Five O’Clock Traffic is Distorted By Fantasy


Daniel Wendler’s jacking drum contortions are back on Börft.

With records from already arriving from Jon Doppler, M Jupiter and Simon W in 2016, to online mixes from Frak, Villa Åbo and Börft Crew proliferating the internet, the label is firing on all tractor cylinders at the moment. Cast your mind back to 2013 and you may remember Five O’Clock Traffic’s bombastic six-tracker Let Us Leave To The Machine What Belongs To The Machines featuring undeniable A1 cut “RPC”. That record provided Daniel Wendler’s Five O’Clock Traffic project with his first EP following albums in 2009 and the early-2000s before that which were released through his own Helsingborg-based label Skiboy Records. Something of an enigmatic project, Five O’Clock Traffic now returns with a two-disc, nine-track EP Distorted By Fantasy brandished as “SLOW POWER SYNTHETICA!!!”

Some deeper digging suggests that the Five O’Clock Traffic project references ’70s jet-set jazz musician Melvyn Pricewith Wendler’s music under that name dating back to 2002, while his other music has been floating about the lost tapes ether since the early-’90s. Furthermore, with Henrik Bengtsson (aka Börft’s Nimam Spregleda) and Peter Kädergård, Wendler released an album as Goz Mongo Alliance on Börft’s extra-experimental sub-label, UFO Mongo. It’s the sounds of Five O’Clock Traffic which are doing the rounds at the moment though, and Wendler’s style under this name is discombobulated, wholly analogue and unmatched as you’ll be able to tell from the 15-minute preview of Distorted By Fantasy below.

Börft will release Distorted By Fantasy by Five O’Clock Traffic in June.

Distorted by Fantasy


A1. Flatland
A2. limited access order
A3. true break
B1. coffe high
B2. Jerky movements
C1. pleasant isle
C2. Coral D
D1. spaceland
D2. Solastalgia

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