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Cat: 702737 Rel: 18 Sep 18 • View all Power cables & adapters
15 VDC, 1200mA output replacement power supply for NI products
Notes: For Use With:

Traktor Kontrol Z1, S2, S4 and S5
Traktor Audio 2, 6 and 10
Machine Studio
Komplete Kontrol S25, S49, S61 and S88
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 2 in stock $21.42
Cat: 595266 Rel: 01 Dec 15 • View all Laptop stands
Adjustable laptop stand with USB powered fans to keep yuor laptop cool during operation
Notes: Looking for a lightweight, versatile yet robust option for your laptop? This stand from NJS could be the ideal choice. It can be positioned in a wide variety of angles to suit a range of locations, everywhere from home to office or even garden.

The stand can be folded away making it ideal for musicians and DJ's on the go looking to maximise space.

USB fans help to keep the laptop cool in order to ensure optimised operation, the stand comes complete with a mouse holder.
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 1 in stock $23.22
Cat: 702738 Rel: 18 Sep 18 • View all Power cables & adapters
40W 15 VDC, 2660mA output replacement power supply
Notes: Use With:

Traktor Kontrol S8 and D2.
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 1 in stock $21.42
Cat: 756074 Rel: 11 Nov 19 • View all Earphones
Comfortable earbuds with Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity
Notes: EHX SPORT BUDS are ideal for your active lifestyle. These lightweight comfortable earbuds let you take your music with you when you're on the go. Great sounding, extended battery life, sweatproof design and three sizes of ear cushions, too.

- Up to 12 hours of earbud playtime
- 3 sizes of ear cushions for a perfect fit
- Comfort of a lightweight, sweat-proof design
- Voice assistant compatibility and music/call control


- Earbuds
- Ear cushions (S, M & L)
- USB charging cable
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 1 in stock $35.29
Cat: 519783 Rel: 10 Feb 14 • View all Studio headphones
Professional monitor headphones with 40mm drivers
Notes: The ATH-M20x professional monitor headphones are a great introduction to the critically acclaimed M-Series line.

Modern design and high-quality materials combine to deliver a comfortable listening experience, with enhanced audio and effective isolation. An excellent choice for tracking and mixing.
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 2 in stock $47.23
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Cat: 504179 Rel: 24 Oct 13 • View all Vocal microphones
Handheld microphone with on/off switch and XLR cable included
Notes: Handheld dynamic microphone ideal for use on stage or in the studio.
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 2 in stock $24.62
Cat: 481702 Rel: 06 Feb 13 • View all Vocal microphones
Dynamic vocal microphone
Notes: The Q7 dynamic microphone brings a high level of accuracy and audio performance to vocal miking applications thanks to its low mass, neodymium element.

Using state-of-the-art microphone technology, the Q7 is engineered to the finest detail to provide the ultimate in sound reproduction and professionalism. The Q7 is a handheld, dynamic microphone that excels in both live performance and recording applications. Equipped with a linear frequency response for superior reproduction, it is also designed to withstand high sound pressure levels. Thanks to a high level of sensitivity, the Q7 will pick up all the nuances of any performance with exceptional clarity and detail. Plus, it employs a tight supercardioid pattern to reduce feedback and effectively reject signals not originating directly in front of the mic capsule.A special shockmounted element also minimizes handling noise and provides additional protection. And with a rugged zinc alloy die-casting case, the Q7 will provide reliable performance in even the most demanding environments.
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 2 in stock $38.57
Cat: 608091 Rel: 12 Apr 16 • View all Laptop stands
Laptop DJ stand for desktop use, includes desk clamps & features 4 possible height settings
Notes: A desktop stand to support a laptop computer or similar equipment to allow positioning above other equipment at a fixed 15- angle for easy viewing. Can be assembled and any of the 4 possible height settings and 3 of the possible width settings. The support arms and lower skids are covered in high density foam pads to prevent damage or slipping. Also includes a desk clamp option for attaching your laptop stand to a table, desk or shelf.
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 1 in stock $24.90
Cat: 420657 Rel: 11 Mar 11 • View all Headphones parts
Replacement cable for all AKG studio headphones
Notes: The AKG EK500 S cable is the replacement cable for AKG 141MKII/171MKII/240MKII/271MKII studio headphones. It also fits the Pioneer HDJ2000 DJ headphones.
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 1 in stock $33.47
Cat: 570051 Rel: 15 Apr 15 • View all Vocal microphones
Dynamic vocal microphone with cardioid polar pattern and 15ft 1/4" jack cable included
Notes: The PGA48 delivers excellent sound for spoken word and karaoke performance. Available with various cable options and a discrete On / Off switch.

- Handheld microphone for spoken word and karaoke performance
- Dynamic cartridge (does not require phantom power) with cardioid polar pattern
- Tailored cartridge design for clear reproduction of speech
- Includes PGA48 with On / Off switch, microphone clip, zipper pouch and user guide

The PGA48 is a professional quality vocal microphone with an updated industrial design that features a black metallic finish and classic silver ball grille. Legendary Shure quality construction ensures exceptional performance in rigorous environments.
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 2 in stock $42.83
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