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  1. Marc Romboy - "Cosmo" (8:07)
  2. Molecule - "Sila" (Madben remix) (7:04)
  3. Denis Horvat - "Guilty Pleasure" (8:11)
  4. Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry - "Close Your Eyes" (vs John Digweed & Nick Muir) (6:29)
Review: Alongside Bedrock XX: a new compilation (and mix) of exclusive tunes celebrating the label's 20th anniversary, boss John Digweed also presents the tenth edition of his Live In series here - where he ventured to Tokyo's legendary Contact club earlier in 2018. This all nighter is one they'll still be talking about to years for come. There will be a limited edition vinyl pressing of a dozen or so of the 64 tracks featured in his complete mix (across three volumes) featuring the likes of Jimmy Van M, Pascal FEOS, Robert Babicz and many more. Part 1 features French hi-tech soul merchant Madben: whose adrenalised rendition of Molecule's "Sila" will propel you directly into the stratosphere, melodic techno expert Denis Horvat serves up "Guilty Pleasure" where the rising Danish star presents more of his highly engineered sonic futurism and label bosses John Digweed and Nick Muir appear also: with a sleek and brooding rework of Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry's "Close Your Eyes".
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Cat: BEDTYOVIN 2. Rel: 01 Aug 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Marc Romboy - "Asteroids" (10:06)
  2. Rober Babicz - "Space Disco" (6:25)
  3. Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry - "Close Your Eyes" (feat JJD) (7:48)
Review: Earlier in the year, Bedrock chief John Digweed headed to Tokyo for a set at Contact - one of the best underground clubs in the world. The basement club has a low ceiling, minimal lighting and an incredible sound system. The set (which featured a whopping 64 tracks) captures the legend's set from start to finish: from the deep/moody opening tracks, to the peak time bangers and everything in between. The tenth edition in his 'Live In' series is released on a limited vinyl run, with a select number of tracks on wax. Disc Two here features the hyper-melodic drift of Systematic's Marc Romboy on "Asteroids", the veteran artist formerly known as Rob Acid (Robert Babicz) with some powerful futurist soul on "Space Disco" and Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry with some tripped-out tunnel vision on "Close Your Eyes" (feat JJD).
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Cat: BEDTYOVIN 3. Rel: 01 Aug 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Renato Cohen - "Sauna" (9:03)
  2. Edit Select - "Above Ground" (5:56)
  3. Jimmy Van M & Juan Hansen - "Madin" (Gala dub) (8:00)
  4. Pascal FEOS - "Dual Structure" (7:01)
Review: On the 28th of April this year, legendary British DJ John Digweed performed at Tokyo clubbing institution Contact. The Bedrock head honcho's entire set has been captured on digital format, but those of you you lucky to snatch up these limited edition vinyl runs can have access to some of those exclusive tracks played as part of his amazing performance that special evening in Japan. The third and final disc features Brazilian veteran Renato Cohen, who makes a return to the scene with "Sauna" - this spacey nu-disco number is far cry from his legendary "Pontape" we can tell you that much. Scottish hypnotic techno expert Edit Select similarly makes a surprising addition with the typically ethereal "Above Ground" and finally something more typical of Digweed's programming courtesy of fellow progressive house legend Jimmy Van M (with Juan Hansen) on the euphoric epic "Madin" (Gala dub).
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Bedrock XX (4xCD (2xCD mixed, 2xCD unmixed))
Cat: BED 20CD. Rel: 08 Aug 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Eagles & Butterflies - "Crazy Diamond" (vs John Digweed & Nick Muir - reprise)
  2. Yunus Guvenen - "K'aisha"
  3. Guy J - "End Of Lost Cause "
  4. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Organia"
  5. Quivver - "On & On"
  6. Robert Babicz - "Dream Machine"
  7. Josh Wink - "BPM"
  8. Martin Eyerer - "El Circulo"
  9. Fairmont - "Malinalli"
  10. Musumeci - "Wssof"
  11. Monkey Safari - "Xelerator"
  12. Marc Romboy - "Laika"
  13. Hannes Bieger - "Mauna Loa"
  14. Ruede Hagelstein - "Chromapark"
  15. Paco Osuna - "Your Lights"
  16. Sam Paganini - "Endless" (feat Zoe)
  17. Lee Van Dowski - "Ironclad"
  18. Pig&Dan - "Pick Me Up"
  19. Oliver Lieb - "Osyris"
  20. Alan Fitzpatrick - "Vibes"
  21. Ian O'Donovan - "Whiteout"
  22. Josh Wink - "BPM"
  23. Hannes Bieger - "Mauna Loa"
  24. Robert Babicz - "Dream Machine"
  25. Quivver - "On & On"
  26. Yunus Guvenen - "K'aisha"
  27. Monkey Safari - "Xelerator"
  28. Ian O'Donovan - "Whiteout"
  29. Musumeci - "Wssof"
  30. Guy J - "End Of Lost Cause"
  31. Eagles & Butterflies - "Crazy Diamond" (vs John Digweed & Nick Muir - reprise)
  32. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Organia" (intro)
  33. Marc Romboy - "Laika"
  34. Oliver Lieb - "Osyris"
  35. Fairmont - "Malinalli"
  36. Martin Eyerer - "El Circulo"
  37. Sam Paganini - "Endless" (feat Zoe)
  38. Pig&Dan - "Pick Me Up"
  39. Paco Osuna - "Your Lights"
  40. Lee Van Dowski - "Ironclad"
  41. Ruede Hagelstein - "Chromapark"
  42. Alan Fitzpatrick - "Vibes"
Review: Ever the progressive futurist, John Digweed has decided to celebrate two decades of his Bedrock parties and record label not with an epic retrospective, but rather a compilation entirely made up of new, previously unreleased recordings. In typical Digweed fashion, the first two discs feature these 42 tracks mixed into a seamless journey by the man himself, with the same material featuring in full-length, un-mixed form on discs three and four. For fans of the producer's melodious and atmospheric take on house, techno and downtempo grooves, there's much to enjoy, including sublime cuts from the likes of Yunus Guvenen, Guy J, Marc Romboy, Oliver Lieb, Nick Muir (Digweed's long-serving studio partner), Quiver and Pig&Dan.
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Live In Tokyo (mixed 5xCD box)
Cat: JDIGTKY 201. Rel: 25 Jul 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Mono Electric Orchestra - "Louder Than Silence"
  2. Stelios Vassiloudis & Sahar Z - "The Day The Sky Fell In"
  3. Estroe - "Murk" (Brendon Moeller dub)
  4. Verlk - "The Roxy" (Toms remix)
  5. Yunus Guvenen - "K'Aisha"
  6. Audiofly - "Don't Explain"
  7. Frankey & Sandrino - "Alya"
  8. Boghosian - "Esta Vida"
  9. Abstraxion - "Spazieren" (Ripperton remix 2)
  10. Apollonia - "June" (Charles Webster November mix)
  11. DJ Hell - "Anything, Anytime" (Dubspeeka remix)
  12. TRIKK - "Devila"
  13. Eagles & Butterflies - "The Last Dance" (Mano Le Tough remix)
  14. Marc Romboy - "Cosmo"
  15. Tuff City Kids - "R-Mancer" (Roman Flugel K-Lauer mix)
  16. Pastaboys - "Abbassa" (Rebolledo mixed Pasta)
  17. Fluida - "We're So Far" (Audiofly remix)
  18. Robert Solheim - "Ferga" (D-phrag & Toppy remix)
  19. Steve Bug & Langenberg - "NGC 6240" (Tim Engelhardt remix)
  20. Claudio Ricci - "Warschauer Strasse" (Timo Maas & Basti Grub Strolling Around Warschauer mix)
  21. Frankey & Sandrino - "The Great Attractor"
  22. Eagles & Butterflies, John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Crazy Diamond"
  23. Kiki & Alessio Pagliaroli - "Neverending Now" (Dubspeeka remix)
  24. Honey Dijon & Tim K - "Thunda" (feat John Mendelsohn - Rampa remix)
  25. Internacional Electrical Rhythms - "Furia"
  26. Architectural - "Poisonous Cocktail"
  27. Marc Romboy - "Asteroids"
  28. Eagles & Butterflies - "Comet"
  29. Superflu - "Ark"
  30. Eagles & Butterflies, John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Divenire"
  31. Robert Babicz - "Space Disco"
  32. SCB - "Precision Incision"
  33. Ruede Hagelstein - "Chromapark"
  34. Denis Horvat - "Guilty Pleasure"
  35. Fairmont - "Parrish"
  36. Jos & Eli - "Time Chase"
  37. Monkey Safari - "Xelerator"
  38. Carlo Ruetz - "Obscure"
  39. Alex Preda - "About" (The Drifter remix)
  40. Pascal Feos - "Dual Structure"
  41. Appelescal - "Morpheus"
  42. Ceili - "Waiting" (One track Brain dub)
  43. Edit Select - "Above Ground"
  44. Feral - "East Slope"
  45. Garry Todd - "Wait For Me" (Dubspeeka remix)
  46. Superflu - "Doppt"
  47. Uakoz - "Disappeared"
  48. LSG - "When It's Dark Outside" (Oliver Lieb remix)
  49. Sam Paganini - "Endless" (feat Zoe)
  50. Popof - "Vapourizer"
  51. Renato Cohen - "Sauna"
  52. Lee Van Dowski - "Ironclad"
  53. Johannes Volk - "A Little Story About Time & Space"
  54. Jimmy Van M & Juan Hansen - "Madin" (Gala dub)
  55. Circle Sky - "The Light" (Patrice Baumel remix)
  56. Oliver Lieb - "Osyris"
  57. Molecule - "Sila" (Madben remix)
  58. Kerb Staller - "Tell Lies" (Audion remix)
  59. Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry Vs John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Close Your Eyes"
  60. Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry - "Close Your Eyes" (feat JJD)
Review: Famed for his journeyman selector adventures, John Digweed captures one of his notorious all-night marathons in Contact, one of the most respected and appointed clubs in Tokyo. Five CDs deep ranging from deep dubby warm up grooves from the likes of Mono Electric Orchestra to thumping heads-down finale fire from the likes of Popof and Patrice Baumel, across five CDs Digweed displays his true sound, skill and depth of selection that's often only ever experienced in the club. An absolute must have trip for all Bedrock, John Digweed and techno fans.
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