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Leftfield / Experimental Recommendations September 2014

Juno Recommends Experimental

Juno Recommends Experimental

Leftfield/Experimental Recommendations September 2014
Cat: SIL 71458. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. The Delian Mode
  2. Blue Veils & Golden Sands
 in stock $11.12
Cat: ARFON 01. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. On & On (Fears Keep On)
  2. On & On (Fears Keep On) (dub version)
Review: Ah yes! Hot italo disco reissue action on the newly baptised Archivio Fonografico Moderno imprint! Rago & Farina made a few belters in their day, but this probably remains their finest and most daring moment. The original is everything you would think an italo track to be. Slightly cheesy (but in a good way), kinda odd in places, full of gritty analogue warmth and utterly delightful as a whole. There's also a gnarly dub version too, for good measure, As you'd expect, that mean heavier percussion sounds, more wholesome basslines and no vocals. Class.
out of stock $18.53
Cat: ZIQ 359. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. Taxi Sadness
  2. Rimmy
  3. PRG
  4. Blem
  5. Smeester
  6. Tambor
Review: Marking his first release of 2014, the Planet Mu bossman steps forth with a selection of electronica that follows a logical path from last year's Chewed Corners LP. There's a spread of tempos on offer, from the brief melancholic hardcore stylings of "Taxi Sadness" to the slow, cerebral funk of "Blem", but the overreaching theme of this EP is the heavy melodic load that each track carries. Winsome synths have always been something of a calling card for Paradinas, and here is no exception, with many of the tracks eschewing beats in favour of dramatic ambience as heard on the celestial delights of "PRG" and the heartbroken ballad "Rimmy".
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out of stock $7.98
Cat: PAN 56. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. Kali Wave
  2. Mimas Skank
  3. Girl Drop
Review: It's been a little while since Lee Gamble graced us with some fresh abstractions in his otherworldly sound enclave, and so his return to PAN is a thoroughly welcome one. Ahead of a new long player later in the year this EP finds Gamble drifting through plumes of ambient electronica tropes, with "Kali Wave" coming on like a beautiful fusion of breakbeats and dub techno. "Mimas Skank" has a glitchier modus operandi, but not at the expense of some catchy melodic threads and a steady ticking groove. "Girl Drop" however jettisons the beats for a marvelous display of reverb management, which leaves you feeling well practiced in the art of aural disembodiment.
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out of stock $12.26
Cat: AVN 015. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. Body Automatic
  2. Oil On Asphalt
  3. Suncoast 69
  4. Automotive Sex Club
  5. Body Complete
Review: Listening through this reissue of Auto Body by Dual Action, you can see why the idea of granting the five track release a vinyl edition would appeal to Avian boss Shifted. For the uninitiated, Dual Action is Matthew Folden, one half of the New York noise duo KP alongside Max Gudmundson and one of a slightly intimidating number of groups to have issued cassette only releases through Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions. The Auto Body tape was Folden's debut solo release as Body Action in 2012 and is filled with the sort of crepuscular yet rhythmically potent techno productions Avian has made it's name on, making it a perfect candidate to become the label's first reissue. Sublime sleeve artwork too.
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out of stock $8.84
Cat: HOS 420. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. Boneblack
  2. Petra Marina
  3. Venus In Retrograde
  4. Breath Of Cinder
  5. Daughters Of Enemies
  6. Eyes Of The World
  7. Angelshare
  8. Wind Carries Soot
  9. Art Of Veins
Review: It's fairly hard to keep tabs on all the various artists and projects that make up the bewildering Hospital Productions discography, but along with Dominick Fernow's own material one of the few label constants is Lussuria. Since first appearing on the label with the Silk & Honey cassette some four years ago, the elusive Lussuria has gone on to contribute a further eight cross format releases to the Hospital cause, all of which roughly operate in the dark ambient and industrial-influenced end of the spectrum. Industriale Illuminato is Lussuria's second LP for Hospital yet his first to be conceived as a standalone piece (2012's American Babylon LP compiled three cassette releases) and is apparently inspired by Deconstructionism and "an overriding sense of anxiety". Investigate if you are a fan of Demdike Stare's cultish Tryptych releases!
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out of stock $18.53
Cat: GD 006. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. Dawn Of Gehenna
  2. Lard & Blood
  3. Nite Theme
  4. Contact
  5. Blue
  6. Dawn Of Gehenna (Vercetti Technicolor mix)
  7. Blue (Antoni Maiovvi remix)
out of stock $11.12
Cat: AFZLP 2177. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. Creation Of Tron
  2. Only Solutions
  3. We've Got Company
  4. Wormhole
  5. Ring Game & Escape
  6. Water, Music & Tronication
  7. Tron Scherzo
  8. Miracle & Magician
  9. Magic Landings
  10. Theme From Tron
  11. 1990's Theme
  12. Love Theme
  13. Tower Music - Let Us Pray
  14. The Light Sailer
  15. Sea Of Simulation
  16. A New Tron & The MCP
  17. Anthem
  18. Ending Titles
Review: Audio Fidelity are fast-becoming one of our favourite reissue labels! It was them who were responsible for the Blade Runner re-vamp, an album so rare in its original vinyl format that It was truly unmissable. This time its another doozy, and also one which has been relegated to the pockets of the Discogs shotters. Wendy Carlos' inimitable Tron soundtrack was probably the best part of the film anyway, but now you can at least have the choice of owning both film and score! It's just tune after tune, spanning different genres and sounds. From the rocky sounds of "Only Solutions" to more abstract electronic moments such as "We've Got Company", this LP has it all. Don't snooze, it'll be gone all over again!
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out of stock $55.86
Cat: MOVLP 276. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. Desire
  2. Vicious Games
  3. Oh Yea
  4. Desert Inn
  5. Stalakdrama
  6. Koladi-Ola (Low Blow)
  7. Oh Yeah (Indian Summer version)
  8. Domingo
  9. Sometimes (Dr Hirsch)
  10. Let Me Cry
  11. Ciel Ouvert
  12. Angel No
  13. Vicious Games (12" mix)
 in stock $24.52
Cat: INZA 1304. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Sem Titulo
  2. Sem Titulo
  3. Toic
  4. Sem Titulo
 in stock $9.11
Cat: MOVLP 1072. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. She Caught The Katy
  2. Peter Gunn Theme Gimme Some Lovin'
  3. Gimme Some Lovin'
  4. Shake Your Tailfeather
  5. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
  6. The Old Landmark
  7. Think
  8. Theme From Rawhide
  9. Minnie The Moocher
  10. Sweet Home Chicago
  11. Jailhouse Rock
 in stock $24.23
Cat: PAN 55 . Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. Blaster
  2. Lasterb
  3. Asterbl
  4. Sterbla
  5. Terblas
  6. Erblast
  7. Rblaste
  8. Scratch
Review: Returning to PAN for the first time since 2011's 19-minute sound piece How Wheeling Feels When The Ground Walks Away, New York-based conceptual artist James Hoff presents Blaster. Based around an intriguing concept to say the least, Blaster is described as a "document of his explorations of computer viruses as agents within the composition process," using the computer virus of the same name to "infect" 808 rhythms and construct all-new shapes out of the resulting audio mulch. As you might expect from such a concept, the resulting audio is extreme to say the least; glitchy, abrasive and wildly unpredictable, each of the eight tracks splutter and misfire like a jammed machine gun. While PAN's recently released Miseri Lares from Valerio Tricoli showed the label's more delicate experimental side, Blaster is very much PAN in full on sonic assault mode.
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out of stock $19.95
Cat: PATTERN 001LP. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. Follow Still
  2. Oblivion
Review: Normally found weaving their reflective ambient orchestrations on Type, Norwegian duo Deaf Center have been snapped up by Sonic Pieces to offer up a haunting two-sided release that demonstrates their continued mastery of arresting instrumentation played out at a funereal pace. "Follow Still" is particularly haunting with its plaintive piano notes lingering long in the mix while the most subtle drone accompaniments drift listlessly around them. "Oblivion" has a more evocative tone that conjures up noirish scenes with carefully treated horn-esque sounds, buffing down the individual notes to create a more fluid melodic whole.
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out of stock $19.95
Cat: SND 3SE. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. -3,100
  2. -1,100
  3. 853
  4. -1,193
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
Review: Originally released back in 1999, SND's self-released Travelog LP was originally crammed onto one vinyl disc and has sat languishing in the domain of pricey second records ever since. This reissue spreads the music out over two records lovingly cut in blue and purple, with additional bonus tracks making for a more momentous release for some truly astounding minimal electronics. The delicacy of production on this early SND material is staggering, staying utterly captivating with the barest of elements and oozing soul with barely-there melodies in utterly mechanical configurations. With Mark Fell and his Sensate Focus project in high demand these days, it's fascinating to look back to the genesis of that distinctive sound when it was in its infancy.
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out of stock $22.52
Cat: 728028 343649. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. Main Title
  2. Come Out & Play
  3. Do They Kill Cockroaches (dialogue)
  4. Shopping Death
  5. Showdown
  6. Burning Terror
  7. Running Rampant
  8. Fergie's Dead!
  9. Zombiebot
  10. The One In The Middle (dialogue)
  11. Scary
  12. Crawling Around
  13. Love Theme
  14. End Title
  15. Have A Nice Day! (dialogue)
  16. Chopping Mall Suite
out of stock $39.90
Cat: INV 132LP. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. Rex Colt
  2. Blood Orange Theme
  3. Helo-73
  4. Warzone
  5. Moment Of Calm
  6. Dr Elizabeth Darling
  7. Power Core
  8. Protektor
  9. Sloan
  10. Sloan's Assault
  11. Blood Scope
  12. Combat (I)
  13. Combat (II)
  14. Combat (III)
  15. Katana
  16. Omega Force
  17. Nest
  18. Rex's Escape
  19. Love Theme
  20. Sleeping Dragon
  21. Warcry
  22. Cyber Commando
  23. Death Of A Cyborg
  24. Resurrection
  25. Blood Dragon Theme (reprise)
out of stock $25.08
Cat: MOVLP 1196. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. Dragon Racing
  2. Together We Map The World
  3. Hiccup The Chief/ Drago's Coming
  4. Toothless Lost
  5. Should I Know You?
  6. Valka's Dragon Sanctuary
  7. Losing Mom/Meet The Gold Alpha
  8. Meet Drago
  9. Stoick Finds Beauty
  10. Flying With Mother
  11. For The Dancing & The Dreaming
  12. Battle Of The Bewilderbeast
  13. Hiccup Confronts Drago
  14. Stoick Saves Hiccup
  15. Stoick's Ship
  16. Alpha Comes To Berk
  17. Toothless Found
  18. Two New Alphas
  19. Jonsi & John Powell - "Where No One Goes"
  20. Alexander Rybak - "Into A Fantasy"
out of stock $15.68
Cat: GI 160LP. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. Open
  2. 84' Dreamin
  3. Dreambender
  4. Controlpop
  5. Colorvision
  6. Alfa Beach
  7. Stop
  8. Klymaxx
  9. Yxes
  10. Smily Cyclops
  11. Video Arkade
  12. Data Kiss
  13. Closed
Review: Ghostly International come through with belated double LP vinyl edition of In Decay, the second LP from Seth Haley, better known as Com Truise, which was originally issued digitally back in 2012. Here you have thirteen diverse tracks ranging from funky, boogie-inspired drum machine soul to more watery soundscapes and creative little collages. The opener itself, "Open", is a majestic ride into the sun. The successive track, "84 Dreamin", is just as good if not better, and this process repeats itself another eleven times, until the end of this epic journey into sound.
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out of stock $22.79
Cat: SD 001LP. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Once You've Caught The Wave
  2. Opening Titles
  3. The Youth Of Tomorrow
  4. After The Quake
  5. Across The River
  6. Visit To The Morgue
  7. In The Church
  8. Pushed Too Far
  9. Andrew Spindler - "Nobody Goes Home" (album version)
  10. Mama Sends Her Love
  11. Before The Flight
  12. Chase Through The Boatyard
  13. The Last Wave
  14. Fangoria Weekend 1986 Promo
out of stock $23.66
Cat: DIAG 012. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Astros Hat
  2. Who’s Your Waitress
  3. Pearl Drop
  4. Bingo
  5. Hiss
  6. Acid Minor
  7. You Can’t
  8. PG 13
  9. Spray Bottle
Review: Yes! Powder Horn is the result of Powell's Diagonal label coaxing a new albums worth of material out of Shit & Shine, the masterful project of Texan musician Craig Clouse. Whereas previous Shit & Shine material has seen Clouse working with other musicians, this album is purely his own work and delights on so many levels. It's fairly hard to accurately surmise how this nine track album sounds such is the range of styles covered though Diagonal's description of Powder Horn as a raucous collection of 'deviant funk, wiry disco and burnt-out acid' is pretty on the money. Perhaps it's best to describe it as everything (and more) you'd expect to hear in a Powell DJ set with "Pearl Drop" and "PG13" particular standouts.
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out of stock $20.51
Cat: MOVLP 1187. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. The Future (main titles)
  2. Time's Up (original version)
  3. Hope (Xavier's Theme)
  4. I Found Them
  5. Saigon/ Logan Arrives
  6. Pentagon Plan/ Sneaky Mystique
  7. He Lost Everything
  8. Springing Erik
  9. How Was She?
  10. All Those Voices
  11. Paris Pandemonium
  12. Contacting Raven
  13. Rules Of Time
  14. Hat Rescue
  15. Time's Up (film version)
  16. The Attack Begins
  17. Join Me
  18. Do What You Were Made For
  19. I Have Faith In You/ Goodbyes
  20. Welcome Back (end titles)
  21. Jim Croce - "Time In A Bottle"
  22. Roberta Flack - "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face"
out of stock $15.10
Cat: OP 016. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Pendule (LoVil remix)
  2. Tableaux II (Oren Ratowsky & Solpara remix)
out of stock $11.12
Cat: NC 00317. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. We Need Mirrors (Vessel's Psychosis remix)
  2. We Need Mirrors (Killing Sound remix)
out of stock $9.11
Cat: ESR 0001. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. Pour Another
  2. The Light
out of stock $5.42
Cat: PH 38. Rel: 25 Aug 14
  1. Arms
  2. Arms (dub)
  3. Understand
Review: Ghost Culture returns to Phantasy Sound with a stellar new three-tracker of indie-laden, acid-fuelled house madness! "Arms" is one of those tunes that tears it's way into your nervous system both in a club and on your headphones. The beats as tight and tearing, and the bassline sounds like the perfect crossbreed between Drexciyan electro and UK acid - oh, and it's mixed by the master Erol Alkan and contains a deeper, more cerebral dub mix for good measure! "Understand" is deeper and more mesmerising but still holds enough punch to knock your lights out on the floor. Clear vinyl run.
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out of stock $9.11
Cat: HOS 412CD. Rel: 04 Aug 14
  1. Rovine
  2. Voltaggio Solitario
  3. Dell'influenza
  4. Passatempo
  5. Di Passaggio
  6. Variabile
  7. E Del Controllo
  8. Fantasma Modulazione
  9. Rinascimento
Review: The addition of Alessandro Cortini to Hospital Productions with this Sonno LP can be lined alongside Ron Morelli and Ninos Du Brasil as examples of Dominick Fernow's enduring capacity to surprise as a label owner. Fans of Nine Inch Nails will be more than familiar with the Bologna-born Cortini who served the long running American industrial rock band twice, though more recently the musician has gained a degree of prominence for his recordings under his own name and the Sonoio guise. The latter project in particular has seen Cortini experiment prolifically with the Buchla synth to celebrated results, making the chosen methods for his Hospital debut somewhat of a departure. Sonno consists of nine truly immersive recordings made in unspecified hotel rooms using a Roland MC202 synthesiser and a delay pedal with the results described as quite aptly as "beautifully restrained yet oddly emotive".
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out of stock $15.68
Cat: WIGLP 337X. Rel: 04 Aug 14
  1. Palo Alto
  2. Soccer Field
  3. Teddy & April
  4. April's Daydream
  5. Run To Graveyard
  6. April's Bathroom Bummer
  7. Emily & Fred (part 1)
  8. Emily & Fred (part 2)
  9. Teddy Rides Home
  10. Teddy & Fred In The Playground
  11. Teddy In The Library
  12. Big Game
  13. April Bounces
  14. Skateboard Garage
  15. Teddy Loves April
  16. April By The Pool
  17. Fred Drives
  18. Teddy Is Crushed
out of stock $18.53
Cat: SNDWLP 063. Rel: 18 Aug 14
  1. Ngalopkha
  2. Kaiowa
  3. Rainfall
  4. Zareba
  5. Old Tupi
  6. Yapeyu
Review: As Soundway continues to blossom into a diverse label beyond obscure African reissues and dusty funk, so My Panda Shall Fly too blooms into ever more beautiful and intriguing formations, with this record making for a wonderful intersection of the two parties involved. The nutty electronica of MPSF is as idiosyncratic as ever, but the worldly samples that feed into this release add further credence to the fact that a strong singular voice is emerging in the bustling world of beat-based music. "Ngalopkha" has a measured, stop-start dynamic to its groove, but it's more notable for its light, buffeting psychedelic qualities. "Rainfall" is a wonder to behold with its unconventional polyrhythms and titular arpeggios, while "Yapeyu" revels in a more tangible kind of African groove.
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out of stock $15.39
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