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The Sequins

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Cat: TLV 014CD. Rel: 15 Feb 08
  1. Catholic Guilt
  2. When The Flames Went Out
  3. Treehouses
  4. Everyone Loves The Sequins
  5. It Pays Well Not To Care
  6. The Lost Art Of friendship
  7. Felix
  8. The Usual Delights
  9. Let's Go Drinking In The Morning
  10. The Grass Is Never Green
  11. Les Faux Amis
  12. The French Way Of Life
Review: Tough Love present the Long awaited 12 track debut album 'The Death Of Style', from the best Midlands indie pop band The Sequins. Formed around the nucleus of Warwick University, the five-piece deliver an album that builds upon the potential shown in their two singles and transgresses that already high watermark. Sharing a firm lineage with the Postcard and Sarah Records aesthetics, The Sequins draw upon the best jangly guitar pop and art-rock to create a signature sound that puts them out of step with the current zeitgeist. Eschewing the contemporary fashion with cold hearted irony, The Sequins aren't afraid to indulge their playful side or embrace the unfashionable. This is music free of guilty pleasures and full of unabashed joy. Although employing spider-like guitars and dizzying time signatures in equal measure, they never once forget the importance of melody or a good chorus. Recorded in South London in two short sessions, 'The Death of Style' is endearingly lo-fi but sparkles in all the right places, providing a perfect snapshot of the live sound that has brought The Sequins many devoted fans in the past year. 'this is immutable yet frail pop that makes my heart beat faster and faster. 9/10' -Drowned In Sound. 'An absolute must for indie-popsters everywhere' -The Fly. 'Blissfully-tuneful indie-pop contenders' -NME.
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The Sequins
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