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MU ZIQ Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Mu Ziq
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1977 (yellow vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: BALMAT 05Y. Rel: 06 Feb 24
4am (4:15)
Eire (6:18)
Allegro (4:35)
Houzz 13 (5:04)
Belt & Carpet (3:56)
Marmite (6:29)
Asda (2:48)
1977 (feat Meemo Comma) (5:34)
Xolbe 3 (6:01)
Burnt Orange (3:12)
Lime Aero (4:30)
Reference Gravy (2:32)
Mesolithic Jungle (4:16)
Pillowy (3:05)
Froglets (4:59)
Review: The past is on the mind of Mike Paradinas aka Mu-Ziq here. 1977, as its name suggests, looks back, but not to punk but to the equally siesmic year zero of the 90s ambient revolution. Definitely showcasing the more mellow side to his productions, the album glides gracefully through clouds of sugar sweet melody, his grasp of which remains as distinctive and recognisable as anyone's in the game. 'Allegro' sounds like a Philip Glass track trapped in ice and sprinkled in snow, 'Houzz' is a low key groover like The Black Dog used to make... But ultimately all you need to know is that another 15 great new prodeuctions by Mike Paradinas are in existence - and on vinyl to boot - and that alone should be enough to send you scuttling off to buy it pronto.
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 in stock $28.25
1977 (CD)
Cat: BALMAT 05CD. Rel: 04 May 23
Houzz 13
Belt & Carpet
1977 (feat Meemo Comma)
Xolbe 3
Burnt Orange
Lime Aero
Reference Gravy
Mesolithic Jungle
Review: Veteran producer and the founder of Planet Mu, u-Ziq (real name Mike Paradinas) presents what is arguably his best album yet, though it will fly under the radar for those who are only interested in his early work. Like something between domestic house, beatific trance, and watery music for Atlantean holiday-letting, 1977 says it's a nostalgia trip to when Paradinas started making music under different monikers, when in actual fact it's the kind of thing we haven't ever heard him do to such an affecting extent. A family affair, Paradinas' partner Meemo Comma's voice peppers the album in a ripplingly soft manner, while a washed-out lounge mood, worthy of re-soundtracking the film Solaris, continues the album's instrumental charge.
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 in stock $14.26
Cat: ZIQ 447CD. Rel: 03 Nov 22
Iggy's Song
Magic Pony Ride (part 3)
Green Chaos
Pyramidal Mind Dispersion
Modulating Angel
Pentagonal Antiprism
Metabidiminished Icosahedron
Goodbye VIP
Giddy All Over
Rave Whistle
Rave Whistle (Darkside mix)
Rave Whistle (Jungle Tekno mix)
Review: Planet Mu main man Mike Paradinas has been busy throughout 2022, with this expanded edition of new album 'Hello' also including the entirety of the recently released (and sonically similar) 'Goodbye EP'. As Mu Ziq, Paradinas has always been good at inspirational, boundary blurring brilliance, with his tracks routinely adding gorgeously tuneful lead lines, ear-pleasing chords and jumpy IDM basslines to beats variously inspired by breakbeat hardcore, jungle and darkcore. While the collection is undoubtedly balanced and includes some less manic material geared towards home listening, it's the club-baiting tracks that often hit home hardest. Amongst the many highlights are the disco-sampling 'Green Chaos', the fiendishly sub-heavy 'Modulated Angel', the loved-up and subtly dubbed-out future anthem 'Goodbye VIP' and the three different takes on 'Rave Whistle'.
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 in stock $11.36
Lunatic Harness (25th Anniversary Edition)
Lunatic Harness (25th Anniversary Edition) (4xLP box set + insert in slip-case)
Cat: ZIQ 440LP. Rel: 08 Jul 22
Brace Yourself Jason (LP1: Lunatic Harness) (6:21)
Hasty Boom Alert (5:13)
Mushroom Compost (3:12)
Blainville (3:38)
Lunatic Harness (6:03)
Approaching Menace (7:00)
My Little Beautiful (LP2: Lunatic Harness) (5:35)
Secret Stair (part 1) (4:22)
Secret Stair (part 2) (4:46)
Wannabe (6:57)
Catkin & Teasel (4:39)
London (6:08)
Midwinter Log (6:34)
Hanky Pokery (LP3: My Little Beautiful) (5:03)
Jiggery Panky (5:20)
Worcester (5:02)
The Cut Of My Jib (3:43)
Lunatic Harness (original demo) (6:28)
Lunatic Harness (remix) (4:34)
Mr Angry (remix) (7:50)
Brace Yourself (remix - LP4: Brace Yourself) (5:57)
Kubba (4:35)
Vaken Bolt (2:08)
Losers' March (4:44)
Summer Living 2 (4:02)
Intellitag (3:44)
Abmoit (4:45)
Brace Yourself (reprise) (3:20)
Review: Mike Paradinas amassed a fine body of work under the stage name u-Ziq through the 1990s. The Planet Mu label head is currently reissuing some of it with Lunatic Harness, his fourth album form 1997, the latest to get the treatment. It came out of the so-called drill&bass movement but was more pretty than most from that niche sub-genre. While Aphex Twin and Squarepusher always went for abrasive textures, he delves into more celestial and suspensory sounds rich in shimmering melody. It remains one of the best IDM albums of any era.
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 in stock $68.39
Secret Garden
Secret Garden (limited coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: ZIQ 438. Rel: 21 Jan 22
Jynxiq (6:04)
Unheard Melodies (4:15)
Hi Jynx (6:53)
Loss (6:02)
The Ballad Of Darth Vader (2:59)
Afternoon Sunshine (6:02)
Cocker Boo (3:02)
Philip Steak (3:12)
Hulo (3:05)
The Secret Garden (4:41)
If you don't know the name u-Ziq by now then you've not been paying enough attention. Also referred to as Mike Paradinas, he's the guy in charge of inimitable UK label Planet Mu, which has been at the forefront of audibly varied dance music since 1995 that remains as close to IDM as you get in today's age.

That trend continues on this collaborative effort with past Mu signing Hanna Davidson, or Mrs Jynx. A record that was created as part of a therapeutic healing process in spring 2021, a time when both artists were dealing not just with the wight of a pandemic but, more significantly, for them, deep personal grief and profound loss, the result is a melodic masterpiece, an opiate opus of deep dive rhythms and noises.
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 in stock $20.60
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