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Past Inside the Present US

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Past Inside the Present US

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Six Postcards & Other Stories
Cat: PITPC 015. Rel: 11 Nov 20
  1. Still Breathing (4:18)
  2. Black Sunday (Postcard One) (5:39)
  3. Nonexistence (19:06)
  4. Imaginary Soundscape III (Postcard Two) (3:48)
  5. Fading Out (Postcard Three) (3:11)
  6. Epilogue (15:21)
  7. Imaginary Soundscape II (Postcard Four) (3:09)
  8. Kogarashi (Postcard Five) (7:19)
  9. Imaginary Soundscape I (Postcard Six) (2:48)
Review: "I am fascinated by the idea that time is not linear and that it cannot be measured quantitatively. The intensity of each moment lived makes it unique. This makes me rethink my own existence as an individual, as well as my relationship with all the things that surround me. "Six Postcards & Other Stories" is a soundtrack for these thoughts. Each postcard represents a fragment, a memory of an indefinite time. They are soundscapes that aim to make the listener create their own images, acting as triggers for experiences." - C.F.
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Ruptures (cassette)
Cat: PITPC 017. Rel: 01 Oct 20
  1. La Maree Sur Ton Corps (9:30)
  2. Jour 3 (3:48)
  3. Demain Je T'attends (5:31)
  4. Les Espaces Oublies (9:17)
  5. Cauchemar (5:52)
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Residence On Earth
Residence On Earth (cassette + MP3 download code limited to 50 copies)
Cat: PITPC 004.
  1. Dawn
  2. Slow Lament
  3. Fantasma
  4. Voice Of The Rain
  5. Autumn Returns
  6. Somber System
  7. Of What Endures
  8. Shoreless
  9. Dusk
Review: "The album gestated over a couple years or so, in which time a lot can happen. As one gets older, it's natural to think about the time you've spent on this planet and what you will leave behind. This was only punctuated by the unexpected loss of my aunt. At some point while crafting these pieces, I also pulled Pablo Neruda's book of poetry Residence on Earth off the shelf. The surreal imagery and emotions these works evoke felt connected to the music on many levels, and informed the course of the album until its completion. This album is dedicated to the memory of Mary V. Mannino."
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Nature Morte
Nature Morte (cassette)
Cat: PITPC 016. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Esquisse (1:48)
  2. Degrade (6:42)
  3. Details (3:43)
  4. Relief (6:16)
  5. Retouches (4:57)
  6. Ombrage (7:06)
  7. Reflets (4:19)
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As Above So Below
As Above So Below (2 x cassette) (1 per customer)
Cat: PITPC 014. Rel: 21 Jul 20
  1. Alone Again (1:47)
  2. A Perfect Picture Of Her (2:46)
  3. Floating (3:15)
  4. Reminiscent Of You (2:25)
  5. We're Not Alone (2:42)
  6. Snow Angels (3:01)
  7. Ice Queem (1:44)
  8. As Above, So Below (3:12)
  9. I Hope This Is Real (2:09)
  10. Ursa Minor (3:05)
  11. Moon On The Horizon (3:01)
  12. Daylight Moon (3:33)
  13. Snow Angels (Quiet) (2:55)
  14. Alone Again (Slow Dancing Society remix) (5:42)
  15. I Hope This Is For Real (City Of Dawn remix) (2:28)
  16. We're Not Alone (From Overseas remix) (5:26)
  17. Snow Angels (Jorgen Kjellgren remix) (3:11)
  18. A Perfect Picture Of Her (Tyresta remix) (4:24)
  19. Ursa Minor (Carlos Ferreira remix) (3:16)
  20. As Above, So Below (Marc Ertel remix) (3:58)
  21. Daylight Moon (Isaac Helsen remix) (4:48)
  22. Floating (Low Howl remix) (5:57)
  23. Reminiscent Of You (Christina Giannone remix) (4:32)
  24. Moon On The Horizon (Zake remix) (6:03)
Review: From the opening notes of "As Above, So Below" the listener can't help but feel like everything is going to be ok. With his PITP debut, Jonny Radtke aka Polar Moon displays his talent for composing comforting, cinematic, and thoughtful piano based tracks.

Though brief in duration, each of these 13 compositions draw you in and remind you that not everything is broken and that there is hope for a better future.
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Outside The Dream World
Outside The Dream World (cassette limited to 50 copies)
Cat: PITP 34. Rel: 11 Mar 20
  1. Spring Mash
  2. Sur Canadian TV
  3. Instance Of Allion
  4. Outside The Dream World
  5. Sewn
  6. Synchron
  7. Night Noise
  8. Ade
  9. Spacefuck Symmetry Endpoint
  10. Shroud
Review: The aural illustration of a year of bliss, sorrow, and stasis, NYC bedroom-ambient wanderer Viul follows last spring's Bright Decline (Disques d'Honore, 2019) with thirteen new pieces weaving delicate hints of vocals, synthesizer, tape texture and field recording into his foundational guitar loops. On Outside the Dream World, his debut full-length for emerging ambient curator Past Inside the Present, Viul quickly coaxes unlikely melodies to the fore: "Sur Canadian TV" builds ominously from the residue of orchestral tune-up collage "Spring Mash," while the gauze of the title track momentarily disguises a sinewy pop arrangement before ceding to the frigid, expansive "Sewn." The record's second side hosts a study in contrasts embodied by the dense swirl of "Spacefuck Symmetry Endpoint" against the near-motionless finale "Shroud." Mastered at Black Knoll Studio by Rafael Anton Irisarri and featuring cover photography by Benoît Pioulard, Outside the Dream World is a vivid addition to PITP's growing catalogue of ambient serenity.
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Orchestral Tape Studies
Cat: PITP 19CA. Rel: 27 May 20
  1. OTS1 (4:43)
  2. OTS2 (8:31)
  3. OTS3 (6:06)
  4. OTS4 (12:34)
Review: Orchestral Tape Studies is a compilation arranged and produced by healing sound propagandist, ??. OTS is a group of richly layered movements of fragmented orchestral loops, paying homage to minimalist symphonic composers and orchestras. ?? incorporates field recordings and faint drone billows to accompany these selected samples of orchestral loops. With an emphasis on tone and recurrent murmurs, these four arrangements offer 32 minutes of delicate repetition, reticent sound treatments, and subtle manipulations. OTS is intended for low-volume listening.
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Geneva Loops
Geneva Loops (limited cassette)
Cat: PITPV 025. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Fragments Of Quiet (5:53)
  2. Illumination (7:35)
  3. Symmetry (5:42)
  4. Heliotrope (7:33)
  5. Passengers (3:16)
Review: 'Geneva Loops' encompass five loops that were given to each artist for the 'Geneva Remixes' where in turn they reworked, manipulated and expanded upon this source material resulting in each artists' own unique creation.
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Past Inside the Present US
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