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Ren Schofield is due to release a five-track EP on Oscar Powell and Jamie William’s label.

Last year we could hardly go a week without praising the movements of Diagonal thanks to stand out releases by NHK yx Koyxen, a Russell Haswell LP and Evol and Blood Music 12″s, with a long-awaited Not Waving LP finally landing this year. With the label prone to apologising for the slow muster generally emanating from DIY operations, more roll in with Diagonal revealing a Container EP is due to arrive imminently after admitting they’ve been sitting on Ren Schofield’s music for over 12 months. The London-based label have now honoured the American east-coaster with a five track EP with the following message: “he actually finished this about a year ago but, us being us, it’s taken this long to put an email together. sorry, ren.”

Enitled Vegetation, it features all the belligerent electronics you could hope for in a Container EP, with Diagonal describing its sounds as “dance music for noisy minds and feral bodies… This is one for the gurners.” It follows a third LP Container released on Spectrum Spools last year, which concurrently supplies Schofield with a second release on UK soil following a turn on Liberation Technologies in 2013. Furthermore, a hyper colour, Mandy Roman produced video for EP track “Insulation” can be viewed below ahead of Vegetation finding a release later this week.

Diagonal will release Vegetation by Container on June 24.



A1. Vegetation
A2. Soak
B1. Funnel
B2. Radiator
B3. Insulation

Diagonal on Juno 

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