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That Subliminal Kid Rhythm Science (Excerts & Allegories From The Sub Rosa Audio Archive)

Format: mixed CD
Cat: SRS 2012
Released: 03 Feb 04
Side 1
1. Yoshio Machida/Sussan Deyhim - "Afterimage/The First Reading"
2. Nuuk Posse/Antonin Artaud - "Poesi/Alienation Et Magie Noire"
3. Bill Laswell - "Oscillations" (DJ Grazzhoppa's Milky remix)
4. Directions/E.e. Cummings - "Encode/Let's From Some Loud Unworld's Most Rightful Wrong"
5. DJ Wally/Gertrude Stein - "Zeta Reticulli/If I Told Him, A Complete Portrait Of Picasso"
6. Charles Hayward - "Accidents & Emergencies" (instrumental)
7. Bill Laswell/Scanner/Kurt Schwitters - "Oscillations/Biological Closure/Ursonate" (Vedic's Live pop mix)
8. Vedic/Tristan Tzara - "Kali Rising/Pour Compte (Phases, 1949)"
9. Oval vs Yoshihiro Hanno/James Joyce - "April/Anna Livia Plurabelle (Finngan's Wake)" (remix)
10. Oval Vs Yoshihiro Hanno/Oval Vs Main/David Shea/Marcel Duchamp - "April/Sdii Audio Template/Satricon/Some Texts From A L'infinitif" (remix)
11. Scola Hungarica - "Sanctus"
12. Jean Luc Fafchamps/Meira Asher & Guy Harries - "Chrysanthemum Haradjani/Girl"
13. Jilala De Tangier/Jean Luc Fafchamps - "Darba Del Hameni/Ground"
14. Seefeel - "Is It Now?"
15. DJ Wally/Hugo Distler - "Bitchley's Kow Korn/Easter Nocturnal Liturgy"
16. Scanner/William S Burroughs & Martin Olson - "Fuse/The Five Steps"
17. Kim Cascone & Scanner/Scanner/Merzbow - "Atavistic Endeavor/Control Phantom/Lux Automobile" (Krokodile Rock mix)
18. Yoshio Machida/Valdimir Maiakovski - "Afterimage/Une Aventure Extraordinarie Arrivee A Vladimir Maiakovski, En Ete A La Datcha"
19. Claude Debussy - "D'un Cahier D'esquisses"
20. David Shea & Tobias Hazan - "Memoires D'un Surfeur Au Bord Du Desert"
21. Disjecta - "Bad Day For Wasps"
22. Matik - "Dada Cat"
23. Matik - "Indigo"
24. Giancinto Scelsi/Bill Laswell & Trilok Gurtu - "Suite #11/Nothing"
25. Luciano Berio/Bill Laswell - "Brin/Dislocation"
26. Brion Gysin/Jon Hassel - "One Night @ The 1001/Map Of Dusk"
27. CM Von Hausswolff/Gnaoua De Abenb Binizi/Guillaume Apollinaire - "With The Flow Against The Current/Jellaba Titara/Pont Mirabeau"
28. Nicholas James Bullen - "Again & Again"
29. Nus/Morton Feldman/David Toop - "Machine Chop/Triadic Memories/Tricyrtis Latifalia"
30. Mouse On Mars - "Subnubus"
31. Lee Ronaldo - "Konstantin Raudive" (remix)
32. Patti Smith - "Morning High"
33. Sussan Deyhim - "The Last Reading"
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