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No Corner

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Cat: NC 12004. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. The McDonald's Prayer (1:02)
  2. The McDonald's Prayer (Japan Blues regrind) (5:58)
  3. The McDonald's Prayer (Ossia Milkshake mix) (3:19)
Review: Seb Gainsborough and Chester Giles' ASDA project has been one of our highlights over the last couple of years. Through their punky, deranged aesthetic, the duo have given new meanings to the spoken word disposition and, in the process, left the doors wide open for interpretation. The music scene needs that. We need that. It's as if their work has cleansed the air for us and taken our minds back to a time when genres weren't such a big deal; a palette cleanser, if you will! "The McDonald's Prayer" marks their second outing on for No Corner and, much like The Abyss LP, the tune blazes through poetry with disparate shots of bass and sparse percussion stabs. This is all rendered all the more special thanks to a remix from London's Japan Blues, whose remix duties ever since that pair of bruisers for Place No Blame have become household favourites of ours, and he's on form here; a lo-fi slew of bass moulds around hazy claps and peaceful melodies to create a masterful groove. Ossia comes in for the second remix, this time stretching the original out onto some vintage Metalheadz vibes... minus the breaks. Sick.
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 in stock $11.28
Corfe (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: NC 014. Rel: 25 Jan 18
  1. 2nd Cave (3:39)
  2. D3 Hash (3:59)
  3. Good Court He 24 (3:22)
  4. Gramrcylvl5 (3:42)
  5. Klaw 40bit (3:43)
  6. Mardnat (3:56)
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 in stock $6.29
Two Rooms (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: NC 015. Rel: 17 Sep 18
  1. Room One (2:00)
  2. Inpatient (2:00)
  3. Anaesthetic (2:00)
  4. Bedside (2:00)
  5. Room Two (2:00)
  6. Night Nurse (2:00)
  7. Preparing The Body (1:57)
  8. Body Leaves The Room (2:00)
 in stock $9.43
Cat: NCXSK 001. Rel: 23 Nov 17
  1. Soup Riddim (4:30)
  2. Cado (4:16)
  3. Linguine Loop (8:46)
 in stock $10.23
Menace (red vinyl 12")
Cat: NC 12006. Rel: 25 Jun 18
  1. Mortuary (6:42)
  2. Pimp Femme (5:23)
  3. Impasse (4:15)
  4. Cobalt Links (6:14)
 in stock $10.23
Spiritflesh (limited LP + MP3 download code + sticker)
Cat: NC 12007. Rel: 03 Oct 18
  1. Crib (4:14)
  2. Ever Impending Doom (6:43)
  3. Sentient (7:07)
  4. Deity (4:34)
  5. Beneath The Clouded Veil (10:30)
  6. Dream Therapy (1:38)
  7. Hypnagogia (5:09)
  8. Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again (7:54)
Review: Spiritflesh is the brainchild of Bristol stalwarts DJ October and Borai, presented by local imprint No Corner. Said to be the culmination of countless hours spent in a basement studio full of old machines and effects, the pair now present their eponymous LP. Featuring elements of post-punk, drone and doom metal throughout, it expands across eight crushing, drone-heavy juju meets techno meditations, exploring the darkest themes of the spiritual world and the open spaces in between. From the impending wall of noise of fierce opener "Crib", the slow burning sludge of "Deity" to moments of power electronics as heard on "Hypnagogia" - it's a fairly morose affair overall, but still a riveting listen from start to finish.
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 in stock $16.00
Ominous Bath (cassette + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: NC 013. Rel: 25 Jan 18
  1. And Then (29:11)
  2. Ominous Bath (6:55)
 in stock $8.38
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No Corner
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