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Superior Quality Recordings

BLUETONES, The - Superior Quality Recordings

Superior Quality Recordings  FORTHCOMING

Format: limited 6xCD box
Cat: EDSL 0080X
Released: 23 Jul 21
Genre: Indie/Alternative
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est. release 23 Jul 21 $49.27
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Side 1
  1. "Talking To Clarry" (Expecting To Fly)
  2. "Bluetonic"
  3. "Cut Some Rug"
  4. "Things Change"
  5. "The Fountainhead"
  6. "Carnt Be Trusted"
  7. "Slight Return"
  8. "Putting Out Fires"
  9. "Vampire"
  10. "A Parting Gesture"
  11. "Time & Again"
Side 2
  1. "Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?" (Expecting To Fly: A & B Sides)
  2. "String Along"
  3. "Driftwood"
  4. "Colorado Beetle"
  5. "Glad To Seec You Back Again"
  6. "Don’t Stand Me Down"
  7. "Nae Hair"
  8. "Castle Rock"
  9. "The Devil Behind My Smile"
  10. "Marblehead Johnson"
  11. "The Simple Things"
  12. "Nifkin’s Bridge"
  13. "Time & Again" (4 track demo)
  14. "Cut Some Rug" (4 track demo)
  15. "Putting Out Fires" (4 track demo)
Side 3
  1. "Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?" (demo - The Early Garage Years)
  2. "Talking To Clarry" (demo)
  3. "Carnt Be Trusted" (demo)
  4. "Slight Return" (Limited edition Uk/Japan 7" single)
  5. "No 11 (Bluetonic)" (From The Fierce Panda "return To Splendour" EP)
  6. "The Fountainhead" (demo)
  7. "Time & Again" (demo)
  8. "Cut Some Rug" (Homemade 4 track Recording)
  9. "Talking To Clarry" (Homemade 8 track Recording)
Side 4
  1. "Tone Blooze" (Return To The Last Chance Saloon)
  2. "Unpainted Arizona"
  3. "Solomon Bites The Worm"
  4. "UTA"
  5. "4 Day Weeken"
  6. "Sleazy Bed Track"
  7. "If"
  8. "The Jub Jub Bird"
  9. "Sky Will Fall"
  10. "Ames"
  11. "Down At The Reservoir"
  12. "Heard You Were Dead"
  13. "Broken Starr"
  14. "I Was A Teenage Jesus" (Return To The Last Chance Saloon: B Side)
  15. "I Walked All Night"
  16. "Blue Shadows"
  17. "The Watchman"
  18. "The Ballad Of Muldoon"
  19. "Blue"
  20. "Mr Soul"
  21. "Pretty Ballerina"
  22. "Woman Done Gone Left Me"
Side 5
  1. "Zorrro" (Science & Nature)
  2. "The Last Of The Great Navigators"
  3. "Tiger Lily"
  4. "Mudslide"
  5. "One Speed Gearbox"
  6. "Blood Bubble"
  7. "Autophilia Or "How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love My Car""
  8. "Keep The Home Fires Burning"
  9. "The Basement Song"
  10. "Slack Jaw"
  11. "Emily's Pine"
Side 6
  1. "Armageddon (Outta Here)" (Science & Nature: A & B Sides Etc)
  2. "The Favourite So"
  3. "Be Careful What You Dream"
  4. "Please Stop Talking"
  5. "Keep The Home Fires Burning" (radio version)
  6. "Thought You’d Be Taller"
  7. "It’s A Boy"
  8. "Soup Du Jour"
  9. "Vostok Of Lov"
  10. "Mudslide" (radio edit)
  11. "Keep The Home Fires Burning" (US version)
  12. "Zero Tolerance"
  13. "Fock Da Brain Hole"
  14. "Mudslide" (Shandy Weather version)
  15. "After Hours"
  16. "Groovy Roussos"
  17. "Sail On Sailor"
  18. "Reverse Cow Girl"
  19. "Woman In Love"
  20. "Ingimarsson"
  21. "Freeze Dried Pop (Dumb It Up)"
  22. "Persuasion"
  23. "The Bluetones Big Score"
  24. "That’s Life"
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coming 23 Jul 21 $49.27
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