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I'm A Cliche France

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Cat: CLICHE 034. Rel: 21 Jun 11
Electro House
  1. Box Of Box
  2. Box Of Box (Populette remix)
  3. Dysfunction
  4. Dysfunction (Toby Tobias Mainline mix)
Review: Attention Vegetarian vinyl consumers - approach this excellent introduction to the I'm A Cliche canon proper from Hannulelauri with caution if the sight of bare meat causes your constitution consternation. Raw steak on the cover art aside, there's little other reason not to indulge in this brilliantly oddball take on house music from the Finnish duo. Opening track "Box To Box" splays a cheeky acid stab lead over rusted percussion steeped in off kilter rhythms, whilst deep in the machine what sounds like an elephant tries to play along in time - it's a wonderfully tongue in cheek riposte to po faced music everywhere. The accompanying remix from Throne Of Blood duo Populette does a sterling job of realigning the track to burning deep house bump that's a perfect fit for the midnight hour. On the flip the title track "Dysfunction" straddles a lysergic house pump that will prove potent in the right atmosphere, whilst Toby Tobias embellishes the track with some soulful excess via diva warbling and hand claps.
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Cat: CLICHE 064. Rel: 13 Apr 16
  1. A Cruel Story (5:54)
  2. Ketamine Karaoke (5:29)
  3. Chiens De L'enfer (6:52)
  4. A Cruel Story (I:Cube remix) (6:33)
Review: Paris mainstay Cosmo Vitelli is no stranger to a bit of house and disco. Having released his debut album on Etienne De Crecy's Solid label, the man has a solid background complete with all the right kind of production skills to burn the dance floor good and proper. In more recent years, Vitelli's focus has been the I'm A Cliche label, where he returns to now with four pumping dance locomotives in a disco sort of shade, and "A Cruel Story" opens the doors to synthy cyber-world that evolves ever so nicely into the equally mesmeric and almost sinister melodies of "Ketamine Karaoke". On the B-side, "Chiens De L'enfer" is fuzzier, more in a house mood, and guided by a steely bassline, but the moment of truth comes from legend I:Cube's remix of "A Cruel Story" - a contained and dubbed-out drum groove with a futuristic sort of touch that only the king of French house can deliver.
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I'm A Cliche France