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Th Pressing Japan

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Love Souls (12")
Cat: THPVS 04. Rel: 17 Jan 18
Deep House
  1. Allstarr Motomusic - "Night Romance" (feat Debra Jones Davis) (8:00)
  2. Allstarr Motomusic - "Light Of The Soul" (feat Sarignia Bonfa) (6:08)
  3. Manuel Costela - "Sunshine Love" (6:52)
  4. Manuel Costela - "Hurt" (7:31)
Review: In the past, Allstar Motomusic has largely delivered 12" singles that tend towards the more musically vibrant end of the techno and tech-house spectrum. Interestingly, the two tracks here - the Ron Trent style brilliance of "Night Romance (featuring Debra Jones Davis") and lilting dream house soul of "Light of the Soul (featuring Sarigina Bonfa) - retain his usual soulfulness but soften the rhythmic approach. It goes without saying that it's a switch that has paid dividends. Italian producer Manuel Costa handles the B-side, first delivering the tactile, synth-heavy deep house soul of "Sunshine Love", before delivering a chunk of bass-heavy, Rhodes-rich warmth underpinned by a swinging electro beat. Top notch stuff, all told.
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  1. Life Recorder - "While She Dreams" (7:27)
  2. Ernie - "Dynamic Workflow" (6:03)
  3. Brad P - "Grey Blue Passion" (6:30)
  4. Takuya Yamashita - "Somewhere" (7:33)
Review: Japan's TH Pressing imprint is hardly prolific, releasing just two 12" singles in its first three years of operation. That said, it rarely fails to impress, with last year's Wishes & Memories Volume 1 being particularly potent. Like its predecessor, this follow-up gathers together tracks from a quartet of producers. Life Recorder begins with the breezy and melodious, Soichi Terada style deep house bliss of "While She Dreams", before Ernie drops some quirky, dubbed-out dancefloor deepness in the shape of "Dynamic Workflow". Over on the flipside, Brad P explores deep space via the Motor City electronics, hypnotic rhythms and acid bass of "Grey Blue Passion", while Takuya Yamashita goes all Global Communication on the sparkling, early '90s ambient business of "Somewhere".
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Th Pressing Japan
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