Watch a spectral video from the Ectoplasm Girls

Ectoplasm Girls 590

The Byrne sisters presents a visual accompaniment to “Ha Na O” from their new LP on iDEAL. 

Stockholm sisters Nadia and Tanya Byrne have been infrequent contributors to Joachim Nordwall’s peerless iDEAL Recordings since the turn of the decade, both collectively as the audio-visual minded Ectoplasm Girls and through their various solo endeavours. This month saw the Byrne sisters return to iDEAL with a third Ectoplasm Girls album in the shape of the excellent New Feelings Come and they’ve just unveiled a video for one of the long player’s tracks in “Ha No O”. Given the track is dominated by the sweeping winds of field recordings and tape dust as well as some haunting vocal intonations from Mariam Wallentin, the below video wisely opts for an under-stated approach themed around subtle frame progression of some black and white photography.

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