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Pushin' Forward

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Format: 12"
Cat: BB 002
Released: 23 Apr 12
Genre: Breakbeat

Side 1
1. "Pushin' Forward" (original mix)
2. "Pushin' Forward" (Cut La Roc remix)
Side 2
1. "Pushin' Forward" (Nick Fonkynson remix)
2. "Pushin' Forward" (DJ Alias & Benson remix)
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in stock $7.24 $3.62

After firmly establishing their Nu Funk steez in the digital realm with countless releases, London label Boogie Boutique reach into the glamorous world of vinyl in fine style with this double 12" drop A Year On Wax. They continue their twelve inch shaped adventures with a label regular at the helm in the shape of Funk Ferret. The New Zealander has featured on many a Boogie Boutique release, as well as other Nu Funk labels such as Booty Pirates and Ghetto Funk, so keen observers of the scene will know what to expect. "Pushin' Forward" features the mic spitting skills of Imagine This, whose Mr Lif style delivery is the perfect foil for a trademark mid tempo bass heavy bump from the Ferret. Boogie Boutique have assembled a fine cast of remix talent too, with Big Beat veteran Cut La Roc dropping a fine sample heavy revision that allows the vox to shine. Fellow BB artist and Montreal dweller Nick Fonkyson adds some crunchy riffage to the mix, whilst the Funk Ferret's Regrooved Sound System partner DJ Alias concentrates on teasing out some bassline deviancy with some help from Benson.

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