Teenage Engineering POM modular synths now shipping

The innovative brand’s new instruments offer a user-friendly route into the world of modular synthesis.

teenage engineering modular

The hotly anticipated release of Teenage Engineering’s modular synth range is finally upon us. In stock now, we have the POM-170 and POM-400 synths, plus the POM-16 keyboard/sequencer.

Priced at £348.66, the POM-170 is the entry-level option, building on the Pocket Operator ethos with a total of five modules combining to create a monophonic analogue synth.

The POM-400 is the bigger model, including a total of 15 modules including three oscillators, an LFO, two envelope generators, a filter, mixer, two VCAs and a seqeuncer. It’s a surprisingly powerful little self-contained modular rig.


The POM-16 keyboard and sequencer is effectively a standalone version of the keyboard and sequencer section from the POM-170, designed to complement the two POM synths or work with most other synths via standard MIDI or CV/gate signals.

In true Swedish style, all three instruments are packaged in flat-pack format, requiring a little DIY assembly.

The POM-170, POM-400 and POM-16 are available now. Scroll down to see more videos of the synths in action.

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