New Eurorack module reviews: January round-up, Wavefonix special

This month, we take a deep dive into the extensive offering from new UK Eurorack brand Wavefonix.


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Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A review

Addictive knobs. Radikal’s powerhouse synth modular is a semi-modular delight with a few unique tricks up its sleeve. Greg Scarth puts it to the test.


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New Eurorack module reviews: December round-up

This month’s new Eurorack module releases include a trio of contrasting oscillators from Erica Synths, Rossum Electro Music and IO Instruments.

december eurorack

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Modern Classics: Midi Fighter 64 review

This ultra-simple controller quickly became essential for DJs and performers who need something tougher than conventional pads.


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Behringer Eurorack modules reviewed

With nearly 30 modules now available, we take a look at the Behringer Eurorack range. Greg Scarth picks out some favourites from the brand’s Moog and Roland clones.

behringer eurorack

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Roland TR-6S review

This compact and portable drum machine offers a more affordable take on Roland’s flagship TR-8S, with sounds based on all the brand’s classic machines.


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Moog Werkstatt-01 review

Moog’s cheapest synth is an entry-level taster of the brand’s classic sound, built with experimentation and expansion in mind.


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PreSonus Atom SQ review

Designed for Studio One, Ableton Live or any other DAW, PreSonus’s hybrid controller-sequencer treads its own path. Greg Scarth finds out how.


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New Eurorack module reviews: November round-up

This month’s new Eurorack module releases include Roland-inspired products from Behringer, an intriguing filter from ADDAC, versatile wavefolding from Joranalogue and more bangers from the ever-consistent 4ms and


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Roland TR-06 Drumatix review

Roland reboot an underrated classic with this tribute to the TR-606 drum machine. Greg Scarth tests the new model alongside the 80s analogue original.


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Korg Volca Sample 2 review

Updated for 2020, Korg’s excellent mini sampler helped define a new wave of musical instruments. Greg Scarth reflects on how the Volca helped bring the sampler market back to life.


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PreSonus AudioBox 96 Studio 25th Anniversary Edition review

PreSonus’s studio in a box offers everything you need to get started making music or podcasts.


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1010 Music Blackbox review

It might be one of the smallest samplers on the market, but the ultra-portable Blackbox is a truly creative little instrument that does things in a unique, inspiring way. Greg Scarth finds out more.


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Make Noise 0-Ctrl review

Make Noise reinvent the step sequencer with their unique, touchpad-heavy 0-Ctrl. Greg Scarth finds out how it blurs the line between sequencing and performance.


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New Eurorack module reviews: October round-up

This month’s new Eurorack module releases include a pair of brilliant filter modules from ADDAC System and WMD, an updated Pip Slope from ALM, classy reverb from Noise Engineering and the return of Doepfer’s A-111-5 synth voice.

modular round-up
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Polyend Tracker review

Polyend’s new groovebox takes inspiration from 80s software trackers. Greg Scarth finds out whether the approach works in hardware form.


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Buchla Easel Command review

The latest version of Buchla’s legendary Music Easel serves as a reminder of why this fascinating instrument has captured the imaginations of artists for nearly half a century. Greg Scarth finds out what makes it so special.


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Arturia AudioFuse Rev 2 review

Arturia’s AudioFuse range has expanded in recent months, but does the smallest model in the range still do a job? We put the updated version to the test.


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New Eurorack module reviews: September round-up

This month’s new Eurorack module releases include the stunning physical modelling voice Surface from Qu-Bit, a new version of Tiptop Audio’s excellent Trigger Riot and another great Fusion module from Erica Synths.

september eurorack

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Electro-Smith Daisy Patch review

This fully customisable module is a versatile DSP platform for those who want to develop their own Eurorack-compatible musical devices.


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