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Pan Germany

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Cat: PAN 74LP. Rel: 06 Dec 16
  1. Theme V (3:52)
  2. Theme VI (4:10)
  3. Theme VII (4:13)
  4. Theme VIII (4:10)
  5. Dance V (4:41)
  6. Dance VI (4:07)
  7. Dance VII (4:04)
  8. Dance VIII (4:12)
Review: We've been waiting for the second instalment of Rashad Becker's Traditional Music Of Notional Species with a definite level of anxiety. In our eyes, the first chapter has been one of PAN's defining moments in musical terms, but it's also been so revealing to hear what's going on in Becker's mind outside of his mastering work at D&M. There is no way to describe this eccentric and abstract sound palette; Becker's style is both archaic and unfathomably future-looking, compressing and distorting strange and wonderful modular sounds into twisted, almost voice-like textures. It's music to be enjoyed with an open mind and, to us, it truly shows how daring this label can really be. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Irisiri (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PAN 86.
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coming soon $24.45
Cat: PAN 81. Rel: 14 Nov 17
  1. Lightspeed (5:25)
  2. Who-is (6:02)
  3. I'm Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable (4:57)
  4. Centroid (4:11)
  5. Superlative Fatigue (4:57)
  6. Retired Low-Level Internal Server (6:08)
  7. Internet Of Screws (4:54)
  8. My Party (3:54)
Review: Berlin native Erik Wiegand has quietly been a foundational part of the modern techno scene over the years. His work as Errorsmith has constantly ripped up the techno rule book when it comes to constructing beats, and what can and can't go into a dance track. The entirety of his music has come out on his own self-titled imprint or his other MMM stable until recently. PAN has taken it upon itself to bring the artist back to the foray, and he has done so in stupendous fashion. Superlative Fatigue is the legends fourth LP to date, and it crosses as many genres as it does eradicate them, dipping and diving out of techno with his usual levels of wit and charm. As Hardwax imply, there are nuances of dancehall and tribal music in there, manifested through the rough and sporadic beats, but we like to refer to this as 'post-dance', or rather, an amalgamation of all the sounds that have been twisted and edited throughout dance music history over the years. In fact, it would be redundant to condense this down to words, but if you've been a fan of Errorsmith's mythical albums, then here you'll get another reincarnation of the man, as choppy and ethereal as ever, the only difference being that his main point of reference is now coming from kuduru. Unmissable.
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Cat: PAN 27. Rel: 02 Jul 12
  1. Miniatures
  2. Liskojen Yo
  3. Arcane Matters
  4. Stained Glass Electric
  5. Above All & Beyond
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Olympic Mess (2xLP)
Cat: PAN 63LP. Rel: 15 Jun 15
  1. Don't Lick The Jacket
  2. I Exist In A Fog
  3. Fluid Cloak
  4. Outerzone 2015
  5. Often Destroyed
  6. Olympic Mess
  7. Sky Wax (London)
  8. Strawberry Chapstick (4:19)
  9. The Evening In Reverse (6:09)
  10. Sky Wax (NYC) (2:39)
Review: With a particularly expressive, adventurous approach to sound design and abstract composition, Luke Younger's Helm project has matured gracefully over the past seven years. He reaches his sixth album, and second for PAN, in fine fettle, matching eerie patience with studio flamboyance in a balance that few manage to successfully achieve. Olympic Mess moves from cloying hypnotism on the aptly titled "I Exist In A Fog" to unsettlingly spacious tension on "Often Destroyed", but rarely do the tracks idle for too long in one place. It's a pitfall of so much noise and drone music that Younger has side-stepped with ease on his latest effort.
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1 (LP)
Cat: PAN 61. Rel: 27 Apr 15
  1. Jeremy Hyman/Matthew Papich/Max D/Motion Graphix - "3D" (4:23)
  2. Jordan GCZ/Matthew Papich/Max D - "Intoo" (5:43)
  3. Jordan DCZ & Motion Graphix - "Lift" (3:14)
  4. Matthew Papich/Max D/Motion Graphix - "Total Care Zero" (5:45)
  5. Jeremy Hyman/Matthew Papich/Max D/Motion Graphix - "Bell Slide" (7:47)
  6. Gigi Masin/Matthew Papich/Max D - "Silver" (3:21)
  7. Dawit Eklund/Gigi Masin/Jeremy Hyman/ Max D - "Mint" (4:43)
  8. Jeremy Hyman/Max D/Motion Graphix - "Medicated Yoga" (5:22)
Review: PAN deliver a quite wonderful album in Lifted, a rather special collaborative project initiated by Andrew Field-Pickering of Future Times. Working with Matthew Papich, aka Co LA, the man known as Max D called on some highly talented friends to contribute to this debut Lifted album with Jeremy Hyman, Motion Graphix, Gigi Masin, Dawit Eklund and Jordan GCZ all featuring. Unlike much of their personal outputs, Lifted only use house and techno as a tool on which to base their diverse and abstract range of sounds, a primary base or starting point if you will. Tracks like "Intoo", "Bell Slide" and "Mint" are loosely held together by a pulse which resembles a beat, while much of the rest of the LP is coated in a deeply rich and deeply melodic air, verging onto almost jazzy territories in parts. It's certainly an interesting new project and a perfect addition to the PAN dynasty.
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Cat: PAN 25. Rel: 12 Sep 13
  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5
  6. Part 6
  7. Part 7
  8. Part 8
Review: Marginal Consort are a Japanese improvisation group of sound and visual artists that formed in the late '90s, with a lineage that's traceable to the mid-70s. The group's members have made a point of meeting each year to perform one live show, which they have done annually since 1997. Recorded during the 2008 edition of Arika's INSTAL festival in Glasgow, all of the music featured on INSTAL. Glasgow 2008 comes from the one live performance, and represents undoubtedly the most ambitious release from Bill Kouligas' label so far. The performance supposedly incorporates, "bamboo, electronics and the contents of a local ironmonger's bin," with a performance that does not produce harmony, individual concepts and group fluidity, but coexisting time frames and intersecting rhythms. INSTAL. Glasgow 2008 comes with liner notes by Arika's Barry Esson, extended photo documentation by Bryony McIntyre, artwork by Bill Kouligas and of course has been mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M.
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Played by: Call Super
 in stock $36.26
Cat: PAN 66LP. Rel: 21 Jul 15
  1. Piteous Gate (2:22)
  2. Optimate (4:41)
  3. Thorium (5:33)
  4. The Black Pill (2:37)
  5. Kritikal & X (1:49)
  6. Epithet (5:13)
  7. Jester's Visage (0:55)
  8. Methy Imbis (3:04)
  9. Azov Seepage (4:28)
Review: Up to now, Berlin's M.E.S.H. has only released a handful of EP's, one for the fledgling Dyssembler label and another for Bill Kouligas' ever-impressive PAN. The Berliner returns to the former with his debut album and he picks up the pieces from where he left off, providing a refreshing blend of wacked-out electronics and IDM-centred beats. The experimentations begin with "Piteous Gate" itself, a raucous blend of noise bullets and cinematic melodies, and become more structured thanks to the pseudo groove of tracks like "Optimate" and "Thorium". The B-side opens with the abstract, dubby sonics of "Kritikal & X", before heading into another gun-toting bundle of quasi beats on "Methy Imbis" and "Azov Seepage". Class.
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Cat: PAN 78. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Opening (6:59)
  2. Finale (18:33)
  3. Rondo (17:55)
  4. Largo (6:29)
Review: You might recognise Konrad Sprenger from his Jorg Hiller moniker but, if that still doesn't ring any bells, then we can can tell you that this fine electronic artist doesn't release all too often, so this is a special appearance indeed. Stack Music comes through the excellent PAN imprint from Berlin and, as you can see, Bill Kouligas knows exactly the right thing to do when recruiting new faces onto his catalogue. "Opening" is a fantastic, folky sort of ballad in which guitar strings dissolve and bond magnificently to an ocean of sparkly electronics, while "Finale" opts for a much more brooding, introspective sort of approach where bells and drones combine to form a new sort of sound. On the flip, "Rondo" experiments with piano keys, except that they've become almost unrecognisable here, and "Largo" flutters pleasantly across an upbeat sort of landscape. This is PAN's Spring-Summer look. Recommended.
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Played by: Elenacolombi
 in stock $27.75
Blinks (12")
Cat: PAN 88.
e-mail me when released
coming soon $TBA
Safe (CD)
Cat: PAN 67CD. Rel: 14 Oct 15
  1. You Stayed
  2. Victim
  3. 1 Guarda
  4. I've Said
  5. Vffected
  6. Sin-cere
  7. Safe
  8. Let Me In
  9. Too Careful To Care
  10. Tired Tears, Awake Fears
  11. Constraint
  12. Sleep Luxury
Review: Berlin's excellent PAN imprint returns with yet another stunning LP of daring electronics and harmonic, hard ambience from Visionist. The London-based grime futurist has made a name for himself since his debut back in 2011, and he's released on everything from Ramp to Lit City Trax in the process. His debut LP is a wonderful amalgamation of electronic r&b and UK bass, where dance tracks retain a soulful edge and more soulful tune contain a dance sensibility. It's a surprising addition to PAN at first, but given Bill Kouligas' passion for UK music, it's not a shocker. In fact, it fits in ever so well. Big!
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Knerpen! (Bevel) (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PAN 62. Rel: 28 Sep 15
  1. Track 1 (14:08)
  2. Track 2 (14:11)
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Cat: PAN 73. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Devout (1:16)
  2. The Feeling When You Walk Away (2:48)
  3. Dajjal (2:56)
  4. Role In Creation (2:12)
  5. Serpent I (2:37)
  6. Serpent II (2:56)
  7. Broke In (feat Oxhy) (4:30)
  8. Seed (7:07)
  9. Spirit In Prison (3:55)
  10. Cherish (2:49)
  11. Face Of A Demon (1:33)
  12. Perdition (7:29)
 in stock $19.77
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