ACL MiniMIDI offers compact MIDI-to-CV solution

The new module converts USB MIDI to pitch, gate, clock and CV signals.


Audiophile Circuits League have announced details of their forthcoming MiniMIDI module, a Eurorack MIDI-to-CV converter that takes up just 4hp of rack space.

The Berlin brand explain that the module offers two USB inputs, one for a MIDI device such as a controller or sequencer and one for a MIDI host such as a computer. The module offers dedicated pitch, gate, start and clock outputs. A CC output can also be mapped either to note velocity or MIDI CC messages in order to control module parameters via CV.

The Audiophile Circuits League MiniMIDI is due to arrive later this month, priced at £268.99. Scroll down to see some more of the MiniMIDI and the brand’s other modules in action.

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