Outta Control"
  9. DJ Fudge - "Mechouga" (Spen & Karizma remix)
  10. DJ Gregory - "Don't Panic" (Karizma main remix)
  11. Elements Of Life - "Love Will Know" (feat Lisa Fischer - Spen & Karizma remix)
  12. Karizma - "Ride"
  13. Shuya Okino - "Still In Love" (feat Navasha Daya - DJ Spen remix)
  14. Karizma - "Good Morning" (feat Monique Bingham - Kaytronik remix)
  15. Rhythmcentric - "New School Fusion" (Basement Boys main mix)
  16. DJ Spen presents DJ Technic - "Gabryelle"
  17. Jasper Street Company - "A Feelin'" (Paradox vocal mix)
  18. ATFC - "Bad Habit" (feat Lisa Millett - Spen & Karizma main vocal)
  19. Jasper Street Company - "God Helps Those" (Spen & Karizma vocal 2011 re-edit)
  20. DJ Spen - "Craze At Midnight" (Spen Live CDJ1000 mix)
House Masters: Spen & Karizma
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Cat: HOMAS 13CD. Rel: 19 Sep 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Karizma - "4 The Love" (feat DJ Spen - Kaytronik 2011 remix)
  2. Cajmere & Dajae - "Brighter Days" (Karizma & DJ Spen Deepah dub mix)
  3. Warren Clarke - "Over You" (feat Kathy Brown - Spen & Karizma club mix)
  4. MAS Collective - "Release Your Mind" (feat Judy Peterson - Spen & Karizma remix)
  5. Jasper Street Company - "Smile" (Deepah mix)
  6. Karizma Aka Kaytronik - "33rd Street Anthem"
  7. Next Phase - "Price Of Mind" (Basment Boys vocal mix)
  8. Karizma - "Outta Control"
  9. DJ Fudge - "Mechouga" (Spen & Karizma remix)
  10. DJ Gregory - "Don't Panic" (Karizma main remix)
  11. Elements Of Life - "Love Will Know" (feat Lisa Fischer - Spen & Karizma remix)
  12. Karizma - "Ride"
  13. Shuya Okino - "Still In Love" (feat Navasha Daya - DJ Spen remix)
  14. Karizma - "Good Morning" (feat monique Bingham - Kaytronik remix)
  15. Rhythmcentric - "New School Fusion" (Basement Boys main mix)
  16. DJ Spen presents DJ Technic - "Gabryelle" (original mix)
  17. Jasper Street Company - "A Feelin'" (Paradox vocal mix)
  18. Atfc - "Bad Habit" (Spen & Karizma main vocal)
  19. Jasper Street Company - "God Helps Those" (Spen & Karizma vocal reedit)
  20. DJ Spen - "Craze At Midnight" (Spens live CDJ 1000 mix)
Played by: Lola Allen
Blue Marlin Ibiza Volume 09
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Cat: BLUMAR 09CD. Rel: 25 May 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Sandeman & John Monkman - "French Girl In Berghain"
  2. Aaaron - "Cray"
  3. Henrick Schwarz - "Lockstep"
  4. Audiojack - "Stay Glued" (feat Kevin Knapp - Audiojack 2014 tool)
  5. Ripperton - "Searchin 4 You"
  6. Uner & Baum - "Lamia"
  7. Marino Canal - "Percolate"
  8. Laurent Garnier - "Enchante" (Uner club gleam remix)
  9. Marc Romboy - "Elgur"
  10. Sven Tasnadi - "My Groove" (feat Gjeazon - Doorly remix)
  11. Raumakustik - "Raider"
  12. Noir - "Around" (feat Hayze - album version)
  13. Little By Little - "Bang The Box"
  14. Gotsome - "Heart Starts" (Phil Weeks remix)
  15. Dale Howard - "Intervention"
  16. Technasia - "Obsession" (Hombre Lowdown French Kissed edit)
  17. Noir & Symbol - "Glass" (reset Robot remix)
  18. Tommy Bones - "Love & War"
  19. Cristoph - "Reachin"
  20. Dosem - "City Pulse" (Christian Smith & Wehbba remix)
  21. Sanxero - "Let's Freak" (feat Mr V & Louie Vega - Louie Vega remix)
  22. Dale Howard - "Slinger"
  23. ZDS - "What Do You Mean?"
  24. Demarzo - "False Peak"
  25. Deetron - "Photon"
  26. Pyrocight - "Give Me Some"
  27. Terrance Parker - "Pentecost" (Traumer Reduced remix)
  28. Dosem - "Linked" (original mix)
Defected Presents House Masters: Armand Van Helden
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 in stock $9.67
Cat: 082619 4340124. Rel: 12 Sep 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Armand Van Helden - "U Don't Know Me" (feat Duane Harden)
  2. CJ Bolland - "Sugar Is Sweeter" (Armand Van Helden Drum N Bass mix)
  3. Armand Van Helden - "My My My"
  4. Armand Van Helden - "Witch Doktor" (The Dark Ages mix)
  5. Armand Van Helden & A-Trak Present Duck Sauce - "Anyway" (club mix)
  6. Kim English - "Nitelife" (Armand Van Helden Retail mix)
  7. Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon - "Freak Like Me" (Armand Van Helden remix)
  8. Uffie - "ADD SUV" (feat Pharrell Williams - Armand Van Helden club remix)
  9. Armand Van Helden - "Psychic Bounty Killaz" (feat DJ Sneak)
  10. Armand Van Helden - "Work Me Gadamit '96"
  11. Da Mongoloids - "Spark Da Meth" (Bangin Like A Benzi mix)
  12. Duck Sauce - "Barbra Streisand" (extended mix)
  13. Armand Van Helden - "The Funk Phenomena"
  14. Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - "Bonkers" (club mix)
  15. Sneaker Pimps - "Spin Spin Sugar" (Armands Dark Garage mix)
  16. Armand Van Helden - "Flowerz" (feat Roland Clark)
  17. Armand Van Helden - "I Want Your Soul"
  18. Cerrone - "Je suis Music" (Armand Van Helden remix)
  19. Tonja Dantzler - "In And Out Of My Life" (Armand Van Helden mix)
  20. Barbara Tucker - "Stay Together" (Armands Crazy Trauma mix)
  21. Banji Boys - "Love Thang" (Cat Walk mix)
  22. Armand Van Helden - "Ghandi Khan"
Review: Armand Van Helden's accidental contribution to the development of UK garage is well known; it was his fusions of chunky U.S garage drums and booming, UK-style bass that helped inspire the birth of "speed garage". Those pioneering tracks - in particular his remixes of CJ Bolland and Sneaker Pimps - take pride of place on this House Masters career retrospective. They're joined by a swathe of gigantic dancefloor hits ("Flowerz", "The Witch Doctor", "Bonkers", Duck Sauce's "Barbara Streisand"), and a selection of lesser known productions and remixes. These include a vintage, NYC garage-goes-rave rework of Kim English, an overlooked hook-up with DJ Sneak ("Psychic Bounty Killaz"), and a terrific house interpretation of Cerrone's "Je Suis Music".
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Defected In The House Amsterdam 2016
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Cat: 082619 4340322. Rel: 24 Oct 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Duke Dumont - "Be Here"
  2. Full Intention - "Keep Pushing"
  3. Rhythm Masters - "Feel Your Love"
  4. Anabel Englund - "London Headache" (Purple Disco Machine remix)
  5. SIS/Tommy Bones - "Wurlitzer In Me/Put It On You" (feat Lydia Rhodes - accapella)
  6. Tom Middleton - "Cicadas" (Marlon D's U.C. Colombian mix)
  7. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - "Canoa"
  8. Benji Candelario, Arnold Jarvis & Nina Lares - "Higher" (Benji Candelario Thump mix)
  9. Mihai Popoviciu - "Focus"
  10. Simion - "Can You Feel It" (original mix)
  11. Eli Escobar - "Up All Night"
  12. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Kot Anthem" (Soul Vision remix)
  13. Honey Dijon - "Houze" (feat Seven Davis Jr. - Deetron extended remix)
  14. M.ono & Luvless - "Never Gonna Leave You 2K16"
  15. Soul Clap - "Shine (This Is It)" (feat Nona Hendryx)
  16. Crookers - "A Place In My Heart (More Than A Dub)" (feat Kym Mazelle)
  17. Soul Vision - "Don't Stop" (Dario D'Attis remix)
  18. Chris Lorenzo - "Sleep Talk" (feat Alex Mills)
  19. Barbara Tucker - "Stay Together" (Armand's 'Crazy' Trauma mix)
  20. Zappe - "Larry's Exotic Blend"
  21. Matthias Meyer/Full Intention - "Infinity/Beating Drum" (accapella)
  22. Mr. G - "Transient"
  23. Dennis Ferrer - "Right Thing" (feat Ben Westbeech)
  24. Kiddy Smile - "Let A B!tch Know" (Boston Bun remix)
  25. Duke Dumont/Joeski - "Worship/Clap Yo Handz" (feat E-Man - accapella)
  26. Marlin - "Urgent Power"
  27. Whitesquare - "Delysid"
  28. Red Rack'Em - "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger"
Defected In The House Miami 2017
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Cat: 082619 4350420. Rel: 06 Mar 17
Funky/Club House
  1. Midland - "Final Credits"
  2. Kiddy Smile - "Teardrops In The Box" (Mystic Bill vocal mix)
  3. Dino Lenny & Doorly - "The Magic Room" (Luke Solomon 'live Forever' remix)
  4. Soul Of Hex/Joeski - "Square Bounce/Clap Yo Handz" (feat E-Man - Accapella)
  5. J Majik - "Love Is Not A Game" (feat Kathy Brown - Full Intention remix)
  6. Whitesquare/Krankbrother - "Abduction/One Eyed Jack's" (DJ Tool)
  7. Severino - "Smoking" (feat Princess Magnifique)
  8. Wolf & Lamb - "After We're Gone"
  9. Riva Starr - "Is It True" (feat DNCN)
  10. Memoryman Aka Uovo & Rogue D - "Release Me"
  11. MANDY Vs Booka Shade/Sonny Fodera - "Body Language/Over This" (feat Shannon Saunders - extended mix Accapella)
  12. Full Intention - "Keep Pushing"
  13. Sonny Fodera - "Caught Up" (feat Yasmeen - Kings Of Tomorrow remix)
  14. Eli Escobar - "Happiness Pt 2/Happiness" (reprise)
  15. Sonny Fodera - "To Love" (feat Shannon Saunders)
  16. Zen Freeman - "Stars" (feat Macy Gray)
  17. Red Rack'Em - "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger" (Leopard Eats Luke edit)
  18. Zappe - "Larry's Exotic Blend" (Joeski's Ruff Disco mix)
  19. Sandy Rivera - "Yeah!"
  20. Lumoon & Rob!n/Tommy Bones - "Rendez-Vous/Aisha" (feat Ingrid Hakanson - Loui & Scibi remix/Accapella)
  21. Marie Joly, Black Coffee & Rebecca Murray - "Gratitude" (Pablo Fierro remix)
  22. Mele - "The Latin Track"
  23. Sean Miller/Rachel McFarlane & Nick Hussey - "Got It Going On/Let Nothing" (Accapella)
  24. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Kaoz" (Dario D'Attis remix)
  25. Charles Ramirez, Luca M & Just2 - "Up & Down" (original mix)
  26. Crookers - "Get My Mind Right" (feat Mike City)
  27. Franky Rizardo - "Same Man"
  28. Memoryman Aka Uovo - "Dance Track"
  29. Soul Clap - "Misty" (feat Robert Owens - club mix)
Review: With the annual dance music industry blow out that is the Miami Winter Music Conference almost upon us, Defected drops a two-disc mix of tracks it expects to be big at the weeklong, South Beach-based party marathon. Naturally, there are plenty of existing anthems to be found - see Midland's "Final Credits" and the Eats Everything, Luke Solomon and Lord Leopard tweak of Red Rack'em's ubiquitous "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger" - alongside recent or soon-to-be-released smashers from the likes of Memoryman & Rogue D, Frankly Rizardo, Zappe, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb and Severino. Defected has also found space for new remixes of classic label tracks, including Full Intention's suitably large tweak of J Magik and Kathy Brown's 2000 anthem "Love Is Not A Game".
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Defected In The House Amsterdam 2015
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Cat: 082619 4318222. Rel: 05 Oct 15
Funky/Club House
  1. Sisy Ey - "Do It Good"
  2. Janet Rushmore - "Joy" (Sonny Fodera deep mix)
  3. Lowheads - "Morphrhodes"
  4. Konstantin Sibold - "Dome"
  5. Art Of Tones - "Call The Shots" (feat Jaw - Fred Everything Lazy VOX)
  6. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Fade II Black" (original mix)
  7. Gershon Jackson - "Love Desire" (Mike Dunn Blackball Love mixx)
  8. Click Click - "The Muzik Box"
  9. Tommy Bones - "Get Down" (remix)
  10. Shit Robot - "Where It's At" (feat Reggie Watts - Johnny AUX remix)
  11. Bicep/Kings Of Tomorrow - "Just + So Live" (accapella)
  12. DJ W!ld - "All About You"
  13. Copyright - "Be Together" (feat Andre Espeut)
  14. Dyone - "Only Love Can Set U-Free" (Bicep remix)
  15. Tim Deluxe - "Feelings" (club mix)
  16. Onsra - "Funky Town"
  17. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "LOVE"
  18. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Burn So Deep" (feat April - Sandy disco burn)
  19. Larse - "So Long" (Noir remix)
  20. Josh Butler - "The Essence Of House Music" (feat Lono Brazil - Dario D Attis remix)
  21. Chevalier - "Double Dealin'"
  22. Sonny Fodera - "Roll With Me" (feat Kwame)
  23. Riva Starr - "The Loft" (feat Dajae - original mix)
  24. Antotr - "Stop The Music"
  25. Will Clarke - "Spandex" (feat Rhea)
  26. Dusky - "Skin Deep"
  27. John Tejada - "Sweat (On The Walls)" (Sebo K remix)
  28. The Juan Maclean - "A Simple Design" (Deetron remix)
  29. Little By Little - "Kick It Up"
  30. Anotr/Riva Starr - "Strobe & In Da House Tonight" (feat DJ Sneak/accapella)
  31. Seven Davis Jr - "Friends" (Detroit Swindle Friends On Acid remix)
  32. Sidney Charles - "Controoler"
  33. Switch - "Get On Downz"
  34. PBR Streetgang/Krankbrother - "Whiplash + One Eyed Jack's" (accapella)
  35. Mari Cruz - "Little Thing" (Doorly remix)
  36. Paride Saraceni - "Dissolute" (original mix)
  37. Filthy Rich - "Rendezvous" (Nathan Barato remix)
  38. Gershon Jackson - "Take It Easy" (Mike Dunn Blackball Ezee mixx)
  39. Oscar G & Lazaro Casanova present Futro - "You Stole My Heart" (feat Dawn Tallman - Futro vocal)
  40. (A)pendics Shuffle - "Heavy Burdens High" (feat Blankkat - Velvet Elvis Late Night Loco mix)
  41. Ben Westbeech - "Falling" (Deetron Acid remix dub)
  42. Kink - "Diversion"
  43. Emanuel Satie - "Farewell"
Review: Year-on-year, the Amsterdam Dance Event is getting bigger. Essentially a weeklong excuse to attend as many parties as possible (albeit with a worthy conference attached), 'ADE' is now an essential part of the international dance music calendar. Its' rising prominence is reflected in Defected's decision to release a celebratory compilation. In The House Amsterdam 2015 does a good job in that regard, smoothly moving between deep, soulful, big room and tech-tinged house across three mixed discs. There are plenty of contributions from Dutch talents - multiple remixes from Detroit Swindle, in particular - amongst other headline cuts from the likes of Art of Tones, Dusky, Kink and Seven Davis Jnr. Pleasingly, there's also another chance to enjoy Switch's 2004 classic "Get On Downz".
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Defected Presents Most Rated 2016
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 in stock $7.26
Cat: RATED 22CD. Rel: 16 Nov 15
Funky/Club House
  1. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "L.O.V.E."
  2. Eats Everything - "Dancing (Again!)" (feat Tiga vs Audion & Ron Costa - original mix)
  3. Janet Rushmore - "Joy" (Sonny Fodera Beatdown mix)
  4. Huxley - "Stillove"
  5. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Burns Do Deep (Sandy's Deep Burn)" (feat April)
  6. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - "Varmilion" (&Me remix)
  7. The Cucharagas - "Toy" (feat Shaun J. Wright)
  8. The Juan Maclean - "A Simple Design" (Jesse Rose remix)
  9. Bas Ibellini - "That's Right"
  10. Mystic Bill - "U Won't C Me"
  11. Technasia & Green Velvet - "Suga" (original mix)
  12. Siege - "Crunk"
  13. Duke Dumont - "Mumble Man"
  14. DJ S.K.T - "Dirty"
  15. Gotsome - "Just A Feeling" (Sonny Fodera remix)
  16. Ordonez - "The Spell" (original mix)
  17. Konstantin Sibold - "Leif"
  18. Sisy Ey - "Do It Good" (club mix)
  19. Seven Davis Jr - "Sunday Morning" (Kaytronik Ruff Kut mix)
  20. Pele & Shawnecy - "Better For My Brain" (original mix)
  21. Tim Deluxe - "Tryin' Find A Way" (club mix)
  22. Tiga vs Boys Noize - "100" (The Martinez Brothers Keep It 100 mix)
  23. Denney - "Low Frequency" (club mix)
  24. Sonny Fodera & Cervendos - "High" (feat Lauren Faith)
  25. Enzo Siffredi - "Sometimes"
  26. Antor - "Stop The Music"
  27. Guti - "Solitario" (Carl Craig remix)
  28. Logic - "The Warning" (Richy Ahmed remix)
  29. Terranova - "Underverse" (feat Mandel Turner - Adam Port mix)
  30. Sabb - "One Of Us" (feat Forrest - Dennis Ferrer remix)
Review: There's nothing subtle about Defected's Most Rated series, which gathers together "DJ essentials" (read: big tunes) in an unfussy, unmixed manner. As you'd perhaps expect, there are plenty much-played dancefloor hits stretched out across the three discs, including bona fide bangers from Eats Everything, Duke Dumont, Huxley, Technasia & Green Velvet, and Tiga & Boyz Noize. There are some killer remixes on display, too, including Karizma's Keytronik rework of Seven Davis Jr's "Sunday Morning", a tasty Jesse Rose re-rub of The Juan MacLean's comeback single "A Simple Design", and &Me's shuffling, tech-tinged powder house revision of Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons' "Vamillion". No fancy frills or fuss, just tried-and-tested tunes.
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Defected Presents House Masters: Heller & Farley
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 in stock $9.41
Cat: 826194 318925. Rel: 08 Feb 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Ultra Nate - "How Long" (Fire Island remix)
  2. Danny Tenaglia & Celeda - "Music Is The Answe (Dancin' & Prancin') (Fire Island's 'La Musica Es La Respuesta)"
  3. Happy Mondays - "Stinkin' Thinkin'" (Junior Style mix)
  4. Jasper Street Co - "A Feelin'" (Heller & Farley Project remix)
  5. Tension - "A Place Called Heaven" (Fire Island mix)
  6. Junior Vasquez - "Get Your Hands Off My Man" (Fire Island dub 4 Junior)
  7. Terry Callier - "I Don't Want To See Myself (Without You)" (Heller & Farley Saturday In Chicago mix)
  8. Funky Green Dogs - "The Way (The Way Into The Roach Motel)"
  9. New Order - "Regret" (Fire Island mix)
  10. Robert Owens - "Was I Here Before?" (Fire Island vocal)
  11. Heller & Farley Project - "Ultra Flava" (2016 version)
  12. U2 - "Salome" (Zooromancer remix)
  13. Simply Red - "Money's Too Tight (To Mention)" (Fire Island VOX remix)
  14. DSK - "What Would We Do" (Eight Minutes Of Madness mix)
  15. Michael Watford - "Love To The World" (Fire Island remix)
  16. Gusgus - "VIP" (Fire Island dub)
  17. Product Of Da Neighbourhood - "Living In Brooklyn" (Roach Motel dub)
  18. Mone - "Movin'" (Fire Island mix)
  19. The Believers - "Who Dares To Believe In Me?" (Roach Motel remix)
  20. Robert Owens - "Ordinary People (Roaching The Bass Bin)"
  21. Roach Motel - "Movin' On" (Correct House mix)
  22. Fire Island - "If You Should Need A Friend" (feat Mark Anthoni - Fire Island club mix)
  23. Fire Island - "There But For The Grace Of God" (feat Love Nelson - original live n funky mix)
  24. Fire Island - "Fire Island" (feat Ricardo Da Force)
  25. Heller & Farley - "The Rising Sun (Summer Luv Rite)"
  26. Fire Island - "In Your Bones"
  27. The Heller & Farley Project - "We Built This House" (feat Cevin Fisher - Fire Island mix)
  28. Roach Motel - "Wild Luv" (original mix)
  29. Roach Motel - "The Night" (Deep Nite mix)
  30. Fire Island - "White Powder Dreams" (Fire Island vocal mix)
Review: During the 1990s, few British house producers matched the productivity of Pete Heller and Terry Farley. Under a variety of pseudonyms, the Junior Boys Own duo beat America's finest house producers at their own game. It's somewhat fitting, then, that Defected has decided to honour them with a three-disc House Masters collection that draws together their finest productions and remixes over three action-packed discs. All of the duo's finest moments are present - think remixes of New Order, Junior Vasquez, U2 and Funky Green Dogs, plus a disc worth of their own stomping productions under the Fire Island and Roach Motel aliases - alongside a smattering of overlooked and lesser-known gems.
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We Are Defected: This Is Our House!
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 in stock $9.41
We Are Defected: This Is Our House! (mixed 4xCD (comes in different sleeve colours, we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive))
Cat: WADTH 01CD. Rel: 02 May 16
Funky/Club House
  1. ATFC - "Bad Habit" (feat Lisa Millett - ATFC original vocal)
  2. Blaze presents UDA - "Most Precious Love" (Feat Barbara Tucker - DF Duture 3000 mix)
  3. Dennis Ferrer - "Hey Hey" (DF Attention vocal mix)
  4. Pirupa - "Party Non Stop" (original mix)
  5. Sandy Rivera & RAE - "Hide U" (Sandy Rivera club mix)
  6. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Finally" (Danny Krivit/Steve Travolta re-edit)
  7. Storm Queen - "Look Right Through" (vocal mix)
  8. Soulsearcher - "Can't Get Enough" (vocal club mix)
  9. Shakedown - "At Night" (original)
  10. Oliver Dollar & Jimi Jules - "Pushing On"
  11. Fish Go Deep & Tracey K - "The Cure & The Cause" (Dennis Ferrer remix)
  12. Junior Jack - "E Samba" (Junior Jack original club mix)
  13. MK - "Always" (feat Alana - Route 94 remix)
  14. Cleptomaniacs - "All I Do" (feat Bryan Chambers - original Cleptomaniacs mix)
  15. Soul Central - "Strings Of Life" (Danny Krivit re-edit)
  16. Tensnake - "Coma Cat"
  17. MK - "Burning" (Vibe remix)
  18. Yousef - "Beg" (Hot Since 82 future mix)
  19. MD X-Spress - "God Made Me Phunky" (original mix)
  20. Dennis Ferrer - "Church Lady" (feat Danil Wright - original)
  21. Copyright - "He Is" (feat Song Williamson - Ferrer & Sydenham Inc Vox mix)
  22. Candi Staton - "Hallelujah Anyway" (Larse vocal)
  23. Dubtribe Sound System - "Do It Now" (extended version)
  24. Noir & Haze - "Around" (Solomun vox)
  25. DJ Gregory - "Elle" (original mix)
  26. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Fall For You" (feat April - Sandy Rivera classic mix)
  27. FCL - "It's You" (Mousse T discotronic mix)
  28. Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz - "The Way You Love Me" (feat Marc Evans - original)
  29. Johnny Corporate - "Sunday Shoutin'" (original)
  30. Sandy Rivera - "Come Into My Room" (feat LT Brown - Take It Back mix)
  31. Rebot - "Enjoy Music"
  32. Bob Sinclar - "Save Our Soul" (Brian Tappert re-edit)
  33. Playgroup - "Front 2 Back" (feat KC Flight - Todd Terry re-edit)
  34. Mr G - "Lightz" (G'Out dub)
  35. Kevin Saunderson - "Future" (feat Inner City - Kenny Larkin Tension mix)
  36. 4th Measure Men - "4 You" (Maya Jane Coles mix)
  37. Osunlade - "Envision" (Yoruba Soul mix)
  38. Gel Abril - "Spells Of Yoruba" (Jamie Jones Watertight mix)
  39. Chicken Lips - "He Not In"
  40. Intruder (A Murk Production) - "Aname" (feat JEI - long ass mix)
  41. Chez Damier - "Can You Feel It" (Steve Bug remix)
  42. Guti - "El Solitario" (Carl Craig remix)
  43. Ame - "Rej"
  44. Julien Jabre - "Swimming Places" (Jerome Sydenham remix)
  45. Chasing Kurt - "From The Inside" (Henrik Schwarz remix)
  46. Sisy Ey - "Do it Good" (Riva Starr Back To Detroit mix)
  47. The Juan MacLean - "A Simple Design" (Deetron remix)
  48. Dennis Ferrer - "Mind Ur step" (feat Janelle Kroll - original mix)
  49. Nick Curly - "Underground" (Dennis Ferrer mix)
  50. Hercules & Love Affair - "Do You Feel The Same?"
  51. Sonny Fodera - "Feeling U" (feat Yasmin - deep mix)
  52. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch - "LOVE"
  53. The Dangerfeel Newbies - "What Am I Here For?" (KZR Defected Stripped Down mix)
  54. Eddie Fowlkes - "That's What I Think About"
  55. Mr G - "Precious Cargo" (feat Blondewearingblack - vocal mix)
  56. Gotsome - "Just A Feeling" (Sonny Fodera remix)
  57. Titto Wun - "The Way U Do It"
  58. Daniel Steinberg - "Let Me Down" (Tube & Berger remix)
  59. Flashmob - "Need In Me"
  60. Rachel Row - "Follow The Step" (Kink Bass & Beats mix)
Review: Believe it or not, Defected Records is 17 years old this year. In that time, Simon Dunmore and Janet Bell's label has released a lot of classic material, as this expansive, four-disc set proves. We Are Defected: This Is Our House is little less than an expansive "greatest hits" collection, featuring both familiar dancefloor hits of old - Kings Of Tomorrow's "Finally", Shakedown's "At Night", Dubtribe Soundsystem's "Do It Now", Ame's "Rej", DJ Gregory's "Elle", Chicken Lips' "He Not In", and so on - and more recent material. In the latter category you'll find similarly large and much-played tracks and remixes from the likes of Deetron, Storm Queen, Flashmob, Hercules & Love Affair, and Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch.
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Defected In The House Miami 2016
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 in stock $9.41
Cat: 082619 4327620. Rel: 29 Feb 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Boston Bun - "Paris Groove" (feat Mayer Hawthorne - club mix)
  2. Boris Dlugosch - "Keep Pushin'" (Purple Disco Machine vox mix)
  3. Dennis Ferrer - "Church Lady" (feat Danil Wright - Dennis Ferrer dub)
  4. Gershon Jackson - "Take It Easy" (Sonny Fodera & Mat Joe remix)
  5. Franky Rizardo - "Keep Me Cool"
  6. Tonja Dantzler - "In & Out Of My Life" (AV8 mix)
  7. Riva Starr - "The Superdope" (feat Fideles)
  8. Pino Arduini & Javier Bollag - "Los Pueblos" (Pablo Fierro remix)
  9. Delle Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - "Too Much Information" (Laolu remix - edit)
  10. DJ Le Roi - "I Get Deep" (feat Roland Clarck - Late Night Tuff Guy remix - Emanuel Satie rework)
  11. Anotr - "Mighty Kingdom"
  12. Martin Ikin & Low Steppa - "About Time" (feat Elisabeth Troy)
  13. Tim Deluxe - "Jas" (Elis bonus beats)
  14. Latrece - "I Want To Thank You" (MK dub)
  15. Fusion Groove Orchestra - "If Only I Could" (feat Steve Lucas - Liem remix)
  16. Riton - "Rinse & Repeat" (feat Kah-Lo - Busy P & Boston Bun remix)
  17. Dimo (BG) - "Walk Out"
  18. Eats Everything/Mystic Bill - "Big Discs/U Won't See Me" (original mix/accapella)
  19. Dario D'Attis & David Aurel - "Fiore" (original mix)
  20. Worthy - "This Time"
  21. Man Without A Clue - "Bless Her Soul" (feat Meleka - dub vox mix)
  22. Fred Everything - "Searching" (feat Jinadu - Deetron remix)
  23. Pele & Shawnecy & Hannah Holland - "The Guru/Lush" (feat Imma/Mess - original mix/accapella)
  24. Chez Damier - "Can You Feel It" (Steve Bug re-dub)
  25. Kerri Chandler - "Heal My Heart" (feat Treasa Diva Fennie - Quentin Harris Black Heart reproduction)
  26. Friend Within - "Get Dumb"
  27. Sisy Ey - "Do It Good" (Riva Starr Back To Detroit edit)
  28. Junior Sanchez - "Da House Dat Jack Built"
  29. Key To Life - "Forever" (feat Sabrina Johnston - BC Darkroom dub)
  30. Crookers - "Withdrawals" (feat Wills)
  31. The Dangerfeel Newbies - "What Am I Here For?" (Kai Kzr Alce Late Night mix)
  32. Grey Area - "Blue Eyed Funk Machine"
  33. Sonny Fodera - "Feeling You" (feat Yasmin - deep mix)
  34. Heller & Farley Project - "Jus' Friends"
  35. Dario D'attis - "My Tip"
  36. Vrrs - "Need Luv"
  37. The Cucarachas - "Toy" (feat Shaun J Wright)
  38. Kerrier District - "Techno Disco" (Kink remix)
  39. Fort Romeau - "Vloche" (Tuff City Kids club mix)
  40. Tommy Bones - "Aisha"
  41. Romanthony - "Too Long" (Detroit Swindle remix)
  42. Purple Disco Machine - "Yo" (original mix)
  43. Gray Area - "Afrodisiac"
  44. Konstantin Sibold - "Dome"
  45. K.C.Y.C/Tigerskin & The Lazarusman - "4 D.D (For Devotion)/I Believe" (Smoothie Harden mix/accapella)
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