Electromotive: the story of ARP Instruments

Learn the story of one of the most iconic brands in synth history.


In Electromotive – The Story of ARP Instruments, musician and YouTuber Alex Ball offers a comprehensive history of ARP synths, founder Alan R Pearlman’s story and the impact of the brand’s instruments. You can watch the documentary in full below:

A new Sound On Sound podcast helps tell the story of how Ball produced the documentary, and explains more about his background as a composer, producer and instrumentalist. You can listen to the podcast here:

ARP went bankrupt in 1981, but the brand name was revived in 2015 when Korg released an official reissue of the brand’s Odyssey synth, following it up this year with a reissue of the mighty ARP 2600 modular. Behringer joined the party last year with their own take on the Odyssey.

The Behringer Odyssey is in stock now, priced at £384. Scroll down to watch Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll talk about ARP synths, focusing on the Odyssey.

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