Hear the new Waldorf Iridium synth module in action

Three new videos from synthesist Martin Stürtzer show off the lush sound of the latest Waldorf release.


A series of new videos from musician and YouTuber Martin Stürtzer demonstrate some of the features of the recently announced Waldorf Iridium. In his main demo, Stürtzer uses the Iridium’s Kernel FM engine to create a piano sound, highlighting how the 16-voice polyphony of the module actually makes it more capable than the brand’s flagship 8-voice Quantum keyboard. Stürtzer then explores the wavetable features, importing custom waves and digging into the granular synthesis options.

The Waldorf Iridium is due to arrive later this month, priced at £1,995 (around £1,500 cheaper than the Quantum). Scroll down for an unboxing video and more on how the Iridium’s CV features allow it to connect to modular synths.
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