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Pittsburgh Modular

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Pittsburgh Modular

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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Analog Delay Unit Module
Cat: 758645 Rel: 16 Dec 19
6HP Eurorack voltage-controlled delay module
Notes: The Analog Delay Unit is based on the design created for the Voltage Lab synthesizer module. A finely tuned circuit designed to enhance the source material by adding depth and warmth.

Module Overview:

The Analog Delay utilizes a pair of 4,096 stage BBD chips to produce a voltage controllable analog delay signal. Clean delay time can vary from 16ms to 340ms. The maximum delay time can be increased using the TIME CV INPUT delay time maxes out at 465ms but the increased time comes at the cost of fidelity and a bit of high frequency clock noise bleed. The name BBD stands for bucket brigade device in reference to a line of people passing buckets of water to quickly extinguish a fire. Each stage of a BBD chip contains a single capacitor. Pairing two chips together creates a chain of 8,192 capacitors. Like the water buckets, an audio signal is passed from capacitor to capacitor within the BBD chips once every clock step. A slower clock produces a longer delay and a faster clock produces a shorter delay.

Delay time:

Delay time is set by adjusting the DELAY TIME SLIDER. Moving the slider up increases the delay time. Delay time can be voltage controlled by patching into the DELAY TIME CV INPUT JACK and adjusting the DELAY TIME CV TRIMMER. The DELAY TIME CV TRIMMER is an attenuverter. That means the incoming signal is off when the trimmer is set to the 12 o'clock position. Turning the attenuverter to the right passes the original signal through. Turning the attenuverter to the left passes an inverted version of the original signal through. Turning the DELAY TIME CV TRIMMER to the right will increase the amount of CV passed through to the delay time. Turning the DELAY TIME CV TRIMMER to the left will increase the amount of inverted CV passed through to the delay time. Locating the exact off position of an attenuverter can be difficult. The easiest wave to remove the CV signal from the signal path is to simply remove the patch cable patched into the DELAY TIME CV INPUT JACK.


The DELAY REPEATS SLIDER sets the amount of repeats created by the delay. Moving the DELAY REPEATSSLIDER all the way down will produce 1 repeat. Adjusting the slider up increases the number of repeats until the delay begins to self-oscillate.

Output Mix:

The DELAY MIX KNOB acts as a balance control between the dry incoming signal and the wet delayed signal. Turning the DELAY MIX KNOB to the left weighs the output toward the dry signal. Turning the DELAY MIX KNOB to the right weighs the output toward the wet signal. In theory, setting the DELAY MIX KNOB at 12 o'clock creates an even mix of the wet and dry signals. In reality, the tolerance of the potentiometer, waves shape, and dry signal level all influence the location of an even 50/50 mix.
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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Double Helix Complex Oscillator Voice Module
Cat: 637399 Rel: 05 Jun 17
Modular waveform generator featuring 2 precision analog oscillators with voltage controlled shape contouring
Notes: Designed to be the nucleus of a synthesizer, the Double Helix Oscillator is a modular waveform generator like no other. A set of beefy, analog oscillators paired with voltage controlled shape contouring, deep modulation, and a performance ready voltage controlled modulation matrix create a dynamic, analog waveform playground.

At the core of the Double Helix are two, wide range, precision oscillators. The primary oscillator includes a full complement of waveforms and multiple modulation options. The Secondary oscillator offers a more focused set of waves and frequency modulation. Both oscillators reach deep into LFO range and can be used as voltage controlled modulation sources.

The contour section of the Double Helix Oscillator features a highly tuned wavefolder paired with our exclusive dynamic impulse low pass gate. The contour signal chain starts with a two-channel mixer. This allows multiple waveforms or multiple oscillators to be combined before passing though the contour section. The first half of the contour section is a voltage controlled, 6 stage wavefolder used to add odd harmonics to the incoming waveform. The timbre and timbre CV controls set the density and amplitude of the folds. When processing a sine wave, the wavefolder creates a spectral change from zero harmonics to square, with an infinite harmonic series.

The second half of the contour section is a dynamic impulse low pass gate. The effect of the low pass gate is similar to pairing a low pass filter and VCA together. As the dynamics control is opened, the filter adds harmonics and the VCA increases the amplitude of the waveform. As the dynamics control is closed, the filter removes harmonics and the VCA decreases the amplitude of the waveform. This pairing mimics how sound behaves in the real world creating a more naturally tonal response. The impulse input adds the ability to strike or ping the low pass gate circuit creating a very organic, percussive sound. The decay time of the impulse input is set by the dynamics response control allowing the strike to be tuned to a specific musical context.

The modulation section includes an LFO offering simultaneous sine, square, and random waveforms. A noise source is also available for audio or modulation use.

A pair of voltage controlled routers manage all the CV inputs creating a dual, voltage controlled modulation matrix perfect for complex signal paths, experimentation, and live performance. The matrix consists of two voltage controlled amplifiers designed to control the modulation amount inputs that can be routed to any of the Double Helix CV inputs. Each of the CV inputs can be switched to channel a, bypass, or channel b and mixed with a dedicated CV input.
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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Primary Oscillator B Cascading Analogue Waveform Sculpting Oscillator Module
Cat: 810317 Rel: 01 Feb 21
Oscillator/waveshaper eurorack module
Notes: Excellent value from this innovative analogue VCO, based around cascading waveforms and interwoven waveshapers. Morph and blend between harmonics using sliders and CV. Lush.

Supplier's Notes:
True analog innovation, now with a black panel! Primary Oscillator b is functionally the same as the silver Primary Oscillator, only the panel color has changed.

The Lifeforms Primary Oscillator was designed to stretch the boundaries of pure sonic sculpting. The Primary Oscillator uses unique cascading waveform processing to create increasingly complex, fully modulatable waveforms. Through the use of multiple interwoven waveshapers, a simple waveform can quickly mutate into something deeply dynamic and harmonically rich.

Custom waveshapers include a harmonic sine wave; a sine processed to add just enough harmonics to give a resonant filter something to dig into. Next, the included blade wave processor is an evolution of Pittsburgh's custom modulation circuit, creating modulatable ramp and pulse waves. The fragments generator is an analog downsampler capable of crushing waveforms to dust without ever sounding thin or cold. Also included, the timbre wave folder enables deep spectral change by repeatedly folding the waveform in on itself until the original waveform is unrecognizable.

The Primary Oscillator is not meant to be a clean oscillator that produces perfect waveforms. Controlled signal interactions and the unique set of cascading waveshapers at the heart of the Primary Oscillator allow for a uniquely musical approach to experimenting with a wide array of interesting sounds. Instead of relying only on the standard set of simple wave shapes, the Primary Oscillator builds on the basics to offer a powerful palate of infinitely variable waveforms. No other analog oscillator offers such a creative and deep set of audio processing tools.

Primary Oscillator Controls


Based around the custom dual VCA oscillator designed for the Microvolt 3900, the Primary Oscillator takes advantage of calibrated temperature stabilization paired with hard sync and both linear and exponential frequency modulation. The result is a stable saw core oscillator fine tuned for deep sonic exploration.

Frequency Knob - Frequency control sweeps from LFO through the full audio range.

Fine Tune Knob - Limited range frequency control.

FM | CV Button - Switch the destination of the FM input jack between linear FM (on) and exponential CV (off) modulation.

Harmonic Sine Button - Switch between sine wave (off) and harmonic sine wave (on). Harmonic sine wave adds a minimal number of harmonics to a sine allowing for a new set of timbres to emerge.

FM | CV Amount Trimmer - FM input attenuator control.

Pitch Input Jack - 1 volt per octave pitch tracking CV input.

FM Input Jack - Linear FM or exponential CV input jack.

Sync Input Jack - Hard sync oscillator reset input jack.

Sine Wave Output Jack - Sine wave or harmonic sine wave output jack.

Saw Wave Output Jack - Saw wave output jack.


The blade wave is a modulatable ramp wave that produces an evolving waveform capable of stable pitch tracking. The shape of the blade wave can be controlled using the blade | pulse CV input and attenuator creating a sweeping or chorus effect on the wave. The blade | pulse shape slider manually sweeps the blade wave and pulse width.

Blade Core Wave Source Button - Select the waveform used as the core wave for the blade wave. Triangle (on) or sine (off). If sine is selected, the harmonic sine button affects the blade wave shape.

Blade|Pulse Width Shape Slider - Manual Blade wave shape and Pulse width control. This slider acts as an offset when modulation is used.

Blade|Pulse CV Amount Trimmer - Blade wave shape and Pulse width CV input attenuator.

Blade|Pulse CV Input Jack - Blade wave shape and pulse width CV input jack.

Blade Wave Output Jack - Blade wave output jack.

Pulse Wave Output Jack - Pulse wave output jack.

Module Specifications
Panel size: 12hp
Depth: 25mm
Power Usage: +12v 112mA, -12v 104mA. Does not require +5v. Reversed power polarity protection.
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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1B Eurorack Analog Synthesiser Module
Cat: 782211 Rel: 07 Jul 20
Eurorack analog synthesiser module
Notes: One of our favourite entry points into the world of patchable semi-modular synthesis and a great starting point for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the waters of full modular. Great sound, great usability.

Supplier's Notes:

The original Lifeforms SV-1 eurorack format synthesizer module is legendary for its deep, analog sounds capable of pumping out everything from roaring bass and cutting leads to absolute chaos. The SV-1b shares this same bold, powerful core while fine tuning the details. We have made a countless number of small tweaks and adjustments to the original SV-1 synthesis engine to improve the stability and functionality of the SV-1b. The sound is what matters, and this is still the East Coast analog monster to beat.

From the custom designed oscillator core to the iconic sound of the Pittsburgh Filter, the SV-1b showcases the true power of analog synthesis. The oscillator core used in the SV-1b was developed by Michael Johnsen and Richard Nicol to pair the visceral size and depth of vintage oscillators with the tracking and stability needed by modern instruments. The result is a palate of waveforms tuned to perfection with proprietary analog designs and countless listening tests. The Pittsburgh Filter is the heart of the SV-1b. The first collaboration between Michael and Richard, it defines the sound of Pittsburgh. Buttery smooth, the filter adds a depth and weight to waveforms so it never sounds dull. Michael's liquid resonance circuit allows the Pittsburgh Filter to overdrive smoothly and never lose the bottom end regardless of how high you turn up the resonance. Everywhere is a sweet spot.

The SV-1b is not a semi-modular synthesizer with limited signal path options. Each module within the SV-1b can be used independently to the rest of the system. The SV-1b is pre-patched (normaled) internally so patch cables are not necessary to get started. But as soon as you begin patching, you will appreciate the unrestricted creativity of the 53 patch points and 21 knobs. By breaking each module of the SV-1b out with patch cables, a tremendous amount of flexibility and control emerges to patch up any sound your imagination can dream up.

The MIDI to CV converter enables you to connect all your MIDI-compatible gear and convert it to control voltage right inside the SV-1b. Volt per octave, gate, CC, and velocity outputs allow you to connect to your MIDI keyboard or DAW while a digital LFO with sine, triangle, square, and quantized random voltage waveforms provides clock sync'd modulation options. A clock input allows you to override the internal or MIDI clock and sync to external CV and gate clock signals. The built-in arpeggiator unlocks another level of playability and the capacity to create complex and fresh musical patterns out of just a few notes.

The custom core, dual analog oscillators provide the sonic framework for massive synth sounds and a deep exploration of east coast synthesis. Sine, triangle, saw, and square waves are at your control, all available to modulate via FM and hard sync. Oscillator One also contains our unique blade wave. The shifting saw-like shape of the blade wave can be controlled using the width CV input, creating a sweeping or chorusing effect. Oscillator Two is normaled to the FM of Oscillator One, providing jaw-dropping analog FM bass, deep percussive hits, searing leads, and thick, warm analog pads which all come to life from these two Pittsburgh designed, organic sounding oscillators. Both analog oscillators dip well below audio rate, allowing them to function as voltage controllable LFOs.

A utility LFO with triangle and square wave outputs is ideal for VCA or Filter frequency sweeps. Or, turn it up and release the dynamic FM capabilities of either oscillator. A Tools section provides access to two sub-octave oscillators, derived from Oscillator One's core frequency. Analog noise and sample & hold finish out the Tools section.

This versatile four channel mixer comes pre-wired for fast access to Oscillator One's sine, saw, pulse and sub. However, you are just a patch cable away from instantly making your own unique blend of waveforms from the SV-1b. The mixer can also be split into two independent two channel mixers for maximum patching flexibility.

Smooth and thick, the sound of the revered Pittsburgh Modular Filter is unmistakable. Stunning harmonic character with voltage control over the entire frequency range. A provided attenuverter lets you dial in exactly how much CV to feed the frequency input, even inverting the input for dramatic changes in modulation. Separate highpass, lowpass, and bandpass outputs are provided as breakout options, each with their own powerful sonic timbres. Turn up the resonance for an added growl, giving your tones an aggressive edge that no softsynth can match.

Panel size: 48hp
Depth: 35mm
Power Usage: +12v 230mA, -12v 200mA. Does not require +5v. Includes reversed power polarity protection.
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Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP208 208hp Professional Eurorack Module Enclosure Case
Cat: 598241 Rel: 08 Mar 16
Hand-stained all hardwood eurorack synth module enclosure with power - 208HP of space
The Pittsburgh Modular Structure 208 and Structure 360 eurorack enclosures use a switching power supply that needs manually set to the correct AC input voltage. The internal switch has already be properly set for 220-230 VAC. This setting works for the EU and Australia or other countries that use 220-230 VAC power.
For use in countries that use 100-120 VAC power, such as North America and Japan, the switch inside the case on the AC/DC regulator needs to be switched to the left. The switch is marked with a Yellow sticker printed with "AC input voltage can be selected by switch. Check input voltage avoiding damage before power on." The switch is located on the side of the enclosure below the arrow.
Please contact Pittsburgh Modular with any questions. service@pittsburghmodular.com***

Structure EP-208 Eurorack Enclosure -

Maximum Power for a New Generation

Beautifully stained hardwood double row, 208hp powered eurorack travel case with lid. Includes professional, heavy duty, internal power supply designed to exceed the needs of the most demanding analog and digital eurorack systems.

Everything is New:

With years of research and two case lines under our belt, we decided to start over and produce a line of cases for the next generation of eurorack synthesizers. The eurorack modular ecosystem is expanding faster than ever and manufacturers are constantly pushing eurorack cases and power supplies to the limits. What started as a power supply designed to drive primarily analog synthesizers has transformed into a supply that needs to simultaneously meet the unique demands of sensitive analog circuitry, power hungry digital processors, and ground sensitive user interface modules.

We started with what matters most. Clean power. A lot of it. Up to 3x the amount of clean power available in cases from other brands. Next we turned our focus to the enclosure itself and there was only one goal. Make the case stronger. Our engineers tested countless combinations utilizing different types of wood, joints, adhesives, assembly techniques, and hardware to ensure that Structure cases are as durable as they are beautiful.

With a clean and gorgeous design that promotes creative exploration, the Structure enclosures are our most robust and refined case line yet. With massive amounts of both room and clean power, you can reach completely new heights in your creative performances.


Structure EP-208 Power:
4 Amps of Clean +12v Power

3 Amps of Clean -12v Power

2 Amps of Clean +5v Power

Custom Powered Bus Board with 15 Keyed Eurorack Power Headers Per Row, 30 Power Headers Total

External On-off Rocker Power Switch with LED

Universal IEC Power Connector Works Anywhere

Structure EP-208 Enclosure
Hardwood and Steel Construction (No cheap plastic here)

Dual 104hp Rows

Removable Lid

Lid Fits Over Fully Patched System (No need to remove patch cables)

Edge to Edge Rail Design Reduces Gaps Between Modules and the Side of the Case

20 Smooth Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail (Holds up to 40 modules)

Beautifully Hand-Stained Hardwood

Matching Black Steel Hardware Set

Structure EP-208

External Depth with lid:9 1/4"
External Depth without Lid: 5 1/2"
External Height: 12 1/4"
External Width: 22"
Internal Depth Above Power Supply: 2 3/4"
Internal Depth Above Bus Board: 3 3/4"
Internal Depth Above Nothing: 4 1/4"
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Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP270 270hp Professional Eurorack Enclosure Module Case
Cat: 637382 Rel: 17 Mar 17
Eurorack modular synthesiser case - 270HP of module space
Notes: Eurorack modular synthesizer case designed to meet the demanding requirements of project and professional studio environments. The Structure EP-270 provides massive amounts of clean, quiet power housed in beautiful, angled hardwood enclosures, full of classic synthesizer styling.

Uncompromising power and craftsmanship combine to create this stunning studio case. The Structure EP-270 offers 270HP of module space with a combined 9 amps of robust power.
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Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP420 420hp Professional Eurorack Module Enclosure Case
Cat: 637384 Rel: 17 Mar 17
Eurorack modular synthesiser case - 420HP of module space
Notes: Eurorack modular synthesizer case designed to meet the demanding requirements of project and professional studio environments. The Structure EP-420 provides massive amounts of clean, quiet power housed in beautiful, angled hardwood enclosures, full of classic synthesizer styling.

Uncompromising power and craftsmanship combine to create this stunning studio case. The Structure EP-420 offers a massive 420HP of space split into three rows paired with a combined 17 amps of industry leading power
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Pittsburgh Modular
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