The EDP Wasp: a very British synth

In his latest video, musician and YouTuber Alex Ball takes a look back at a late 70s classic. Here’s how you can get your hands on its trademark sound.

edp wasp

Released in 1978, the Wasp was an affordable analogue synth designed and produced by Electronic Dream Plant (EDP), a short-lived British company whose products were innovative if not necessarily commercial smashes.

In his latest YouTube video, Alex Ball takes a look back at the Wasp and explains what made it unique:

The Wasp went out of production nearly 40 years ago, but there are still ways to get your hands on the same kind of unique sound, including one of the most unique filters around. Our favourite is the Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter, a bargain way to get the Wasp sound in Eurorack at just £77.99. You can hear it in action below:

Behringer also offer an option, with their Wasp Deluxe based on the slightly more advanced version of the EDP original. Scroll down for Behringer’s introductory video showing off their take on the Wasp (due back in stock soon).

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