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Still Standing
Cat: AVN 040. Rel: 02 Dec 20
  1. Red Flowers (3:38)
  2. Divergences (5:16)
  3. Noises From The Room (5:27)
  4. Tribalism (5:55)
  5. A Life On The Run (5:09)
  6. Il Giardino Degli Unicorni (3:15)
Review: A staple of Simon Hi-Shock's Gynoid Audio and Darknet labels, Italian DJ/producer Giuseppe Scaccia (aka D Leria) now makes his debut on Avian with Still Standing, an extended EP of cerebral techno experiments. The Affekt Club resident nails that 'Sound Of Rome' quite well on the droning tunnel vision of 'Divergences' and the particularly mental 'Noises From The Room' which start off the A side in fine form. On the flip, Scaccia channels the early noughties sounds of percussive techno in the vein of Ben Sims and Oliver Ho on the fittingly titled 'Tribalism' and then closes it out with the introspective IDM of 'Il Giardino Degli Unicorni'.
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 in stock $9.89
Dialoge 1
Dialoge 1 (12")
Cat: AVN 042. Rel: 17 Sep 21
  1. Dia001 (4:59)
  2. Dia002 (5:01)
  3. Dia003 (5:02)
  4. Dia004 (5:01)
  5. Dia005 (4:47)
  6. Dia006 (4:49)
Review: Jan Grebenstein under his GEZA Moniker, Techno with a funky experimental edge! Mastered by Neel @ EnissLab, Rome.
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 in stock $12.33
Cat: AVN 041. Rel: 12 Apr 21
  1. Season Of Teeth (6:13)
  2. Salt Split Tongue (6:02)
  3. Skend (5:51)
  4. Spoiler (5:34)
  5. Sucession (2:08)
Review: Rhyw is slowly but surely becoming an Avian regular. The man born Alex Tsiridis here backs up his 2018 EP Cave Walls (Part Two) with another fearsome outing of futuristic sounds. His take on techno is tough but malleable, with bendy metal bars and twanging bass making for nice tight rhythms on 'Season Of Teeth.' 'Salt Split Tongue' is then more high pressure and fucked up with its whirring machines and slapping kicks, and 'Spoiler' is expertly layered up so that you cannot help but move your body. Showing he can do ambiance just as well is closer 'Sucession,' a haunting industrial space left to rot.
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Played by: Mark Forshaw
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Hard Matter
Cat: AVN 039. Rel: 06 Aug 20
  1. Hard Matter (6:25)
  2. Form A Circle (2:37)
  3. Warm Currents (6:15)
Review: Ever-stylish techno mainstay Shifted serves up more of his exquisitely designed loops on the Avian label. "Hard Matter" is a fizzing wall of grainy white noise with a pulsing synth running through the centre and hulking great kick drums down below. It's deceptively simple, but surly will be hugely effective at entrancing all who hear it on a loud system. "Form A Circle" is then a necessary and beautiful ambient reprise before the humid techno tunneller "Warm Currents" rocks back and forth on its kicks as increasingly edgy and paranoid pads rise up through the mix. Masterful minimalism once more.
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Constant Blue Light
Cat: AVNLP 006. Rel: 16 Jul 21
  1. Slowly Counting Backwards (6:13)
  2. Natural Elevation (5:43)
  3. The Weight Of It (4:01)
  4. Soft Palate (8:16)
  5. Into Your Ocean (3:27)
  6. Several Instances (3:57)
  7. Clotting Time (2:54)
  8. Standing Water (3:56)
  9. Tradecraft (4:02)
  10. This I Know (5:10)
Review: Shifted has long ago proven himself as someone who is a master craftsman in the studio. He moves ever further way from the grey d&b, then bulky techno he started out with here on new album Constant Blue Light. This is his fourth full length, though first his own Avian label, and it is all about exploring minimal sound design. There are often not even any beats or pulses to tether these tracks or propel them forwards - instead you're left to ride the drawn out synths, tortured dories and caustic pads that leave eerie spaces in their wake. It is a futuristic work that is packed with details which demand headphone listening.
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 in stock $21.78
Cat: AVNLP 003. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Ss (2:30)
  2. SsSs (4:38)
  3. SsSsSs (2:57)
  4. SsSsSsSs (3:48)
  5. SsSsSsSsSs (3:35)
  6. SsSsSsSsSsSs (5:06)
  7. SsSsSsSsSsSsSs (1:42)
  8. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (3:19)
  9. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (3:20)
  10. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (5:26)
  11. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (2:51)
  12. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (2:10)
  13. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (6:44)
  14. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (2:22)
  15. SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (4:17)
Review: Shadowy Swedish duo SHXCXCHCXSH are back with another full length on Shifted esteemed Avian imprint, with SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs. Always the pranksters, their cryptic language pushes the threshold yet again with the LP's 15 tracks (most come in at around three minutes) taking on increasing variations of lower and upper case. Dark and challenging freeform techno that turns the usual conventions of techno on its head, featuring harsh and textural power electronics plus the blatant abuse of looping, tape delays and excessive overdrive. Deconstructed rave aesthetics drowned in field recordings and surface noise throughout: heavy!
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 in stock $24.66
Cat: AVN 043. Rel: 29 Oct 21
  1. Bizzaroland
  2. Society
  3. Bizzaroland II
  4. Figurine
  5. Inside
  6. Oracle
  7. Prohibited
  8. Tired Beetle
  9. Track 09
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