Off Out returns with Chunyin

Braiden’s label introduce the dancefloor-orientated project of Sydney-based artist, singer and producer Rainbow Chan.

Releases on Off Out have arrived at a most relaxed pace in a manner that could be comparable to the production output of label boss Braiden. Announced in January last year and inaugurated by Braiden himself, Off Out has since gone on to introduce the sounds of Slewis with his Group V/Despot 12″ arriving just over twelve months ago. When we quizzed Braiden about Off Out, he dropped some hints about future artists on the label, including the “first release of a new alias by a Sydney-based female producer.”

Off Out have further clarified this, with Hong Kong-born, but Sydney-based artist, singer and producer Rainbow Chan stepping out on the label for her debut release under the name Chunyin. Due out late next month, the Code Switch 12″ sees Chan engaging explicitly with the dancefloor with lead track “Fei” the apparent genesis of the Chunyin project. You can hear this track in full below, a spiky production with clear nods to minimal wave that is comparable to some of Powell’s earliest Diagonal transmissions. A press release from Off Out sees Chan further outlining the motivations behind the Chunyin project.

“If I had to explain the birth of Chunyin, it was a response to wanting to make more instrumental, gender-neutral tracks that didn’t have my face or emotions at the forefront. I wanted to make tracks via a disinterested and icy approach, and transfer the energy I would normally pour into emotional catharsis to something that was bodily, visceral and brutal. With a focus on frenetic, jacking rhythms and choppy samples, I wanted to make dance music that was quite rudimentary. I feel like these tracks are still personal; they reflect themes or sounds that are my personal interests, but without the confines of lyrics or words (which is something fairly new to me given my background as predominately a songwriter.)”

Off Out will release Code Switch by Chunyin on July 25.


A1. Fei
B1. Emporium
B2. Shi

Off Out on Juno

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