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Carter Bros: Full Disco Jacket

The first point to make about the production moniker of Australian duo Carter Bros is that they actually are siblings. A small point, perhaps, but it’s a reminder that with Tim and Gavin, what you see is what you get; these two are as far removed from the archetypal superstar DJ as it’s possible to be. Down to earth, with little interest in hustling or self promotion, the duo’s star has risen purely off the back of their consistently high quality house and techno productions.

The pair originally hail from Mildura, a small country town in regional Victoria with a population of 30,000. They now reside in Adelaide, the South Australian capital with a small but proud heritage of discerning electronic music. After working in relative anonymity for a number of years (their first two albums were self released and the third came out on Adelaide label Cuckoo Music), in 2011 they saw their work being appreciated across the globe. The first international label to spot the Carter Bros was Dutch imprint Rush Hour, who released the Full Disco Jacket 12″ last year. They were followed by Detroit’s Monty Luke – long time right hand of Carl Craig at Planet E – who chose the Carter Bros for the second release on his fledgling Black Catalogue imprint. We sent our Australian scribe, James Manning, down to Adelaide to speak to Tim and Gavin about the links between skateboarding and techno, cats, and the perils of Soundcloud promotion.

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Ones To Watch (No. 23): The Please

When The Please‘s rather uniquely titled ‘s-Gravendijkwal EP landed in our inbox a few months ago, we knew that we were about to be exposed to something rather special.

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Ones To Watch (No. 22): Coyote Clean Up

Delving into the sounds and emotions that have filtered out of Detroit in the years following the birth of techno via the handiwork of the Belleville Three will always remain fascinating, especially for those on the outside looking in. In the current climate, where the internet offers you a gateway to other ideas and sounds instantaneously, it’s provided fascinating to see how rising musicians based in Detroit and the surrounding areas choose to reference both the colossal shadows of Atkins, Parrish et al and other strands of music. One such producer whose talent and wide reaching influences have caught our eyes is Coyote Clean Up.

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Ones To Watch (No 21): Alex Israel

The name Alex Israel first came to our attention when we popped the Walking To Guntersville 12″ on the Juno Plus office turntable earlier this summer. Arriving via Spectator’s WT imprint – which had previously introduced our ears to the sounds of Berlin-based South Korean Hunee – the four track EP of drum machine funk inspired us to track down the Detroit-bred producer for a chat. What’s more, we also managed to coax an exclusive mix out of Alex for your aural pleasure.

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Ones To Watch (No 20): Gretta Gunn

The Hunt, the quite enthralling debut release from Gretta Gunn, was notable for many things; the music was rich in variety despite being only three tracks deep, switching between gilt edged pop and noisy, defiant, industrial sounds and noirish squelch. Just as impressive was the presentation, with artwork that portrayed Gunn as an enigmatic superhero from cinema’s past surrounded by the some equally vintage typography. It arrived seemingly out of nowhere, released by Alphabet Set – a boutique Irish label known mostly for its bass leaning deviations.

Perhaps the most striking aspect was the complete lack of information regarding Ms Gunn, matched by a generally myopic response to what has become one of this year’s most enduring releases for us. In the time since The Hunt was released back in April, it seems this cloak of mystery and intrigue has remained around Gunn. With news filtering through of another release on the horizon, we deemed it the perfect moment to track her down and attempt to tease some further details about her murky past and her future plans, an endeavour that was met with some suitably interesting responses.

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Ones To Watch (No 19): Taragana Pyjarama

We live in a crazy age of musical over consumption where the Cycle Of Internet Hype ensures the vast majority of new music you are exposed to from perusing online music magazine and mp3 blogs  is just the first step in a well calculated PR campaign with a considerable budget behind it. Occasionally, however,  someone breaks through without this forced momentum thanks to obvious talent.

A case in point would be Taragana Pyjarama, otherwise known as an unassuming young music enthusiast from Copenhagen called Nick Ericksen. Already familiar in some circles for his work under the now retired Eim Ick alias on cult Spanish label Hivern Discs – home to John Talabot and Pional – Nick invited the world into the sumptuously psychedelic electronic world of Taragana Pyjarama last August via his debut production “Girls”. The track, produced in conjunction with his girlfriend, subsequently found its way onto several of the more discerning corners of the blogosphere, and in a neat twist of fate the Fool House label borne out of iconic Parisian tastemaker blog Fluokids promptly snapped Taragana Pyjarama up for an EP release.

Fast forward several months and Fool House will be releasing his eponymous EP early next month, filled with a newly dusted down and polished version of “Girls” along with further original Taragana Pyjarama material and remixes from Border Community’s Ricardo Tobar and Merok duo Teengirl Fantasy. If you’re yet to sample the   sounds of Taragana Pyjarama then a clue can be found in this aforementioned choice of remixers as his music sits somewhere between the studied techno brilliance of the Border Communities of this world and the dreamlike, synthesized, throbbing, hypnotic narcosis of Teengirl Fantasy at their best.

After making contact with the elusive Nick – naturally via Twitter – we subsequently exchanged a series of emails broaching how the distinctive name came about, his influences, plans for the future and much more why we consider him one to watch.

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Ones To Watch (No 18): Brawther

How often do you randomly stumble into a club and hear music you actually like? The answer for most of us is not often, and that probably explains why, on that rare occasion when it does happen, it ends up being a memorable night. For young Parisian producer Brawther it was an evening hosted by Nottingham’s DiY deep house party collective, long admired in underground circles on British shores and beyond, that served as a turning point in his musical existence.

As a teenager he took part in an exchange program that saw him spend regular summers with a host family in the Midlands. Apart from making lifelong friends and partaking in the finer aspects of English culture, most notably pork scratchings, one night Brawther unknowingly walked into a DiY party at Nottingham nightspot The Bomb; or at least, almost 10 years later, he’s pretty sure it was – and all evidence suggests he is correct. The producer, who was up to this point fascinated by the leftfield electronica of Aphex Twin et al, fell suddenly and irrevocably in love with house music.

As well as discussing his own productions as Brawther (and the now idle Izmo alias), in this Ones To Watch interview we uncover his previously secret Paris Underground Trax alias, which caused a wee bit of a stir in 2010, elevating the My Love Is Underground imprint to a ‘buy on sight’ label for house music lovers the world over. A chance internet meeting with Chez Damier and a subsequent release on his Balance imprint proved the catalyst to a steady yet remarkable rise that has seen Brawther signed up by London types Smith and Priestly’s Secretsundaze booking agency and – soon – revamped record label. We caught up with the young Frenchman to discuss his musical beginnings, the Parisian house scene and what’s next for My Love Is Underground, including plans for a London party.

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Juno Plus Ones To Watch in 2011

Perhaps the most impressive thing about last year was the flurry of creativity among some of electronic music’s brightest young minds: names like Space Dimension Controller, Nicolas Jaar, Ramadanman and Kyle Hall gained global recognition. Taking matters to an extreme, the Optimo guys even released an album of post punk covers from some pre-teen musicians! Not only are these young producers making their own material – they are spreading their wings across genres, releasing on wildly different labels and even, in some cases, running their own imprints.

It’s hard to think of a previous time when electronic music has crackled with this much prodigious creativity, and it’s against this exciting backdrop we have selected the following ten artists whose music we will be watching with a decidedly hawkish eye during 2011.

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Ones To Watch (No 17): Tornado Wallace

When the inevitable music media-wide glance back at 2010 takes place sometime towards the end of December, those with an eye for the point where disco meets house will have one or two sentences of praise for Tornado Wallace. The mustachioed alter ego of Melbourne based producer Lewie Day – known for housier productions on murmur and 8bit – released a breakthrough EP on Jimpster’s Delusions Of Grandeur imprint replete with Linkwood remix earlier this year which turned heads.

Subsequent remixes for Eddie C and Loin Brothers on Hometaping and Future Classic as well as another Delusions of Grandeur twelve inch have really marked Wallace out as one to watch in the coming twelve months. Our man down under, James Manning from Tea & Techno, managed to pin down Mr Wallace for a little chat about how it all began and where it is going.

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Ones To Watch (No 16) – LOL Boys

Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia make up LOL Boys, and the obvious reference to the internet in their like-it-or-lump-it name stretches to the role it plays in the creation of their music. The former resides in Los Angeles and the latter in Montreal, yet this distance has proved little boundary to the duo making a mark on the collective impressions of musical taste makers.

A distinctive name is matched by a sound that draws from a rich pallette of influences to create something wholly unique and of this time. This is more than apparent in an increasingly impressive array of remixes for a disparate range of artists. Florrie, Gold PandaSamo Sound Boy, Midnight Juggernauts and Apache Beat have all benefitted from the LOL Boys touch in 2010 .

In addition to this, 123, a recent release on the NYC imprint Palmsout, demonstrated a willingness to step beyond the remixes and showcase their own sound. The duo are set to follow this up with more original material in the coming months, so now seemed a pertinent time to sit them down and chew the fat.

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Ones To Watch (No 15) – Om Unit

Smouldering away in the ether of contemporary electronic music is London based DJ/producer, Jim Coles, otherwise known as Om Unit.

“Om” The supreme and most sacred syllable, consisting in Sanskrit of the three sounds (a), (u), and (m), representing various fundamental triads and believed to be the spoken essence of the universe. “Unit” a single thing or person.

Initially a fan of early 90s jungle and hardcore, before getting into house and garage, he went on to produce hip-hop and scratch music under the 2tall alias for a number of years, before a change of direction in 2009 saw him metamorphose into the guise we know now as Om Unit. Purporting a sound which he himself loosely describes as “electronic music with a soul”, Om Unit’s music resists definition, but at it’s core is deep, soulful, expertly blending an eclectic range of influences, and has garnered interest from the Plastician, Benji B, Alex Nut, Mark Pritchard, the Brainfeeder crew, and a whole host of future thinking luminaries.

Making his name under the new moniker with his incredible ‘Pop Lock’ remix of Joker’s seminal “Digidesign” in January 2010, Om Unit subsequently went on to release his debut 7” “Lightgrids/Lavendar” on All City later that month. His track, “Encoded”, was then included on the fabric Elevator Music Vol. 1 compilation in February. Having just released his next record, Searching, on Stretched Records, and, with a forthcoming EP on Plastician’s Terrorhythm imprint out later this month, Juno Plus writer Belinda Rowse caught up with Om Unit and find out what’s what…

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Ones To Watch (No 14) – San Soda

The fourteenth instalment of the Juno Plus Ones To Watch series takes us to Belgium, and the small city of Deinze. It’s here that Nicolas Geysens, aka San Soda, had his house music epiphany, thanks to the music policy of resident DJs at the Clues nightspot. Flash forward a couple of years and one of those DJs – Red D, real name Bart Van Neste – is at the helm of the fledgling We Play House imprint, which has piqued the interest of house music cognoscenti, thanks in no small part to the contribution of 23-year-old Geysens. One of those guys who falls into the ‘far too talented for someone so young’ category, Juno Plus caught up with San Soda to discuss his upcoming debut album and the unlikely role of amateur football side FC Leiejongens in his nascent production career.

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Ones to Watch (No 13) – Wafa

Quite possibly the most exciting thing to come out of Norfolk since Norwich City’s 1992/93 Premier League side, young producer Wafa shot into the consciousness of discothèque goers with Ewid Disco, a sterling debut on Sinden’s Grizzly imprint realeased earlier this year. The title tune was described by Sinden as “some kind of bastard Italo track with crazy Super Mario Brothers basslines”, and he was right – it’s a mangled stomper of a tune. But that debut EP is not the only string to his bow – he’s also toured the world as a drummer for the likes of Basement Jaxx, Lily Allen and Kano. Now based in West London, we swapped a few emails about pink wafers, his upcoming releases and how he almost called himself Dub Biscuit.

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Ones to Watch (No 12) – VVV

Tehran, Austin, London: these points on the musical map couldn’t really be more disparate, but join the dots between them and you have a rough idea of where VVV (real name Shawhin Izaddoost) is coming from. Growing up in Iran, Shawhin moved to the US at a young age where he developed a fascination with electronic music, and is now part of a small but thriving scene of Texan based producers putting their own inimitable slant on UK garage, 2-step and dubstep. A recent EP for Fortified Audio had everyone in Juno towers swooning over this new talent, and we were itching to find out more…

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Ones to Watch (No 11) – FunkinEven

The walls of FunkinEven’s East London home are adorned with old records, Simpsons figurines and NBA paraphernalia. Nestled inside a 16-bit Sega Megadrive is a Street Fighter 2 cartridge: this is a kid of the 80s if ever you’ve seen one. He was schooled in electronic music early on by his uncle – a Chicago house DJ – and soon became fascinated by hip-hop. The sound he has cultivated in his EPs for Eglo, the label run by Floating Points and Alexander Nut, has tapped into this upbringing – a fusion of styles that creates a sound that is familiar yet unique, classic yet contemporary. We caught up with one of the UK’s brightest young producers to discuss vintage kit, working with Róisín Murphy and his love of Plastic People.

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Ones to Watch (No 10) – Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy is one of those artists you can’t quite put a finger on. Granted, he makes some lovely, hip-hop tinged electronica, but the comparisons to Flying Lotus are both lazy and premature. Besides, Blue Daisy – real name Kwesi Darko – is already paving his own singular path. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences, the environment and the streets of his beloved Camden, he makes lovingly crafted beats, richly textured and deeply atmospheric. We caught up with him to discuss summer festivals, his upcoming album and why he deliberately eschews making club music.

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Ones to Watch (No 9) – Miles Sagnia

Miles Sagnia is a man of integrity both in and out of the musical realm, be it with his lovingly crafted deep house productions or his work in the mental health sector and with the homeless. You might already know Miles as one half of acid house duo Living City with Toby Slade-Baker, but he’s recently decided to go it alone in the studio, with a release on Keith Worthy’s esteemed Aesthetic Audio label showcasing his extraordinary talent. We caught up with Miles to speak about UK hardcore, running his own label and what it’s like hearing your track played at Panorama Bar.

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Ones To Watch (No 8): J Phlip

VonStroke’s girl Dirtybird chats to Juno Plus about Chicago house, moving to Berlin and her mother Carol. Making bass-heavy sounds on a tech-house tip such as tracks like “Rumble Rumble” and remixing the likes of Voodeux, J Phlip (aka Jessica Phillippe)’s track “Drop Bombz On Ya Momz” has been featured on the ‘Future’ CD3 of Dirtybird’s 5 Years of… Compilation, we can only expect big things…

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Ones to Watch (No 7): Chamboché

It’s probably fair to say that no one actually knows the lyrics for Blur’s seminal hit “Song 2” (‘woo hoo’ aside). So Nottingham producer Sam Williams is not alone in admitting he made the words up as he sang along. What sets him apart from the rest of us is that he used the name to form a production moniker – Chamboché (actual lyric: “I got my head checked…by a jumbo jet”)  – and even better, has gone onto make some lovely disco house in the vein of the Revenge, Mark E et al. Lets us introduce Chamboché…

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Ones to Watch (No 6) – Alex Egan

In the latest instalment of our series on emerging talent, we speak to Alex Egan, a young man who has already worked under a number of aliases: Faex, Skull Juice (with partner in crime Ben), and, most recently, Astronomer. He spoke to Juno Plus about buying records in bed, moving to Brighton and his plans for 2010.

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