Korg unveil new polyphonic sequencer, the SQ-64

The brand’s latest hardware sequencer is a powerful, modern solution for CV and MIDI sequencing.

korg sq-64

Korg have announced an all-new step sequencer. The SQ-64 is a four-track polyphonic device which can generate MIDI or CV signals. It’s a much more advanced offering than Korg’s previous SQ-1. You can see it in action below.

The demo video nods to classic gear like the old SQ-10 from 1978, tracing the evolution of Korg’s sequencers from simple, monophonic devices through to the all-singing, all-dancing SQ-64, with its 64-step pad matrix, dedicated drum track, modulation options and live performance features. The obvious rival here is the Pioneer Toraiz Squid, but the SQ-64 comes in significantly cheaper at £269.

The Korg SQ-64 is due to ship in early 2021, priced at £269.

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