Bio Rhythm sees Mirror Man


Two unheralded names are set to appear on the latest single for Paul Du Lac’s label.

“Here comes the mirror man” are the titular lyrics you’ll hear on The Human League’s ’82 synth pop hit which seems to have inspired a new alias appearing on Paul Du Lac’s Bio Rhythm. Following a sturdy 2015 with releases from Roger 23, Jamal Moss’ African With Mainframes collaboration and Marco Bernardi, the label’s form in 2016 is equally strong with records so far coming from Brassfoot, a split Du Lac and Mick Wills 12″ and a Deviere record described by Oli Warwick as taking on an “industrial intensity”.

This latest 12″, Blood Is Truth, sees the introduction of Mirror Man with Bio Rhythm suggesting the lead cut comes from “a mean motherfckr who has been battering us with his haunting dj mixes already for a while.” If we had to hazard a guess, Mirror Man is the work of a German artist mentioned in the previous paragraph. Furthermore, Bio Rhythm are calling this record the label’s “darkest release so far” with “satanist West Coast act” Leaders Of The Wild Hunt on remix duties. Take a listen to both tracks of sinister new wave below.

Bio Rhythm will release Blood Is Truth in late-June.

Mirror man


A. Blood Is Truth (Metaphenethylamine mix)
B. Blood Is Truth (Leaders Of The Wild Hunt remix)

Bio Rhythm on Juno

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