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Freedom Flight
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 in stock $19.52
Freedom Flight (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: EPIC 743879. Rel: 18 May 09
  1. Ice Cold Daydream
  2. Strawberry Letter 23
  3. Sweet Thang
  4. Me & My Woman
  5. Someone's Always Singing
  6. Purple
  7. Freedom Flight
Played by: Davor Ostojic
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 in stock $20.88
Introducing (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 746. Rel: 29 Apr 13
  1. Hurricane
  2. Baby, I Need You
  3. Ice Cold Daydream
  4. Strawberry Letter 23
  5. Sweet Thang
  6. Me & My Woman
  7. Inspiration Information
  8. Island Letter
  9. Sparkle City
  10. Aht Uh Mi Hed
Inspiration Information
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 in stock $16.22
Inspiration Information (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 867. Rel: 14 Oct 13
  1. Inspiration Information
  2. Island Letter
  3. Sparkle City
  4. Aht Uh Mi Hed
  5. Happy House
  6. Rainy Day
  7. XL-30
  8. Pling!
  9. Not Available
Review: A year shy of its 40th anniversary, Inspiration Information enjoys a reissue and it's still as sparkly and soul-laden as it was in 1974. Ranging from the guitar-twanging smoky blues funk of "Rainy Day" to the sultry, strutting title track, it's largely regarded as Otis's most comprehensive work of that time. According to legend it took him three years to create... 39 years later and it still sounds as good as this? We'd say that's time well spent!
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Played by: Scratchandsniff
Here Comes Shuggie Otis
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 in stock $21.17
Here Comes Shuggie Otis (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 1482. Rel: 14 Sep 15
  1. Oxford Gray (6:53)
  2. Jennie Lee (2:10)
  3. Bootie Cooler (2:37)
  4. Knowing (That You Want Him) (2:30)
  5. Funky Thithee (3:12)
  6. Shuggie's Boogie (5:33)
  7. Hurricane (2:16)
  8. Gospel Groove (4:13)
  9. Baby, I Needed You (3:44)
  10. The Hawks (2:26)
Here Comes Shuggie Otis (reissue)
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coming soon $26.94
Cat: ETH 743877HLP. Rel: 03 Nov 17
Ice Cream Party
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 in stock $15.67
Ice Cream Party (limited gold vinyl 7")
Cat: CLP 2296-1. Rel: 28 Aug 17
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Ice Cream Party (3:09)
  2. Ice Cream Party (instrumental) (3:09)
Played by: I Love 45's!
Live In Williamsburg
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 in stock $17.32
Cat: CLP 19141. Rel: 07 Aug 17
  1. Inspiration Information (4:47)
  2. Tryin' To Get Close To You (4:24)
  3. Aht Uh Mi Hed (4:04)
  4. Sparkle City - Miss Pretty (8:22)
  5. Sweetest Thang (4:00)
  6. Wings Of Love (8:27)
  7. Shuggie's Boogie (7:04)
  8. Strawberry Letter 23 (3:55)
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