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Juno Recommends Experimental: May 2023

Juno Recommends Experimental

Juno Recommends Experimental

Juno Recommends Experimental: May 2023
Cat: ZIQ 455LP. Rel: 01 May 23
Phantom Pain (6:32)
Staggered (1:21)
The Mirror (4:40)
One Eye Open (4:12)
Cold Motion (3:15)
Heart String (5:10)
Darking (5:09)
Zero Point (4:28)
The Next Time You Die (4:38)
Timeproof (3:15)
Review: Alan Myson returns once more as Ital Tek, continuing a not-so-well-cited yet important sound. There's never been much of a name for it, maybe thanks to its appearance in the meting-potty post-dubstep era - but Tek's is a sound of minimal aesthetics and glossy-wonky beats. Other artists might include Kuedo, Lorn or MssingNo (but it's not wave, witch house or purple). Genre-mindedness aside, Timeproof is Myson's fifth album for Planet Mu, following 2020's Outland for a long meander through the fluid timey-wimey nature of time, and how it varies depending on its perceiver(s)' mental states. Beaty sublimers like 'Phantom Pain' and 'One Eye Open' make this a staggering time-dilating journey, one whose appeal, true to its name, will surely last for electronic music fans decades into the future.
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out of stock $20.66
Cat: HC 001LP. Rel: 08 May 23
Psychonautic Escapism (Cold Alienation) (11:27)
Acetoxyhexorchid I (Cluster Phase) (4:13)
Lattice Dysmorphism Of Lysothymic Oneiroid (8:57)
Ultraviolet Circumzenithal Arc (3:24)
Trench Through Pink Death (13:41)
Acetoxyhexorchid II (Dispersed Phase) (7:04)
Sirencipher Eidolon In Chimeric Photisms (Cascade Xenofluora Entwining) (13:08)
Sun Shimmer Repeater (7:50)
Review: Here come wild conceptronics from The Ephemeron Group, an as of yet little-known solo project of an artist known only as Vymethoxy Redspiders. Already being hailed as probably one of the most important underground albums of the year, 'Psychonautic Escapism' is a wildly intense journey evidently built with love, time and precision, written and produced over a span of 14 years and raucously colliding dream pop, dub techno and black metal influences. We hear ego deaths, abominable angelics and trudgy, vocal-processy brain fogs in this gargantuan world, all ultimately reflecting the artist's personal journey as a trans woman. Redspiders, otherwise known as Uroceras Gigas, was lead brain of the Leeds-based xenofeminist crisis energy rock duo Guttersnipe - as should be evident, they playfully break and remould their identity as they see fit, evidently staying rightly critical of the confines of genre, border or category. This effect is just as well translated into the music; this is a whopping protean statement, not to be missed.
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out of stock $33.90
Cat: GOST 020. Rel: 01 May 23
U C (2:25)
Upper Spell (3:19)
Intension (3:41)
Tree (2:34)
Lament Pit (3:45)
Strut (2:48)
Goblin Sograda (2:55)
Plural Dogs (2:56)
Nepal Lit (2:57)
Transparent Thought (4:04)
Declare Day Whom To Sleep (4:16)
Observer (feat Madteo) (3:54)
IP-Elegy (4:46)
Protokross (4:08)
Blossom For Rest (2:18)
Mint (3:52)
Dolphy (4:18)
NEWS (3:18)
Gard (1:35)
Review: It's not always easy to keep up with the output of the relentlessly prolific Flaty, a core tenet of Moscow's Gost Zvuk as well as pursuing his own endeavours. From hard-edged experimentalism and dub-scuffed glitch to oddball ambient and wayward techno, he's a truly original spirit, and his new album continues that trend with yet another dimension to his sound. Intuitive Word is imbued with a strong pop and RnB slant which bleeds into the sample sources and the strong sense of melody, but still this remains a leftfield, compelling release for those with an experimental appetite. Quite how Flaty has squared off these contrasting forces is hard to express, but take a listen to 'Intension' with its tripped out beat and synth arrays shot through with vocal licks and you begin to get the picture. It's dope as hell and oh so sweet on top, like nothing else out there right now.
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 in stock $35.50
Cat: KEPLARREV 15LP. Rel: 01 May 23
IO (6:08)
Parf (6:00)
Torn (6:50)
Andar (7:38)
Icol Diston (0:17)
Yua:e (8:05)
Icol Vern (4:55)
Nacrath (4:56)
Acval (4:57)
Aussen Vor Amx (8:56)
No 8 Amx (7:17)
Review: German IDM and experimental electronic don Arovane, AKA Uwe Zahn, is a name well worth taking a deep dive into if you've not already. Rising to specialist prominence in the late-1980s as a result of him playing no small part in pushing the evolution of instrumental art-hip hop forward, by the mid-1990s he was recognised among the most innovative names in synthesised leftfield, occupying a place that's as commanding as it is peaceful, a futuristic sonic world that pulls us in closer with every drum and refrain.
Icol Distil is one of his earliest releases, but certainly makes it clear that by the time he got round to putting stuff out under the Arovane guise he was already incredibly accomplished. Ear worm broken beat beauty after ear worm broken beat beauty reside on the track list, so prepare to be fully immersed.
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 in stock $33.64
Cat: TPLPSX 148. Rel: 01 May 23
Atopos (4:47)
Ovule (3:38)
Mycelia (2:02)
Sorrowful Soil (3:22)
Ancestress (7:06)
Fagurt Er I Fjordum (1:01)
Victimhood (6:54)
Allow (5:18)
Fungal City (4:46)
Trolla-Gabba (1:55)
Freefall (4:20)
Fossora (4:19)
Her Mother's House (4:32)
 in stock $44.49
Cat: MC 062. Rel: 08 May 23
All Your Time (4:45)
In Your Mind (5:00)
Review: Angelo & Jacoby are embedded fixtures of the international experimental music scene, both of them already having co-founded the esteemed ambient esoterica label Multi Culti. Now once more, they reap the fruits of their labour by releasing on their own imprint; 'In Your Mind' is a brand new two-tracker of surreal, hallucinogenic Balearism and phoned-in vocal samples. Emotive and serene, as if to describe a post-revolutionary world in which world peace had been truly achieved, 'All Your Time' and 'In Your Mind' are gutpunching deep downtempo cuts backed by ultra-deep string samples to boot.
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out of stock $13.77
Cat: YUKU 034. Rel: 08 May 23
Aksayan (3:53)
Syncopated (4:49)
Improper (3:33)
Creative Block (4:04)
3ajayeb (4:55)
New Proper (4:02)
Checksum (4:23)
6 Milyon (feat Grup Ses) (4:17)
Break C5 (3:34)
out of stock $19.87
Cat: ERG 008. Rel: 08 May 23
Ruth Anderson - "Resolutions" (LP) (17:09)
Ruth Anderson - "Conversations" (19:05)
Annea Lockwood - "For Ruth" (10") (9:50)
 in stock $34.95
Cat: Y 17TH. Rel: 01 May 23
Leban (2:47)
Dream Of A Bee (4:41)
Dreak (3:10)
Hasheesh (3:39)
Hamhama (3:04)
Saga (5:35)
Jinn (2:18)
Loli (2:19)
Schi (3:13)
Review: Cairo's trip hop, illbient and club beat maker Hashem L Kelesh aka Dijit brings totters a whole decade of home-based musical experiments on this new album from the superb Youth label. It is littered with vocals from Deedz, 7aleeb, and Lella who add human nuance to lush smeared chords and downbeat rhythms. It's a kaleidoscope of sound with several different genres overlapping (from Eno-style ambient to folk-y prayers and electric lullabies), melting into one another and making for an immersive listen that is late-night and low-slung.
out of stock $27.02
Cat: TPDD 007. Rel: 01 May 23
Chelating Ligand (5:03)
Swim Domain (4:54)
Effigy Tumuli (4:07)
Aguahoja (4:21)
out of stock $14.82
Cat: HDP 2. Rel: 01 May 23
All Are Welcome (3:43)
Dreamcatcher (7:39)
Jericho (8:53)
Nosce Te Ipsum (9:37)
Pilgrim (4:34)
The Long Way Home (5:45)
Prophecy (9:38)
Crossroad (7:07)
The House Of Shadows With The Sound Of Light (20:52)
 in stock $18.54
Cat: TARTALB 020. Rel: 08 May 23
Mental Trance - "Intro Track" (4:35)
Crystalline Reality - "The Growl" (Crystalline mix) (4:19)
Eye Soul8r - "Autumn Subs" (2:37)
Brain Liquor - "Blame It On" (1:36)
DJ 1999 - "The Abyss" (2:18)
Brain Liquor - "Jaque?" (2:47)
Crystalline Reality - "The Growl" (Night mix) (3:56)
Mental Trance - "Metal Trance" (5:59)
The Foundation - "Steppers Worldwide, Unite!" (3:04)
DJ 1999 - "Almost Pleasant" (2:34)
 in stock $24.89
Cat: PUU 57. Rel: 08 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Measure For Measure (8:22)
Moving Shadows (2:41)
Niigghht (4:29)
DroneX-7 (extended mix) (5:59)
Blackcap Crossing (5:27)
New Peace (3:57)
 in stock $20.66
Cat: HDP 1. Rel: 01 May 23
Grace (5:02)
Faith (8:41)
Strength (6:40)
Awake (8:08)
Perseverantia (6:18)
Prayer (1:17)
 in stock $17.89
Cat: SGM 005. Rel: 08 May 23
Mana (8:48)
Albanella (12:58)
Golagialla (8:52)
Bocca D'ombra (11:03)
out of stock $23.84
Cat: HST 13. Rel: 01 May 23
Lovi (9:14)
Klong (6:44)
Juno Sway (6:11)
Helix (4:56)
Melt (9:41)
Subslide (5:45)
Out (5:39)
 in stock $29.41
Cat: HDP 3. Rel: 01 May 23
Metal Hell
The Current
Petty Silver
Third From The Sun
The Seventh Day
Upon Departure
The Black Pool
 in stock $20.93
Cat: KR 105. Rel: 08 May 23
Aufwarts (8:31)
Kurve (Parts 1 & 2) (12:25)
Abwarts (7:20)
Ungerade (9:58)
 in stock $24.11
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