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Instrument No 6 (hand-stamped clear vinyl 10")
Cat: GIN 006. Rel: 05 Apr 19
  1. Graf Ruin (7:02)
  2. Hornets (4:28)
  3. RN (3:56)
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Cat: NII 001. Rel: 30 Sep 16
  1. Rest Intensive (feat Piper Spray) (2:27)
  2. Aliyans (feat Lapti) (2:59)
  3. Gulls Over Dump (feat Burago) (3:20)
  4. Jelly (0:21)
  5. Wasted (feat Midnite Cobras) (3:58)
  6. Chelector (feat Wrong Water) (3:13)
  7. Smoke Figure/1-4-Jejer (feat Muzzlebusf & Low808) (2:03)
  8. Dismissed Relations (feat OL) (2:18)
  9. Parallel (feat Buttechno) (3:34)
  10. Celestial Bow (feat 8ousy8oy & Muzzlebusf) (2:25)
  11. Sponge (feat Pfeiffer & FFAA) (1:47)
  12. Essence (feat Ocurob) (3:40)
  13. Elusive Garden (feat Dada Ques) (2:32)
Review: It's a new episode of Ghost Zvuk, and that can only bring a much welcomed breeze of oddity and leftfield antics to our charts. The Russian label has impressed us since day one, bringing through some truly singular strains of electronic music that only use the core genres as footprints to deviate from. Flaty is new to their collective, but he fits in like hand in glove thanks to his debut album, New Suggestions. As per usual, there's a bit of everything in here, and from the subtle techno of "Aliyans", to the hollow drones of "Jelly", and the dubby, lo-fi glitches of experiments like "Smoke Figure/1-4 Jejer" or "Dismissed Relations", a whole variety of listeners and DJs will find something incredibly interesting and useful in this album. Many labels or artists talk about being experimental, but few actually are. Ghost Zvuk is one of those special imprints who don't feel the need to say anything, but who constantly surprise us with their fresh and compelling strains of music. TIP!
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Cong Burn 04 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 04. Rel: 11 Feb 19
  1. Flaty - "Clearences" (5:23)
  2. Lack - "Multiplier" (6:42)
  3. Chekov - "First Thought" (5:46)
  4. Martinou - "Guide Pattern" (6:59)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: The quality of the Cong Burn releases shows no signs of slowing as they reach their fourth volume, rounding off a sterling year for the label. Russian producer Flaty makes an appearance here with the metallic, motorik electro of "Clearences" before Lack slows things down with the clanky funk of "Multiplier". Chekov has a more full bodied techno sound to impart, using spacious sound design to create a rich and immersive modernist jam, while Martinou completes the set with a subtle, shuddering and shimmering effort that dips below the radar of dancefloor convention to achieve a more subliminal effect.
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Various (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: KMV 02. Rel: 06 May 19
  1. Rim Menko - "Illusion"
  2. Flaty - "Charfrog"
  3. Pavel Milyakov - "Amb Day Out"
  4. Pavel Milyakov - "November Bad"
  5. Stas Karpenkov - "Detektiv Chernomorka"
  6. Stanislav Tolkachev - "While You Are Drawing A Butterfly"
  7. Hoavi - "Aya Horizon"
Review: Crimean label Krym Mryk back with a Various Artists collection which includes many the bright musicians of Russia and Ukraine as well as new and interesting names on this record.

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